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Lord of the rings online

We have confirmed new content in 2017 (so, Lotro may actually see 2018?). Also, some cooperation with infamous “Lotrocommunity”. One of the most poisonous and Lotro-hating community in our planet. Can’t see any reason for dialogue, but maybe bad dialogue is better that good war.

Vytautaz did what he had to: Summer festival started with 25 token, ended up with 37. After bartering Anfalas starlit crystal, I had 9 crystals and 7 Summer festival tokens. Even fishing went good (caught one rare fish, that is). We still have about 1 week – which means additional 2 crystals for my Vytautaz.

Entwood quests were nice too, legendary items reached lvl.40. I still need to level up other LIs…and then would finally be able to start Westfold.

Kinship was busy, once again – daily instances, one after another.

Other mmos

Last Chaos – uninstalled.

ASTA – uninstalled

Runes of Magic – would be uninstalled today.

Possible candidates:

Perfect World

Forsaken world

And so the day has ended. I still have no alternative for Lotro should it end. I need fantasy pve game with crafting and (optionally) housing. Only ESO may fit, but it’s buy to play with occasional free play weekends. However, the day has been good in Lotro.

Typos, roms and crystals



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. First of all – lost ~300 marks to purchase LI xp runes, 40.000 xp each. My legendary weapons were lvl.30 and I reforged them. Ok, free questing/deeding up to lvl.40.

Entwood quests: some were done quickly, just to finish as soon as possible. Festival quests were more succesful: fishing gave some 3 tokens. Fishing is a bit tricky: all non-rare fish counts 4 fish – 1 token. So, if you catch 5 fish, one remains “in reserve”. And today, I will get yet another Anfalas starlit crystal.

Runes of Magic

New mmo to try.
Just a generic mmo. Take WoW, make game colourful. Create few standard races. Make not so huge customization (well, for female you can make breasts as huge as possible!). Movement – WASD and mouse. Hurray, you have a brand new innovative mmo.

Sarcasm aside: RoM is just a generic mmo. As told – few generic races. Several generic classes. enviroment that is just too colourful. Quests are generic, no background. Up to level 3 – no story whatsoever.

There are mounts even from lvl.1, I was given some saddle to have a lvl.1 horse and some egg to (grow up?) some (mount?).

Playerbase at lvl.3:very low. Met 2 or 3 players, one of them pursued me for duel. Refused each single time. Restrictions so far: up to lvl.5 – no global chat.

Class: chose mage, later invested Talent Points into few attacks. Fireball is at maximum level, insta-kills lvl.1 monster. Overall class is normal. Not almighty Lotro minstrel, of course.

RoM is just too generic. It may shine with dual class system or with crafting (did not try this), but otherwise it’s just some nice place to spend some time. Lotro, Guild wars 2, Age of Conan – all  had some stories to tell and listen. RoM has none. My Elf Mage just goes, finishes quests, gets xp, enhances spells and that’s all. Impossible to immerse, but if you want to run some Elf in shiny plains – it could be an option.

mmorpg.com told I was making lots of typos. Could be, I make lots of them in Lotro chat. And I write my blog at work, so need to hurry while boss is not in. However, I guess everyone makes mistakes. “And so do I”.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.

traps, fishes, Anfalas crystals



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did Entwood dailies, taking many task items (and well, deopsiting them in vault: would need later). Then, it was high time for Festival. Find this, fly kite, refresh overheating patrons (won’t tell you how…bit disgusting). Ice delivery to Hobbitses, making ice-cream.

And then fishing. Finding lost inventory, fishing for mathoms. Mathom fishing was almost skipped – I am more efficient with Barrow grinding for them.  And then it was normal fish fishing. Had some left-overs, fished some and earned 2 tokens.

Result: 36 tokens (11 earned for one day), bartered for Anfalas starlit crystal. Seems like I have 7 crystals. 6 for legendary sword and rune (pre-imbue), 1 would be left (for sword?). Or – grind for two more and enhabce bridle. However, is it worth trying?

