Snow and rest


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Lord of the rings online

Game was on update, so had not too much time to play. Update itself reset trait tress, had to re-configure everything. Again. There are only 3 abilities left to start and/or max in my Minstrel’s red (“skald”) trait tree. What happens next – no idea.

Update makes lame ent think fast, not 18 hours. Also makes some cosmetic changes that won’t affect my gameplay. TC is supposed to be made a bit closer to reality, but not close enough to be doable by me. Otherwise, nothing impressive.

DunedanMule was crafting, Naktieskarys and Vytautaz were passive. Only my Minstrel, little StormSong was active. This time she rode to Rivendell, spoke to “Elrond, Half-elven” only to got redirected to another instance..and then chose Misty mountains.

There I was doing slayer deeds. Started with Snow beast slayer (advanced) and quickly finished. Then took bears (advanced) and it took me not too long when I killed 200 of them, finishing advanced slayer deed. Side effects: looted things for task board and increased my reputation with Thorins Hall; looted many Pristine hides, sent them to my crafter so that DunedanMule has 1 stack of brushed and 1 stack of glazed Pristine hides.

Kinship was once more active in Western Gondor, making groups for Dol Amroth dailies and evil TC. A pity, everyone was busy with it and I could not start my Filikul raid.

I am a bit on crossroads now. I can make epic, volume 1, ride forwards and backwards, finish it and somehow get redirection to Enedwaith (if it exists), do some deeds there and forwards to Dunland. Or, I can ride to Mirkwood, do all quests/deeds there, finish with Mirkwood, get Kindred with Lothlorien and then do something.

Meanwhile I am just taking some rest. Killing monsters in Misty mountains is just a rest for me. A rest that gives Turbine points and some coins. Later…I may finish quests, including epics, in Mirkwood and leave deeds for some lvl.100, when I will have nothing more to do.

I am still sad about Gondor, when I hear people talking about socketed armour and essences. I do trash all essences below lvl.95 and feel a pity my champion won’t have socketed armour. Dol Amroth is a Rubicon for me and I am not a Caesar (i.e. if I am not self-sufficient for solo quest, I won’t do that quest. I must be self-sufficient for formally solo content). But after all – what do I have to lose? I won’t purchase further Gondor parts, epic would be free, so I should be able to survive basic things. Besides, some person claimed Gondor to be content that satisfies everyone. Obviously, that player declared war on hard data. 75% of Gondor is for raids or fellowships and you can’t escape it if you want socketed armour.

And so the day has ended, I had some nice and easy deeds, gathered TPs. Day has been very good in Lotro.

Storm and faith


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Lord of the rings online

Weekend saw me in Lotro. I am happy – I finally solved Gondor problem. This region is no more existent for me. NaktiesKarys finished task items there and left for Thorin’s Hall. Gondor is no more, purchasing any other region of this hell on Middle Earth is no more an option.

StormSong travelled far and wide. Did many quests and deeds in Lothlorien. Witnessed one choice (hunt protected animals or not: chose not to hunt. I am a nice person after all). Then, after some thoughts, went to Mirkwood.

I was not a big fan of Mirkwood. Grumpy forest with too many enemies lurking in shadows, Carguls and named monsters, some not-so-easy skirmishes and even catapult firing. However, after Gondor any region is good for me. And so was Mirkwood. I was lvl.64, enemies were some  lvl.61. I hunted, I did every quest I was asked for, I gained reputation with local Malhedrim. Sometimes I had annoying quests (Goblin scouts), sometimes quests were interesting. Slayer deeds were going perfectly – I do not miss an opportunity to kill deedable enemy. One time was killed – I tried to aggro some 5 spiders and then AoE them. It turned out I was not able to do this, despite all heals and buffs. This event aside, things were going very well.

