Scavenger Year 7: fail and crap


Lord of the rings online

Scavenger year 7! Naktieskarys rushed to take all the quests, since all were doable. Or so it seemed.

First – “This time with Feeling II”. Once again, pay-to-win philosophy, once again stupid “perform emote on monster”. Those who had not purchased every single instance/skirmish – would fail.

Second: Legolas chapter. Go there, do that, kill something…untill you run into Mummak. Kill one. Just easy. Mummak has 420.000 health, you would have some 20.000. Mummak’s AoE attack equals to a least 16.000, your – about 5000. My Champion was killed with 2 hits. Next time I was wiser, did not use ranged attacks, avoided AoE…and hardly ran away from Mummak.
It was impossible to kill. No matter what I do, I inflict almost no damage. The weakiest Mummak attack is equal to my strongest. I am no match in terms of health, power, attack strenght. Even if I gathered, say, 5 melee players – we would fail. The only chance is to gather some 100 players and pray that 10 of them survives.

Kinship offered help. I refused. There is no chance I could solo it. There is no chance developers would understand it or even start playing game.

What would happen? Today I will cancel 2 of 3 quests since they are impossible for my red line champion.

Note to developers: for some time I thought about 1 month subscribing, then rushing through most content. Yesterday I dismissed this stupid thought. Kudos, developers, you just lost possible 15$.

Standing Stone Games is just piece of crap that are experts on creating epic fails and stinky craps. Developers are just narrow-minded persons that never played game as simple player.  Narrow-minded persons that enjoy when players are in despair (BDSM fans?). Ones who never read any opinion other that fanboys screams.

I am angry and disappointed with Lotro, especially Scavenger hunts. My days are grey and bad. Again.

Last journal, Scavenger hunt ahead


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong used the last Crafting journal box. Crafted one single-use recipe item and one low-level reputation item. I have ingredients, I have single-use recipes (almsot 40). All I lack are crafting journals. If next week we have good Featured instance, I will get some of them.

Naktieskarys just grinded Anorien ore I will need many of it.

One kind kinnie asked if I am to join one instance. But it is new content (after Dol Amroth) which I am boycotting. Sorry, I dislike this grumpy+hard content, I do not enjoy it, it would never pay off: any reason to purchase it? Kinnie is right when she tells I may enjoy fellowship…but how do I enter instance without purchasing content?

Also visited my own house and Kinship (The Grumpy Kin) house. Well, there is still much work to do with decorations. New options to rotate items are really nice. So, just some fantasy, coins and maybe some nice advice.

Today we would have Scavenger hunt, year 7. Some folks on forums are not satisfied: claim rewards are lame (cow + some cosmetics) and content “is challenging”. Challenging – the worst word for me, I do not want it in mmos.

However, I have to wait for today and see how Year 7 looks like.



Lord of the rings online

The day without FI. Stormsong crafted reputation items and forgot to turn in task items. Naktieskarys went to post-battle Ostgiliath and grinded Anorien ore + occasional flowers. Why flowers? Just because flowers, who knows when I am going to need them.

And then one kinnie asked if I needed any Host of the West recipes. The answer was – probably no. Explanation: one toon has enough materials, but no recipes. The other has recipes, but is low on materials. And neither has crafting journals. I was sent some 40 recipes (!) – enough to grind reputation to the top. Now, would need some 40 journals…My Kinship is nice, as always – a pity I do not have such huge amounts of extra stuff.

Tomorrow we will have Scavenger hunt, year 8 – it would give me some nice job to do and Lotro forums would once again guess what those scraps of paper are  for. Whatever they are for, I need 2 sets of them – one for Naktieskarys, another for Stormsong.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did some Norcrofts quests – easy ones, I tend to fail “Dressage”. Now, I could barter reputartion, reach Kindred (another 20 Lotro points) and rebuild what’s left.

Traditional summit discussing how the war should go. Some people side with Theoden, some want to go to war…once again, messenger arrives, most of Reeves die, I finally get title of Reeve of Hytbold/Eastemnet. Mission complete: Hytbold rebuilt, Reeves killed, title received.

Stormsong crafted (boring!). Also managed to aid one player. He was Dwarf and Minstrel – I felt compeleed to aid. His intensions was to “reach lvl.105 today”…still we ran few Warg Pens. Finally, he was lvl. 105 and could enjoy flower grind / end game crafting grind. Also, crafted one single-use crafting recipe for other player.

