New epic, Waste lands: first look



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran the new content! First, she had to rush with Book 7…and then up to new epic.
It starts in Host of the West and basically follows Aragorn’s diversion at The Gates of the Teeth, witnessing dialogue with Mouth of Sauron.
Epic was short. Maybe too short. I expected something larger, with running from A to B, visiting locations… Not this time. Talk to Aragorn, prince of Gondor, Gimli, Legolas, kill few Orcs, witness stuff. At the end of the epic (“Mordor triumphant”) Pipin died. Some troll fell on him and brave Hobbit met his end. Movie ended with vision of Anduin river.

Yes, cinematic and dialogues were good. Epic quests were not interesting. Region itself is absolutely uninviting and uninteresting. No cool places to visit, scenery to view, no larger hubs with facilities. Lots of orcs and fauna to kill, should one wish to do so.
Crafting is non-productive and real pain. My scholar ran from one of few to ruins to another, gathering really little materials. Crafting instance is locked beneath quest pack wall. Monsters won’t drop reputation items, task board accept stuff for only one faction, Host of the West.  I thought monsters (be it humanoids or crawlers) may drop, but after first ~20 kills – no item. Hunting elites is suicide, I attacked Khundolar Guardian with some 191.000 hp…and was killed, my own firepower wasn’t enough, heals were too weak.

I asked in Kin chat for advice and one wise kinnie told: check epic quests, see if you experience lag, see how you feel and then decide. That was a really wise advice. I checked, I understood I won’t like it…and probably saved some 800 Lotro points.

New region has new flowers. Named after bones, wraith and alike. These drop violet and golden extracts. Folks keep telling I can barter something for them.

In short, new region is just bad. Nothing invites to stay there, to try some quests or kill/harvest stuff. Yeah, we have few forced fellowship areas (Limgliht Gorge/Tarlags Crown, copy-paste). We have some swamps with swamp slugs. Few ruins (and even one dog in ruins). Nothing more that could catch an eye. The only good thing: no lag in new lands and many enemies to kill for task items.

Luckily, managed to aid few players and run some featured instances.

And so, weekend has ended – half good in Lotro.

Update 20:grumpyness and lag



Lord of the rings online

Game was lagging most of the day. Being in Bree with little players was unebearable. I could hardly move, any action took much time to dp: move, open doors, chat…

Feedback on Update 20 is almost 100% negative. Reputation sutff drops rarely. Lag is heavy (everyone complained). New equipment is nice, but costs enourmous amounts and grind is too huge. Reputation increased (we have 2 more tiers).

Forums are full of dissatisfaction, nobody defended new regions. To make things worse, developers removed rep.items from monster drop.

My day was spent with few fetaured instances at the end of the day: at least these were smart and nice. Later, World chat was full of politics concerning London attack. As I said, one can easily predict nationality and religion of attackers: too easily. Too easy to understand these people would never become civilized. They may know how to use AK-47 or plant a bomb, but they would never understand what civilization is.

And so, laggy-grumpy day was over. I am losing interest in Lotro. Vytautaz finished last reputation tier with cook guild: nothing more to do.

Update 20: first rumours



Lord of the rings online

We have new update, Update 20. It was applied very quickly, perhabs few hours earlier than I expected. Cudos, developers.

  1. We have no level cap increase, simple or legendary. Not good, I expected LIs to receive it.
  2. 8 new flower types and 2 new extracts. Oh yes, mushroom extract. Wonder, what would we get at next update – real drugs? Very lame and worthless.
  3. New crafting recipes and some crafting items dropping from Featured instances. Not sure about this.
  4. Quests sometimes are being critised, like “kill NN flies”. Travel to Mordor to kill flies, really? Not good.
  5. New reptuation/barter items. Kinnies adviced to keep them which I would gladly do

Almost everyone was doing new content, me being exception. I won’t purchase it (not worthy) and so far player complain about huge lag. This means, I need to wait and only then do epic quest line.

Meanwile I did Featured instance runs, this time – Wrath of Earth. Everything went really well, we have some DPS machines that nuked anything. Now, I can gather all scrolls I need, supply Naktieskarys with ones.

And so the day has ended. It was good in Lotro and I need only some time to start epic quests (not going to purchase any qp untill they make content soloable and without senseless grind, i.e. flower rng).

Lights and scrolls



Lord of the rings online

Update 20 is today, March 21! Everyone, prepare for downtime.

This week’s Featured instance is Haudth Valandil. Yes, the one with lights and reflecting damage. A kind of compensation for Water wing: in that wing Minstrel suffers…in this instance Minstrel shines. I ran, resurrected 1 player (suicided by dps…everyone experienced that), looted some 3 scrolls.

Then, was able to help one Minstrel with Garth Agarwen instance. Initially he ran, I followed him…only to be lost. Then we made it to Red Maid, intentionally failed all challenges, instance finished.

New player asked if it was possible to earn 500 silver for horse. Well, someone sent him 500 silver by mail. Problem solved.

Now I only have to wait for Update 20 if it would bring legendary weapons’ cap increase or not. If not – yeap, I have time to fully equip all toons with all those magic scrolls…

And so the day has ended. Waiting for Update 20.

Update 20 questions



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active with Featured Instances, supplying Naktieskarys with Anfalas scrolls. Also, transferred one Anfalas starlit crystal from Vytautaz to Stormsong.

Vytautaz was active too, hoarding valuable Anfalas scrolls, deconstructed 2 trash legendary items.

Naktieskarys did some runs, not too much.

