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Lord of the rings online

We have +25% experience gain in Lotro, so my lore-mastering Whirlstorms quested in Bree. Things are going just great: I unleash my own pet, pet does all the job, I support pet (experience somehow is for me, not for pet). Investing into blue trait tree so that pet would last longer. In agressive mode it is just flow of xp.

Loremaster himself looks to be weak in melee combat and having very limited amount of direct damage attacks. One melee attack. One damage+damage over time. Received “Cracked earth” that too has some damage. No self-heals so far, only some weird stuff that “interrupts inductions” (but I never needed that).

However, questing was good. Neeker-breaker deeds completed, now it’s time to finish sicle-flies. Easy quests in Bree would give me some 190 Turbine points: enough to cover expenses for riding skill and unlocking some trait skills.

I am satisfied with my Loremaster, just need more and more time to fully understand how it works. And then, I would be almost invicible.

So the day has ended, I felt very satisfied with Lotro. Minstrel, Loremasters – what a good classes are they!

Passive carnage



Lord of the rings online

Whirlstorms, my Loremaster toon, was the only active. Yes, it is with “s” at the end: Whirlstorm was already taken. I continued to quest in Bree land and finally reached Combe.

Situation is interesting. I still (at lvl.12) have only 3 non-suicidal attacks. One attack with staff, one ranged damage-over-time and one weak ranged. While solo (without pet) I am pretty much in trouble. However, situation does change with pet and at greater distance. I can sent my pet to deal with enemy while I engage distant enemy with my 2 attacks. This way I finished spider and brigand slayers without any feeling of grind. If spider/brigand walks, I just sent my trustfull Bear – and problem solved. Is Bear in trouble? No problem, I have pet/ally heal (cannot heal myself).

Deeds. Somehow Loremaster’s deeds are very grindy, I have to use certain skills some 600 or even 1000 times.

Skills and trait trees: this is where I still do not understand something. I do not gain new skills. Trait trees gives only passive ones, like “increase pet healt +1″, “increase fire damage by +2″ etc. Minstrel, Champion gain many new skills while advancing Trait tree…Loremaster gets none. Cannot understand such logic, but maybe later I will be spammed with new ranged/melee skills?

I am feeling somehow confident with Loremaster. With pet on my side, I can double slaying. At higher levels I may just park my Loremaster, set pet to agressive mode and see how my pet destroys anything. Of course, Minstrel is better – it has many skills, it has self-heals and nukes; but after Minstrel, there is Loremaster.

And so the day has ended: I was very satisfied with my Loremaster. So satisfied that I forgot I am losing my job at November 28…

Runemaster, Lorekeeper


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Lord of the rings online

As one famous musical said – “trying everything new”. Stormsong tried new Rohan part. She is in a bit risky position – after all, not all Wildermore is finished, not all deeds done, Kindred with evil survivors of WIldermore not reached. However, I am progressing quickly, trying to kill almost anything that is safe to kill. Soon, I will be ready for evil Big Battles.

Runekeeper was born. Dwarf, of course (would never play Elf or nosey Hobbit). I almost forgot how intro quests for Dwarves looks like. Runekeeper was an interesting class. Ranged damage-over-time, almost without weapons (only one runestone and some satchel). Bikini (i.e. light) armour. Statuses close to these of Minstrel: Will, Vitality…and unlike Minstrel – critical rating. Main thing is, Runekeeper relies on Damage over time. Has -at low levels – one very weak heal. Most times I had some diifficulties with fighting if it came to melee. Then, like a Warden, Runekeeper has “attunements”: if you use offensive spells, you get red, if healing – green, if neutral – grey. The more reds, the better offense, the worse heals; the more greens, the better defense, the worse offense. At the end I was a bit disappointed: I was unable to master Runekeeper. With Minstrel I felt almost invicible, I could switch from heals to dps, from dps to heals and I had almost nukes. With same level runekeeper I had to avoid some attacks and I had no melee weapon. Result: runekeeper used reputation items, earned some TPs and got deleted.

Then Loremaster was born. Once again, bikini armour. At least he uses staff and can use sword. Of course, can summon animals: at lvl.1 it is bear. Strange thing is, Loremaster uses suicidal attacks: these are powerfull, but takes away health from LM himself. Never knew Lord of the rings would use Death Knigh idea…And the Loremaster was something I enjoyed. First, it is my pet. I can sent it to attack enemy and just support with ranged attack. Second: my attacks are on low cooldown. They are kind of long to cast, but soon cooldown is over. Third: with my own pet, I could fight 2 monsters at the same time. Bad thing is, I cannot heal myself, only my pet/ally.  Not so optimistic thing – deeds are long long to achieve, like summon pet 200 times or strike with staff 600 times. These two pesky things aside, Loremaster is great (not so superb as Ministrel, but still…). I levelled my Whirlstorm, entered Kinship with her – now, my training begins…

NaktiesKarys was at least needed to someone. One player asked for help in Forochel, I volunteered. We went to the caves with Dourhands and killed local named Dourhand. It was easy for me. Shing-shing, enemy dead. Then, we killed some named animal. The player (lvl.43 Loremaster) was impressed and I felt good being able to help others.

