Lord of the rings online

Little to tell, since real life intervened heavily with its own problems.

Stormsong quested in Dunland, gathering reputation (thanks to hundreds of task items) and turning in 500th task item. Hurray, now I can turn in 10 items.

XP disabler works just fine, I gather needed experience for Legendary weapons while skipping simple xp. Warsteed still is lame, I cna swear I was given medium one. Medium means mediocre.

Will be offline for some time. Vacations, after all, are for taking rest. Even from my nice online game. So…


Journey to Thorins Hall..

Voage begins: from my native town to one..lesser untill Monday. Then – some activities.

Then – journey to Riga (Latvia) and from there, to Ventspils



It’s a nice, not too large seaport in Latvia. Resting for some days there, then returning back to Vilnius.

12th September – trip to Paris


And 19th September – fly back to Vilnius, back to work.

Yes, that would mean little Lotro and many photos taken, souvenirs bought and good memories had.

i will enjoy Lotro as long as I could and then – journeys awaits me…

Rohan, warsteed


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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong continued her journey. Epic quest brought me to Rohan, to East Wall. Did some job there, killed Orcs, Uruks, “vile creatures” (i.e. dogs). Did some quests too. Fought lvl.76-77 enemies with xp disabler (and somehow managed to throw away one usefull pocket item). Later I realised two things:
1. I am almost out of epic book quests (managed to reach book 8 somehow)
2. I want to quest in Rohan and gain xp.

While in Rohan – finally got my mount. For reasons uknknown to me – I got medium (i.e. mediocre) one. Not sure, as always, which trait tree to choose. Either light, for speed, or heavy, for survival. Of course, mount now looks just awfull, without any cosmetics, but my Minstrel will get it.

I returned to Great River to do some quest, then – to Mirkwood…and then stopped. Lucky for me, Kinship was organizing some instances. I joined one Annuminas instance as DPS minstrel, then Vile maw – as healer minstrel. Well, the only problem with healing is that I can’t resurrect while in combat. Makes me feel not so good. However, we fought and we won, I looted and was given some lvl.65 crystals which were used on my Legendary sword. Untill lvl.75 first age LI, looks like I would have to use this.

By the way, I messed one Moria instance and Kinship organized two runs…just for me to understand I did not need them. Shame on me…but run was fun, we were 4 minstrels, 3 dps and 1 healer. This was really cool, Kinship minstrel run.

And so the day has ended, i felt satisfied. The day has been very good in Lotro.

vacations, slaughter, xp


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Logged in to update. Looks like I mised local pets + some update on vault. We now have some “Loyalty Tokens”. Nice to read on updater, yet no one had any token yet…

Lord of the rings online

Too many activity to record. StormSong, my main active toon now, quested -continued questing- in Great River. Only one time I removed xp disabler, only to reach level 75. Why lvl.75? Because on this level I could summon Oathbreakers to come to my aid + I could use new piece of armour.

I am really enjoying adventuring with xp disabler. No grey things, I am attackable and sometimes have to think a few times if I really need to go there where big monster lives. Also, I gain valuable Legendary item xp. Reputation is growing too. NaktiesKarys once gathered a bunch of Limlight Gorge task things – now, they did pay offf, reached first level of reputation thanks to them.

Quests are interesting, although I knew what was going to happen. However, it was really cool to make a stand with Nazgul and make him run. Or witness Nona and Frodo’ss thoughts.

Sometimes I feel a pity developers have locked First age symbols behind almost impossible tier 2  challenges: my toon cannot have First age weapon because there is no First age (lvl/75) symbol even in Auction. Auction is empty, only one First age symbol. How am I supposed to be better fighter when I fight with out-levelled weapons? Kinship, of course, offers help, yet want to be self-sufficient. I can make light armour and bridles myself; I can make weapons myself. All I need is Armourer and Jeweller, yet these are very grindy. And, I repeat, self-efficiency is the most important.

NaktiesKarys has nothing to do but run in Thorins Hall.

In short- life in Lotro is going well. My minstrel is overwhelmed with quests (used 32 out of 50 possible) and xp disabler is cool.


There was supposed to be a post of my (mis)adventures in Lotro. But today it is my birthday, so – no or little posts about NaktiesKarys, StormSong, Vytautaz, DunedanMule.


Orthanc – from distance looks almost like Eiffel tower. Someone, tell me NOT to search for Saruman or underground barracks while in Eiffel….

Too many isengards


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Lord of the rings online

My vacations is soon™, so it would mean less time for Lotro. Visiting relatives and nice, romantic Paris.