The main thing now is Update 20. On official forums there was some info about legendary weapon cap increase. I hoarded scrolls and crystals, just to make sure I have enough for all my toons. Now, rumours are, developers listened to players’ position (?) and refused this idea. A pity. Stronger weapon is always good. Yes, it makes endgame more grindy, but with some dedication between updates one could get Anfalas scrolls. Crystals are bit harder (rare loot or tons of Merit stars).

Now I am a bit confused. To hoard or not to hoard? Anyway, I would do featured instances even if I do not hoard.



Lord of the rings online

Had maximum 2 hours to play. Stormsong managed to find Featured instance group, loot some Anfalas scrolls. Fight sometimes was hard because of silencing, these cursed waters always silence my Minstrel.

Naktieskarys used looted scrolls and did not participate in any groups. I need to wait, untill Stormsong and Vytautaz max their LIs. Only then will they supply Anfalas scrolls to Naktieskarys.

One more gold scammer reported and almost immediately banned. World chat si silent, almost noone needs help, very little Featured instance groups.

And so short evening has ended. I do hope to do more things at weekend.



Lord of the rings online

I messed up with calculations. Well, happens from time to time. Thought I needed 5 Anfalas starlits for 1 toon and was quite happy about Stormsong. It turned out, 5 crystals for one Legendary weapon…i.e. 10 for one toon. So, I lack some.

Messes aside: Stormsong ran Featured instances, was not effective in swamps (too many silences) and good versus final monster. Vytautaz was effective in swamps and useless against final monster. My conclusion: maybe Hunters are most effective in this instance?

Loot: mostly Anfalas scrolls. 1 Anfalas crystal too, wrongly given to Vytautaz (he’s gentleman and would pass to lady, Stormsong…). Naktieskarys is upgrading his Raging blade legacy – you know, shing-shing, more shing-shing, never too much shing-shing. Vytautaz is hoarding, now having some 18 scrolls.

Stormsong was quite happy to help one player in Agamaur. Things were simple: player ran, I nuked. Sometimes that player ran too quickly into swarm of monsters. Lucky for me, he ran to me when in danger. Nobody died, only few stuns, quest line for that player – finished.

Side note: there is a decrease in activity. Sometimes I have to wait untill Featured instance is organized. Almost nobody is asking for help. Either this stuff is on some other channels…or we have decrease in activity. Also, gold scammers are more active. They give us competition who would report first. Sometimes reports are quick and scammers are insta-banned.

In short, things are going good, I do grind for stuff, RNG is not so severe to me. Life is just nice in Lotro.

Still water


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran Featured instance, same silencing Water wing. Few Anfalas scrolls, otherwise nothing of any value.

Vytautaz ran, was effective up to last boss. Got few Anfalas scrolls and 1 Universal solvent. I lack some 20 scrolls (need 35).

Naktieskarys slowly uses all scrolls. After Vytautaz gets all 35 scrolls – Naktieskarys may be supplied and grow up faster.

I discussed future updates with Kinship. Some questions were answered, some not. Not answered: is there any way to grind Spring festival tokens efficiently, without getting mad about Inn league delivery (11 persons)? I do need those tokens, need 5 Anfalas starlits and these just won’t drop.

And so the day has ended, kind of good in Lotro.

Water again


Lord of the rings online

New featured instance is Wrath of Water – one really bad for Minstrels. The water, it silences (and actually disables) any Minstrel. Had to run on Stormsong, performed quite good and managed to loot 2 Anfalas scrolls.

Vytautaz ran Featured instance too, looted few scrolls. I was effective at melee, but really bad at the boss. No chance to get to him before he turns green and runs. Our Hunters were shining though.

Naktieskarys did nothing, just used few Anfalas scrolls.  Vytautaz hoards them. Stormsong managed to help one player.

And then had to go to sleep. The day was short, yet good in Lotro.

happy days in Lotro



Lord of the rings online

First of wall, we had an anniversary of our Kinship. Everybody, who could, gathered at Kin house. Music was played, drinks, food, weed given away as much as one could eat/carry. Then, we had “catch the Taltoz’ alts” run. There were 3 Beornining alts of Taltoz, every one skilfully hiding. Task: find all 3, rush back, report nicks, lelvels…and receive gold. The rush began, everyone running, trying…and very few found our Master of Hiding, even with one hint given.
I was not lucky one – found only one Taltoz incarnation – but had a good chance to ride in Falathor homesteads, swim in local river and enjoy views. Then, we had a party – you know, drinks, food, weeds again. When we had enough, party was over.

Other days: Stormsong ran Featured instances, looted Anfalas scrolls, one Tome of Fate-8 (just why not Will-8?). Finally, my Minstrel entered Ostgiliath. This time I use old good “kill them all” approach. Met Orc, kill Orc, run forward. Managed to do quests, got an extra Anfalas crystal of remembrance…and ran out of epic quests. Maybe missed something.

Naktieskarys, with the help of our Kin member, imbued Legendary rune. Now there is a long way of some >200 Anfalas scrolls.

Vytautaz ran Featured instances and started hoarding Anfalas scrolls. Well, Update 20 would require some 35 of them + 5 Anfalas starlits. I have to be ready.

Xinderbor did one run, used maybe 15 experience tomes (ones that give you extra xp). Some +200 Lotro points – bearing in mind that I lack enough mathoms to reach Kindred. Good news – used all Mathom hunters armour.

I really enjoy my activity in Lotro. It finally has meaning: grind for this, do that, gather these. Loot is slowly starting to be good and sometimes I could help other people.

So, the happy weekend has ended. Life was good in lotro.