We talked in Kinship chat, about my Wardens/Runekeepers/Loremasters. About questing in ROhan and the fact I would be forced to to Big Battles soon (but I really need only to run through then, rewards are of zero importance).

And so weekend has ended. It was very good in Lotro.

Lost between snows


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Lord of the rings online

StormSong quested once again in Wildermore, running through Balewood, then having several session-plays, seeing Ents going to war and one Ent dying. I ran from one NPC to another only to come to inevitable: confronting Nurzum. A task I am not ready for, my squishy Minstrel is not ready for massive aggro.

Did some epic quests, received xp, reached Kindred with the people of Wildermore…and yet still stuck at level 91. In forums they say lvl.92 tanks were killed several times in a row – and I am just a squishy minstrel.

Once again I am feeling lost. Grinding would take too long: enemies give too little xp. No power-levelling. Task items are not miraculous and even if I reach level 92 – what’s then? Nothing. So, my Minstrel is stuck, my Naktieskarys is stuck too, Vytautaz does nothing (out of task items).

Talked to Kinship. Some of us do understand how I feel. There are offers that I start levelling third toon. I am starting to think about Rune Keeper. Saw it in action, how he electrocutes monsters far quickier than Minstrel. Negative moments – less heals, more need to run and avoid attacks. And yes, I hope our boss won’t be upset I do not choose Warden…

However, now I must mobilize all remaining will and level up my Mini. Have another part of Rohan, Entwood and flooded Isengard to go. Then I stop: Gondor with it’s senseless grind is a “no-no” for me.

NaktiesKarys was happy enough to craft weapon for one player. Met him first time, he’s probably non-native English speaker (adressing me “Sir” and “Master”). At last I was needed to someone…

And so the day has ended. It was kind of good in Lotro.

wildermore, ents


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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong had little time to play. Quested in Wildermore, trying to avoid over-powered warbands (in fact doable only with raid). Quest brought me to Balewood, evil tree trolls’ teritory. Tried to kill every single troll…yet I know they would cause me much problems. However, I will continue killing them as long as map is on my side (i.e. red dots).

Met local ents, quested for them, saw their meetings and discussion about Nurzum. I am still far, very far from confronting Nurzum. Still lvl.91 (need at least 92) and my “virtues” aren’t maxed. Reputation with people of Wildermore grows up, I have many task items. All I need is some 1 week to turn in task items and become more powerfull.

I am feeling a bit tired from Wildermore. This is not my favourite region and overpowered warbands makes it less desirable. Yes, I need reputation and TP from it, need to be become stronger in these eternal snows.

And so the day has ended and it was kind of good in Lotro.

fresh snow



Lord of the rings online

Lotro was offline – some maintenance. Went online about 2-1,5 hours earlier than announced. Kudos, Turbine.

Stormsong fought in Wildermore. Reached level 91, got 1 trait point, invested (God knows if I did it right) into blue line, increase outgoing healing. Would it affect myself, i.e. if I heal myself?

Did many quests, side quests, few warbands. Sometimes I’m in a hurry and forget the most important rule: kill anything that counts for slayer deed. When I stick to this rule, I get valuable xp and crafting materials. When I forget…well, it means I would have to return and kill mindlessly.

Quests have taken me to evil Balewood. Do not like this forest (2 over-powered warbands with almost millions of hp), but would do what they ask me to do there.  And when things are finished – I would have to turn in almost all task items, day by day, to grow up and prepare to battle Nurzum. If he easily killed tank several times in a row, I have little chance, but may still try it.

Oh yes, quests. Quest logic. Go and gather snow: would be a problem in Bree or Shire…but in Wildermore we have only few locations for snow. Come on… Then, we have Wildermore’s return value. Maximum some 200 TPs while price is almost 800. Not so profitable, unlike Moria (with tons of patience) or Evendim.

Legendary items do drop in Wildermore, noticed Beorning ones, but there are little demand for them, have to trash. However, Minstrel items are good to have: I level them only for LI xp. When I am in need – I will just use some runes and level up normal (lvl.95 and 100) weapons.

Things are stabilizing in Lotro. I have plenty of quests/deeds, yesterday logged off because there were too many. I gain xp, gain some Turbine points (though nowhere to spend them).

And so the day has ended, I felt satisfied. Things are returning to normal in Lotro.

Wildermore again


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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active in Wildermore. Did all the quests I was asked, even took one very risky: lvl.85 fellowship one to kill some named beast. I am killing almost anything, just because of deeds and TPs. Killing orcs is an easy task (orc riders counts twice: as mounted enemies and as orcs), orc slayer completed – now up to orc slayer advanced. Farm exploation, Forlaw exploration – completed too.

