Almost last preparations: Angmar


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Lord of the rings online

Lotro was offline for most of yesterday.  “Getting in line to connect”, then nothing happens; “COnnection succesfull”, then nothing happens. Fortunately, developers paid attention and repaired things. I was able to play Lotro.

Once again, Angmar. Teamed with a kinnie – he is a superb Champion, smashing any opposition: just let him to get close. I saw how shing-shing actually looks like. Forgot to ask which trait line he is on (somehow suspect red). Was able to heal him in some…problematic…situations. Named monster was finally found, many enemies were killed, one quest was completed. I was really impressed with lvl.100 Champion. A pity, my Champ is not even at 10% good as his. And will never be, all thanks to one nonsense called “essence & essence armour”.

I deleted remaining quests in Angmar and am not taking new ones (except Epic line). Now must focus on three remaining deeds: Orc, Warg, Wigh slayer. They mean some “virtues” upgraded and Turbine points earned.

Fall festival is there, yet I doubt whether to send my Vytautaz or not. Festival does not offer anything new, anything interesting. Essence reclamation scrolls are of same use to me as Dale men creams: I am not using them, I will not use them.

And so the day has ended. I am 2 levels to go and some virtues to be upgraded before I risk to enter overpowered Wildermore.  Life was good in Lotro.

Angmar (continued)


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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong had some 1,5 hours to play. I continued adventuring in Angmar – for some reason questing, not killing enemies for deeds. Quests were quite simple: go there, kill that. Including named Morroval (no problem) and named spider.

Cute little spider in his own cave. So cute he is a raid quest target. Some 100.000 hp. Of course, I did not read quest description…and when it came to spider, I was frightened. Spammed heals as much as I could, use almost all potions I could…and finally, I was victorious. It looks like squishy minstrel can survive, if there is a bit of luck and much wish to win. I felt way better: yay, I was able to solo raid content! However, was forced to stop at one moment, since I needed to kill another named mob in Carn Dum…and this is where I got lost and had to go to sleep. Today will probably ask for some aid in finding monster (need almost no assistance in other territories).

As always, Kinship organized Big Battle runs, I saw some discussions about strategy. But since I am one who would never learn over-complex nature of BBs…(just imagine game, where you have fight monster, repair some battlestation and play some mini-game at one and the same time, payig attention at your munition and battlestation dagame status: would it be easy?).

I need Carn Dum finished so that I return there only for deeds (kill 120 trolls and some Angmarims).  Then – possibly team with some other player to end Urugarth. And then it would be over with Angmar’s instances.

And so the day has ended, I soloed raid target and felt satisfied. Life was good in Lotro.

walls, poison waters, raids


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Lord of the rings online

The Fall festival is there and the question should I send the only free toon there to gain xp.  Other than that – StormSong was the only active. Once again Angmar. Doing slayer deeds as I go, finishing quest deeds. One time ran into serious problem: one monster that required raid to kill them. Went solo. Lucky met one lvl.100 kinnie and together we managed to finish monster that had ~187.000 health. A tough fight, several times I was on the verge of defeat. Yet- victory. I still have many quests to do, many Orcs, Angmarims, Wargs and Wighs to slay. Several times died while questing: all thanks to “examine poisoned water” quest. Found 3/4 accesible water spots, rest are in area I could not enter.

In grumpy Angmar I reached lvl.87, invested trait point into vitality and now will be thinking about further trait points investment. Somehow I incline towards blue line.

Kinship, as always, organizes Big Battles as soon as we have at least minimum amount of kinnies. I (as usually) do not take part. Big Battles are way too complex and I seem to be lost there. I like static battles: horde of enemies come, deal with them; boss comes – deal with him. Overcomplex nature, when you have to defend horses, then run at top speed to the wall, protect NPC, then suddenly go and destroy some Sappers – is not for me. I am not usefull in Big Battles. The only headache is that I would be forced to do them on StormSong. Kinship is very active in trying to invite me BBs, yet I do not feel I will be usefull there.

I am satisfied in questin in Angmar. I am strong enough to solo most of content. My questing supplies Vytautaz with many task items (free xp…). And I even could help ohers should I meet them. What happens after Angmar? Well, I will return to Hytbold, reach kindred with at least one faction, reach some lvl.89 and then risk to enter hard content of Wildermore. Of course, Nurzum is for lvl.100 only, but I may be lucky to avoid it untill lvl.100.

The only bitter feeling is lvl.100 end game content. If first impressions by other players are correct – it is region that has everything unsuitable by me, everything I dislike. Therefore Turbine just “bans” me from that content. At level 100 on any toon I would have nothing to do. Dol Amroth dailies have no sense, essence does not drop from lvl.100 enemies, final quest to kill Nazgul may be done with help of tens of tanks and healers only.