And then, as one bad person said once, “the storm came loose”. I found Kinship groups were organizing to storm Library (not lvl.100 one). I joined. We were 3 on-level players: Champion, Minstrel, Warden. I got killed few times, got resurrected by Warden. Champion did what he could best – shing shing, Warden was making combos and instantly running out of power. I was DPS’ing. Spamming all attacks I could, sometimes starting big aggro. Finally, we went to boss, I switched to healing mode, tried to spam whatever heals I had…and monster killed me. It wasn’t first death there, but still unpleasant. However, we were victorious…and started yet another instance. Once again, same group, AoE attacks even from me…and after some running – victory once more. Another storm was over Moria – Tsuhelm and me, together killing whatever we needed in Foundations of Stone. I even managed to do one quest there. Alas, real life intervened and I had to stop my participation in this “kill ‘em all” festival. When I returned, I was solo, yet managed to do some slayer deeds.

As I was level 65, received some letters. One called me to Dunland. Wait a second, I did not enter Enedwaith, how am I expected to miss it? Another called to one Hobbit. And then mega-quest chain “In their Absence” was started. There were 2 high level kinnies who helped me, killing every monster (my contribution was not so big), healing and resurrecting. After some chapter 9 I told it was tiome to end this. If “In ther absence” has 15 chapters, I cannot be so selfish and force people to help me all day and night long.

Yet another instance – Filikul. I asked if anyone was interested, since I do need some Tokens of Nimrodel to get lvl.60 first age songbook. We formed a strong company, I was dps’ing and finally we were victorious. I got my tokens, though would have to grind for more.

Finally, participated in Sambrog run as a healer. Tried my best, fighting as healer, not offensive, is a bit hard for me, but I tried what could. Only with the last boss I was told to be DPS. And it was something I knew good, I think I was effective.

The weekend has ended with many instances, almost lvl.67 reached, Legendary weapon changed (next would be lvl.75) and regions overlapped. Overlapping is so typical for Lotro. I found that many things in Lotro -for me- depend on the faith. If I believe I could do – I will do, I will die, I will rise/be resurrected and do again. If I like region, almost nothing could stop me from liking it, from going to take some rest there. At the darker side: if I think something is not doable by me – I would avoid that content. If something is not soloable – I would most likely avoid. And if I believe region is grumpy and lame – almost nothing can make me change my mind. I have to believe into something in order to do it, be it “could I use skill A, then skill Z and then skill B – and win?” or “let us revenge my last humiliation here!”…or simple “kill ‘em all!”. If there is no faith – there is no fun, there is no initiative to do anything.

Today there would be little play – Lotro is going on some 4 hours maintenance.

And so weekend has ended, I was really satisfied with my Minstrel, gained valuable Turbine points and was ready for further adventures (just which region?). Things were going superb in Lotro.

Re-conquering Moria


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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was inactive:teleported to Gondor, turned in task items and his activity ended. Vytautaz was inactive, DunedanMule crafted some emblems.

StormSong continued her journey, doing quests and deeds. Now I am at the middle of Volume 2, Book 8. It’s mostly Moria with some rare excursions to Lothlorien. And, of course, it was about running instances. Dwarves gave me a task to storm Lumul-Nar and Nala-Dum. First instance (Lumul nar) tried in 3-man fellowship. Initially, 2 Wardens and me. I switched to healing mode which proved usefull (kind of). Later two of us, me and Warden, met one Morroval and were killed several times in a row: first, Warden, then me. I spammed heals, but these were not enough and I could not give enough DPS. Another time kinnie died (jumped from too high), I had a good chance to revive him. One group memeber then re-joined as lvl.97 Minstrel. I noted -“it is almost a cheat”… Finally, we were victorious, quest was complete. I had Nala-dum, but this time kinnies adviced soloing.

I don’t know what I picked wrog, but I was there, there were enough lizards with 10.000 hp and I was having hard times in dealing with them. Was killed some 4 times in a row, was in real despair. Then left instance and found out I needed to ride to another Dwarf. Took instance. This time things were good – less monsters and existing were doable. Instance was finished soon, I was victorious.

Yes, it started lots of grindy deeds (merroval and lizard slayer in Nala-dum!), but I will still make it. My Minstrel would prove to be superior to the Champion.

I am feeling happier with knowing that Gondor has de facto ended for me. I know there are no more quests for me, no more realistic activity. Maybe, when they unlock some dungeons with Oath breakers, I will go there to do last slayer deed. And with my Minstrel conquering everything, grinding her reputation with Galadrim – I feel happy and satisfied. Yes, I make mistakes, yes, I get killed, but I learn from mistakes.

