Dol Amroth, banks


Lord of the rings online

Finally – settled in Dol Amroth. Had very little time to play, so just one toon was active.

Vytautaz turned in Dol Amroth task items, did one daily run for Dol Amroth Bank. For some reason I am preserving Bank tokens: could barter, since I have tons of them, for Fighter box to get a chance for Greater essence. Supremes are somewhat expensive for me.

Right now my toons have little to do. Featured instance is laggy 12-man run. I have done almost everything I could.

Plans for future are clear: Dol Amroth kindred, Return to DA skill; then Gondor slayer deeds, Ringlo Vale reputation. Kinship aid: would need with Warbands and maybe Roving Threats.  Possible stuff – grinding reputation with any other faction that accepts Shattered Hatchets.

And so the day has ended, kind of good in Lotro.

Epic: finished


Lord of the rings online

I am finally at the PC. Two days of silence. Why – you ask. Well, had to move to another department, only now got my PC ready.

Weekend and last days in Lotro were quite good.

Vytautaz was running and doing epic. Scouting, gathering, finally – walking with Gimli and Legolas. We had to move quickly, but this is not for Gimli, he needs to rush with Dwarven battlecry. Ended up in calling it really quietly…

Finally, Black gate. Scouting it, observing 2 Nazguls and horde of monsters. We are near. Short conversation about plans of enemy about Aragorn…and epic quest ends. I am left with Osgiliath (which is not an option…so far).

Level 105, finally.

As always, we chat and joke in Kinship, folks keep asking how am I, “Mr. Grumpy” feeling. Not so grumpy, I have enough activity to be occupied with. Kindred with Dol Amroth. Grind Kindred with Ringlo Vale. Then, maybe – other factions. Maybe do dailies for bank tokens, barter Warrior boxes for a chance to get essences.

What happens next? Little idea. I need essences, many of them – equip, then wait for quality Featured instance, grind Anfalas scrolls.

So far, so good in Lotro. And work in new department is quite interesting, although I would be more busy and thus – less time for game.

Kings and culverts


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was the only active. I tried to rush and finish epic content. It’s boring and quick, after all.

Not quite. I was wrong.

Most of the content was a real boredom. Talk to this, find that, kill these…blah blah blah. Then, final charge of Rohirrim. Famous “spearhead” formation, known from movies.
And then, final showdown for Theoden. Nazgul, Theoden and Eowyn. Nazgul slain, then I saw deaths of some other Rangers (somehow no pity for rangers…too noobish). Eowyn “dead”, that was the real blow for me.
Then we had cries, fights, one Ranger sacrificed himself for the sake of final victory.

Redirection: one to Minas Tirith/Ostgiliath after battle, some runs there and here. Finally, cutscene with Aragorn departing from liberated Osgiliath…and I had to quit, it was some 00:30 in Lithuania.

This content…I kind of liked it. Probably never done before. Some nice rewards (Anfalas crystals, scrolls ef empowerement). Tried to visit culverts…but can’t access them in Osgiliath-after battle. Oh, rewards also included Anorien (tier 8) essence-box. Would be cool for my Stormsong. Other rewards – valuable reputation items I could barter for Ithilien essences.

Not so bright news: there is no market for essences I need. No at all. No chance to get Greater ones. No spare shards/solvents to craft. And nobody wants to exchange ones I have to ones I need. Auction house value is 10 gold maximum. Started to delete all tier 7 major essences.

In short, fighting goes good, there is much content ahead (I suppose) to keep me busy.
I am NOT going to do any flower grind on any toon. This would provide false data to developers and give nothing to me: Ithilien essences are still a headache.

And so, they day has ended – quite good in Lotro.

Epics in Gondor, Anorien


Lord of the rings online

Yule festival has ended. Did not take part, failed some quests and did not receive some essence fragments.

Vytautaz was the only active. DOing every single epic quest. Missed only one – redirection to Dead Marches. Quests brought me ot Osgiliath.

Yes, same impossible to enter Osgiliath. Kinnies once again offered help, but I will just wait for lvl.110 and then enter this fortress free.

Then, laggy Minas Tirith. Everything lags, loads very slowly. Texts I do not bother to read. Go there, pick this, use that and not caring about text. Tell whatever you need, I don’t care. I need rewards, these were nice (2 Anfalas, some scrolls of empowerement). Also, did some fights there and here.

Had to delete tens of tier 7 Major essences. Nobody needed them to exchange to ones I needed. Nobody told about market price. So, the only solution – delete. Also started auto-deleting “Dual essence box”, these were giving only trash. Kin did not understand this, but if I explain to them – they surely would understand.

One kinnie – our expert in Champions – aided with the last 2 Big Battles. 2 battles, 2 trait points, tons of LI xp.

After finishing Minas Tirith quests – reward, once cool cloak. Added Supreme Might essence to it. Also, got some imbued LI legacies replacement scrolls (2 units) – an option I could use on my legendary Rune.