Featured Instance: Flight to the lonely mountain. Hard raid that does not pay off. It means my toons have nothing to do now…only wait for Scavenger hunt year 7.

My two goals are achieved. Now, up to Anorien grind and crafting mega-grind. let us hope Scavenger would be…more interesting.

And so the day has ended, bit boring in Lotro.

Crafting reputations


Lord of the rings online

Weekend was good one. First of all – Featured instance, one I really like. Group is easy to find, then just out-dps and loot. Speaking about loot, it was quality one. ValuableHost of the West reputation items. Crafting journals. One time – Universal solvent.

Host of the west reputation item crafting is going good. I finally used last of single-use Scholar recipe. Now, I no longer need Scholar journals – must focus on Weaponsmith ones and do not forget to grind Anorien ore.

Vytautaz has last Hytbold faction to grind reputation with. I am employing simple tactic: grind tokens, then buy reputation to Kindred. I do not care about “Aiding….” deed completion. Maybe one day will do it – not now though. Hytbold and Featured instance aside – was busy with crafting. Finally managed to max Cook and Farmer, bot are Anorien top levels. It was nice to use freebie – crafting accelerator.

Still angry on the World chat, still not helping. I have Windstorms, her vault is some 38/120 – so, almost empty. She has few tomes I could sell and reputation items I could sell too.

Now, my crafting is basically done. One goal achieved. Next goals are very simple:
1) Reach Kindred with remaining faction and rebuild Hytbold. Terms: this week;
2) If FI is effective – grind every day, all runs on all 3 toons;
3) Start grinding Anorien ore and finish Weaponsmith single-use HoW reputation recipes. Terms: this week;
4) IF no quality Featured instance – start crafting low-reputation Host of the West items on Stormsong and Naktieskarys.

And so, weekend has ended, it was good and effective in Lotro.

Scavenger hunt, Year 6



Lord of the rings online

Yes, we finally have Scavenger hunt, Year 6 quests. I ran Featured instance on two toons, then switched to Scavenger.

This week Scavenger hunt is a nice one. Doable for free players. One quest us ti visit Pipin’s places – from Great Smials to not-so-great Moria and even pre-battle Minas Tirith. It is doable and even enoyable (except grumpy Minas Tirith and Slag hills). Then, we are to visit Taverns and Inns in (mostly) Rohan, gather Remembrances and, of course, drink. At the end my toon was really drunk – and Dwarves are good drinkers… Thirs quest is to pet (/pat) animals. Tricky one – only ones with yellow names count and they are really scattered throughout Middle Earth.

My runs were quick, I spent lots of money on Swift travel. Pipin’s tasks were kind of easy, except laggy Minas Tirith. I enjoyed gazing and Orthanc stone – it was really impressive.  Tavern run – well, sometimes I had to ask for help. Most interesting thing was to visit 2 taverns in Woodhurst: one normal, another – DUnlending one. In the last, I intentionally killed 2 Dunlendings. Why? Just to show who the real Master was…

Animals are tricky. Some can be met easily, some are to be found in North Downs, Angmar, Gondor. I am still doing this quest.

Rewards should be nice, two cosmetic animals, sheep and something else.

Overall – quests are done good. If only developers would exclude laggy Pelenor fields and Minas Tirith! These lag and offer no fun, just frustration.

Featured instance runs are good. I am getting Host of the west reputation items, crafting journals. Stormsong crafts both (+500 and +100) reputation things, kinnies keep telling I will still need +100 items.

World chat was full of “who could help?” things, but so far I am not responding. Sorry, guys, you turned bline ear on me when I really needed aid. Perhabs later I will resume aid, just now.

In short, the day was short, yet good, I enjoy both Scavenger quests and Featured Instance. The days are once again bright in Lotro.

Just wind and fun


Lord of the rings online

Once in old times we had a movie for children with song – “Only wind, sky and sun / Joy of flight ahead”. Almost the same is in Lotro for me this week.

Featured instances are really quick and effective. I keep getting good loot: Host of the West reputation items, crafting journals (and some worthless essences, but these can be sold for 1 gold). And so far I find almost no problem with locating FI group. Also, valuable Anfalas scrolls are being hoarded for future use.