And so the day has ended. I felt mostly satisfied in Lotro.

Angmar apathy


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Lord of the rings online

StormSong was the only active through weekend, all other toons were passive. I was able to help one kinnie with levelling: we did some instances and somehow picked Annuminas. Even at lvl.40, monsters managed to kill my Minstrel. It was unfair, so we took Trouble in Tuckoborough, did several times and were victorious. A pity I was not able to level kinnie further. By helping kinnie another time, managed to get to Angmar. There were three of us: lvl. 40s, lvl.86 (me) and lvl.100. Things were very quick, I advanced Angmar slayer deeds…untill had to leave. Relogged later and ran through content. No monster was too big for me, I just slaughtered every of them. Took every quest, even managed to finish one exploration deed. Things were going just great: some deeds advanced equipped virtues, so that I am getting closer to condition when I could risk entering Wildermore.

Hytbold dailies are a refreshing air for me. I really enjoy doing them, unlike most other dailies. All I need is Kindred with one faction, so that I could rebuild their quarter in Hytbold. Then I will work with other factions and then I will rebuild Hytbold.

Kinship, as usually, instantly organizes Big Battles or tier 2 instances – things I have been always afraid of and kind of reluctant to go. I do not feel usefull there, just like…tourist. Which leaves me to yet another conclusion: most of remaining content does not interest me. I am in kind of apathy in Lotro. There are slayer deeds, yet they give no “virtues” I need; there are slayer deeds I need, yet they are very grindy. I have many things to do, yet I do not want to. Why hunt yet another 178 monsters? Just for the sake of hunting another 178 monsters or 5 TPs? I do need some impulse, something to move on. Kinship always invites me to Big Battles and I always refuse. I do not feel good there. Too dark, too much mazes, yet another maze-like trait tree that I know little how to use. Yet another RNG which I hate: better give me 1 copper coin than random loot.

I tried to talk with kinnies about my misadventures and worries. They try to listen, try to comfort me…yet even they cannot turn off random number generator. I posted in Lotro forums facts, only facts: no one heared them. No one wants to hear that, for example, I never looted any “essence” in DA dailies. And I killed thousands corsairs there. It is obvious, RNG is set to give me zero “essences”, there is no other explanation. I also tried to explain to one very kind Kinnie why I did not need lvl.100 first age symbols: there would be nothing to do with them. Kill lvl.40 wigh? I can do it with lvl.85 weapon. Kill lvl.90 grulet? Can do with lvl.95 weapon. SInce I am not going to any Gondor region – I don’t need these first age symbols. What I need are lvl.95. yet they do not drop: never saw one in AH within this month.

People in forums are sometimes cheering at Update 15. I -once again- see nothing positive. Big Battles will give tokens we could exchnage to jewellery only, yet Big Battles are not becoming more user-friendly; we have new “essences” which means killing literally tens of millions monsters, another senseless grind; we have “new challenging” content, which mean fighting grulet could require raid; we have new factions to grind reputation with – yet new DA with fixed reputation. And finally, we have new class, Beorning, maybe the only interesting thing.

And so weekend has ended. I felt almost good, yet a bit sleepy in Lotro.



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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was inactive, DunedanMule was crafting and Vytautaz just turned in another 10 task items.

Stormsong was a bit active. Ran Hytbold dailies: after Dol Amroth these are just paradise. Almost all of them are doable (except “climb the beacon” and “supply tower”). There are one type tokens. There are almost no prerequisitions. And most of all, you are helping others, rebuilding the town. So – I had some fun with these. After dailies I did not know what to do. Ran Urugarth, did my favourite “kill 20 birds with one fight”, finished Troll slayer in Urugarth (advanced).

Once again – nothing to do. Talking in Kinship chat about lvl.95 symbols: almost impossible to get them. Do Big Failures Battles (and RNG there is the worst ever) or tier2 instances (where big and good groups are wiped). No option for me. Even Auction house is not an option: yesterday there were some 3 worthless Second age symbols and one lvl.85 symbol. No lvl.95 or 100: it is clear they simply do not drop or drop extremely rarely.

Fortunately for me, one kinnie asked for help with killing Taradan spiders. We went, outperfomed two competitors (lvl.47 and 22 ones). It was fun, I got some valuable reputation items and almost full bags of trash loot. Kinnie still has some 200 spiders to go, but together we can do it.