Overall – mostly good news for me. Things are going good, flower picking would ever be an option, purchasing any new content too. So, the weekend was good in Lotro.

Imbues, memories


Lord of the rings online

Today: January 13. A day of remembrance in Lithuania, one I would never forget.

1991, cold night of January 13. Thousands of unarmed people gathered near TV station, Parliament. Their only weapons – flags and songs and some bonfires to get warm. Soviet army marching, trying to supress freedom.
And then – tanks near TV station, Soviet special forces firing at people, tanks and armoured vehicles firing too. Tens of dead, hundreds of wounded – and later, Soviet TV proudly announces that those Lithuanians were firing at themselves, what a shame.
We became free. Soviet Mordor collapsed, burrying saurons and orcs. Free people were triumphant.

So…about Lotro anyway.

Stormsong did Featured Instance. Quite nice runs, loot – one Tome of Agility 8 dropped. Then Yule quests.

Vytautaz was one who was really busy.
First – epic, regional quests in Gondor. Quite nice ones, have to admit…but I pay almost zero attention to texts. Blah-blah-blah, find this, blah-blah, kill that, deliver these, ok, finish.
Kinship made one lvl.102 Featured instace run for me. As always they are really nice.
I have finally reached Dol Amroth. Lots of quests there, lots of xp, reputation. There, near white buildings of this city I once again asked for help about my Legendary weapons. Two kinnies adviced me, we talked about everything. Our kinship is really excellent with this. Result – I finally imbued my lvl.100 sword. Added all Anfalas crystals I could. Used all Anfalas scrolls. Now, my weapon is almost perfect for combat and all these days of insane grinds paid off. Legendary rune still requires some work, some legacies – but I am not afraid of work and grind.
Legendary rune requires some work and I am slowly doing to. Using Anfalas scrolls to upgrade desired legacies. Using Anfalas crystals (still need more of these).
Reputation with Dol Amroth is easy. I am at the last deed (to reach Kindred). And my slayer deeds are not finished yet.
My tactic is very clear: upgrade and imbue my Rune, finish all content in Gondor (maybe except DA daily quests) and then quickly run remaining epic.

And so the day has ended – very good in Lotro.

Yule – and developers’ strike back



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Featured instance runs, got some Anfalas scrolls, then did Yule grinds.

Vytautaz continued questing, this time was a bit busy with Corsairs. Need to kill 120 of them for simple, 240 – for advanced slayer deed. I advanced my trash LIs to lvl.50, then deconstructed one to get required legacy. My own Rune is still far from perfect (weapon almost is). Jewellery: am lucky enough to equip with reccomended one, though I would probably leave some place for supreme Might and Morale essences. You know, just in case…
To be frank: I quest almost automatically. Receive quest, do not read,press “ok” and run to kill/collect. It’s Gondor, there is no need to actually read.

Developers prolonged Yule (we have “Yule encore”, Jan.15-17). And then, there was an interview with Cordovan. Oh my, it was something.
Flower system is ok. Cordovan does not see any grind there.
Mordor expansion is on schedule, fight at/near The Black Gate.
Essences bound to account is ok, since “who crafts, gets”.
They may add some “old ingredients” to crafting.
PvMP almost ignored.
Class revamp possible.

In short, developers demonstrated they fail to listen. Even their most loyal forum members make negative comments. Flower system is just bad, it needs to go…but not for developers. They do not play their characters. You know, they could create whatever lvl toon they want with whatever equipment they need. They do not grind every Lotro point, they do not hunt every rare crafting material.

Yes, we would have senseless grind in the name of senseless grind. We would have developers that does not actually play their game. We would have company that does not listen to customers.

Well, despite this – questing/fighting day was good, I have enough Anfalas scrolls to max one weapon and advance another. Now only run for some LI legacies and I am good to imbue two weapons.

Old drunkards


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued his journey in Western Gondor. Doing quest after quest, finishing regional quests, killing stuff. I do enjoy Oathbreakers deed – already doing Advanced one. Animal slayer is still low (~50/100), Corsairs and bandits slow too. But it will be finished, there is no problem in Gondor with Corsairs or animals.
Met an old friendly NPC – drunkard Jajax. Such interesting drunkard, ready to abandon captured town (only to look for another one to pillage). One quest rewarded me with valuable Anfalas scroll of Delving.

Vytautaz is also updating his equipment – adding some Supreme essences, chaning old jewellery to new one (when I have what to put there, of course). I am using reputation items I loot to increase reputation with Dol Amroth..and level up LIs.

Featured instances are going good, getting some essences and Anfalas scrolls.

In short, things are going good. I have plenty (sometimes – even too much) activity, my Vytautaz becomes stronger every day. The only thing I lack are shards (tens of thousands of them) to fully equip Vytautaz with.

Czechs, Poles and Western Gondor


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did some Yule quests (did not finish…shame on me) and ran Featured Instance. Now it is Iorbar’s Peak, 3-man one. Almost quick, I did both runs with some mediocre results.