My LIs stopped at lvl.29 – would have to use task items to get additional xp and reforge. Then, as always, deposit some task items to the vault…and resume adventures.

Last Chaos

Tried to locate X-Trap folder, it’s nowhere to be found. Downloaded some, but looks like I won’t be playing this game. Sorry, Last Chaos – with closed for registration forums, weird software you are auto-installing and too many efforts to make your launcher running – I think I don’t have enough patience.

mathoms, fishes, cats



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did his daily routine. Festival quests, almost all of them. However, there is an overlapping (known before me…) with 2 quests. First – fish as many mathoms as you can; second – catch as many fish as you can. If you take fish first, you will get Mathoms. I thought everything was lost, took fishing fish quest…and began to catch fish. Unfortunately, time was lost, I cought too little. This problem is known to Turbine, yet nothing is done about that. ANother problem was cat. It stopped me, I stood for some minutes. Evil kitten did not move, so did I. Later she walked, I rushed…and finished every quest.  Due to fishing quest problem, lost some tokens – ended up with only 25 (so, 10 earned).

Note: fishing non-rare fishes gives exchange ratio 4 fish – 1 token. Rare fish goes for 2 tokens. Greedy hobbitses… So, I am not far from another Anfalas starlit crystal.

Then had to use LI runes to get weapons to lvl.20, reforge and do Entwood quests. They brought me to some lvl.24.

Last Chaos

Took an exception into antivirus, did not launch. Would wait untill team responds, of nothing helps – game would be uninstalled. Sorry, I did everything I could and if game fails to run, it’s not my fault.

And so the day has ended, it has been quite good in Lotro.

Festivals, new mmos


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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was doing Summer festival quests, bartered Anfalas crystal. Quests seem to be good, just rewards are a bit small (some of them could really reward with 2 tokens). Initially, ice delivery was problematic – later it was almost easy (just watch for kid, 2 cats and fre elemental). Fishing quests are mostly in-effective, except for Hobbiton. I could earn maximum 15 tokens per day – not too big, but I already have 7 Anfalas starlits. Too little, but I will earn more. Would need at least 9.

Entwood quests were done too, nothiung special about them. Also, advancing Crabain slayer deed. It goes really slowly, but still something to do.

Last Chaos

An old mmo, about 10 years old. No reviews at mmorpg.com. Has PvP, top level is 184, so there would be always something to do. Unfortunately, game failed to launch. I launch, it freezes and that’s all. Tried to goole – nothing helps. Updatexd NVidia drivers – no result. Windows are up to date. Added exception to frewall – still nothing. Local forums are closed for registration. Adressed support team, they told to add exception to antivirus.

There is one review that classifies game as pay-to-win. Not sure, would have to test it myself…and possibly to write a short review on mmorpg.com and there.


Finally uninstalled. I did not like it, it was very mechanical stuff: go there with your almost nude Mage, nuke this, survive that, turn in quests, repeat. Game without soul, without immersion.

Other mmos

Disputed Everquest II with one person in mmorpg.com: EQ2 has harsh limitations for f2p. If only I was for sci-fi, I’d try Wildstar. SWTOR is reccomended, but restrictions are severe.

So far, no new mmo to call new home should Lotro end. Folks are really suggesting ESO, but I need demo to try it.

Turbine:Mordor announced



Lord of the rings online

Turbine announced news about new content

I really shouldn’t be posting yet but…

We really want the content leading up to the Black Gate to live up to the player’s expectations. That’s what we are working on now. But the crescendo of what happens to the Ring needs to be fantastic. Once the players have to enter Mordor itself… we feel that we need something “big” to do that justice.


At least some beam of light in the night. We will see Mordor, maybe we will see the fate of the One Ring. What happens next, only Turbine knows. Either end of the game (well, folks, time to sail to Undying lands) or putting game in eternal maintenance mode (Asheron’s call). However, for next 1-2, maybe 3 years we do have some future. And licence is most likely to be renewed.

I feel kind of satisfaction. At least game would last untill renewall and we would have some content.

