Mordor: goats, treacheries, fortressess


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong’s adventures in Mordor continues. There are many quests and I do my best to finish them + slayer deeds. Exploration deeds does not go so fast and well.

I found signal flags, then some more signal flags, finally even more signal flags. Got tired, so did not read the quest text (it was about great many signal flags, I guess…). Then – repair some mechanisms, after that got attacked by Goats, then got deed to shoo goats and take care of some (goat) master.  Most interesting thing – to shoo goats. We collected goat droppings, now we shoo them (not droppings).

“Go and take” quests were not that interesting. The only one that fascinates me is Lost Lore of Udun. I pick up some page and then I hear audio story about certain event, like “The great Grond was made there” or “Sauron ordered to open many smithies”. That’s nice and inviting. Managed to find all 4 stones in Forges of Uudn, then went to kill one Fire grim.

Rest of the story: was redirected to one fortress. Starting was a bit standard – kill these, find that, destroy those. Then I witnessed story of the fall of that fortress how defenders valiantly fought…and failed, surrendering to Sauron and being killed. Story was captivating and interesting.

Then, one twist – I had to help one slave, do stuff for Easterlings, and to find one monster killed with evil Dwarves nearby. Dwarves swore it was not them. yeah yeah, convince me …

Met one lvl.106 Minstrel, asked if she needed help. “Better in company” – she replied, but unfortunately, we had no common quests. Had to leave her.

Questing in that fortress was interesting. Fortress full of monsters: simple orcs, ranged orcs, sorcerers etc.  Then, got some inside quests…and understood it was a fellowship area. Grouped with two, apparently Russian, players, but they just farmed monsters with little doing of quests. One moment I was defeated and left fellowship.

In short -things are interesting in Udun. Content is mostly doable. Forced fellowship content visible. Bad side: no time for helping others, no time for Wildermore and one day I would have to start Alliance quests.

And so the day has ended – good one in Mordor.


Mordor at last!



Lord of the rings online

Game greeted with important news: Mordor expansion is on Lotro store! It was something like a miracle nobody has expected.

I felt a bit ashamed. It was I that “predicted” Mordor only next year at its best. A pity I went with such conclusions…yet developers talked clearly about Update 22 next year, so I hoped they were planning for next year’s winter (i.e. starting December 2018).

2495 Lotro points spent. Then I teleported to Udun, searched for Gandalf, accepted all quests. Talk to Gandalf. Talk to some captains. Ride to Udun.

And then it began. Overwhelming of quests and deeds. Almost every monster and camp visited means new task. I enjoyed quest to accept surrenders from various NPCs of different races, their responses from “I bow before Gondor” to “Take me to prison”. It was good and proper. Second good quest I met was about one Captain who went to forges at Udun in search of treasures. He lost half of his men, then found one artefact…only to understand his men became corruptedfrom artifact and he (plus me) had to kill them. Then captain runs in fear – he found no treasure, only death. This quest was nice too. Some others were “collect this, 0/10”, “find these (0/4)”. Interesting quest was to check soldiers’ packs and inspect strange banners.

Udun quests are good ones. Some – bit grindy (“kill 12 overseeers”), some are just “find magic spot” (strange flags).  Deeds are doable, managed to earn first 5 Lotro points from killing some 80 enemies (Orcs? Forgeworkers?). Other deeds are mostly doable. some – bit uncler (“find dark places”).

Of course, World and Kinship chats had one most popular quote: Region of Gorgoroth has been purchased! I was amongst others, the only negative result – lots of people running in Udun, killing stuff and talking to NPCs.  Few times I ran out of surrendering persons.

Once again – I was wrong, had almost zero faith in developers and feel shame because of that. Now I do feel happy, having enough quests and deeds, earning silver signets for every single quest. The only thing I did not touch so far – Allegiance things.

The life is bright and with sense once again, I have things to do, my lats have – everythign is nice and shiny.

Developer letter:disappointment


Lord of the rings online

We have new letter from Developers! In short: Mordor for Lotro points is at 2018, before that – new Raid; after first Mordor we move to Nothern Mirkwood. Then, working on avatar updates, soe minor improvements, including somethign new for festivals.

