half dressed, half nuking


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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did one or two firework quests, turned in task items 8 times and logged off. NaktiesKarys did one Entwood quest and logged off. StormSong was inactive.

Lotro forums are full of information that lvl.74-85 quests became almost impossible. Many experienced players report mounted Uruks one-two shots anyone. But of course, it does not matter Turbine. If they continue it, one day they will end with 1 or 2 thousands very loyal very hardcore elitists, wanting to plan a raid to kill lvl.10 spider.

Age of Conan

Things were going kind of difficult there. No easy content, everything must be fought for and it does take time. My nude Priestess got a shield and it is shown on her nude body. A pity I can’t take it off.

Reached lvl.10. now I could distribute points in 3 Trait Trees. Somehow they are not new to me….Invested into Vengeance (assault one). Healings are of little use, I should be able to nuke everything. However, this system is more complicated, since it requires to be of certain lvl. Example: “You should have bought 5 upgrades and be lvl.15 to be able to use this”. I also have skillpoints and not investing them – should I waste time to increase climbing skill?

My cleric fought and healed, died many times and first time saw death penalty. Attacking enemy that is higher than you – not reccomended. Aggro means death. Quest book is organized much different than I had in Lotro. No deeds, no in-game “points” (like TPs) to unlock content.

Despite all of this, I enjoyed AoC. It’s fantazy with swords and spells, quests are good and I just feel both a bit lost and good here. I entered Dungeons, fought mobs here, helped other players, they helped me.

And so they day has ended. Life was dull in Lotro (firework-task item-Ent quesat, repeat),kind of interesting in AoC (half-naked Priestess half-nuking wolves, crocodiles, pirates…).

Nudity and fireworks


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Lord  of the rings online

As usually, NaktiesKarys did Entwood dailies. One camp was very succesfull – it featured Half-orcs, much needed for slayer deed. Also had some talk with Kinship, helped kinnie with Sambrog instance (level 20s – I can aid with that).

Vytautaz did Anniversary deeds. He really needs to reach level 49 at least to turn in another type of task items. Thus – fireworking, doing almost all anniversary quests near Bree. Still lacking ~100.000 xp to next level.

Stormsong still stuck with legendary quest: one worm got lost in ‘another dimension’, won’t appear even if I come close.

Age of Conan

Thanks to superb folks at mmorpg.com – looks like finally got my game. Customization was good, I created my (would I stop joking this way?) big-chested Priestess blonde Priestess of Mitra. Ranged class, but initially it is more melee. Bikini outfit was good, later got some rags they would like to call armour (was using broken bottle as a weapon). Local chats were helpfull, when I adresses in New Player Help [NPH], always got response.

Died many times, but thanks to God, death is not that bad – just resurrect and run for revenge. I enjoyed my ranged attack (icon reminds nuclear mushroom) as well as one that pulls enemies further. Yes, Priestess is fragile and cannot fight enemies of higher levels: I tried to kill one lvl.11 Panther and was killed by it.

Surroundings may look a bit brutal, but somehow inviting. Enemies are everywhere, spawn quickly and there are a lot of tasks in starter areas (at least city of Tortage does). Unfortunately, quests did not affect what would happen next. I proudly refused some of them…but it turned out, it had zero impact. A pity.  Citizens were interesting too – from public house Mistress (pirates did not pay her girls – I had to deal with pirates and return the payments) to blacksmiths and just thirsty folks wanting wine from the temple. Rewards are normal – got some good weapons this way.

Despite “oh, it’s solo content” – soon ran into Flesh Eaters. SOme genetically modified trees with their own minions. Was killed, had to retreat and did it only with the help of one friendly player. He asked if I wanted to join a Guild. I explained I was a newbie who knows nothing of the game and may ask million questions. He agreed and accepted, helped with Flesh Eaters.

Then they explained some things about game, including “vanity” tab on dressing. I really enjoyed vanity, since it helped to not show ugly piece of rags called “helmet”. My experiments ended in turning off every equipment, so that my nice blonde was running only with strings and a weapon. I laughed at that, but hey, that was funny.