Meanwhile, Vytautaz finished over-boring starter pages of Book 3. Go there, speak with Nar, then speak with rangers, then speak to other NPC, speak with rangers again…Finally, it was over. I have also cancelled few quests in Angmar (why should I need them?).

Did daily instances in Entwood. Fortunately, got Wargs in one of them, so Warg slayer deed progressed: now need only ~60 of them to finish Advanced. Legendary weapons reached level 30, were reforged and now are closing to lvl.40. I will grind them to level 60, no doubt and then deconstruct.

And, of course, slayer deeds: need to finish all of the, except Troll slayer, before I enter Westfold. Westfold should see me completely prepared for battles.

Also, posted some second-hand essences on AH. Would see if anyone needs them at all.


Played without any enthusiasm. Quests were boring, uninvolving, sometimes confusing. Each day I get log in rewards that I have little clue about. Rift can be played, but it lacks soul, immersion. You just can’t think of any NPC you meet. You run with your trustfull sword or wand nearby canons, robots, mechanical horses and pistols. And yet you have spells + enemies like Spiders.

I will play Rift as a second-hand game just to do something. Thanks to advices, I was finally able to equip good 28-slot bag.

Other games

Read about Everquest II, one player at mmorpg.com reccomended me it. Unfortunately, restirctions for f2p are too heavy: would not play this game.

And so the day has ended, it was quite good in Lotro.

epic dwarves, Helmingas



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz is still on book 3, this seems just endless. Dwarves in Enedwaith, then Wadu & Nona: I keep running forwards and backwards, killing stuff, collecting stuff. Getting valuable LI experience and some not-so-valuable lvl.65 legendary items stuff (scroll of delving, scroll of empowerement), also – champion rune of second age.

Quests were boring. Go there, talk to him, talk to another npc, investigate there, gather this. I skipped all quest text. ALl I cared about was LI xp.

Finally, reached Kindred reputation with lame Helmingas. Bought Return to Helms Deep skill (some 300 coins) and Eorlingas scroll of Delving. So, my legendary 2-handed sword now has 70 levels + legacy of might. I could barter scrolls of empowerement and to increase one legacy to the maximum.

I really wish to finish old epic as soon as possible. Some quests offered deeds I may complete later, most were just boring. After all, I need Entwood daily instances, need to advance slayer deeds (except Troll ones) – and only after that move to Westfold.


Played a bit. Nothing that would really interest me. Half-active player chat, some machinery in Definat capital, quests I did not care about. Discovered Bank, deposited some stuff there.

I need to find some Guild/Clan and then just keep asking for help to level up my half-nude Mage.


And so the day has ended – normally in both games.

epic carguls


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. Turned in Helmingas reputation items, then was really, really lazy to run Entwood daily instances. One kinnie asked for help with killing Carguls – I was lucky to volunteer.

It was Trollshaws, ruins with some Cargul searchers, then some trolls and other stuff. Well, great moment for me. Shing-shing, one attack, other attack – Carguls dead, then few others dead. Later kinnie needed to find one location. I rode there, summoned him and quest was done.

Then I was of no use for kinnie since had to log off and he needed to ride back and forth, from NPC to NPC. I went for epic quest. Go to Imladen, then speak with someone in Rivendell. Quests directed me to Eregion. There I made 1 mistake: took Legacy of might as a reward, not Lucky shoe. But – used legacy, now my LI has some +130 might, which is pretty good. Epic quest made me to explore one building with ~23 rooms (and deed to explore them all). I was a bit in a hurry, so found only what was neccessary and left. Would return next time. Then – Enedwaith, speaking with xenophobic locals and ending up ion Dwarf halls. I stopped there – had some things to be done (Giant/Gwibber slayer?)

Epic were not too interesting, except story how Aragorn met Gandalf.

Also managed to talk with one kinnie about some real life things. It ended up in me going to sleep at 01:00 (and get up at 06:15…feeling sleepy).

Other games

Aion: read about PvP. People keep telling it’s centered about PvP. Not for me then.

