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Lord of the rings online

Little activity in Lotro: Yule dailies with Windstorms, then back to Gondamon to turn in task items. Finished Brigand salyer in Shire. Also, finally earned one more trait point, invested into some new ability to advance blue trait tree deaper.

In real life things goes wrong. Saw one “easy, solvable by 85%” question from one job application test. Microsoft Excel ddi not cope with it, all Kinship chat was not able, my friend (manager at one company) was not able too. Everyone told it was an absurd, question with too manay possible logical answers. Finally, after maybe an hour someone told it could be algorythm with random actions you need to take. Someone in my country thinks that in order to serve in, say, department of Fishment (Ministry of Agriculture) one needs to have exceptional skills with algorythms. Or they are creating a Ministry of Genius (reminds “Dexter’s Lab”…). Other things in life goes wrong too, so Grumpy Dwarf was really grumpy and really angry.

And so the day has ended. Bad in reality, mediocre in Lotro.

snow and shing-shing


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Lord of the rings online

Yule festival is there  – so my toon are thrown to help Windstorms. She has earned some Turbine points in theatre (considered to be the easiest TPs). Helped the poor. Still donating tokens, knowing that they will be returned after some 10 donations. Managed to grind >100 TPs…but more are to come. We could barter for cosmetic pets, Grims. I bartered fire grim, but there are snow and shadow versions too, each for 75 festival tokens. Then, we have warsteed appearance (100 tokens), Essence reclamation scroll (180 tokens); this is not counting 2 caparisons (~100 tokens each) and horses (~100 tokens each). But I will grind, I am good at that.

After festival quests, Windstorms quested in the Shire, did almost all deeds, except Brigand slayer advanced (will finish quickly) and evil “No place for spoiled pies”. Then moved to Ered Luin, ran very quickly throughout the content, finishing all deeds. Well, except Sarnur ones, I am too little for that. Now I have ~400 TPs and need to grind more to purchase additional character slot.

NaktiesKarys helped kinnie in barrows near Bree and Sarnur. Sarnur was the show I really enjoyed. My shing-shings worked, my Kinship hunter was impressed. At last some self-confidence in my not-so-good class. At last shing-shings I ws investing into were usefull. Of course, I got some nice reputation items – yet still need to grind for more.

And so the day have ended, I felt satisfied. Day has been very good and (shing-shing) impressive in Lotro.



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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday we had a long offline time to bring update 15.1. I had some business to do, so when I returned home – Lotro was online, faster than scheduled. Bravo, Turbine!

My Loremaster wished to continued adventuring in the Shire, when Yule festival announcement popped up. Went there immediately. it’s quests, deeds, it’s free Turbine points. And some things I like:

  • grim cosmetic pet. I think i go for fire grim
  • warsteed cosmetic: nice
  • possible – mount, if they have such
  • Essence reclamation scroll.

Of course, this means grinding for tons of tokens, but I do have patience to grind. I am good at grinding.

I succeeded in taking part at lcoal theatre, earning some titles (except Villain: Gandalf the villain, Gandalf the evil, Gandalf the weed-smoker). Rose petails, rotten tomatoes deeds are progressing too. Festival quests are the same – no inventions this year.

And so short day with Lotro has ended, I felt satisfied. Killings and errands aside, I will spend at least 10 days in Yule festival, grinding for tokens and cosmetics. At least some relaxation and feeling good in Lotro.

500 and (dis)counting


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Lord of the rings online

My 500th post on this blog! Well, I guess it may be just the begining…

Meanwhile in nice green fields of Lotro… Windstorms killed stuff in Lonelands, doing her class deeds. Then I had to choose: do Trollshaws and heavily outlevel some other regions (Evendim, Misty Mountains, begining of Angmar) or… And I chose to deed in the Shire. Nice peacefull country, nosey hungry Hobbitses, easy deeds, easy Turbine points.

Turbine donated a coupon; -30% discount form purchase cart. After long consultations with the kinnies, went for some shopping:
Rise of Isengard expansion. Was 20% off, received more discount
Shared storage, +5 slots
Virtue slots
Result – used coupon twice, then purchased without coupon and was left with 19 Turbine points. Yes, Shire was really an option for quick TPs: I will need one more slot for TP grinding toon.

Went to barrows with kinnies. We had some fun killing monsters, looting stuff and friendly sharing reputation items. I was happy to give items I did not need to those who really needed. One of great many positive things to be in good Kinship.

