Dailies, keys, deeds


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. First – dailies. Dwarves had only one (check barrels for rats). Men had more, including one to kill wolves. Cool, another helpfull quest to advance slayer deed. Got key to my inventory, unlocked chest. Good, now may rest untill Thursday.
Beast slayer deed (advanced) completed. Others need to be advanced, including Orcs. Also, treasure chest location deed, may need some help with it.
Question on dailies: do dailies count to deed (100 quests) if I do after I did required 8? Like – 8 are required for dailies, but I did 15. Would additional 7 count?
Advancing my reputation with task items. Hardest are Dwarves, easiest – Elves. Hope I would do them all rather quickly.

Mordor dailies: Dor Amarth and Udun. Group ones, met no player, so had to risk all the time. Done it, bartered for key, got some ash and ashable items.

Festival dailies: one firework show,  sparking interest, lost invitations. Very heavy lag. Now have 58 tokens, need 60 for my Essence reclamation scroll.  Reminded one kinnie he could get Essence reclamation scroll in festival. Easier than pay tons of gold in AH.

I do need to log Vytautas, Ahelissa, Naktieskarys and grind for those tokens/essence scrolls. And finish Mirkwood as soon as possible.

And so the day has ended: busy, effective in Lotro.


Erebor dailies



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong finally finished last landscape quests. First – that seemingly impossible in he ruins with armoured shadows. This time things were easier. No, they did not exactly how I was told. First wave: two shadows, both attacked me. Then – two armoured shadows, once again, both after me. Scared one, killed another. Finally, monster came, I defeated it. My evil Elf told to retreat – that’s after I saved him without him aiding me!

Received mail from Dale queen, got dailies. Must do 8 of them to earn Bound key. After advice of one very kind kinnie, picked Dwarves and Humans. Elven ones are too problematic. Humans from Dale: mostly running. Talk to this, destroy that. Dwarves: running too, pick stones, get beer. Queen in Dale gave me another set of quests involving murder and search for Weeping warrior. One quest was interestingm, because it required night time to be active.
N.Mirkwood dailies are at tomse 5/8, I have pretty much time to finish them before reset.
“Rust” quest set was interesting, sending me to various locations, dealing with some enemies. Arch-enemy of the elves, old Spider queen was killed, new enemies emerging from the North. Wait a second: Ice Dragon, ice army from  North attacking free people – isn’t it Game of Thrones?

Mordor dailies -lucky for me- were quick. Key earned, lootbox opened.

Festival: unfortunately, can only log in Stormsong, because of Mordor and Mirkwood dailies. Normally, I manae to do 2 firework launching, 1 sparking itnerest, 1 lost invitations. Bartered one essence reclamation scroll (40 tokens), ready for another.

I am quite busy now, lots of things to do and evil Treasure in Mirkwood deed to be done.

And so, the weekend has ended – good and busy in Lotro.

Anniversary 2018



Lord of the rings online

We have Anniversary festival! I ran Mordor dailies – Thalath Urui and Lhingris – finished all, returned to Bree.

It was day time, so I used my time to look for perfect firework places, catching envelopes.  Then – firework show, very impressive and nice.
Possible changes: we have more ‘steady’ (non-flying) envelopes. They are in larger area so that players may feel better. Kudos, developers. Then, we have one thing fixed with fireworks: earlier it was a chance to fire firework at evening, before official start and earn credit for corerect firework. Not this time: it is fixed. Bit pity, it was beneficial thing. Yesterday did 2 fireworks, 1 catching envelopes and 1 sparking interest.

Rewards: steed of sea-ward. For me – total uglyness. Not worth spending even 1 token. However, there were players who told mount was the best ever.

My tactic is clear: after Mordor runs and N.Mirkwood task items turn ins – log all toons, grind for tokens, get essence removal scrolls, anfalas crystals.

Busy days have finally arrived. I am glad. The only bad thing was heavy lag (may be due to my pc?). Otherwise – Lotro does shine again.