I feel like…standing in the crossroads. Almost no going back and no wish to go forward. Rohan can be grinded and all deeds may be finished (just killing 250 enemies frightens me…too much time to waste). Wildermore does not interest me, maybe thanks to wood troll slayer & extremely hard warbands + Nurzum (my champion hardly survived). I am doing standard actions every day, with no progression whatsoever. Naktieskarys has stopped any activity: Gondor not for me, class armour – I won’t ever get it, epic to kill Nazgul is impossible and I am not taking any future epic quests/regions. Maybe I need some impuls to do anything, but there are none. I feel like I have nothing to do in Lotro.

And so the day has ended, almost good one in Lotro.

short runs


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Lord of the rings online

Had very, very little time to play: possibly 1-1,5 hour. It was evening, 22:00, so not too much time to wonder.

Stormsong went to do Urugarth. Once again, my favourite part: come to crabans, gather them all, then use all AoE attacks and hurray – some 30 birds dead, deed advancing. Later -trolls, orcs and other “curses of Angmar”. Troll slayer deed is progressing faster than all others.

I will need three lvl.95 First age symbols (sword, book, bridle) – yet could not find them in Auction house. Symbols are extremely rare there. Only one lvl.100 symbol and some 3 second agers. That’s all. No matter how much money you have -you won’t purchase lvl.95 first age symbol on auction. Something developers should think about.

Wrote a long realistic post about update 15. Contrary to some posters, I do not see world through pink or black glasses. Update 15 won’t bring any bad things (I want to hope so…). Update 15 won’t bring any real good things. Beorning class aside, update brings extremely limited BB currency plus lots of grind. Nothing impressive. Strange thing, I was not trolled because of my opinion.

And so the day has ended, some grey day in Lotro.



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Lord of the rings online

Real life – hard part once again; sometimes people may be overly harsh, tyring to ignite conflict where there should be none.

Meanwhile in Lotro. NaktiesKarys was persuaded to join Fornost: entered when fight was mostly over. Did some shing-shing, looted some LI experience runes and returned to Bree.

StormSong did Hytbold dailies: these are 1000 times better than infamous Dol Amroth. A true relaxation and I do not depend upon RNG too much. So far – gathering tokens and farming reputation. One day I will reach Kindred with all factions and then will rebuild Hytbold. After Hytbold – took part in Filikul (our Kinship is active in organizing raids) to learn how to be a healer. Well, group was too strong and I could do little healing – I should go for some other instance where real heals are needed. And then  – traditional Carn Dum and Urugarth instances. Doing deeds step by step. Increasing my reputation with Council of the North, getting a bit closer to Kindred.

Vytautaz just turned in task items. StormSong loots plenty of them, so my almost abandonded Champion just runs from task board to NPC and farms free experience.

In Kinship chat we talked about Update 15 a bit. They introduce Big Failures Battles currency instead of random drops. Gather enough, barter for things. So far, only jewellery. Lotro wiki announces new epic quests, some (of course) – forced fellowships. I also discussed lvl.100 First age symbols. Today they are at some 1000 gold. Kinship thinks price is ridiculous, “for the lazy”, I do disagree. There is no way for player to get First age symbol. No quest or deed gives it. Big Battles may drop it, and may not drop it. I can’t remember being succesfull in raids with these symbols and I have done them. The only wise move for developers should be – make FA symbols barteable for BB tokens. Kinship tells I do not go into BB or Gondor raids, but my Champion would be almost useless there. Plus – I always lose fight versus RNG. Why be useless and frustrate?

Overall, I am satisfied with my situation, at least with Stormsong. I am doing double deeds (sometimes Urugarth/Carn Dum deeds count as Moria/Angmar ones). I am increasing my “virtues” and making myself ready for Wildermore.

And so the day has ended: a bit hard in real life and kind of good in Lotro.



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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was not active: nothing left to do at level 100. Vytautaz turned in task items and logged off. DunedanMule was crafting.

Stormsong was lucky enough to run Forges of Khazad Dum, complete local Troll slayer (advaced) and advance many of its deeds. Loot was not important, except LI experience runes. I ran Hytbold dailies as I do every day – both for xp, reputation and Hytbold tokens. When I have enough tokens, I will rebuild everything. One run – one town. So far things are good, was killed only once and one time ran into Uruk warleader and some archers: hardly escaped…

Afer Hytbold and forges, had nothing left to do – started running Urugarth and Carn Dum slayer deeds. These should increase some of my “virtues”. This time I am more cautious, knowing it would take time to complete – but I have enough time.

Yes, forgot to mention Hobbit presents:one day received 50 Mithril coins. At least something usefull from these lame presents.

