Dol Amroth, Enedwaith


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Lord of the rings online

StormSong was the only active, questing in Enedwaith. As always, quests differed: kill X wild dogs, destroy that evil Limfavrn, gather that stuff. Not so bad, untill I had to do quests for the only Hobbit village. One of the first: go, farm 10 merrygolds and get 10 boar droppings. Dear Hobbits, I’d like to stomp you into boar droppings. Somehow Lotro loves droppings: in Fangorn I had to investigate bat drops, in Moria – clean Goat drops…

This aside, questing went very well. I hunted, I searched, I auto-completed some deeds. Finally gor redirected to Dunlending town and took my part in disrupting alliance between local Dunlendings and Isengard. Yes, Dunlendings are treacherous and I do not trust them, but at least this time their selfish motifs were used for a good purpose. They won’t ally with Saruman and their “champion” was dead, I killed him.

I had one interesting quest line in local forest: to “hunt” three spirits. First one was the most evil: follow little birdie, try to not get lost, avoid green gas covered areas and enemies. Somehow managed to survive, event timing was sufficient. Second – defeat some spirit and third – protect some spirit. Then fourth spirit, it asked to recognize one Limfavrn amongst 6 others and defend it. That done, quest line was over. I went for dailies (kill shadow wolves, find source of their power, protect local herd), earned golden tokens, gained some xp. And the hunt was mostly over.

NaktiesKarys wanted to do some activity. Training mission with Dol Amroth bank was not an option. After Wiki, game tries to give less golden tokens if you do same faction every day. Kinship was organizing Helms Deep raid, 12 man…and I did not go. Such raids require knowledge and patience: I have none. I dislike Big Battles, they are Big Failures for me. And I have little patience to wait for things to happen. Declined. A pity, soon almost all active kinnies went to raid and I was left solo.

And so the day has ended, some TPs were earned, legendary items advanced – life was good in Lotro.

old hunts, new gold


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Lord of the rings online

Real life still interfering – trying to escape to Lotro. Sometimes it works, sometimes not quite.

StormSong was little active. Went to Enedwaith, started doing local quests and deeds. I need Kindred with two Enedwaith factions, I need all quests/deeds completed to gain more Turbine points, increase my “virtues”. Gwiber/Giant slayer is going to be a bit painfull, but I will make it. If I was able to do it as Champion, it should be easier to do as a Minstrel.

NaktiesKarys was invited for Sambrog. As usually- level 100. Was killed almost immediately after Wigh archers appeared. Once again started my thoughs how lame my Champion was. In fact, I never was a big fan of this class. However, group was strong and we managed to kill Sambrog. First luck for me: Anfalas chrystal that increases power of lvl.100 Legendary weapon! Then I did Bank of the DA training exercise. This time got 2 new quests, to close the door to the port and find 6 pieces of gold. CLosed, found, killing all I could kill en route. After all, task items are good too.

And then I left standing, not knowing what to do. There were dailies left, yet do I have to do them? Will they be easy or hardcore? I also was asking myself if I needed Champion heavy armour…or slotted armour? If I needed slotted armour, where to farm to essences? I have some, but only few are good for Champion.

However, I have at least 1 daily quest to do in Dol Amroth. My Stormsong is finally trying to do something usefull. Things are going good in Lotro.




Lord of the rings online

Weekend was full of thoughts, volunteering, meeting old friends, walking in a beautifull Lithuanian fields, watching hillforts, rivers flowing, birds singing.

Experience in Lotro was interesting one. Stormsong was too lazy to hunt every single enemy in Rohan. And she was very reluctant to go to Wildermore: that evil Rottenheart who could destroy entire fellowship? No, thanks. Went to Enedwaith to do some quests and get kindred with local factions. Then went to Dunland to finish slayer deeds there. Hurray, yesterday they were finished. Wasn’t it boring? Yes, a bit, but still it is xp and it is  free Turbine points. I would continue to work on my “virtues”, to have then as best as I could before I enter Wildermore.

NaktiesKarys was almost forced to log in. Our Kin leader just kept me pressing to try Dol Amroth. All Kin knows my approach: if it is Big Battles or Gondor, I am not in. Yet one day he just gave a bunch of tokens to try Training exercise, Library faction.