Exploring Nothern Mirkwood:almost done


Lord of the rings online

If I am ever to fail something (quest/deed/whatever) – it would be only because I hurry. Run, rush, nuke, run…rarely looking back.

Yesterday took dailies. Did themn, cooperating with kinnie, everything went ok…except I forgot to take quest to do 4 dailies. Just great 😦

Nothern Mirkwood exploration goes well. Found all Dwarf markers, all ruins – so only treasure chests remain. Lotro wiki is helping greatly with this. Got +900 reputation with Dwarves, which is always good.

Now, all that remains are treasure chests deed and slayer deeds. Most slayers are on advanced, so few grinds here and there would do the job.

Managed to help one player with Trollshaws. He needed few caves and trolls here are hard. Nuked them all, everything went nice. At least I was needed to somebody.

Anniversary festival starts today! One I enjoy,t hat is effective and in Lotro nights we have wonderfull fireworks show. Yes, that means essence reclamation scrolls, anfalas crystalls, mounts.

Busy time in Lotro is coming: Storm, Naktieskarys, Vytautaz, maybe even Ahelissa – all would have to grind those magic scrolls and crystals. Yet I am enjoyed by it. Busy game – good game.

Dale explorer, Dale slayer


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Mordor dailies went good: Agarnaith and Lhingris. Easy ones, especially Lhingris quests to kill 14 and 20 enemies.

Finished Dale ruins deed (and got killed in one location). Was killing Orcs whenever I met them.  Then went to finish Easterling slayer. Initially had some 70/200. Then started farming local camps, helping some people, those people helped me, few times was almost killed…but at the end, slayer deed was done.

Reputation things goes well. Killing poor Easterlings gave me Rusted scimitars. And these mean more reputation with Dwarves.

Things to do: kill whatever is left. Ask kinnies to help clear one camp and then try to survive one extremely hard solo quest. Defending lame elf from armoured shadows, I am not strong enough to survive here, but maybe I would be lucky.

One kind kinnie once again helped with armour. Had to use one Essence reclamation scroll. No problem, would grind these in incoming Festival.Really appreciate the help of that kinnie: always ready to advice, always speaking frankly.

Still have exploration deeds: Dwarf markers, then – treasure chests. Dislike these, yet have no other option, but to finish.

And so the day has ended: quite good in Lotro. Much activity ahead – so days will start shining again.

Weeping Warrior


Lord of the rings online

Had little time to play, yet still managed.

Finally finished long quest line. The story followed Mr. Weeping Warrior. Why should Orc weep – remains a mystery. Yet it isn’t. I followed how Orc killed Dragon, was cursed and ran throughout all the Middle Earth to look for bones of Dragons. Witnessed visions of that unlucky warrior…and a sense I would meet him next time, next region. There was much riding (Enedwaith-Forochel-Misty mountains). Rewards were great. Long quest line, yet surely worth doing.

I keep advancing my reputation with Dwarves and Men. Dwarves – because they are the hardest to reach Kindred. Men – because they are on of the easiest. Xenophobic Elves would be the last.

Dailies in Mordor went good. Thalath Urui, done 2 quests here, then – 2 easy quests in Udun.

Result: N.Mirkwood is almost finished. I have one very hard quest marked solo – and in fact requiring full fellowship. One with armored shadows attacking and reflecting damage. No idea how to kill someone who reflects damage and how to get there at all (fortress is guarded by maybe 100 armoured shadows and always in groups).

Now I must wait for Anniversary festival. First of all – Essence reclamation scrolls, need as much as possible. Then – for Naktieskarys – Anfalas scrolls. Maybe mounts, if these are nice looking.

In short, I am starting to have enough activities in Lotro. The days here are slowly becoming bright once again.

Lake city quests


Weekend in Lotro, only Stormsong active.

Mordor dailies went good. Done them all, without real troubles.