Rift: not played. Cannot force myself to do it.

without rifting


Lord of the rings online

Had very limited time to play, so Vytautaz only did Entwood daily instances and turned in task items. I am some 2 days work from Kindred with Helmingas. Then, I could barter Scroll of Delving (+10 levels) and maybe 1 scroll of empowerement.

And then I would just grind-levelling legendary items only to deconstruct them, one after another. Finally, with good weapons, containing right legacies, could I enter Westfold. There are many things to be done, some things would never be finished untill lvl.110 or 115 (like entering Ost Giliath, which is currently impossible).


Was not played. Could not force myself to play. Run to NPC, receive some quest, kill/collect/report, find some little Rift, seal it, receive awards, run to NPC… Rift is still game without soul for me. I really do not care about Telara, conflicts and that grumpy world-devouring creature.

People are reccomending Wildstar, it has very generous f2p model, but it is sci-fi, so no gandalfs, magic bows.

And I still have no idea about my future home, once Lotro ends.

So, the day has ended – a bit grey in Lotro.

level 95, Rift



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz ran Entwood dailies, levelling up legendary items, earning Kindred with grumpy Ents. Also, finished Half orc slayer advanced and Crabain slayer advanced. Reputation with Helmingas is growing very slow, but so far – some 7000 to go. Entwood dailies really help with this.

Finally made lvl.95 First age weapon. Made some use of legacies I have collected. One kinnie donated Eorlingas crystal and so much needed Essence of vitality. I had to buy essence of Physical mastery (2 units for 45 gold). Now, i have good Nadhin helm with 3 essences. New weapon performs nice, especially after I upgraded legacy with one scroll. Now, all I have to do is to reach Kindred with Helmingas, add +10 to my LI and finally have a normal weapon. Not sure if I should bother about rune/bridle: guess I would need them at level 100. So far, i can wait.

Kinship ran new instances + Tower of Orthanc. I did not participate, would wait for some easier ones.

The Rift

Downloaded (some gigabytes), installed. F2P mode is quite good, but expansions are locked behind paywall. Class setups that are most usefull for me (AoE healing…) – locked too. Feel free to buy expansion for real cash, that is.

Customization: face, tatoos, heigh. Nothing more, in terms of body design – everybody is similar. Yeap, you choose your side (Guardians/Defiants) and race, but most of these are alike. My only customization was to run the Maghe in underwear.
Soul tree system:really over-complicated to master. So far spend no souls, no idea what to do if skills I want to use cannot be upgraded.

Classes: few melee, did not try them. Cleric is not ranged, melee. Hunter was nice, but overall too weak for initial levels. Mage was something. Light armour, ranged attacks involving fire, energy, some ice. Of course, in melee mage is bad. I tried and enjoyed my mage. Later understood I could summon some Earth Elemental that fights for me. For group combat – oh no, died two times and could not outrun. Was helpless versus +8 level enemies.

Social aspect: sometimes you get ignored (“hello, newbie saying hi”, “what???”), sometimes you get spammed with advice whispers. Guilds sometimes advertise.

UI: skill bars as you know in every single mmo. Drag, drop, undrag and undrop. Things that give quests are marked as green circles with “!” on the map.

Quests: general. Check this, kill rats, use this on that. Some are autobestowed and autocomplete.

Rewards: you will get overflooded with your class rewards. Money could always be a problem (simple resurrection means at least 1 gold).

Overall impressions: Rift is generous mmo, it has everything you might expect…but no soul. Nothing to worry about, to immerse ino. Colourfull world with time machines, some cannons, some pistol-lake stuff along with skeletons. Distinctive thing – Rift. Kill all mobs around one, kill rift boss-creature, receive reward. One could play Rift as something to spend time, but not to immerse/feel something.

I asked some folks about my next home after Lotro closes (it would close within 2-3 years). Rift, Wildstar are reccomended. Some folks advice ESO, but it has action combat (dodge, exvade…) and is buy-to-play. Sorry, what if I buy and dislike? Any demo version would be great.

And so weekend has ended – kind of interesting in Lotro and Rift


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