And so the day has ended, I was satisfied with my healing-DPSing mini. Life was very good without Gondor in Lotro.

Sapience & Lothlorien



Lord of the rings online

Rick ‘Sapience’ Heaton leaves Lotro! This way very unexpected for me as I saw “Official discussion about community changes”. I consider him very good community manager and should I create a perfect mmorpg – Rick Heaton would for surely be there. Now he goes for another field – fundraising for child hospitals. Wherever he goes, whatever he does – I will really miss him on the forums. His “pew pew” avatar. His philosophy of “Soon” and his patience to deal with lots of forum problems.

I almost failed to notice we have summer “festival”, yet this time I feel no need to visit it. Grind some tokens for a mount I won’t use? No, thanks. Some maps which I do have? No, thanks. Fancy cosmetics I won’t wear? No, thanks.

NaktiesKarys moved from Dol Amroth to another town with task board, milestone and stables. Here I feel way better. The only time I had to leave to Thorins Hall was to craft lvl.28 weapon for kinnie. Once again, we had competition (there were 2 weaponsmiths) which I have won. Was lucky enough to achieve critical success. Looks like in this kinship we have a competition “who would help lower lvl kinnie first”. Almost always there are some crafters or not-so-busy player ready to rush for help. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose…but whovever loses, lower level kinnie wins. That’s what counts.

StormSong got a bit tired in Lothlorien (only repetative quests remain) and thus has finished book 6. Met with Lady Galadriel, travelled with Legolas and Gimli. Died once, when I pulled too many monsters: my fault, next time I pulled only 2, then ranged AoE others and was victorious.  Returned to Moria (which is no longer that grumpy and evil). Did some solo instances. Finally, book 6 is finished. Book 7 will be finished soon. Once again my minstrel rocks, nuking enemies from distance, self-healing and fearing too little in her way. I am to reach level 63 soon (+1 trait point), some day will ask Kinship help with Turtle raid: I do need lvl.60 first age Songbook. Stormsong is forced to return to Moria, do many quests and some instances there.

Yet I am satisfied with my Minstrel. It won’t be long when she enters green and inviting Rohan, nuke trolls and trees in Limlight Gorge and quickly do all epic quests in Western Gondor.

And so the day has ended. If community loss is not in count – the day has been very good in Lotro. Days without Gondor, days of fun and joy.

Leaving Dol Amroth


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Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was almost not active. He crafted lvl.65 Legendary sword for Minstrel. The found out he could craft lvl.60 legendary sword for Minstrel. Crafted, identified, sent – Minstrel looks happier. Went to West Gondor, turned in task items, cancelled 2 remaining dailies.

I have done with Dol Amroth and am leaving it, unless Turbine makes dailies possible. At this point there was some discussion between kinnies and me. They sincerely tried to aid, with me instantly refusing. Calculations are simple, even Turbine fanboys could not argue. Each armour is ~10 golden tokens. We have some 7 armour pieces, hence 70 gold tokens. “Return to DA” skill is some 20 tokens. Some quality LI recipe is about 20 tokens. 70+20+20 equals 110. If each day I get 3 gold tokens, I will need 110/3 –> 37 days for just basic things. Thirty seven days of frustrating grind, begging for aid, paying enormous repair bills. That’s too much for me. For me, it is better to have zero DA dailies. Then I won’t feel frustrated: since realistic dailies are finished, I have nothing to worry about, including worries about better equipment.

Stormsong was active in Lothlorien, fighting orcs, wild beasts and all quests she could do. Reached level 62…and got a bit bored. Asked kinnies to aid with “Hall of Mithrill”, one kinnie volunteered…and oops, he could not enter. I was left solo with inspiratrion buff. Tried to leave fellowship, was kicked from instance, returned, was killed by one named spider (my mistake, it was not wise to pull named one and some 5-10 his guards!), returned again, killed everything. Instance was done, I received further eopic quest in Moria.