Stormsong continues her learning. I switched my Minstrel to blue trait tree, chose blue stance and am using all the heals I have. At bluie line Minstrel is superb supportive unit. Heals, heals over time, protective bubbles, 2 types of resurrection (one – to revive up to 5 allies in combat and another – revive 1 ally out of combat). i asked Kin to invite me to instances/raids, first time after long hiatus. Almost always asked for a feedback. I am glad kin does not hide the truth. Initially I received some…sour words. One kinnie told me, I did not want to learn and want to use content very fast – I was in my comfort zone (dps minstrel) and did not want to experiment. Sadly, it is true and I am grateful to that kinnie. That’s what real friendship means:to tell about wrong things frankly and without hurting. Yes, I feel comfortable with self-healing dps Minstrel. But now, I have to master healer. To know skills. To be a good healer. Of course, that means feeling weird: I do not attack, just run away from monsters and spam heals all the time. I was glad to revive others or to protect lower levels at Filikul. If no one in group dies – that means only one thing: healers were doing their job good. And one day I will be doing my job good.

And right now I am grindign Turbine points to accumulate some 500 TPs and buy another character slot when it is on discount.

So weekend with Lotro was over. I felt satisfied, life was good once again in Lotro.

2 millions


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Lord of the rings online

It is hard for me to write blog. Half of day I try to work and can’t blog there. Then i am home, do some work here, play Lotro – and little time to write.

Meanwhile my Loremaster was questing in North Downs. Finished some slayer deeds, rejected some quests (i do remember my Champion being almost killed there and Champion was lvl.95…). However, reputation grew, started my way to Kindred. Quests were not hard, just a bit running forward and backward. Reached level 35 this way and I’m very close to lvl.36.

Epic quest redirects to Trollshaws and this is my chance to start gaining real xp, not just 11 or 22 per kill. I need fast xp to get more skills on trait tree. The more skills, the more powerfull my pet becomes. More powerfull pet – easier life.

In Kinship we had a strange evening. One kinnie left. Told he had too little time for game. He left. 3 alts left. Then another his toon left. Some of his alts too. I was surprised to see this like “Xa has left your Kinship”…”Xb has left your Kinship”…”Za has left your Kinship”. One kinnie tolds -“how many alts did he have? 2 million?”. No one was sure. Of course, it is a pity to see people leaving – but I guess they will return.

I did not miss my chance for trolling. Told – “Ok, guys, time for me to leave too”. Someone re-asked if I was not leaving. My answer was – “trolling: succesfull. I am leaving to have some sleep”. We laughed a bit and then I logged off.

Kinship once again was kind enough to make some shiny jewellery for my Loremaster and inform that at lvl.40 I would be able to use sword. My Kinship does care about me. I wish I could do something good for them too, but I really have little chance for that.

And so the day has ended and it was real success in Lotro.

Grey fellowship


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Lord of the rings online

Windstorms was the only active. Once again, lone lands: killing any enemy for xp and reputation with Eglain. Finally, kindred reached, got skill “Return to Ost Guruth”.

I left for North Downs. Yes, monsters are grey. Yes, I have reached Kindred with men of Bree, so Trestlebridge quests give little to me. Some 100-200 xp and reputation when I am kindred.   Killing Orc with my agressive pet was easy – many orcs and agressive pet means quick deed.

Discussed my Loremaster with Kinship once again. For me, Minstrel is top class (self-healing ranged AoE;what more could me ask for?). Then comes Loremaster as long as I accept that pet does 90% job for me.

And so the day has ended. I did grey quests, received info about dangerous (dangerously grey) passes. Yet I was satisfied: another region, another Kindred and final preparation for Trollshaws. Life was good in Lotro.

Pets, grinds, flames


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Lord of the rings online

Sorry, was a bit busy with my real-life and grinding in Lotro.  While real life is not a subject of this blog – Lotro was a busy one. Busy with my Windstorms (Lore master).

Every single day – repeat same and same deeds. Cast same and same spells on myself/pet untill one beautiful day I had 3 class deeds done. 3 trait points earned. I also do grind reputation with Eglain: every single day 5 turn-ins, then wait untill next day.

Kinnies helped with evil Garth Agarwen. In fact, it was a quick walk. Ouir lvl.100 Hunter went there to aid me. She just ranged-genocided almost anything, I had little time to aid her. We did all quests I needed; only in last one I was killed by Ivar or his minion. Now, I will need someone to escort me to the entrance of Garth Agarwen. Need to receive awards for completing quests.

I still try to realise how blue line Loremaster works. It is not DPS, it heavily depends on pet. My attacks are pretty lame and I still struggle whether should I focus on stunning/dazing/slowing enemy – or try to aid my pet as best as I could? Kinship tells mee that for DPS – I should go red line. Blue line’s effect – almost immortal pet.

