Hello and test



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Running in circles, grinding golden and violet extract from flowers: golden at night, violet – at day. Then returning to Herondir, exchanging into journals…and repeating.

All other crafting toons supplied Vytautaz with Wastes crafting reputation items. Naktieskarys did the most job.

All items used, Vytautaz is some 42 top items short from Kindred. An end to this grind…even if Stormsong will continue to craft top reputation items. Vytautaz also finished quest that introduces to Wastes and finished one exploration deed.

Then Stormsong moved to Bree, tried to chat in Regional. Managed only briefly: got lesson to say “hello” instead of “test”. Chat was buggy, I could not see my texts, thought I received chat ban without a notice. Nope, just some problems on game side.

Tomorrow I would have one annivesary – but that’s for tomorrow.




Lord of the rings online

And Wastes again. Riding for violet extract, bartering journals so that I had 33 Dagorlad journals of History at the end. Cooldown for crafting not expired.

Checked Vytautaz. He is some 23000/25000 and then would have these 30000 xp towards Kindred. That means >40 top-level items and an end to this flower madness.

Then – back to Stormsong. Teleported to Hall under the the mountain. Tried to see if Durin had any quests: he didn’t. Well, that ends my searches and looks like free epic is finished with this “mini-expansion”.

Teleported to Bree. Tried to talk in /Regional. Failed – almost nobody here and I really have no wish to return to over-trolled /World. Noticed one of the kinnies bought “mini-expansion”. Unwise move to support such evil practices. Quest pack, even if lowest quality, would be ok as long as it’s free for VIPs. Quest pack, even of highest quality, if it is not free for VIPs, is not ok.

Good news from all this boring “activity” is that Vytautaz would be Kindred with last Host of West faction – very soon. That would end flower madness. For now.

And so the day has ended, really uninspiring in Lotro.

Nights again



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong only active: Wastes, riding in circles, hunting Eye-of-Night and rarely Evengleam at night, Nusknettle and Wraithscowls at day.

Crafted some top-worth items, used 1 Universal critical success ingredient. Result: some 2 journals used, about 16 top relics. Crafting started with 25 journals, then I quickly returned to those 25.

Yes, cooldown is long (6 days), but hey, I may grind enough extracts to supply all crafter toons.

On the internet, new “mini expansion” is greeted pessimistically or even hostile. Only rare fanboys yell like “20$ is little” (while it should be free for VIPs…start using your brain, fanboys).

I feel alone once again. Regional chats are dead. World, LFF are of zero interest to me: not want to troll, do not have top-level armour for raiding. Kinship is not active. No other players to meet and greet.

Starting to miss Istaria. Could have been an option to grind resources, add to structures…but Istaria is so complicated now it’s impossible to start anew.

The day has ended, quite grey in Lotro again.

Three peaks and flowers



Lord of the rings online

“Micro-expansion” has been activated. The only two differences: we can stay logged in for 8 hours; one deed replaced with another. No mails, no hints about epic – nothing. Go, look at every NPC in Middle earth, explore every centimeter of earth.

New quest pack prices already cause dissent. On the internet they are called “controversial” at best. Most users mock, especially “Reccomended” tab above $99 package. Yes, one with battle pig mount. One pig for 70 USD – oh yeah…

I am ignoring that lame “expansion”. Current target is Vytautaz, his Kindred with all Host of West crafting factions.

Specifically for this Stormsong grinds flowers. At night – Eye-of-Nights for gold extract, at day – Evengleams for gold, Dusknettles for violet, sometimes Wraithscowls. Others are just not important: pick if nothing to do, ignore if there is anything to do. I started day with 17 Dagorlad journals, ended up with 20. And have enough gold extract for 4 more journals. Now – up for violet extract grind, 100 more.

The day has ended, a bit grey in Lotro.

Flowering again



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Logged in and rode in circles. Yeah, Wastelands, most useless region, grumpy one without anything to care about.

Flower and Scholar resource hunt was very simple: wait till night time, hunt for Eye-of-Night and randomly – Duskneetle. First for gold, second for violet extract. Then repeat, repeat, untill day time changes. With that change, Wraithscowls grow instead of Eye-of-Night, supplying with Violet extract.

I got enough stuff to get 4 more Dagorlad History journals. Unfortunately, my other crafting toons lack their journals. Naktieskarys has some, but lacks recipe (single use only…).

Today we will receive “micro-expansion”, War of the Three Peaks. Of course, for cash only. Delivery for LP is not announced. Maybe this year, maybe next year, maybe few years later. Classes get some revamps with Minstrel receiving one downgrade: for reasons unknown, some skills won’t count towards deeds to use them. Embers of Enchantment from featured instances are halved. We would have some “Missions” from lvl.30 to lvl.130. Virtues cap is increased.

Absolutely not excited about this quest pack. As far as I can read – nothing interesting. There is no need to rush, I would just wait untill it is discounted.

No more thoughts about subscribing. Very little thoughts about my Kinship: it exists, members still gather in Kinship chat, still no more Kinship mails (what are they doing then, remains a mystery).

So far I need to grind all Wastes materials to get Vytautaz to Kindred with remaining 2 Wasteland crafting factions. Then I could abandon this region for good.

And so the day has ended, quite grey in Lotro.

Hard days



Sorry for being offline: some tragedies in my family, unable to play while killing. Logged to Lotro to take Hobbit prizes only.