And Stormsong now uses her new sword with some crystal applied. The only thing I need is lvl.60 first age songbook to have my Mini stronger. Few levels later I would use lvl.65 legendary sword: of course, second age, because first age symbol is non-existent (all thanks to Turbine – it is not even in Skirmish camp). I really like my Minstrel. I could AoE monsters, I could stun them -which is very helpfull- I can heal myselves/allies and it seems I can pretend to be dead (never use though). Minstrel is very impressive, demanded in groups, powerfull in healing and dps’ing, quality ranged artillery and not bad even in melee combat. If only I knew Minstrels were that impressive, I would have never become a Champion.

DunedanMule was crafting and crafting, nothing new.

I also made one rather angry post on forum, explaining how I feel in this grumpy region. Even Moria is better than W.Gondor. Moria is maze, yet you can find exits somehow. Moria is grumpy and dangerous, but you have an option to grow untill al monsters become grey. Moria has great many deeds which you can complete, Moria has reputation items you can use on your alts. Gondor is a logical maze you can’t find exit. Gondor is grumpy and extremely dangerous and you have no option to outgrow. The only positive Gondor moment: Legendary weapons spam, every mob drops them. Perhabs I hate Gondor more than I hated Moria.

Of course, there were talks with Kinship about Gondor and questing, warbands and soloing, sometimes arguing with kinnies, sometimes not. I feel my Kinship wants to help me (some kinnies after “hello” asking me – “Nak, do you need help?”), but the only ones who could help are developers. Yet it is good to have people that at least listen to you.

And so the day has ended. With me leaving lame grumpy Gondor, things would change to better, brighter side. The day has been relatively good in Lotro. Good-bye, Gondor, I prefer fun to you!

Lothlorien, essences


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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did some dailies in Gondor at one pirate-infested island. Kill corsairs, treat killed (!) sick corsairs (Red cross, where are you?), do other stuff. Tried to locate boat, boat was not there, tried to swim – got “treacherous water”, 2000 damage every 2 seconds. Dead, but boat was near me – travel back to unfriendly DA. Had nothing more left to do…and when one kinnie asked for help, I rushed to offer. Wel, I was not alone, there were 4 more. Sometimes I think it is a race – who will help first. This time I was lucky. Kinnie was lvl.12 and she needed some fight near Kheledul Docks, swarming with evil Dourhands. First, I killed one named Dourhand, then we came through Docks killing everything on sight. It was nice, though I can only dream about carnage my Minstrel could do there…I had fun, kinnie had fun…and then she had to go.

DunedanMule was too happy enough to craft Captain Man-at-arms armaments for one player. At least one time my Tailor was usefull to anyone outside Kin. Otherwise, she just crafts emblems, all of them – and would later exchange small into medium, medium – into large and large emblems would be hoarded in the vault.

StormSong was the only beam of light in the game. She ran through Lothlorien, taking every quest, fighting every single monster, fearing almost nothing, even enjoying AoE attacks. Minstrel is such superb class, full of fun – a pity I have chosen Champion; a pity, Turbine won’t let me change class.

However, questing/deeding was going good. I do remember to shoot every monster that suits any deed. And – since it is Lothlorien- I have to bear in mind some animals are protected by Elves. Things were going almost perfect:slaying, exploring, looting, gaining lots of xp.

And then one kinnie organized Haudh Valandil. level 55 instance, could be just for my Minstrel. I volunteered, asked if I was needed as DPS or as healer. A pity, I was told to be DPS. Things were going good untill we  met one unfriendly troll, he threw most of us from the bridge (and I was too busy with dps’ing, forgot to revive). Then, final bosses. Fire limfavrns that almost killed me (if you take away their health, same health is taken from you), bosses at the end. Lots of attacks, screams, tons of heals. Our healer-Minstrel was almost the real star: if not him, we would be dead too soon. I wish I was with him, spamming AoE heals. We were victorious, looted some usefull things and I could return to my golden Lothlorien.

I really enjoy adventuring with StormSong. Of course, now my attack damage is a bit low (maybe because I use Lis that were first given to me?), but today I will look for recipes and craft Minstrel Sword for lvl.61 or lvl.65. Then, I would replace Songbook with a lvl.60 one. After that, my cool little Minstrel would be ready for more fun: rest of Lothlorien, Mirkwood…and then Great River.