Now I am in crossroads again. Kinnies advice going to Trollshaws (but they do mean evil trolls and giants). Epic quest redirects to North Downs.

StormSong did some quests in Edoras: poor city needs to be evacuated. Same good quest that makes me feel what poor NPC feels. An old farmer asks to water his crops last time and destroy same weeds. If Orcs will come, they will burn and destrou anything, weed or not – yet this care is captivating. Immersing. One of the quests I really like, no matter how sad it could be.

In short – life is good with Lotro.




Lord of the rings online

First day I could wake up, play Lotro and do not go anywhere:weird feeling. However, my Lore master continued her journeys. Most of Bree-land deeds finished, she now went to Lone lands.

I really enjoy being there. First of all – slayer deeds goes faster. Pet (my trustfull Bog Guardian) range kills monster while I start attacking another. I am killing any deedable monster I meet (and well, trying to ignore non-deedables). Using almost all skills needed for class deeds. Goblin and Orc slaying goes very well, Crabain and warg – just good. My pet is strong and in most situations can handle situation.

There were but 2 unpleasant situations: when my pet ran into horde of Dourhands and was almost killed; when I ran into several Dourhands and was killed. This is where Lore master is weak: crowd control without pet.

Otherwise, things are going just great, I really like playin Lore master. Kind of glass cannon itself – yes. Pet does all job for him – yes. But in blue trait tree Lore master has almost invicible pet. Of course, Minstrel is better (crowd control + better skills).

Eglain quests: there are so many I was tired from doing all of them. Reputation is flowing and with lots of task items, I expect to reach Kindred quickly. Fast questing also mean fast levelling: my toon is almost levle 30 now. She uses new (lvl.280 armour nad would have problem with  new armour: my crafter lacks Pristine hides.

Few little problems aside – things are going very well in Lotro. Life there is just superb.

tanking and losing


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Real life

Lost my job. Short pause, will look for new one. Not too happy thoughts.

Lord of the rings online

Had some fun with Loremaster. Teamed with Tsu in barrows near Bree, together we kicked >150 spiders, looted many things. Loremaster so far is very nice class, outperformed probably only by Minstrel.

I am doing my quests easily. Pet just tears apart any enemy. I do enjoy Bog-Guardian: he is ranged, he has special attacks and is good at melee too. Other kinnies tell they prefer Lynx (rumoured to one-shot almost anything from stealth mode). Will definetly try it.

The only problem with my pet setup is pet being too powerfull. Sometimes I am begin my attack (to advance class deed) – and it is too late, enemy killed. But it is not a problem with grey monsters.

Another problem – outlevelled territories: Shire and Ered Luin. Even now, I would have only grey mobs there. I could stay and my pet would just kill things for me. Looks like I have to go to Lone lands and level up here…or is it North Downs?

NaktiesKarys was more than happy to help one kinnie with Northcotton farm. Shing-shing and things were done.

And so weekend has ended, almost good one.

Loremaster:epic quest



Lord of the rings online

Had very, very limited time to play. DunedanMule crafted whatever she could. Then, my Loremaster adventured.

Soloed fellowship quest to defend lame Shiriff from waves of brigands: in fact, my pet did it. I just had to use damage-over-time spells and sometimes heal the pet. Finished some slayer deeds, one exploration deeds is close to completion. Fighting is pure joy with my trustfull Bear: in fact, Bear does most of the job.

Then I received class quest. “Well-organized mind” it is called, solo only. One room, full of book shelves, I need to find 3 pages. Wiki’s walkthrough was of no use. Killed some Goblins, got 2 pages, then Goblin champions arrived, pet and me were killed, I returned, failed again…and at the third time I succeeded. Disliked this quest, as it depends on pure luck.

However, reward was very good: quality armour with +Will. What I enjoy in Loremaster is the fact it shares almost safe statuses with Minstrel: Will and Vitality are the main ones. No need to re-think adventuring philosophy.

I am now lvl.17 Loremaster, now arrived in Bree and soon will be heading to Lonelands.

NaktiesKarys helped one nice company to deal with Sambrog. In fact, level 66 Minstrel could have soloed it. I added some nice shing-shing, got some loot (which was not important) and sense of some good time in Lotro.

And so the day has ended. I am having fun with Loremaster, yet I feel I do need more and more to learn. I have discovered that World channel was not spam place: saw only requests for instances, need for help in quests. The day has been brief, yet very good in Lotro.


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