Managed to talk to one interesting player: a leader of another Kinship, into roleplay and of rare type – a wise one. He has all cosmetic slots filled, one for “casual walking into inn”, another for other purposes, told me my dress (Stormsong’s) was “too heavy” etc. He supports me for having turned /World off. Religion and politics turns into disaster. That Kin leader talks wisely – problem is not in religion or politics, problem is zealots who turn discussions into battlefield. I second his thought: “Religion/politics is for wise only”.

Vytautaz woke up, crafted some Minas Ithil farmer/cook stuff, got too little xp…then I remembered Vytautaz did not max reputation with Wastes crafting factions.

Hurray, Vytautaz rushed to Wastes, used all items, maxed one reputation and advanced another. Then I ran off reputation items. Stormsong had to be sent to pick up flowers.

Yes, same boring activity: ride, pick flowers, especially Eye-of-Night, count if I picket 25 violet and 25 golden, then barter for Rangers journal of Dagorlad history, repeat. Booooring. Yet – at least non killing activity.

Naktieskarys would start crafting of Dagorlad rep.items too. At least another tiny activity.

Lack of any Kinship mails. Not sure if there is any activity left.

Days in Lotro: bit grumpy due to my personal life problems, little activity. Just dark days.

Onions, spambans



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was a bit active. Chatted in my /Regional. Met few players, one of them – new Captain. Tried to help him with equipment, but knew too little and when some expert told what I could need – new Captain was gone. I still know not what to do in Lotro. All doable content is done, grind is not fun and could take years.
Players do support me in turning /World off. Some tell frankly: this is the first chat they turn off. Which means I made a right choice.

Xinderbor crafted onions (again!) to reach lvl.22 and get quality armour. Then I deposited thousands of onions, yelled in Bree vault, got angry remarks, including reminder I could be banned for emote spamming. I was not spamming, some 20 emotes in a row is not a spam (I guess). Well, stopped anyway, would roar in other places.

Questing on Xinderbor was real joy. Good armour, quality bow, slayer deed almost automatically finished. Shire explorer and slayer were done, I reached Kindred with Mathom society (used almost all their reputation items). Now it’s up to Bree: most exploration, all slayer.

I enjoy grinding LP on my Hunters. It’s efficient and nice. I do not hurry, I have nowhere to hurry (and well, nowhere to go). I also discovered that at cost of one enslaved toon (plant onion fields, gather onions, repeat) I could provide many toons with quick levelling.

And so weekend was over, quite efficient and only half-yelling in Lotro.

Too big, too fun



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active with Mathom and Bree reputation items grind. Haudth Iarcith, running in rounds. Helping one lower lvl. player with one barrow, later he told he was gratefull, but I was too big so there was no fun. Well, good luck then.

Social activity – almost zero. Strange thing, I do not receive answers to polite questions, like “Hello, do you need help there?”. I would accept any answer…but this silence? Hard to understand what am I doing wrong.

Zhantipe finished Bree land slayer, explored Barrows. She ran and killed, then all easy Bree deeds were over. Slayer – complete, basic exploration – complete, Cordolan lore, Dunedain history, ruins – complete. It was time to use reputation items and get to Kindred.

Two times turned in Thorins hall reputation items. Result: +5 Lotro points.

Right now Zhantipe is a busy farmer: planting onion fields, gathering onions…so that next toon jet-levels.

On Stormsong had one very refreshing talk with lvl.130 player. He occasionally does some lower lvl. activity just for fun. I am stuck, because I have either forced group content or very dangerous content. Nothing to do, absolutely. If I meet that player again, maybe would ask for some activity.

Life in Lotro became circle: grind items, start new Hunter, grind on farmer/cook to lvl.20, equip crafted armour, grind deeds, use rep.items, sell all, deposit money, delete toon, restart. I wish I had any meaningfull activity.

Hunting, hunters, chats



Zhantipe finished Shire, almost finished Ered Luin. 30 minutes slayer deed accelerator worked perfectly with Dourhands, spiders, hendrovals. Then, returned to Bree.

It was time to use Mathom society reputation items, so reached kindred wit one use.

And then pause. Stormsong logged, went to famous Haudth Iarcith. Once again, running around, taking all mathoms. Met few other players, including one lvl.130 Champion who retreated soon. Why?

In Bree, talked in /Regional. Not so many players. Chatted with one lvl.37 Minstrel. Turns out, ovegrown LP grinding toon. Unlike my toons that typically get deleted at lvl.21.

My Hunter is just perfect for Lotro points grind. Now, I have to focus on simple things: slaying almost all I could, except Huorns. Then, Kindred with Bree (+50 Lotro points), maybe some quests to reach first reputation with Thorins hall (probably +5 points).

This time my LP grind would be really efficient. I could even farm a level to be safe in Rath Teraig. The more LP, the better, since there is nothing more for me to do in Lotro.




Lord of the rings online

We have [almost] confirmed new class – Brawler. Some dataminer found it along with class “Shaman” at Bullroarer. Now developers kind of confirmed.

New class. That’s when some are nerfed (Minstrels), some lack any dps (Runekeepers), there are heavy lag areas, there is heavy grind, some gear has zero logic…and they divert those tiny resources they have – into new class.

Wrong and absurd decision.

Meanwhile my Huntress enjoyed killing spiders and exploring the  Shire. Now I have Goblins, Wolves, later – evil Slugs. Hunter is pure joy, not that very slow Runekeeper.

Maybe I should try Loremaster one day. To see how it fares in LP grind. But so far – grinding slowly, enjoying quality class. And yes, being alone ƒ& in silence.