Kinship was active with TC “hell on earth” quests, as well as players in World channel. I do not know how do they imagine to win there (since forum is full of stories how raids are wiped), but hard data is hard data and I am not Lotro forum fanboy to question hard data. Kinship also offers help to me…and I cannot say anything. The only help I need is that of developers: please, make W.Gondor doable for solo player. Please, make endgame possible as was possible most of Hytbold and even most of Wildermore. Yes, i would need help in Library daily: some 90 champions, supported by some 180 Minstrels and having…well, not too much, maybe 20 Guardiands/Captains should things go wrong (server lag/crash as a result).

One note about essences: I looted lvl.50 essences though I have nowhere to put them. I won’t get any socketed armour, unless developers make dailies realistic. I store essences, but why do I do this – I don’t know. It’s same as store gadgets from Space Shuttle – I won’t construct it anyway. Was offered to sell some essences of agility, but I may need them. Currently lots of players offer trade or buy some essences: a pity I have too little and too low ones.

And so the day has ended. I have understand Western Gondor is not for me and all that I need there are easiest quests. If I am to have fun, it would be with my fine brave Minstrel. Despite Gondor (even Moria is less grumpy!) – day has been very good (since I was able to help others) in Lotro.

Gondor:end of any fun



Lord of the rings online

I was racing towards shiny, magic level 100, as well as I raced towards lvl.95. It’s an end-game level, hurray, DA dailies are open to me! I knew what dailies was, judging from Hytbold which I liked, judging from Wildermore (where I really dislike non-soloable warbands). Things were expected to be known for me.

I farmed monsters while levelling LIs, got essences, all looted equipment was auto-destroyed (why keep non-stackable trash?). Teamed with one kinnie and then – hurray, level 100, Kinship’s congratulations – and riding forward to DA. A quest to report to local Guard chief, then some intro quests to deal with corsairs.

And then I was ready for dailies. Almost every NPC near buildings was offering some. But first, I wanted to test dailies from Guard trainer. Oh, it is a training mission, probably nothing too serious, right?

It was not. While we were training, ebemy has taken city and I was to decide where to go to. Foolishly chose Library. My soldiers ran to one side, I rode to other, met a horde of mobs, was killed. Second time I rode to soldiers, they were doing some “fight” and told docks are secured, I should go to western gates. Ok, maybe this should have triggered some mechanism to remove some 100 corsairs from my path? Riding once again. Once again same hordes.

Let’s be carefull this time – I thought, taking one enemy, simple Corsair. Soon some another joined and yet another and yet another…at the end I was fighting not less than 10 Corsairs. Failure once again. I was resurrected without an option to change building I was going to free. Time to leave and re-enter, I thought.l Left instance…and oops, instance was on some 12 hours cooldown.

It was a blow for me as if I was smashed by one huge hammer. Library was impossible, with all my heals and potions, it was not doable. If every other Guard chief daily is alike – I was simply cut from quality armour. End-game ended for me very soon. Yes, I did simple, non-forced fellowship quests, received some lootboxes, opened them without any interest, received tokens…and I felt absolutely alone in an empty region, having nothing to do, except few relatively easy daily quests.

Yes, I had nowhere to go to, no normal quests to do, only 2 deeds to be done, both grindy and boring. Task items still remain as a good source to gain LIs xp. Otherwise there was no activity for me. All fun ended and I was in really grumpy mood. I have waited for this region, tried to be as much positive as I could – but optimism cannot overcome reality. On forums even red line Minstrels report Library quest as impossible, asking to ease (which no one would ever do, of course). My Kinship tried to help, but they are not developers and could not do miracles. I was told to change this and that, try this and alike…yet it was cosmetics. Like painting light tank in a black colours with skull and bones, “Kill ‘em all” slogans and going to conquer the world. Yes, I could spent gold and marks to buy this and that, enhance my lvl.95 Legendary weapon, use some tokens…and it won’t help me fight a horde of corsairs that has too big aggro range. I will probably kill 1 more corsair, but this does not matter if I have 30 of them. It won’t help in last epic quest where 3 animals almost insta-kill me. Yes, I did enhance my LI (though ending with losing some points in one major thing), but it does not matter. I am too weak, always was too weak for any serious on-level action. And it is too late to start le-learning other Champion trait trees from scratch, would take months which I do not have.