I felt satisfied with the AoC. While not that warm like Lotro, it still may become my new home (as one in Lotro told – “with your motivation – not for long…”) where my Priestess would just nuke everything like Minstrel does. Where I could solo content. Where I won’t be afraid to fight because 2 mobs means death.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied with Age of Conan and will try to master my Priestess there. Maybe sun starts shining again for me.

the Dark Ages


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Lord of the rings online

Life is becoming grey and dull there. Update13, while very positive for inventory and mail, does not shine with other aspects. Players’ survavability ruined (only few elitist raiders enjoy). Entwood quests bugged, lots of players complaining. Advertised pet huorn is just a gimmick – it’s random number generator outcome. I received one box, opened – “10 Fangorn leaves”. Could as well be 10 million leaves, they mean nothing for me. Hence, I did not even start seed quests.

NaktiesKarys now joins to receive Hobbit presents and to do daily quests. Vytautaz does as much Anniversary festival activities as he can to get close to level 49.

StormSong, my new Minstrel, was very good at fighting, destroying anything, healing, never being defeated. A pity, epic quest bugged so I can’t advance further.

I must leave Lotro for easy mode quality game. And below – my adventures…

The Rift

THE reccomended game by almost anyone. Tried to play, but it was just not for me. Steam war machines? Guns? Players running around, spam-advertising guilds or trolling about if US is lame an EU is great or EU is lame and US is great. Gold sellers around. Maybe this was just one server’s trouble, but it made not too good impact.


Anime-looking, but hey, we have Asmodeians and my big chested Cleric started her journey. She screamed (though nothing can outperform Lotro’s minstrel that screams at every spell she has), she had missions, things were good… untill I was told after some level there would be PvP. Aion uninstalled.

Everquest II

Was adviced to try this. Customization was not that great, engine looked a bit outdated. tried to do things, but…once again, not too captivating. I do miss Lotro’s maps with coloured areas, like “quest here”


Wanted to try. Client download via torrent. Client size – 25 Gigabytes. Time remaining – some 4 hours. No, thank you, please reconsider client size.

And so my grey days have ended. I lost interest in Lotro, i did not find another game and could not quote any real achievement.

Lotro:the end?


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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did Entwood dailies. Same things again – go, do 3 quests, receive leaves and reputation, return to Bree for repairs. Lucky, was needed by one kinnie. We ran through Barrows sweeping any opposition, one-shotting named monsters and it was the only relaxing thing to do. Encountered one big hunting company in Haud Iarcith, joined…and then kinnie had to log off. A pity, it was very good and refreshing: to see I am still capable (despite recent downgrades) to fight.

Vytautaz logged, did some Anniversary deeds, received xp and logged off. With recent downgrades fight with on-level monsters for champion is pure suicide.

I never thought it would happen, but it did: http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/thread/410348/looking-for-f2p-pure-PvE.html. Folks are advicing The Rift. Of course, kinnies are against. They state I won’t find better lore and they are right: Lotro is the only game based on rich lore. All other games are based upon something invented, that’s right too. But Lotro is becoming too hard, I may give mathematic proof for that.

The Rift

Tried to play, but even this game disliked me. Downloaded client – 11 Gigabytes, 40 minutes of waiting. Patching. Ok, time to play. Registred account, looged in…and X-files happened.

Monitor was blinking in black and white. Then some throne room appeared with silent music in the background,. I wasn’t able to anything, game crashed few times. Asked in local forums. Today received answer from tech support team what am I expected to do. Will try today. If not – well, maybe Aion.

My demands for game are very clear: free to play (without severe restrictions like in SWTOR), pure PvE or option to completely avoid PvP, easy mode. Deep crafting would be a bonus. Housing is an option, but not a must.

Would I be able to play Rift? What would happen to Lotro which is rolling down and down and down? Lotro may attract elitist raiders, but may as well loose soloers. Judging from Turbine’s own approach, instances were not popular, hence they are risking to lose majority. Is that what they want? Are soloers so worthless they can be thrown away? Not sure. When I switch to another game, I will miss Lotro. But it is developers’ choice to get rid off people like – not mine.

And so the day has ended: dull and grumpy without any perspective.

Next stop…


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Logged in yesterday. Same good folks from my old good Guild (The Universal Warriors), same warm atmosphere. I felt like a noob thoug – too much new content, need to travel and do things which I forgot how to do. We have pets (only one for free players; but heck, one is more than zero). Travelled, found no NPC, patience ran out, quit.

Lord of the rings online

The game was a bit grumpy. Vytautaz left Angmar, went to Bree, participated in Anniversary quests and began earning experience points this way. One quest – some 1685 xp and I need 166.000 to level 49. Would be a very very long way to go. But since fighting is almost impossible, I will stick to festivals or crafting.