Finally reached lvl.90, now I have new armour and jewellery. Finally ready to do something in these not-so-friendly ice lands.

Locals are a bit…whining. Even Reeve cries about fate of the land. Come on, Mr. Reeve, you are leader, you cannot be weak, at least show some courage. And I am still…still not too good in Mounted combat, I do prefer fighting afoot: then I have all my stunning, AoE attacks.

NaktiesKarys was happy to craft lvl.100 first age Halberd for one Kinship Captain. Finally, some use from my sleepy toon.

At the end of the day we talked in Kinship chat about First age symbols, crafting and even adventures I have experienced in my c ity public transportation.

And so the day has ended. It was good in Lotro.

reluctant wild


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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Once again, Hytbold dailies, although Hytbold has been rebuilt and defended. Then I took some slayer deeds: monsters helped me advance a bit, yet too far from level 90.

Just why level 90? Because of new armour, in fact I may need level 91.

Yesterday I finally risked entering Wildermore. Did it very reluctantly, all these overpowered warbands do not help me feel better. First of all – finally, many red dots on map. Logically, I gain a bit more xp. Now I am a bit wiser and am trying to kill almost anything. Soloed one solo warband. Soloed “small fellowship” warband, all thanks to self-heals and AoE attacks of Minstrel. So far I do not bother with exploration – will do it later. Wildermore itself is an interesting region – but if we speak about ice, I do prefer Forochel.

Noticed new currency: Wildermore warband token. Will have to check what is it for.

Kinship was very busy with Big Battles. Almost everyone praises new loot, linking various top-level quality “essences” and status tomes. Looks like I am the only one with lvl.100 who refuses to participate. Some people run 5-6 Big Battles in a row. Side effect – my lvl.89 Minstrel could hardly find anything to do aside from Rohan/Wildermore questing or deeding.

One such opportunity – yesterday, Kinship organized Fornost run. I switched to blue trait tree, chose blue stance and, after asking kinnies, started to heal. One time was killed, maybe one time tried to resurrect. Got many skills that were unknown to me. Result – one kinnie told about “nice heals”. Which means only one logical outcome: I do need practice healing minstrel more. I am efficient at dps, now I must be efficient with healing.

NaktiesKarys managed to help one kinnie with lvl.55 Weathertop monsters. Easy shing-shing, we just rode through monsters and were victorious.

And so weekend has ended. I felt satisfied with Lotro. Maybe adventures are re-begining again.



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Crafting and crafting. Sandstone, lots of it – and then it turned out I was too much in a hurry. Plot owner has his own ideas when decoration should start and when should finish. Luckily, I won’t spoil things.

Which means I should return to marble which is not my favourite.

Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: did dailies, rebuilt Hytbold completely, then fought last battle for Hytbold, rode to Cliving to free some lame NPC. Asked kinnies to aid me with power-levelling. Yes, power-levelling is not good, but it is the only way to achieve lvl.90 or even 91.

Results were petty: I got some 326-1000 xp per kill. It would have taken too much time to reach lvl.91 (kill some 1500 enemies? in one day?).

Vytautaz and Dunedanmule were doing their own jobs: turning in task items and crafting.

The days are dull, I have too much stress at work, being pressed and being shouted at for almost no reason. Even virtual world does not bring satisfaction as it used to do. The days were…poor…in virtual and real worlds. Grumpyness is back.

building the world


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Naktieskarys was active with building. Sand golems near Parsinia were perfect to harvest, then – creating bricks, making construction blocks from them, storing in the vault…and teleporting to the plot.

Plot I am helping is huge, sometimes hard to navigate. Yet I managed to find all structures needed and add all sandstone I could. Then I noticed I made too many sandstone blocks. Had to use or delete: helped another, half-abandoned plot in Bristugo. Yet some remains, would have to do something.

All that remains is slate, not too much, some 100 construction blocks. A bit of work – and Mason job on that plot will be finished, i could finally concentrate on marble and gather thousands of blocks/keystones.

I do like this aspect of Istaria. One could peacefully harvest materials, make stuff and add it to buildings. Help almost every plot owner throughout the Istaria and see how new, nice structures appear.

Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Hytbold dailies, then once again told about slow levelling. One kinnie told about quest, but this was in a higher level region…and I am still not ready for Wildermore. Not all “virtues” are maxed, I still have Hytbold armour when I should be wearing crafted one.

Vytautaz finally reached level 53: since daily tasks were not enough, killed some spiders. Red line champion looked impressive – though not AoE one (almost no shing-shing), it is still single-target. And it does well versus single target. Problem is, I am accustomed to fighting the crowd; shing-shing, so to say.

DunedanMule was crafting again and again.

And so the day has ended: good (but greedy…) in Istaria. Mediocre in Lotro.


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