I tried to think what to do…and had nothing left, except over-grindy and super-boring deeds. Dragonets in Moria. Grims in Forochel. One epic quest left which is doable only in raid (and pray that raid succeeds). Kinship was instantly organizing TC quests, but I refused. I do remember how I and one Guardian (Captain?) died there trying to fight 2, later – only 1 monster. We were killed, despite using all we could, how could I expect to have any chance to stand against others?

Gondor has left my really grumpy. Nothing more to do, nothing to explore, nothing interesting left. Turn in task items, do some doable quests while you have ones, log off.

At the end of the day StormSong entered Lothlorien. In Moria I was not able to get any help with epic instance (same old Moria problem, even using World chat). Lothlorien was much better. Easier. Brighter. At last, some doable quests, no forced fellowship content. I enjoyed nuking enemies from distance, though for some reasons too often it came to melee fight. It is easy to predict I will finish slayer deeds soon – with ranged attacks, Minstrel is in superior position to poor Champion.

Vytautaz turned in more task items and finally reached Kindred with Council of the North. Now will use task board to gain xp only.

And so weekend has ended. I was in most bad mood, days have been extremely bad and grumpy in Lotro.

Corsairs, hounds, sellswords


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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did the last non-repetative quests in Gondor. I was not expecting them to last for so short (1,5 days of playing only). Then played with my weapons: added some scroll to my existing lvl.95 weapon to add +10 more levels. Deconstructed some old legendary weapons, freeing some space. levelled up new ones. Travelled to native Thorins Hall to buy Guil recipes for Second age and First Age weapons. And – of course- first age weapon need symbol that has dropped once so far (at least by information I have).

Epic quest rewards with symbol for second ager. In order to hae first age, you have to posses symbol that simply does not drop (or no one is doing instance where it drops). Yet another way to make players upset,

I share my upset with the kinnies. Lots of problems and obstacles everywhere. Warband means only one – run at full speed and pray you will make it. Forced fellowship region means “no entry untill lvl.170″. How can I stand against group of monsters, when each in group is >90.000 hp? All good armour, recipes etc. are locked beneath -literally- hundreds of “golden tokens”. So far, even by defeating some warbands, I gained no “golden token”. Folks are talking about “Hytbold v.2.0″, but this is not true. First of all, Hytbold had a realistic chance to earn tokens (unlike Gondor). Hytbold’s dailies had no lootbox with random tokens dropping. Hytbold did not require about half a year of grind to purchase armour, recipe and a weapon.

I finished some remaining quests, got some loot to sell, some task items and only one, lvl.100 ending epic line quest left. There was some competition in Corsair camp, but after some efforts I was victorious. Crafted whatver ingots I could make – after all, it’s additional xp. Then I switched to other toons.

Vytautaz turned in task items. DunedanMule crafted, she’s very close to top mastery. StormSong did nothing – logged in, turned in task items, logged off. Switched to newiest TP grinding toon, quickly did quests in starter area and then in World channel someone was asking “WTB some high toon to help me in Swordhalls”. I asked what did he mean, he told he wanted some sellsword. I logged in Naktieskarys.

And then it began. Tier2 Swordhall, we kill first wave, get killed by named monster (impossible to duo, unless you are Guardian/Minstrel), leave and re-enter. My repair bills were at least 3, if not 4 golden coins and I understood I will accept money (which I naturally won’t do). We fought for some hour, my colleague was using xp accelerator and levelled from lvl.70 to lvl.72. After that, he gave me 15 gold (way too much) and left fellowship.

I returned to my TP grinder and used ~1700 low (+30), 150 medium (+50) and some high (+700) reputation items to get Kindred with Iron Garrison Guards; then – some Cordolan trinkets to get Kindred with men of Bree. Things done, all stuff sold, my grinder  sent money to other toon and got deleted.

Which proves my StormSong earned additional Turbine points by adventuring in Moria. Let us say, she earned at least 35 TPs, out of nothing 35 TPs. WHich is good, investments into my Mintrel are returning.