NaktiesKarys did daily quests in Entwood. My Ent finally remembered second step: it takes 18 hours for an Ent to remember things. Quests done, monsters killed: went to Anniversary festival. Good to hear they honour their own tokens from previous year. I bought new horse and steed appearance, also full set of Moria maps.

Stormsong logged in, used all maps, received valuable TPs, did some quests though did not reach level 13. Overall Minstrel is still most enjoyable class. I can kill monsters from distance while running though I am having some troubles while killing even lower lvl. monsters:earlier one shot was enough, now I need few more.

Talked a lot in Kinship chat. At least there I be listened to and understood. Some kinnies tried to encourage me, but in vain. As I told – game I knew is almost gone. I am no longer good for anything, great many deeds will remain not done just because of being squishy. Even Tsuhelm’s proposed instances can’t do much: I’m too squishy for them. In fact, all that remains for me is do Entwood dailies and take Hobbit presents. Other activities are just not for me: being two-shotted is not fun at all.

First age symbol drop is almost registred on official forums. If I am not wrong, some 10 first age symbols are reported to be dropped. If we have 20 servers, that’s 0,5 symbol daily per server. Since we had two days of raiding – there is 0,025 symbol per day per server. Let us guess (no confirmed data) that only 10 raids are organized on one server in one day and we have very nice numbers. A proof game is going to be mission impossible.

I have made a post in mmmorpg.com forums. A post I thought I would never made. And yet is  – “Looking for f2p pure PvE game”. Since Lotro is downgrading to very hard mode, it is not the game I could enjoy. Istaria is good, but I have forgotten too much (and it has no mounts to travel quickly). Folks are advicing The Rift or Aion.

I am not sure: I want f2p without too much restrictions (that’s where SWTOR fails). I want pure PvE, since PvP never was an option for me. Crafting quality items would be good (that’s where Lotro fails: any instance stuff would be much better than crafted). Housing – of little importance. And, of course, easy mode. I want to go, to kill and relax, I don’t want to be strategist calculating every outcome. Anime, adult themes are a taboo, I’m not a fan of these.

So, if Lotro continues to fall, I would be forced to say – “Lotro, next stop -…” and switch to other game. A pity I do not have subscription: would gladly cancel it to show my attitude towards hard mode.

Meanwhile, the day has ended, I had 5195 Turbine points (nowhere to spend them) and I felt unhappy in Lotro.

The broken staff


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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued to quest in Entwood. Quest to go with Huorn and protect him while exploring went a bit long, there were too many points to visit and they did not disappear after visiting. Encountered one quest to locate tree…but it turned out I was expected to wait untill time expires. Did dailies. As usually, they were hard and more than two enemies at once is a suicide for Champion. My Ent needs to think and will think for 18 human hours. Interesting conception of dailyt quest…

Finally went to do epic quests…and looks like I have finished them too quickly. Talk with Gandalf, then Rangers coming to Aragorn, finally we saw Ents marching and it was really good. We went to Isengard to see it flooded and sealed. Then – various tasks from locals, from “go march” to “go inside, free NPC”. Met one Angmar witch, but my Rangers let her go. A decision they would certainly regret, but hey, there were impressed their friend was alive (a thing witch has told them). Too soon, Epic book ended. I missed some “interludes” to play for Ents. Why? Just because I thought Epic book would be very long, like Book 1 and there would be great many other quests. No, there wasn’t. A pity – I expected more, many more. It was compensated by iconic video wnding with “Saruman, your staff is broken!”. Finally, a justice (just let me cut traitor’s head off and play football with it).

Kinship organized skraid. Something I really wanted…but had to decline. I am not strong enough to survive, all thanks to destroying classes. I had to turn deaf ear to kinnie asking for help in lvl.60s instance, because I would hardly survive here too.

Fighting once more clearly shows downsides of the Update. Fight against more than 2 on-level monsters is impossible: got almost killed by 2 orcs in Iserngard dungeons. used heals, used bracing attacks and still hardly survived. Which makes me in a very bad position: I can no longer participate in any instances higher than (perhabs) lvl.30 or maximum 40. My level 95 toon is worth as much as level 9 or level 19 one.

First age symbol seems to be a myth more than reality. Forum reports 2 (or 3 drops) and my kinnie reported 2. That’s maximum of 5 reported drops from all servers by far. Auction houses are empty, which is natural: if item does not drop, no one could sell it.