It turned out that somehow I was wrong. Library training is almost designed for AoE classes. Enemies comes in nice groups, you can deal with one group, maybe even with two (did not try). Bosses and looters are a bit bigger, but still doable (solo, do not try to group 3 looters). I just went, killing and killing, untill I had to disable some traps and spent all time looking for them. Instance was finished, I could sit and calculate profit.

Profit 1: task items. Turn in, get item xp;
Profit 2: sellable things. Sell, get gold;
Profit 3: DA golden tokens. Only 3 out of some 80 required…but still 3 is better than zero.

Yesterday I spent some time tryign to wiki daily tasks in DA, but got too little usefull info. Bank faction sents player to almost pure suicide – Tamlang Crown. Dock faction – to fish and deal with turtles (fishing already described in forums as too much unlucky). Another factions set goald even wiki was not able to give details about.

Once again, I felt a bit lost.  DA turned out to be not good, but not completely evil, though I was unable to research which quests were easy, which were hard.

From the brightier side – teamed up as StormSong with Tsuhelm in Carn Dum. Had one more Loremaster in our group. Things were going just bright untill the last boss, Mordirith. It was a bit hard time for me – I had to survive; to do so, I had to be in red stance; being in  red stance I was unable to heal others. Result: Mordirith dead, Tsuhelm somehow (just how?) killed at the very end.

And so the day has ended. I quested, gained xp, Turbine points – life was good in Lotro.



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Lord of the rings online

Today I should be given a firing notice. As I joke – a kick to Jennifer Lopez’s best body part. 2 month to look for a job, if I don’t make it – 2 month’s to live by money given by the state.

Meanwhile yesterday Stormsong killed last Orc and Beast for advanced slayer deed in Great River, moved to Harwick and turned in task items. Legendary items advancing is going really slow. But at this time I have two choices and I like neither:

  1. do all slayer deeds in Rohan. Then I could reach…lvl.90? Do Hytbold quests or
  2. abandon all Rohan slayer quests and move to WIldermore where neariest Warband will slaughter me

I do not like to over-advance (though would really like to skip Wildermore and Ents). And I do not enjoy being killed by overpowered WIldermore warbands. However, I do need legendary item xp.

NaktiesKarys logged in to have some action and found none. Kinship was organizing runs, yet I felt I was trapped in my own mind. I do not go to any Big Battle and Gondor. Big Battles are too complicated, Gondor is a “no-no”, I will two-shotted there. Tier 2 or even Tier 3 instances are too hard, I am of no use there, I die too often there (or am forced to stand aside pressing random buttons). In short, there was no activity for me, though Kinship organized activity.

People kept talking about Dol Amroth. Thousands of tokens they gathered. Cool armour with superb essences they got. I can but look at this, understanding I will never get such armour and essences. I killed enough enemies in Gondor, only to find no armour. I have some 7 “essences” that just takes place and could only be usefull for my Minstrel. And I would never barter armour, because it takes some 3 months to do extremely hard DA dailies. So far first quest in Lotro’s quest chains was easiest: go and scout area. Oops, Orcs nearby, report to NPC. Lame NPC scared: plz plz plz, go and kill some Orcz (and you receive fellowship quest). That always was in Lotro quests. Hence – if the very first, training mission is extremely hard, it is not hard to foresee next ones.  Therefore, I will never barter good lvl.100 slotted armour.

I feel trapped in Lotro. Situation, where I cannot move right, because it is too complicated and cannot move left, because I will be two-shotted, I cannot go back and cannot go forward…and yet I have to find way out, if there is a way out.

And so the day has ended. Life was mediocre in Lotro: little inspiration, little activities, too many closed exits and no way out.

raids and nudities



Lord of the rings online

Keywords sometimes confuse me. Recently found keywords “lotro online nudity”.  Come on, folks,  there is no nudity in Lotro whatsoever…

Stormsong had little time to quest. Finished yet another slayer deed (Easterlings in Great River), moved to slaughter Orcs. Then one kinnie asked for a Warden’s sword, lvl.85, second ager. Time to log my NaktiesKarys and craft things. Named this sword “Rohan sunshine”, hope it won’t sound stupid.

My Stormsong now has very clear and simple task: make slayer deeds, increase “virtues” as far as possible…and make use of every single LI experience rune. I do need experience for my bridle and sword.