At the other hand – I got disappointed in some aspects of Gondor too quickly. Entire region did not last even two days for me. Now I am left with slayer deed grind. Corsairs would be finished quickly, Orcs – very slowly, there are too little of them (only one village and not more than 10 orcs). Beasts should not be too much problem – just go and kill every single beats en route.

And so the day has ended. Day has been..grey and without any inspiration in Lotro. Sometimes I wish Turbine lets me direct at least one, even the smallest, region. I do know recipe how to make content suitable for all – casuals, raiders, softcores and hardcores – without investing additional penny. Make a region that everyone would claim as fantastic (not in visual terms, Rohan and Gondor are masterpieces!).

Fun in Lotro, where have thou gone?

a day in Gondor


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Lord of the rings online

Yet another day in Gondor for NaktiesKarys (all other toons were inactive, except crafter DunedanMule). I was doing my quests. Initially they sounded like standard “go and kill”, but later things started ti be a bit more…promissing.

My old pal corsair chief – we met once, I had to persuade him to leave village. We competed who would drunk more, I won and earned his respect, then I aauto-agreed I would never fight him should his men leave the village…and then another Corsair’s men came, slaughtering my ‘friend’s’ troops. I thought I would never meet him again…and was wrong. Something suspicious was going in the town, I had to fight some Corsair infiltrators…and then – surprise, surprise-  my chief, dressed in women’s clothes.

He wants revenge and to stop his fellow. I want…well, in real life – quests and deeds, but killing more mobs for fun is just good. Task is clear: go to camp and scout for the evil chief. I came – and got two auto-bestowed quests: kill corsairs and burn their boats. With pleasure, I do like to kill, especially with shing-shing. Corsairs were killed, boats burned…and and I got to use one last boat to destroy Corsair treasures and bring a fire to 5 their ships. In addition to killing 10 corsairs. Did it gladly, returned…and my chief was gone, something was wrong. Forwards to investigate!

Of course, he was kidnapped, I had to fight my way, then together we defeated that evil chief. Justice was triumphant and I hurried to report, leaving some quests unfinished. I enjoyed this turn of events, it was something good and different (though such huge drinking – not for kids!).

Tried the lasty epic quest, but paid little attention it was for lvl.100. Some 7 minutes to stop Nazgul and I got attacked by some lvl.100 animals. One, two, I was dead. However, I would grind my way to earn two more levels…and will finish this quest no matter the costs. Fighting Nazgul is interesting.

Overall, there are very good, easy and interesting Gondor quests. Developers probably listened to what players want. A pity they did not listen to any solo PvE player (obviously, Player council has none of them) as some content is made really hard.

Which I tried to prove in a forum and a bunch of fanboys mocked…well, not me. My opinion may be of zero importance, i am OK with that. They mocked mathematic when I gave them hard numbers:
IF warband’s health is 550.000 hp (350.000 main monster and, say, 5 guards with 40.000 hp each);
IF warband acts as one monster
IF player is 16.000 hp
IF there are 10 attack rounds from each side
IF to win player’s health must be 1000 and warband’s – 0
THEN player must attack with 55.000 each attack round and warband – with 1500

I calculated very optimistically, like monsters do not have critival/devastating hit, do not stun, player always hits and never misses, there are no evasions or partial hits. At work, I calculated that IF monster attacks with 7000 hp worth hit and player – with 10.000 (more realistic), then player should heal for some 7000 hp each attack round to kill warband within some 30 attacks, leaving battle with ~500 hp.

I just wonder how long could fanboys mock mathematic? They don’t even try to calculate, they just scream “camon, me done this, you do this”, “my 15 yearz old kinnie done that”. But these are not numbers and they can’t fight hard evidence. Fanboism is bad, because 1 unbiased noin-hardcore opinion is torpedoed by 10 cries of fanboys that know nothing of mathematic.

Notes on the side: did one solo warband, probably the only in Gondor, some evil man with 80.000 hp. FIght was hard, but at the end I prevailed. Another time I was a bit selfish. Accepted fellowship quest for some Avanc and it became clear another player was fighting and done some 50% damage to mob. I aided him, though could not solo (one more evidence for hardcore fanboys, should the listen).