And then – talk with one kind kinnie, one I almost always spam about equipment, essences, statuses. Finally started re-equiping. Thanks to God and developers, we may barter Mirkwood essences for ash. 2500 ash – one essence. I bartered all 4, equipped imemdiately. Then bartered many black keys, opened boxes to get one more essence. Alliance items were used to get one piece of armour. Then, used tokens of service to get useless armour and turn it to ash. Once again, I had ash for 1 essence. By advice of kinnie crafted 2 Empowered abyssal essences. Also, got few pieces of armour.
Long jog of chaning armour and essences started. It won’t end today or tomorrow or this month. With help of my kinnie it has future.

Meanwhile in Dale – quested in hated grumpy areas. There is nothing good in them, always dark, always grumpy, always senseles.  I did what I had to, even finishing that very hard quest with Beorning. Just let him go for a kill and I…I just watched. Result – it was done. Did quests for wood elves who were too lazy to work. But hey, these are elves, ages or millenium does not matter.

Received quests about Master in Lake city. One I enjoyed, pity, skipped almost all text of quests. Old Master is dead, council needs to elect one. When it gathers, Dwarf is poisoned, Elf is killed, another person killed and third falls from the top floor. Everyone is under suspicion…then folks arrive.

It’s up to me to accuse someone. Yay, developers – kudos for this! First time I had to choose. Any decision would be accepted, I chose one person who always accused me (since I do not murder these poor folks). Felt pity for the Dwarf, he was the most nice (and hungry…) person here. And well, kind of pity for an Elf, she was meant to live, not to die by the knife.

Quests took me too bones of Smaug, there I cooperated with the Hunter and we killed, quested, looted.

Dale quests: oh my, once again politics. Refugees are so cute, citizens are so bad, so we need help “poor refugees”, these telling phrases that could be told by frau Merkel… Nonsense + politics. But – then I had some trail, some bribery and fights. And one prince who wants to ally with evil Easterlings to unite un-unitable. Met Weeping Warrior first time.

Lake city quests proved to be interesting. I really applaud the option to choose. After all, some NPCs have shown their characters, we had some humour. If only developers could expand this. Made choice matter. Example: I have NPCs: A, B, C and D – one must be accused. A is friend of B (council member), C is friend of D (very rich banker) and finally, city folks would applaud if B is convicted. Whoever you choose, the friend won’t be happy. Friend of that friend won’t too and any choice would be right and wrong.

I look forward for quests…and Anniversary festival, my grind for essence removal scrolls, mounts and maybe crystals.

And so weekend has ended, good and nice in Lotro.

Dale, moose, lynx


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong forgot Mordor dailies and quested in Dale land.

Finally, finished refugees questline and even forgot how it ended. Since I am … sceptical … about so-called “refugees”, I care little.  Killed some avancs. received quest to kill lynxes. Normal ones plus named, with some 300,000 health. I barely survived this encounter and now am sent to kill moose, including named one. This fight would be problematic, but it can be done.

And Dale is all about refugees and trade. Refugees are just trash, the less the better. Trade is everything. Received quest to visit markets and interact with merchants, angry shoppers, happy shoppers, indecisive shoppers. Navigation was bit uneasy, Lotro towns are known to be mazes. Rohan towns were probably the best: big, fortified, made for riding and with clear layout.  So, I was riding, performing emotes, receiving quest rewards.

Thinking about essences for ash. I may afford it, right now I could afford 4 essences, then barter for 20 keys, unlock chests, get even more ash, deconstruct some trashy items, get more trash…untill I can barter another4 essences. Need really good advice on that.

Temporaly thoughts: Dale could be nice and interesting. I could imagine lots of stories here, like taking care of citizen A stuff, or purchasing toy from Dwarf toy-maker to citizen B child or playing with citizen C child etc. Listening to their stories how they settled, what they experienced. Now there is none. A pity.

Once again, I stand before closed doors. Quest almost over, no redirects, no dailies. What to do when I finish wood elves town? No way am I returning to that grumpy dark lands, I forgot nothing there (unless some nice hunter summons me everywhere I need to go).