In the forums we have tough discussion, me and many others trying to defend game from downfall while some elitists advocating extremely hard mode. But if they want “hard mode”, “challenge” and other myths – they are free to solo the Rift naked. There, they will have their challenges and hard modes and non-facerols. Why could they not go to some “full loot PvP” game?

Bright side: I am gaining marks and seals from almost any toon I log in. And Festival is there.

And so the day has ended. I had 5170 Turbine points, but left completely lost and grumpy because of downgrades. Questing was good, I really enjoyed it, fighting was on the verge of possible, but still doable…but thoughts about almost destroyed game makes me feel bad.  Life was…very inbalanced (good questing, extremely bad nerfing of classes, no instances, no real fighting, no aggroing)…in Lotro.

Update 13:the good start


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Lord of the rings online

I was expecting Lotro to be updated at some 9-10 PM Lithuanian time…and was surprised Update 13 was ready way faster. Therefore, only NaktiesKarys was active, all other toon would have to wait.

First of all: tons of deeds completed. If you completed, say, Shire or Bree deeds – you get metadeed like “Slayer of Bree land”, receive some 100 marks, 1 key and 1 lootbox, sometimes – rune. I also got some potions, 2 maps and house decoration item. Lootboxes (lvl.10-50) were destroyed, keys deposited, one key and maps donated to kinnie.

Things started with Gandalf’s letter to ride to Rohan. I rode, game crashed, I relogged only to find quest was gone (letter too). Ok, time for the ents. Ride to Saruman’s fortress. And there – wellcome to Update 13…

Fortress looks very nice now. alls destroyed, fortification ruined, underwater levels flooded. Human settlement near former entrance with option to bind there and horse route. No sign of orcs or Saruman’s apprentices. Few fleeing Dunledings (well, guys, you have yourself to blame). An Ent gave me several tasks which I gladly did. Area was active, there were players in every territory. First quest – to search for Orcs in 3 locations (no sign of orcs). Auto-bestowed quests to free Dunlendings trapped in debris and tear up White hand banners. Search for seeds. Plant seeds. And then – move to new map, I will call it Ent Forest (EF).

And the quest in EF looks promising by far. I have to investigate there and here, clean stuff, search for seeds…and then daily quests began. They are made like Wildermore. Go to instance, kill leader. Oh, by the way, do this and that. Rewards – legendary item xp, reputation with the Ents and local barter currency – Fangorn leaves. This is where revamps first showed negative side: I was too weak to fight against 3 level 95 enemies. Health was dropping too quickly, so I had to pick maximum 2 enemies at once. Turbine also made precautions against frequetn use of “del”. If you are to search for stuff, they threw lots of walnut woods – so you target them. With the help of the Kinship I finished all of the daily quests.

EF quests, of course, involve ents. Look for seeds, find 3 little huorns, escort them, explore forest with Ent’s huorn. While you walk, huorn will ask you to do stuff, like investigate disturbed earth, kill flies etc.  Things were going good, reputation was flowing, new deeds received. And also – thanks, Turbine – there is Half orc camp, each Half orc contributes to Rohan Half-orc slayer deed (which was going too slow).

I forgot about Turbine points grind. Was looking at my inventory (now I can play with it, resize, increase or decrease slot size). I can purchase 5 slots for some 325 Turbine points. I can lock inventory bag 1, i can make it just one Super Big Bag. I can search in the inventory. Also, we can mail up to 10 items – superb news.

Developers also announced plans for next years. Housing is not an option, no radical revamp planned. A pity. Dear Turbine, please understand: place housing cosmetics under real ca$h shop and you will see how it works. Wanna Roof of Rohan HorseLord – here you are, only 9.99$ and it is bound to your account.  Want +5 crooks? Here you are, 5$ each.

New class confirmed, it would be Beorning, capable of chnging into bear. Light armoured (but when did bears need armour?).

First age relics are introduced. Unfortunately, they are rare-very rare drop form instances only. Very unwise move that won’t satisfy neither raiders (they have done every single instance at all difficulties) nor soloers.

In short, pros and cons:

  • New region, new quests: superb
  • This region being free for Helm’s Deep owners:superb
  • New quests: superb
  • New deeds, new Turbine points: superb
  • Pet huorn – very good
  • Advanced mail: superb
  • Trollshaws, NorthDowns, Misty Mountains revamped: I think, it’s superb.
  • First age recipes: superb, finally
  • New meta-deeds: very good
  • Rewards with marks and lootboxes for meta deeds: mediocre. Better give me 1 Turbine point
  • First age symbol: awfull, unless they have it as reputation item
  • Decreased statuses, at least for some classess: bad.