Meanwhile StormSong quested, killing stuff, looting things, getting one time killed. Well, it was not the best idea to melee fight 1 named mob and her 5-6 little guards…Looks like I almost killed named one, some of guards, but rest just overhwelmed me. Otherwise, things were going pretty well. At the end, I grew a bit tired from that many quests. Killing orcs, goblins, wargs, half-ors, gathering Rohirrim weapons, making evil recipe and poisoning Goblins’ food, killing The Cook (we have even such monster) and alike. However, I am satisfied with my Minstrel’s performance. Equipment- yes, outdated, but crafted equipment is far worse than quest one. I need to survive untill lvl.85 – then, up to Hytbold armour! Good news – I am starting to loot Riddermark hide, much needed for my crafter. So far – I find there are way too many quests, I can’t handle them all:regional points to one thing, epic – to another. Looks like I need a bit of break from one of them…

NaktiesKarys logged in, tried to grind Cordolan trinkets, but monsters were too greedy and I looted little of Cordolan trinkets. Talked with kinship a bit – looks like they want my StormSong to be a crafter. I prefer not to – she is a fighter, she gains money and can support house upkeep etc. As always, Kinship instantly runs instances.

Looked in Auction house: they have lvl.100 First age symbols. As cheap as 800-1000 gold. Question to myself: even if I had that much (which I do not) – should I buy? I am not intending to quest in Gondor, since it is hardcore forced raiding area. For all others lvl.95 weapons are more than enough. Yet lvl.100 means more firepower.

And so the day has ended: a bit grumpy in real-life and quite good in Lotro.

shing shing, Dunland


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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active: once again, many quests, can’t remember them all. Go there, run here, kill these. I was very satisfied with killing evil Dunlendings, these things does not deserve to live. Once again, my Minstrel shows up very good. Killing enemies with some 17,000 hp (I had only ~3000) was managable. Legendary item experience was flowing. I ran from one NPC to another, killing things, almost completing deeds and at the end re-visited Orthanc surroundings again. Not as a prisoner though: this time Saruman’s lackeys won’t escape my own revenge.

Finally reached Kindred with one faction, bought “Return to Galtrev” skill. Now have to build my reputation with Theodred’s riders. And these…well, some are for Saruman, others doubt treaties with Isengard. A pity to see Grima’s influence this far.

In the middle of Orthanc le-slaughtering, Kinship organized Way of Smiths raid. I was invited, so Naktieskarys logged in, did all shing-shings he could. Situation was problematic, since my PC really lagged. I saw things in low motion, sometimes could not tell where enemy was, hence just did AoE attacks. Finally, we were victorious, there was but 1 loot (Second age lvl.100 symbol) which I failed to win. Question is, what would I do if I had won? If I need something, I need First age weapon and there are no ways I would get First age symbol (all thanks to Lotro becoming hardcore).

And so the day has ended, I felt a bit tired, but overall satisfied. XP disabler works and I am having fun with it, LI experience flows, I have good loots. The day has been very good in Lotro

XP disabled



Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did Hytbold dailies, earned tokens and bartered armour for my Minstrel. At least no worries about lvl.85 Armour.

StormSong was forced to purchase XP disabler (Stone of tortoise). I simply would outlevel any region too quickly and I don’t want to. So – one good pocket item removed, Stone of tortoise slotted. XP is gained only to Legendary weapons.

And questing went good. Saruman could take me prisoner, but not for long: soon, his Orcs were killed, his overseers were killed, his catapults destroyed and his prisoners escaped. Revenge on cursed Falcon clan went good (but lame Lheu has escaped). Then I had a redirection to “Gap of Rohan” and with not-so-bright future to return to Orthanc and slay evils there.

I enjoyed quests and especially – that I gain xp only for Legendary items. However, situation with equipment is just bad. Crafted Guild recipes are no match for looted ones and looted are just too many. Jewellery is very outdated and I cannot decide what to do with it – too many choices. I really need advice from someone experienced.

Overall, things are going well. My minstrel won’t outlevel Rohan (my favourite region) and only in Rohan could I remove xp disabler. I started to extensively use all LI scrolls to be more efficient.

And so the day  has ended, I was very satisfied. The day has been very good in Lotro.

Prison storm


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Lord of the rings online

It was a long weekend in Lotro. StormSong was active all these days. Now, it is hard to tell everything. I did Enedwaith – some quests and all Epic quests. Then quickly moved to Dunland, did all quests there and all Epic quests too. Experience was just flowing, I reached level 74 in no time.

Once again I met treacherous Falcon clan. Once again I was taken as a prisoner to Isengard. And once again I will escape. A pity I am growing too fast – at lvl.74 I should be in Rohan! It could mean only one thing: time to think about Stone of Tortoise (experience disabler). Never imagined I would ever tell this, but there are only two solutions:

1. Turbine makes xp from quests smaller and I mean smaller: cut down to, say, 30%
2. Purchase Stone of Tortoise.

Overall questing is fun, my Minstrel does great things…though I ran into two problems, so typical for me. First – too many gear with too confused statuses and I don’t know which one to choose. Second – outdated Jewellery/pocket items. If I want to update them – once again, too many too different things. I really need an advice from some experienced Minstrel about what to wear. Yes, Will is important, Vitality and Fate too…but what if one gear has +tactical mastery, second gear has +critical rating and third gear +criticalm defense? Which one to choose? Advice is really really needed.