I am waiting for spring festival. Calculating. If I receive 2 tokens per standard quest, one day is: a) fireworks quest 1; b) fireworks quest 2; c) lost invitations; d) sparking an interest.  That’s 8 tokens a day, so should be effective.

And so the day has ended – a bit empty in Lotro. Hope this will change soon.

Dwarves again


Lord of the rings online

Mordor dailies went good – just made one mistake, died twice while riding to wrong camp. When understood – my 2 dailies in evil Talath Urui were finished, then some easy quests in Udun.

Stormsong still does not understand Dwarven quests. I did all of them. Got no redirection to other towns or dailies. The only quest I did not finish is one to assemble some old tome – others done. Reputation still low, but no dailies. No info within game. Tried to look at Raven hill: nothing, no more quests here.

Went to Dale. Town is maze-like (folks in Middle Earth know nothing about city planning). Nobody offers any quests, you may wander far and wide. Finally, some big hall with child-king and quests. Child “king” with some older women as real rulers. Dale is just doomed, you know.

One quest was, no doubt, politically correct. Remove evil scawls on refugees. Oh yes, politics even there…then witness razed refugee camp. 3 “refugees” attack you, because you are to blame. Then – go speak, go do some quests. Text of quests was interesting, a pity I initially skipped almost all of it. In short: how they remember defeat of Sauron and their own run. Then – accuse one person, go look for him untill you kill him and his Ruffians.

Fights were hard. Dale is mostly for tank classes: run, aggro, destroy. Minstrels are having some hard times here.  Reputation is problematic too, especially with Dwarves. Some fighting was helpfull: kill some wolves here, kill some wolves there – everything counted to Beast slayer deed. Same with Jangovar.

Met one player. Sent him tell – “Hello, could I ask you about local quests?”. Answer was simple – “No” and player rushed on his warsteed. One more rude person to ignore list. Unfortunately, nobody that I have asked knew what to do with dailies.

N.Mirkwood is hastily done region. Half-baked, let us say beta version that was rushed. Some nice quests, some good ideas – and some senseless grumpyness, mazes, towns that no sane person could navigate. I can quest there, just without any interest other than “need to kill 50 more piglets”, “need 10,000 reputation with these”. If I could, I would have delayed N.Mirkwood. Removed all darkness/grumpyness. Make towns little (Bree size), yet -at least human/dwarves- of very clear, linear structure. Make quests with choices that affect other quests or investigations that you may decide the outcome. Daily reputation quests with each faction.

Bright news: festival is at April 19. Then, they have added Abyssal essences to barter for ash (2500). Also, Gorgoroth lootboxes now have tier 10 essences. Kudos on quality updates that makes life easier.

And so the day has ended – quick and with little sense in Lotro.

Lazy waiting


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Mordor dailies: lucky for me, Lhingris and Agarnaith. Run was quick, without any problems.

Went to Dwarven city, then outside to kill animals. Some tiny Lynx almost killed me, despite using my best attacks. Killed few animals, quickly became bored. There is just nothing to do about reputation with Dwarves. Would take ages, even if you complete all deeds and have, say, 10.000 task board items.

I was hoping Anniversary festival would be active. Nope. Just an update, “11 years cards” near party tree and those, who have benn with Lotro all 11 years, would receive special present. That’s right approach, these people really deserve something special, they are the most loyal patriots. Update has also some minor things fixed that won’t affect gameplay.

There is almost nothing to do for me right now. Do dailies. Hope there would be dailies in Talath Urui, so that 2 quests within one day (at least). Look if somebody needs help (typically no one does). Ignore power-levelling requests. Log off.

I wish developers had any kind of things that help increase reputation with Dwarves. Maybe random monster killing or some repeatable (may even be grindy) quests. Now it’s just about farming Rusted scimitars, farming without end.

And so the day has ended – quick and gray in Lotro.