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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active in Wildermore, trying to do as much slayer/exploration deeds as possible. Visiting some dying Thane. Listening to what he has to day, collecting his belongings, then finally burryiing him. Oh well, then we have his pregnant wife. To make things worse, other women dislike this wife, so it’s up to you to make things right. And then collect stuff, from snow to weapons (oh yes, and do not atrtract much attention from local orcs).

On the other hand, I am getting experience, advancing my Warsteed, advancing my lvl.85 legendary weapons so that one day I could finally have quality one. Monsters just won’t drop Champion LIs: beorning, guardian, minstrel – as much as you want, just not champion’s.  Reputation is getting closer and closer to Kindred, which is good too. I also locarted few of the flowers

Kinship makes OD runs all the time and none wants/needs Pelagir. A pity, I would be a bit out of Anfalas crystals by the time Vytautaz would have to imbue lvl.100 LI. And I am not speaking about scrolls of empowerement – these would require tons of marks/medaillions.

However, things are going good so far. I am questing, “devouring” content and wishing to leave for Rohan as soon as possible.

Wildermore flowers and orcs


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz is still in Wildermore, doing every single quest – except one epic that requires killing half-orcs. I am adventuring, doing “talk to NPC A, return to NPC B, then back untill both are satisfied” quests, killing Orcs. Found one of Wildermore’s flowers, received deed.

Slayer deeds are going good, Orcs are really not a problem, mounted enemies slayer is on its way too. Experience is so far – good. I also on my way to Kindred with people of Wildermore.

Some quests -while known- were interesting. Refugees from one town, then my need to care about them. Then – experience how Saruman scouted these lands, witness all situation that fell on Wildermore. Some quests – well – were just “ok-ok-ok-next-next-next-finish”.

Naktieskarys crafted two lvl.85 third age weapons and sent them to Vytautaz. Unfortunately, legacies are really lame and cooldown for these crafted weapons is too long (18 hours). Also, such weapons just won’t drop from any monster I encounter. i have Guardian, Minstrel, Beorning stuff…just not Champion.  For levelling weapons I started to use task items. They are just perfect, 10 times – and you reach level 10 without a problem (and gain valuable steed xp too).

I do need level 85 Champion weapons (not runes) so that my Greatsword would be suitable for combat, like lvl.75 one was. On the other hand – I also have some need in Riddermark ore, Naktieskarys is low on it (a trip to harvest?).

Kinship was very active doing Ost Dunhof instance (OD). Three runs in a row. I did not participate:too long and possibly not so great reward. Pity nobody does Pelagir these days.

And so the day has ended, it was good in Lotro. Looking forward to reach lvl.89, finish as much of Wildermore as I can and then move to Rohan.

Wildermore:mounted combat


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was the only active. So far – in Wildermore. Doing every single quest, no matter if regional or epic. Finished some exploration deeds and actually starting to enjoy mounted combat even in Wildermore.

Well, mounted combat in these lands is a risky – too many rocks, too many chances to fell and be killed. Sometimes pathes are narrow, too many obstacles. And yet, mounted combat saved me several times.

One was a fellowship quest to kill an overgrown Warg with some 100,000 health. I tried to use my warsteed as best as I could. Always ranged attacks, almost never – melee. Always run away as fast as I can, gather Warsteed fury and attack at full power. Result – after many circles and attacks/counterattacks I soloed a fellowship monster! Yes, I was really satisfied (and that’s despite very lame LI).

I am also satisfied with orc/Mounted enemies slayer deeds. Each mounted orc counts both as Orc and as Mounted. You kill one, you get counted as two. Superb thing.

Legendary items are still a problem, i am still levelling lvl.75 ones just to get XP runes. One option is to level these up to lvl.30, deconstruct and equip lvl.85 ones. My weaponsmith could craft few third agers and then just level them up. Task items are very good to gain quick xp for this – as well as steed xp.

Overall, I am satisfied with my questing in Wildermore. So far it goes good. I am on my way to lvl.87 and probably I would level up to lvl.89. Then, I would have to use xp disabler.

And so the day has ended. It was quite good in Lotro.

level 85:Wildermore


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz: Eastern Rohan, my favourite region, is finally finished. I have all the deeds there and had to leave for snowy Wildermore. Hytbold is yet to be rebuilt, as well as reputation with local factions. This could wait. Rohan itself is a very nice and inviting region, one you could just quest forever.