Vytautaz continued to quest in Gondor (Western one…this is how Dol Amroth side is called). This time I am wiser: first of all, I kill all the ghosts-oathbreakers I meet. First deed was quick. Advanced one (200) is harder, but still doable – after all, I have paths of the dead with plenty of Oathbreakers. I managed toi get to one village with wounded peasant and now it would take some runs to get him recovered and avenging Bandits that wounded him.

Managed to barter some un-needed tier 7 essences to needed ones. Now my toon is stronger, with much more Physical Mastery. Also, crafted 2 relics to slot into LIs.
Exchange was interesting. Turned out I met player whom I previously helped, he offered essences for free. No, not an option, I help for free, not accepting payments of any kind. The only ‘payment’ I want and would ask: got help, give help to others, when you are big strong top-level.

Was happy enough to aid two players: one Czech and one from Poland. As I speak their languages, I was able to explain about crafting and some instance drops. At least some use from me.

Now it is time for me to work on my Legendary items, make all correct legacies, craft all possible settings/runes/whatever…and imbue. For that I have >130 Anfalas scrolls and getting more every single day. I have my plan, it is very clear: do every slayer quest possible before Dol Amroth. Finish all possible deeds before I leave Dol Amroth.

So, my toons have plenty of job. Featured Instances, Yule, deeds on Vytautaz. Life is full of activity and I am satisfied of it.

Gondor, level 100



Lord of the rings online

Weekend: the time Vytautaz got to level 100. Yes, I went to Gondor, started local epic quests, then continued to regional ones. Prior to that – explored Paths of the dead (1 time killed by two banner-carrying ghosts). Gondor is not that fascinating for me.

Slayer deeds: started. Finished ghost slaying deed (well, another 200 awaiting…), a bit of beast slayer, some of exploration. Tried to kill Oathbreakers’ warband, failed. Killed another, only small fellowship warband. Then I had running forwards and backwards, kiling spiders, recovering barrels and getting too close to Tarlags Crown.

Naktieskarys crafted 2-handed lvl.100 sword. One very kind kinnie, expert on Champions – armour and jewellery. He also was really kind to craft lvl.100 jewellery. And if that was not enough – adviced about Essences, which one to equip. Adviced about weapon legacies too. At the same time he was helping other kinnies.

I got some minor doubts about legacies: he uses many AoE legacies while I am single-target champion. He uses various crafted stuff my Vytautaz can’t get – he is not a crafter. Yet – I am equipped with many cool essences, now need to rework my own weapons.

My Festival-earned Anfalas crystals were used on the sword. Soon, when I imbue, I would use all my Anfalas scrolls to max LI. That’s what I have been working day after day, run after run. Makes me feel confident.

Well, managed to aid one lower lvl. kinnie: at least some help from me. Hard to offer help anybody: while kinnie asks, while I respond – someone already offers help, I am outperformed. As you see, life is hard in The Family…(joking).

Featured Instances are going well, I am getting some usable essences, Anfalas scrolls. One time got trashy essence, wanted to trash…and asked for market price. Somebody told – plz give me before trashing. That was for Warden experiment and Warden is Taltoz’ class. Essence was given to that Warden.

Now my Vytautaz is eligible for Featured instances.

Stormsong and Naktieskarys ran Featured instances and Yule quests. Naktieskarys almost finished his legendary axe legacies, minor one only remaining.

Life in Lotro is going good. I quest, I have many things to do and Kin life is full of activity.

helping, running


Lord of the rings online

Once again, standard job. Stormsong: 2 featured instances; loot included Ithilien essence box. One that is almost guaranteed to have lame essence. Left for better days (well, they would be forced to remove these lame non-existent chance to get normal essence…). Yule quests. Some 400 tokens and almost nothing to barter them for.
Vytautaz: Yule dailies, getting closer to another Anfalas crystal. Already 130 Anfalas scrolls (enough for only one LI).
Naktieskarys: Yule dailies, getting closer to Anfalas crystal. Featured instance runs, one legacy almost fully upgraded…another, mostly useless, still awaits.
Ahelissa:no activity.

Stormsong tried to aid one player in Angmar. By the time I went there, they had finished instance. My ride was in wane.

In World chat there was big discussion about “Sauron the good”. I met folks, real experts in Tolkien lore. They almost proved Sauron was bad. Well, I will still joke about “Sauron the good” and Mordor’s “multicultural society”.

Vytautaz is getting closer to magic level 100. One when he will go through Paths of Dead. Receive, imbue, upgrade to max his Legendary weapon. Start doing Featured instances. Slowly finish all slayer/exploration deeds of Gondor. Use almost all Dol Amroth tokens for reputation.

Do I await Gondor and all new regions? No. It’s grind, it’s lag, it’s not inspiring. I know where my questing would stop (at Ost Giliath) and that after Yule I would be forced to grind for lame flowers.

However, so far I have plenty of activity, I have my kin  – I have everything I need. Life is still good in Lotro.