We talked in Kinship chat about Gondor, quests and why do I dislike Gondor and Big Failures Battles. Gondor starts wrong – in lvl.95 area you see high level Raid-level warband. Gondor end wrong – with too grindy daily tasks, where you have RNG to win RNG for the sake of RNG. You have a clone of Forochel Grim slayer. You cannot advance reputation. And you have good armour gated behind the Great wall of China v.2.0. Also, Gondor has very low return of investment and Dol Amroth’s architecture is just awful. Cloned bearded faces everywhere, stairs that leads to death should you ride warsteed, very wise guards (“we took every single guard out of the town…surprise surprise, Corsairs took it!”). I cannot find anything I could like in this region now. I cannt find anything I could like in any future regions of Gondor. Same ugly faces on buildings, same grind in the name of grind? No, thanks.

And so the day has ended. I had -at last!- some activity and this was good. Days are normal once again in Lotro.

Two years!


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Logged in to update the game. Loyalty tokens announced. Dailies announced. Got a quest form one pretty lady in Bristugo…and had to pay 6 Loyalty tokens. Wait a moment, where are they? Nowhere to be found. Chats dead, no answer…quest cancelled, logged off.

Lord of the rings online

Yay, a happy two year blogging, almost day after day, mostly Lotro. And it looked like I started blogging just recently…

Meanwhile in Lotro: Stormsong took some quests, finished two deeds (kill mounted enemies and Wilds of Rohan)…and thought what to do. Entered Carn Dum and Urugarth, completed some deeds there. Some grindy are yet to be finished (like Beasts of Urugarth), yet I am fortunate troll slayer in these 2 instances counts as troll slayer in Angmar too. Double profit, so to say. Of course, was killed few times.

Was more than happy to help kinnies. One time – Lumul Nar, hall of mirrors. We made almost perfect company: lvl.50s Guardian and lvl.86 Minstrel. My DPS were good, AoE attacks too. I felty quite satisfied: almost all battles I could solo. All but the last, we had to call for reinforcements. Lvl.100 Minstrel came to heal, we won and left happy. After that just stood, knowing not what to do. I have enough quests and deeds. Main task is to max all the virtues before I enter Wildermore…and this is where I am stuck.

NaktiesKarys was happy to help kinnie in Barrows. Killing 300 enemies is time consuming, so we had a good party: most lvl.100 players, running around and killing anything. It was great fun, I even managed to loot valuable reputation items for my TP grinding alt. And then there was silence.

I have left Dol Amroth after I knew (folks told in chat) that DA class armour is gated behind completion of all dailies. At least 2,5 months of senseless grind. I probably could grind (some 3 weeks) for heavy slotted armour…but once again, see almost no point. Hytbold was easier – you got only 1 type of tokens, you got extra tokens for all dailie completion; Hytbold was more satisfying – you were rebuilder, you could see how town is being resurrected from ashes.

Which left me in some…sad mood. Not grumpy one, just sad. Being lost. Lots of places to go and nothing to do. Same boring DA dailies day after day, easy quest after east quest? Sorry, takes too long. Farm essences? I have no use for them, even for in-game gold. Even news about Update15 did not make me happier – I noticed I did not want to hear positive news. Looks like sith-made RNG is being kicked from Big Battles. Rumour is, we would get tokens and once enough tokens is collected – feel free to barter. BB are supposed to have offensive battle. Yet I am afraid we would receive new, more senseless grind. We have slotted armour to grind for months; we have “essences” that does not drop for me…now what grind awaits us?

I must do something. Find a place I could have some action, as long as this place is not Big Battles or Gondor.

And so the day has ended. Weekend was…almost positive in Lotro.

meetings, essences



Lord of the rings online

Time to play was minimal one. Played a bit, killed some half-orcs, reached Kindred with Algraig and finally purchased “return to Enedwaith” skill. Half-orcs are to be farmed, as well as Giants and Gwibers.

DunedanMule was crafting, other toons rested.

Lotro forums make me feel desperatic. A lerast (that’s for those who are lucky) 2,5 months to complete DA deeds and barter for class armour! All this sounds like impossible. Grinding for golden token is already almost a month. Grinding for other tokensm, using them for reputation and barter…too many troubles for almost nothing. “Essence” drop rate equals to zero, situation seems just hopeless.

I feel like someone who is watching some festival from a distance. There are lights, joy, people are dancing and having fun…all but me, I am not invited, lucky number generator did not choose me. Never had. Others in forum boost they have 300 top-level “essences” while I have 1 (and once was auto-deleted from pending loot). Situation looks almost hopeless: I do dailies, but it seems like “purchase all oil in the Earth when your loot is 30 US cents a day”.

Nevertherless, my StormSong would avoid Gondor, maybe even do not step there, thus saving nerves and huge repair costs. She would reach level 100 and then, along with all other toons, will wait untill safe heaven – level 110. Only then could my Naktieskarys and Stormsong enter Gondor.

Thus the day has ended. Very good in real life, a bit grumpy in Lotro.


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