And so the day has ended, I felt satisfied. I killed lvl.75 monsters, fighting like Champion (me against 4-5 monsters). I gained TPs, I helped others – day has been good in Lotro.

Losses and brownies


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Lord of the rings online

Really grumpy news from real world. Yesterday I was stopped by one person and told that September 26 I would be invited to talk to my chief boss: I am fired from my work. There has been no complaints about me, I got no infractions…yet obviously was not in the court of His Majesty. A kick in part of body Jennifer Lopez is most famous for. Little mood to play, but this would last for some 4 months: 2 untill kicking and 2 – looking for job.

Meanwhile Naktieskarys and DunedanMule crafted legendary items for Stormsong. So, my little Minstrel is now equipped with lvl.85 first age briddle and sword. Our Kin leader made a superb shield. Now I have to barter lvl.85 symbol and ask for songbook. Had to deconstruct some legendary items for xp and space.

And StormSong, my favourite toon, went to Eves of Fangorn and finished exploration deed. Then rode to Brown lands, quickly finishing local Brigand slayer deed (advanced), then started to do dailies – need to kill some 200 Easterlings. Yes, I gain no xp for that, but I get task items + loot for sale + LI runes. And I do not want to rush my toon. I will have enough time to grow up doing quests in Wildermore, including some evil ones (Survivors of Wildermore…evil faction).

My Minstrel is adequately equipped and ready for battles. Despite ugly real life – life in Lotro, in green fields of Rohan and Great River was just good.

Hytbold skald


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Lord of the rings online

StormSong was the only active. I did quests – every single of them, rushing to reach level 85. Turned in all 10 task items, then rushed to kill Orcs, Goblins, gather crops and logs, rally Rohirrims to the barricades, send some distracting gift to Theoden King. Finally, quests guided me to Fangorn forest.

Yes, I almost knew it all, what it would be like. Yet I enjoyed, except one sad part. One old Ent had a little bird. Bird had a nest and old Ent enjoyed bird’s company. Now, the bird is gone…killed by poisonous filth. I felt a pity for a little bird and old Ent. Witnessed one soldier who ran from battle (“I…I am not a soldier!”), got sick (bad idea to eat unedible fruits!), but finally returned.

I really enjoy Rohan. There may be some harder things, like forced fellowship warbands, yet the region is nice, shiny and awesome. There are stories and there is a shadow of Grima, a shadow of the coming storm.

Meanwhile, questing and killing, doing deeds – managed to reach magic level 85. Redirection to Hytbold…and ability to wear Hytbold Skald armour. That’s the best thing game has. You come, you grind, you barter a set of quality armour. No other armour sets offer this. Kinship tells me few levels later I will outgrow Hytbold: maybe, if I find some better armour (which I doubt: unless lvl.95 one).

My NaktiesKarys stopped going to instances with the Kinship. I simply do not believe I am of any use there with my yellow (AoE: shing-shing) champion. And I have little wish to re-learn, i.e. switch to red line (no shing-shing). All my play time I was AoE Champion, rushing into horde of enemies and making shing-shings. Rethink all philosophy? Probably no.

However, with level 85 easy life ends. Monsters would be meaner and I won’t get first age symbols (extremely rare drop, judging from Auction house). I won’t use slotted armour, because of: a) no armour to loot; b) no quality essences to get. It’s like – if you want burger, you need Burger Eater’s Coupon; to get Burger Eater’s Coupon you need to eat burgers.

These thoughts aside, day was very succesfull, I was happy and ready to advance further only to stop at Gondor’s border. Life was very good in Lotro.

race in Rohan


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Lord of the rings online

It appears, we had an update. Some stuff that does not concern me- yet one very positive change. Level 65, 75 and 85 first age symbols can now be bought at Skirmish camps! I paid some 660 marks for each and they are NOT gated behind tier2 hard instances. At last developers listened to players.

StormSong quested in Rohan, doing every quest and racing to level 85. I already have Hytbold Skald armour, so have to test it. Meanwhile took quests in my favourite region – Rohan. There are lots of them, enough for every taste. Due to “wellcome back” event, I have +30% experience gained and am already at lvl.83. Only two levels – some 2 million xp points- to lvl.85.