Wildermore was different. Cold, snowy, with too many mountains (danger to be killed if you fall). And, of course, evil Tree trolls. Even my Minstrel had problems with them, using deed accelerator. Quests itself were not too exciting, only Narzum’s line is interesting. Immediately started slaying Orcs, now have some 40/100 killed. Few times I was killed by local warbands.

Level 85 meant few new things: Hytbold Berserker armour and level 85 Legendary weapons. These are the main problem: I got only lame legacies. Now need to craft/loot lvl.85 ones and achieve legacies I actually need. Armour itself – not sure if this is the best, but untill lvl.95 would do.

Currently I do feel weak. Some monsters inflict heavy damage on me, although we are on-level. My dps are not so high as I could espect.

Stormsong: took part in Ost Elenedi, lvl.105, instance. Good fight, many dps (including my favourite AoE ones). Loot was mediocre – some worthless tier 6 relics and jewellery. I got one necklace with 2 essence slots. Quite good, now have to locate essences (buy? crafting does not seem an option).

And so weekend has ended, quite good in Lotro…just boredom (i.e. Wildermore).



Lord of the rings online

Real life interfered:had very limited time to play, maybe 1 hour.

Vytautaz finished everything in Snowbourn. Do this, gather that, talk to NPC, return to another NPC. Of course, some traitor, had to discuss things.  At least majestic Snowbourn has the will to fight and do not evacuate as Eomer commands. Such nice town with strong walls could stand long enough and hold off any orc attack. And then, moving to Walstow.

Another Reeve there, nice woman. Another stack of quests. Buold barricades…and themn gather some reeds. Me, mighty hero with a big sword…gather stuff in swamps? Come on….

However, quests were going good, I was quik and efficient to do things, gain xp. Legendary items jet-levelled so I will have another 3 LI xp runes in no times.

Walstow has some 15 quests, then – redirect to Snowbourn. Quite good, I will level up my toon. And then, at level 85 – would stay to finish deeds. Brigands, Half-orcs, Herd creatures, Wargs, Spiders – all need my attention.

Time in Lotro is short (real life, once again), yet I am satisfied. Yes, I do await level 85 and new weapons. Yes, I will grind every single killable monster I encounter. And then, would finally depart to snowy Wildermore.

And so the days has ended and it was quite good in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active in Sutcrofts, doing local quests, killing local monsters and after one quest (kind of good – half-orc slaying involved) moved to Snowbourne. Once again, refugees: i had to look for homes, then tell every single of them to go home, then gather some stuff and even find a bucket of fish for one cat. Yeap, a cat. We have war around us, we have traitor Grima, we have Saruman, Sauron…and somebody cares for his cat.  At least these quests were interesting. While they did not contribute to my slayer deeds (Orcs are done long ago), it’s just about fun. Later I will return to grindy slayer deeds: Brigands, Wargs, Herd creatures…only to finish with Spiders and some others/

We joked a little in Kinship chat about cooks. Of course, I told I needed Gandalf the Grumpy to be cooked alive. And Laila. And Grima. And Pelagir. And Minas Tirith. Then we went into some kind of trolling about cooks and cooking.

I am advancing to lvl.85, counting when would I have access to one pretty cool AoE skill (yellow tree). My mount – I am making almost full red tree and heavily investing into blue one: my steed must survive as long as it can. Not sure if this is right, but I may buy back points and redistribute them after all.

And so the day has ended – it was short, yet effective in Lotro.

frightened advanced deeds


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was the only active. Finally finished with these Salamanders (Drago-kind), received 5 Turbine points and 1 LI rune. Then finished secret slayer deed – kill 30 boars. Located one tomb, so that another deed advanced.

And then I understood I was bit tired. All other slayer deeds were really far from completion. I had too little motivation to do them, so switched to Sutcroft quests. Plant stuff, scare crows, later got exploration and destruction (destroy Orc banners). On my way to doing these quests and some solo warbands – finished one exploration deed (another 5 TPs).

Warbands are usefull. They add to my reputation with local faction and sometimes may even drop something usefull (one time got mount decoration – orc head on the spear:first time within my playing history). And yes, I will need all efforts to reach Kindred with all factions as quickly as possible.

Other deeds are not so good, they lack large concentration of monsters. However “where there is a will, there is way” and I do have will to finish all these deeds. I have will to rebuild Hytbold and only then move to Wildermore.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz got home a bit late, so had only some time to play.