Overall by far Update13 is a success. I see Saruman’s fortress destroyed (have this for imprisoning ME! *evil laugh*), I can remember epic scenes from the movie and I am into understaning the world of Ents. There is new activity, and with daily quests I am planning to stay there for a long time, untill I grind Kindred with the Ents (and rep. keeps flowing, almost 5000 first day).

We have also discussed changes in Kinship chat. Some people are complaining about decreased vitality or (like me) First age symbol being practically impossible to get. Others just enjoy the content or keep asking. Most players tend to be satisfied.

And so the day has ended. I had earned 0 Turbine points, but was very happy with the new Update. Life is excellent in Lotro once again.

Update 13: today


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Lord of the rings online

I think everyone is Lotro waits for Update 13. Some information is leaked even now. Like – those who own Helms Deep expansion, won’t have to purchase and alike. There are some negative information: first age symbols would be extremely rare drops, available only from instances, especially Big Battles. Turbine is making serious mistake there: Big Battles were not succesfull. Raiders disliked them, soloers hated them, nobody enjoyed them much. Instead of accepting mistake (well, everything happens) they are most likely to force us to do this. But I won’t do, I will wait for this symbol to drop as meta-deed reward or appear on Auction house. Prices are expected to be at ~1000 gold coins (I have never had that much). A pity Turbine mistreats players this way. Make it very expensive SKirmish camp item and no one would complain. Make it named lvl.95 monster drop and no one would complain. Just please do not force us.

NaktiesKarys was active and seriously helped by the Kinship. Did all “Big battles”. Disliked them all: too complicated, too difficult, you need to team with extremely experienced player to get good results and some kind of good loot. Mine was lame, trashed all of it. Tried my Engineer, constructed traps and it worked. After advice of kinnies- had to relocate BB trait points, now I invest heavily into constructing and deactivating – maybe it would help me one day. Battle of Hornburg was an impressive one, especially the end. I rode in a field of victory, talked to Gandalf, Theoden, Gimli, Legolas – all legendary characters.

There also was one not so bright moment. My hurry, it one more did wrong things. Once I deleted quest to encourage 4 Rohirrim defenders with emotes. This time some good person on wiki wrote it. I did it, then received tons of quests to do. All rewarding reputation with Helmingas (I’m already Kindred), all advancing slayer deeds (most were already finished). Once again, there were sad stories about towns assaulted, people slained. Had to make one decision for Thane: attack town (suicide mission), flee to Helms Deep (half-suicide) or ask people (they tend to attack town – suicide mission). I chose Helms Deep, half people left only to be slained. Another point: one Thane trusted word of an Half-Orc to call off town attack. She let prisoner go based on his “word of honour”. Of course, half-orcs arrived and only reinfocements saved poor town. Oh, dear Rohirrim, if you only had more brain..

However, I am doing almost every quest in Helms Deep region now and enjoying content. Also, it gives me Westemnet iron coins (and coins means relics) + LI experience. It is good too.

My new main toon, StormSong, started her activity. She does every quest and my gosh, it is a joy. I run, I use hardest attack, mob dead 30 meters away, I wait for 10 seconds and second mob is dead. Aggro would mean problem, have to pick targets one by one. So far did spider slayer, spider slayer adv., brigand slayer, brigand slayer adv., quests in Bree (15) deeds untill lvl.11. Feeling really good and hope life would be very bright with my Minstrel. The only problems are virtues (not sure which to slot) and stances. In agressive -self healing- stance I am overpowered, but of no use to the fellowship. In Melody stance I am healing, but doing 25% less damage and some of iconic attacks are not working as they should.

And so weekend, full of adventures, has ended. I had 5150  Turbine points from various sources:slaying lizards in Nala-Dum, Orcs in Dn, half-orcs in HD, reputation, as well as basic deeds in Bree. Life was very good in Lotro.

And let us hope Update13 won’t spoil much of it…

relic forging


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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz turned in last task items, reached level 48…and had nothing to do. Entire level to gain before I could use other task items and equip some quality stuff.

NaktiesKarys did Wildermore dailies, several times killed Nala-Dum lizards (now some 130 out of 240). Asked for aid in Lamal-Nur morroval slaying. One hunter from the Kinship answered, so we went, killed whatever we found, let ourselves be killed, returned and finished killing. It gave me good results, now I have 80 out of 240 merrovails killed. Only 160 remaining.