And I am satisfied with Rohan. It’s probably the best region so far. Green, inviting, with stories and thrills – I want to stay there, not go for lame Fangorn or forced-raiding Gondor (worst region ever).

Having problems with my champion too. He is such a thin glass target, not a serious combatant. I do feel worthless in any raid, in any combat that deals with >lvl.95 enemies. My “champion” dies too many times in a row, does too little damage and is just for spectacular shing-shing, not for any use in combat. Some kinnies are saying I am usefull, but this may be pure compliment. I do not see problems that my Minstrel sometimes is weak: she still uses lvl.65 equipment (but soon will get lvl.85 first agers). But I do see problems with my champion, he is adequately equipped and still lame in combat. Besides, being killed tens of times in a row does not help to gain self-confidence. Result – I am avoiding instances since I would be the first to be killed.

Grumpy mood about instances aside, questing was going good. I am taking use of task items, levelling and deconstructing legendary items and preparing myself for Hytbold runs.

And so the day has ended and it was good in Lotro.

fires and fire


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Lord of the rings online

My trip to real-world Paris went just superb. Lots of positive impressions, over 1000 photos taken. Atmosphere of Paris is amazing and captivating. Very nice people of all nations and continents. Beautifull architecture, including buildings of my favourite Gothic style. managed to visit all museums I planned, except Museum of the Order of the National Honour. Enjoyed really good 3* hotel, even breakfast was not typical “croissant-jam-coffee’, but a large selection of food. We had good group, good guides. Overall, mission:success. Paris, city of lights was really teally good.

Returned home yesterday, 19th September at some 12:40. Took some rest (had to leave to airport at 5:30). Then – Lotro.

Good news: we have a 30% discount a la carte. Stormsong purchased legendary  weapon slot, shared storage, shared wardrobe, milestone II skill (some 1800 Tps spent). Now my Minstrel would be able to be a better Minstrel. Also, we have “wellcome back weekend”, so -additional xp. Did some quests with one Rohirrim shield-maiden and voila – level 80.

Then came Kinship instance time, I joined Fires of Fornost, tier2 and my champion got killed…don’t know, maybe 10 times at least. The time was late and our group was just wiped several times. I had to leave…so after yet another defeat I left.

There are some news about future updates in the forum, but I am really afraid to look at them. More forced fellowship extremely hard content like Gondor? More forced raids like Gondor? No, thanks, better no updates than Gondor.

There are still no first age symbols for lvl.75 or 85 weapons. Wonder how long my Minstrel would be fighting with her outdated equipment…

And so the day has ended and it has been mostly…positive in Lotro.



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Lord of the rings online

Spent most of the day in Lotro. Real life was considered since today at 13:00 Lithuanian time I am leaving to Paris. Almost a week of trip, hope to enjoy it.

Meanwhile in Lotro: Stormsong, the only active, quested in beautifull Rohan. I feel very good in these green lands. Questing sometimes was hard, my under-equipped toon died many times. But, as intro to “Dune 2000″ told – We have seen you die many times. We have also seen you rise to command vast armies, bringing peace to Arrakis. While we have only vast armies of lame NPCs (“dear hero, plz plz plz kill that Grulet, our town cannot kill one grulet”)…

I am almost lvl.80. Getting spammed with Minstrel legendary weapons so that I have little space in inventory. Mounted combat – still problematic. I have 3 simple Minstrel attacks and 1 melee. Plus – 2 simple (i.e. ranged) that requires 3 codas. All this came to zero when I had to kill one named mob. Some 44.000 health. In melee – two hits, I am dead. I have no self-heals while on mount. I have no “damage-overr-time” attacks. Situtation does look hopeless. Yes, my jewellery and armour are for lvl.65. Legendary weapon is still enhanced lvl.65 (all thanks to Turbine…one can’t barter First age symbols unless he has completed most difficult instances at the hardest tier). However, at lvl.85 I would have Hytbold armour (pretty good one).

Was helped yesterday by our leader – he called me to Snowbourn and explained which jewellery/armour to use. There are still too many and too different equipments in the game. If I was deeveloper, I would simplify them. Sometimes less is more, even in statuses.

But for the next week thiss is not important. I am travelling to Paris. Would be accessing my blog wia free wi-fi though.


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