NaktiesKarys had his triumph hour. Since Stormsong will be resting – I logged in Naktieskarys and asked if anyone needed help, except Big Battles and Gondor. One kinnie was, he needed quests in Limlight Gorge. He is a lvl.73 Champion, Dwarf. We formed a good fellowship. He had quests and could easily navigate to targets. I could do fighting. We killed trolls, then killed 2 named trolls, then went to Huorns. Fighting was a bit hard, but each time we were victorious. A pity, few times kinnie died, but returned to battle quickly and fought there. I was in a role I always wanted to be: in frontline, shing-shing’ing big enemies and being victorious. Looks like kinnie was pleasantly surprised, telling how he was impressed. However, soon he will be lvl.100 and would be helping others in Limlight Gorge. Then, did some Hytbold dailies: I am planning to barter lvl.85 Armour for my Minstrel.

NaktiesKarys also took part in some instances: Filikul and Vile Maw. Everything went good, I tried my best shing-shing and even used Champion skill to increase fellowsip’s Vitality.

And so long weekend has ended, I had earned TPs, looted tons of equipment (and well…left many quests/deeds behind). Days are almost perfect – I am busy with tons of quests, all are interesting and involving. Life is just superb in Lotro.

P.S.Vacations soon – will be offline from some 12 to 19 September. Reason: visiting romantic Paris.

Short posty due to holidays and other things



Lord of the rings online

It is August 15. state holiday in Lithuania (Virgin Mary’s taking to heaven). Well, a day in one good restaurant, them playing.

Yesterday finished intro into Volume 3. Did some quests. Had to enter one huge instance in Eregion. Lucky, found one friendly Dwarf Guardian: togehter we explored, together we killed mobs. Got 5 TPs from exploration (would never do this solo), did some errands there and here.

And finally, redirection to Enedwaith. This is where I would spend all the weekend.

I am satisfied with my mini, satisfied when I can help kinnies to do instances (especially as lvl.100 Champion). The eonly problem is – I should be in Great River at lvl.69, not in Enedwaith.

Created one TP grinder, named “Xgrinder”, made it fat bearded Minstrel. Ugly as politician. But I did not demand anything from this grinder – just to get to vault as soon as possible and eanr some 150 Turbinde points. Also, managed to help one kinnie with North Downs slayer deeds. It was a fun blast, ki really enjoyes shing-shing.

And so, the day has ended and felt very satisfied. The days are shiny and happy in Lotro.

explore, kill, gain


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Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was a bit active: helped one kinnie with Scuttledels, Goblin King and Iobar’s peak instances. Scuttledels were easy up untill Mr. Big Spider. I instantly flew down through holes…but finally was victorious. Great Goblin was a bit tricky: it turned out, we were supposed to kill every monster to make any damage to Great Goblin. We were victorious, though my kinnie (minstrel, lvl.61) died few times. Iobar’s peak is a problematic instance. I can deal, as lvl.100 champion, with any opposition there – however, last one, with Dwarves running, was problematic. Two Dwarves managed to get to the egg, but I was able to kill Giant soon, so Dwarves were no longer a threat. I felt good – I was big Champ, using AoE attacks and destroying any opposition.

StormSong was active in Moria. Was active in Zirakzil killing Wargs and worms; later, went to Waterworks for spiders and worms. It required some patience, since I was expexted to kill some 300 monsters. But I did, looted many reputation and task items. My screaming minstrel can now turn in 9 tasks in a day. I hurried with LI deconstructing/levelling too – my two main LI are now at top level. All I need to do is to wait for lvl.75 and new weapons, new armour.

I have finished almost all deeds in Moria (excluding local instances). All that remains are Troll slayer, Troll slayer advanced and Twisted tongue (2 quests). Then, I could leave Moria and concentrate on Kindred with Lothlorien.

Questing in Moria brought me many reputation items. As usually, I barter them so that I have only one sort, Iron Garrison Guards. Now, I do have ~900 low lvl (+30), 107 medium lvl (+50) and some 85 high lvl (+700) reputation items. Calculated: should be enough to gain Kindred with many many clicks. The time has come to create new toon, use reputation items of 3 factions (Bree, Thorins hall, Iron Garrison guards) to get free 150 Turbine points.

Kinship organizes Gondor dailies, as usual. A pity it is not for me – but bright side is, we do have daily acitivities for almost anyone.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied, things were going just perfect. The day has been very good in Lotro.


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