Second, my crafting. Stormsong crafts Host of the West reputation items succesfully,s he is really good at that. Vytautaz maxed Westemnet farmer and cook. Now – up to Anorien which would be efficient too.

Third, Hytbold dailies are doing just perfect. Combining earning reputation and bartering it does miracles. Soon, Hytbold would be rebuilt.

To make things better, today we have new Scavenger hunt, so my Naktieskarys would have some job to do – remembrances to gather, places to visit, maybe monsters to kill.

And so, the day was over and I was really satisfied with Lotro.

Anfalas scrolls grind


Lord of the rings online

Had very little time to play, but still managed things to do.

Featured instance (Sword Hall) runs were succesfull. Looted Anfalas scrolls, some tier 8 essences, valuable Host of the West reputation items. Strangely enough, was able to sell 2 trash essences (real value – some 26 silver) for 1 gold. The main good news are: Naktieskarys finally maxed his Legendary item, called The Grumpy Rune.

I really like Featured instance. It is fast, effective, loot is good. Now, I can start hoarding Anfalas scrolls just in case they increase level cap. Or to sell. Or to use on bridles, should I need to craft lvl.100 one.

Vytautaz is doing Wold and Norcrofts dailies. Yes, these two Hytbold districts should wait for a while.

And so, I had enough activity and the day has been really good in Lotro.

Sword halls


Lord of the rings online

New Featured instance and this is (not Sparta!) – Sword halls of Dol Guldur. Finally, some good instance. Managed to run with all 3 toons and looted some nice stuff: Host of the West reputation items, Anfalas scrolls, even 1 crafting journal. Both Minstrel and Champions performed good.

Vytautaz did Hytbold dailies, then bought (i.e. bartered) reputation with one faction. +20 Lotro points, rebuild one more district.  Hytbold is going very well, soon I will finish it. Since had some time today – crafted Cook guild emblems with Vytautaz, also maxed Westemnet Cook.

Stormsong crafted Host of the West reputation item – both single use recipe and one with 18 hours cool down. I will be more efficient this way, since recipes are nearly impossible to get.

Naktieskarys ran some Warg Pens runs and even managed to sell one trash essence. I thought I would have to delete it…yet somebody needed tier 8 Major essence. As long as it is above vendor, it’s good. Also, played with outfits – equipped my toon with powerfull cosmetic weapon – giant spoon. Oh gosh, it looked really cool in combat…

This week is promising for me. I have enough activities: run 6 Featured instances; max Naktieskarys’ legacies and then hoard Anfalas scrolls for future updates; do Hytbold dailies; gather Host of the west crafting materials; craft reputation items; run Warg Pens for task items. Oh yes, and aid kinnies should they need help.

So far I am not offering help to the World chat:still angry on them. Besides, they are busy with endless wars on politics: slavery, Trump, religion/atheism. In developers’ place I would ban all talks on politics in public chats. Wanna wage war? Feel free to do it in your private channel.

And so, the day has ended: I felt really happy with Lotro.

Empty World


Lord of the rings online

I have finally finished 5th Year quests. Had to visit Pelenor and Minas Tirith after battle – these bad lag areas. Ran through High halls to find Marie, found somehow in her bed. Then, lakes – Moria and some others, gathering remembrances. One more [Scrap Paper] to my collection.

And then, I found I have nothing to do. Naktieskarys ran Warg pens untill first boss. Vytautaz did Hytbold quests, this time focusing on Entwade. Stormsong just did nothingm, except random resource gathering/task items turn-in.

And then it was one sad event. I wanted to take Beacon of Eaworth quest, asked in World chat for aid. One player responded…only to tell me like “I will cooperate, but not help”. Others were silent, although there was one player right next to me.

Nobody helped. I waited and waited – no answers. Quest cancelled, I threw “It was impossible anyway” and left the town. Well, another player decided to troll me – “I am on ther top of beacon, it is possible”. Thanks for “help” dear player. Thanks for hostile feelings, World. It was hard for me. I always offer help if I physically can. Now, all I get for it approach like “get off, scum, we hate you”.

My response, most probably, would be – at least for some time – offer no help.

However, I must not give up. We would have new Anniversary quests on Thursday and maybe Featured instance would be something easier. Things may turn better, I guess, in Lotro.