And then I used 200 Khuzdul tablets to buy relics. Then deconstructed which took some time. And then started to craft from thousands of existing tier1 settings, gems and runes. Somehow managed to gain one tier 10 setting, but the job will continue. It requires much clicking and some coin investment too. Not too exciting job, but it has to be done.

WbaF continued and ended her journey. She did all she could, deposited some 700 silver coins to shared vault and was deleted. Her successor may be a new Minstrel, called StormSong. I will try to level her: it should be easier than to level Champion. However, these 2318 Turbine points to invest…and realistic deeds in regions from Bree to Mirkwood gives 2455 (including racial deeds). I did not count class deeds (~110 TPs). Which may mean megagrind.

We are all waiting for Update 13. Was talking in Kinship chat about this. Of course, making game harder does not make me happy, but after all we will have new quests, new deeds, new stories, a new pet and I would have new daily quests. Kinship tried to cheer me up (because of coming hardships). But that’s not a problem, I am in good Kinship and they would advice me what actions to take. The best thing is – I will be into action once again.

And so the day has ended I had 5035 Turbine points, new minstrel toon. Life was just excellent in Lotro.

Post scriptum. List of investments/return values.

race slot 1 95
race slot2 95
race slot 3 95
race slot 4 95
race slot 5 95
virtue slot 1 95
virtue slot 2 95
virtue slot 3 95
virtue slot 4 95
trait tree 1 195
trait tree 2 195
trait tree 3 195
trait tree 4 195
trait tree 5 198
trait tree 6 195
trait tree 7 195
riding skill 95

Return of investment (TPs):

  1. Bree: 305
  2. Shire: 190
  3. Ered Luin:180
  4. Lone Lands:230
  5. Evendim: 190 (only easy deeds)
  6. Angmar:195 (only easy deeds)
  7. Misty mountains: 125 (only easy deeds)
  8. Forochel: 175 (grim slayer excluded)
  9. Eregion: 175
  10. Enedwaith: 210
  11. Lothlorien:190
  12. Mirkwood:215————————–total 2455

multiwinged instance, forgotten grind


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Lord of the rings online

Sometimes things just happen. You log in, you are determined to grind last 55 Turbine points…when suddenly something changes your plans and you forget grind.

NaktiesKarys logged in to check Hobbit presents when one kinnie asked if someone was up to one instance (only one instance per some hours is very little in our Kin. But yeah, it may happen). Of course I was. Instance was – Ost Dunhoth, part of “In their abscence” instances. It is level 70s instance, most of were lvl.95, we had tanks and healer. Initially had some problems with gathering sixth person (well, instance requires players to step on a platform and there are 6 platforms). When we finally got one – we started assault. Things were supposed to be easy: with tanks and champions, with healers and pets we were destined for victory. We ran, smashed any “opposition” we encountered, finally ran into some mammoth, ran from it. Then there was a big room full of mammoths and adds. We were told to take care of adds – our tanks would kill mammoths.

Then things went wrong. We were just wiped, no heals helping. One time wiped, second time wiped…had to leave and reorganize to raid. More players, some from other clans (I noticed Greyhammers). Only then we managed Mammoth Room of Death. Then we had to leave, leader started new wing. This time it was easier, we just DPSed monsters. Last wing – we were supposed  to kill monster, but were teleported to Grand Stairs in Moria, fought some mobs here while listening to Gandalf’s discussion with Durin’s Bane. Then we were transported to Zirakzil, faced Durin’s Bane, destroyed it quickly, were teleported back again.

Only to see fight with the last monster and mock it while it talked. He talked Gandalf was dead (I replied “Gandalf is alive, u noob!”), he was going to end us blah blah blah. Almost everyone mocked lame monster, I just half-angrily told him to shut up because I had little time to lose.

And then Gandalf himself showed up, made a mess and we finished monster. Instance was finished, I got many valuable relics. Returned to Forlaw, did some daily tasks…and hurray, reputation changed, now only kindred remains (30.000 points while I can get only 2500 a day). I also got 5 TPs for finding Ost Dunhoth.

Vytautas logged in, turned in almost last task items. Today I would have to turn in last ones…and start to fight my way to level 48. There are enough quests for some 20.000 xp points.

And so the day has ended. It was fun to fight in that instance and gain experience as well as get some rewards from loot. WbaF was forgotten as well as her grind. I had 4965 Turbine points, crafted some LI settings. Day has been very good in Lotro.


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