All I did was slaughtering salamanders near Harwick for dragon-kind slayer (advanced). Logged off after finishing some 140-150 of them. Very close, then will move for brigands (some 50/200). Ancvient evil slayer deed is close to completion too (and all I need is Drugaur cave, some time for slaughtering locals).

I am starting to equip myself with lvl.85 legendary items. Made myself second age sword, received second age bridle…and one very kind kinnie made me first age rune. First age, not second one (despite the fact we talked about second age LI). When I reach lvl.85, I will rebuild Hytbold…and move to Wildermore.

No, i do not like it much. Too much grind with too little rewards/TP return. Anyway, would have to move, do as many deeds as I can.

In Kin chat, we had many talks about regions and TP returns. Folks speak favourably on Moria, telling there is some 600-800 TP from it for every single toon. Correct, but there is big time sink too. Anyway, I have 3 toons with (almost) finished Moria, so at least half the price has paid off.

And so the day has ended – grindy and too quick one in Lotro.

Last deeds in Rohan


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was really happy in Rohan. Doing quests. Trying not to hurry and enjoy content. Then – doing epic quests, finishing every single non-repeatable.

Epic quest line in Rohan is just epic. You meet Gandalf, then witness Saruman with his evil words. Eaves of Fangorn has one of the most touching quests:an Ent is missing a little bird. Alas, poor bird is dead from lake poisoned by Orcs. Revenge is near, but one really feels pity. And, of course, Grima with Theoden King. I have always dreamt how would I deal with this Wormtongue (unfortunately, Turbine leaves no place for that).

Exploration deeds are almost done: have to locate few tombs and enemy camps. Slayer deeds goes kind of slowly:beasts, brigands, half-orcs, dragon-kind – all are on the way to advanced. Currently I am killing salamanders (dragon kind), then will move to brigands – all are near Harwick.

After every single deed is finished and Hytbold rebuilt – it would be high time to enter Wildermore. A region I do not like much, it’s too snowy with some impossible to kill warbands and very grindy Survivors of Wildermore quests/deeds. Without Minstrel it is a real pain.

Stormsong was happy enough to participate in Pelagir duo. Rewards were lame, as always, but it’s merit stars that count.

Naktieskarys witnessed dilema: which lvl.85 LI to craft for Vytautaz – first age or second age? I do not have lvl.85 First age symbol and it has some chance to drop from lvl.85 tier 2 instances. Well, I would probably never get a group for that. To buy 3 symbols would mean bancruptcy. Decided to stick with second age – have enough symbols for that. Great sword is crafted, rune – would be crafted by a kinnie and I have alrweady received bridle (second age too).

I am really satisfied with my nice, green Rohan where I feel almost like home. Experience is good, enemies are mostly grindable and etire atmosphere is just great.

And so weekend has ended, I was very happy with Lotro and my Kin. Life is just great in Lotro.

Happy in Rohan



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continues his adventures in Rohan. There are so many activities, so much to do that sometimes I am getting lost:what to do now?

First, we have Spring festival. I could go there, try evil maze and earn some tokens for some cool stuff.

Second, I have epic quest line. It directs me through region, it tells me stories, some of them are really interesting (unlike “ok-ok-ok-next-next-finish” Gondor!).

Third, I have regional quests/deeds. Somehow managed to overlook one place in Great River – exploration deed not done. Slayer deeds are to be advanced too. Warbands may be killed for loot and reputation.

And so, I have but one toon and several choices.  The only thing I must remind myself: do not “devour” content, think about slayer deeds, do not rush. Great River was an example of how to deal with content:  finish all deeds, only then move to next region. Things would be the same there – I’ll grind every single deed, advance to lvl.85, barter hytbold armour…and then move to snowy Wildermore.

For now, I am doing slayer deeds and the easiest one -Orcs- is very close to  completion. Others advance too, maybe not too fast: but this time I take every single opportunity.

Unfortunately, I have almost abandoned my Runekeeper (but either I play Rohan or lvl.17 RK!) and TP grind. Naktieskarys, my former main, just stands somewhere without action with half-upgraded legendary weapons.

However, I do enjoy Rohan, its green planes, sense of war, interesting stories, choices you would have to make. Such a nice region, one could wish to stay there for really long long time.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.


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