And so the day has ended. I was lvl.98 (still too low), won some symbol with epic quest, looted some essence and was in a grey mood. Real life intervened so I was really grumpy in real life. And Gondor/Lotro…well, I have to mobilise everything I have and command myself to enjoy grind and avoid warbands. So, they day has been almost good in Lotro.

Promises and non-miracles


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Lord of the rings online

One day (can’t remember which one) Turbine stated it was not going to produce raiding content because players -obvious- do not play it. It was said by Turbine with lots of elitists screaming in despair and majority of population accepting it as a fact. 2 plus 2 equals 4, even if you hate it…

NaktiesKarys started in Gondor,doing quests, looting and selling, turning in task items (and trying to remember if I had some spare Hatchets in vault and which toon had it). Untill some NPC told to kill one named Oathbreker. I rode to the hill – and voila, Mr. Named Mob. Duel started soon – and soon some wild animals appeared out of nowhere. I was fighting at least 3 enemies at one time, then some more Craban joined and when they were killed, some bears re-joined, some more craban…I thought I was fighting at least 10, if not 20 enemies.

Of course, I died.

Then there were Warbands, almost every of them – formally Raid (!!!) or formally fellowship, really – Raid level.

I returned to Mr.Named Mob, ran from it and tens of meters below his base killed him.

Then I saw lots of players around with lvl.100, including ones that yesterday were lvl.95. I do not understand how is it possible. Tasks? I turned in all 10 in a day. Reputation accelerators? Nope, 24 hours lasting one is not invented. Then the loot/rewards for quests – some quality armour.

And all I was getting was trash. Every single nicely-named armour was a darned nonsense, maybe worse than loot/quest lvl.95 (mine was for some lvl.97). Hence I decided to auto-destroy any quest/loot armour I get. Armour and weapons does not stack, it takes valuable inventory space.

It turned out the day was just un-lucky for already Grumpy Dwarf. My Champion -once again I return to obvious facts – is useless. My powerfull and quality Minstrel should be there, 3 nukes – enemy dead, wait for 10 seconds and again 3 nukes – enemy dead. Add to this Mini’s crowd control and powerfull self-heals – you get real fun. Kinship tried to advice, but…but I cannot take any other tree except yellow. I know what does what in yellow, what to use, what not to use, yellow is weak, yet quick, yellow is spectacular (yet weak). If I take any other tree – it would take extremely long time to cope with everything. Maybe months if not more. All I need is a miracle. Like armour than ever Sauron could not penetrate. Weapons that kill any enemy with one hit. Ranged attacks that can shoot enemy if I see it. My God, sometimes I really wish Turbine had two options: 1) store item “Increase luck to 1%”, cost – 100$ (would buy at least one so that I finally had some luck) and 2) “change class” – 100$. I think I would buy both: luck and class. But Turbine does not have and does not even consider class changing for real cash.

Looks like Turbine made almost all region (except of few starter towns) forced fellowship and forced raiding content, despite their promises about “we do not produce it”. Looks like this model is utterly failing, chat being full (Regional and LFF) of “who is for… 1/x”…and silence, tens of minutes ofm silence untill player 2 joins. Someone asked about one impossible warband, I told my toon could join if we find another one…and no grouping.  Turbine made a shot and the shot missed all targets.

The end of the day went in questing, killing, looting – without any fun. Probably got some level which does not matter (I have to be lvl.200 to quest there…and Turbine NOT delivering lvl.105, “because players wished so”). Epic book is soon to be finished, I did not read any of the texts (sorry, developers, it was xp that counted). Explored one cave, got a bit lost where NPC was, asked in Regional – was helped. it’s good to ask while region is new, you have a chance to get help (not a group though).

However, do not get me wrong: Gondor is superb visually. Rohan was great and epic, an example – and developers took the right path, they built impressive, iconic landscapes.  Dialogues (when I listeend to them) are really good, stories and quests are not all about “kill 10 ratz”.

And so the day has ended – without inspiration and in a bit of despair. Day has been dull in Lotro. Promises not kept, miracles not gonna happen.


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