I am really disappointed. First: it is obvious we are getting Mordor for Lotro point at December 2018 at its best. Then – all gear we worked at would become obsolete, since shadows of Mordor works only at Mordor. Wellcome to new grind: new armour, new essences (and who cares about Mordor?). Of course, new factions to grind reputation with, new lootboxes, new keys…

Nothing exciting, I would have really little reasons to log into game for a year. Log, do lower level dailies, offer help, log off – that’s all what developers have for me.  Crafting becomes something…banal. You get stuff, craft best gear, fill with best essences…only to discover few motnhs later that you crafted rubbish, wellcome to another system that requires more time to get stuff, craft best gear, get best essences – and yeah, few months later it’s rubbish again.

My Stormsong had almost nothing to do: same borign things, even no will to grind LPs. Life is disappointment in Lotro: untill Yule, nothing to do, after Yule nothing to do. Just great.

Mordor talks



Lord of the rings online

Had little time to play. Stormsong did Wildermore survivors, once again same 5 boring tasks. Selling trash loot. Managed to go to the Barrows and ninja-help people, but they rarely needed it. Group of 2-3 level 20s players, including Hunters were really self-efficient, their health not dropping.

Had a long talk about Mordor and my feelings about it. I speak frankly and everyone listens to me, understands me, shares their thoughts with me. Yes, my feelings evolved from “omg wtf, never!” to “I am going to barter it” only to become “omg what developers are doing with Mordor?”. I am afraid they would heavily nerf everything. However, kinnies encourage me, presenting wise arguments. At least some light in the darkness of our developers…

In World chat we ranted about Hobbitses, Middle earth lore and many other things. I keep telling Saruman was not evil. Military noob – yes.

To be frank – I would barter Mordor, I would grind Lotro points to have at least 6000 of them. Yes, I would ask for help with forced fellowship content. Yet what awaits me – question be be answered.

Lotro forums, even they, are full of criticism. People are presenting logic and wise arguments against nerfing. Any thinking developer would listen to them.

And so the day has ended: good one in Lotro. Understanding, being with friends is what that counts.

At last – needed


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong spent a long weekend in Lotro. One day – off, because of personal life. Other time – Lotro, Lotro and one more time Lotro.

Wildermore survivors’ reputation grind goes slowly and boring, there is nothing exciting in doing same thing 100 times in a row.

The exciting thign was: I was needed by community. One player needed help with Garth Agarwen, where we did landscape things, accidentaly ran into 2 instances and finally completed almost everything. Player died only 1 time, many times instances’ side quests were completed. Then, aided another player in Forochel with local exploration and slayer.
When got tired – I went to Barrows and killed monsters. After return there were always give aways of crafting stuff. As always, most popular are Scholar materials, jeweller ones are of zero demand.

Few times I could not aid everyone who needed it – I group with person A, then person B and C ask for help. Also, had to explain to one kinnie that Kinship does not look positively at powerlevelling. One has to know his/her class.

Decided to do some ninja-stuff. Typically I go to Barrows, look for lower level players fighting local monsters and heal players. Sometimes monsters tried to attack me. Not sure if that was helpfull or not.

I was happy: community needed me, I was of some aid to others, especially lower levels. Was advicing one, aiding other player, giving stuff to another. It felt really good.

Community started new fashion: giving away gold. Typically to lower levels, amount of some 0,5-3 gold. Out of nothing. I (just why me, lvl.115?) received 3,5 gold in a mail. Why? Not sure. Anyway, this fashion is really nice and helpfull to lower level players.

Community joked, last rant was about “Fifty shades of Gandalf the Grey”. We joked hard, had a good laugh ending with -“of course, Christopher Tolkien would approve this”…

On the contrary, Lotro forums are of entirely bad things. Ash is going to be impossible to get – only option is tier 2 raid with long time-lock on chests. So, while in Mordor, no quality armour. Suicidal, unwise move by developers. But hey, they don’t play, don’t listen and don’t care. Bad feedback? oh, not to worry, we’ll ban every non fan boy from forums and get everything throuigh rose glasses.

And so weeekend has ended, quite good in Lotro.

Other news

ASTA: ceased operating for the second time. No pity for them.
Secret World legends:did not miss at all. Sorry.
Guild wars 2:sometimes thinking of returning, but really little wish.

Surviving Wildermore


Lord of the rings online

A short day for Stormsong. Wildermore dailies: clean Uruk filth, kill Uruk riders, return to Forlaw; kill Warg pack leaders/members, collect their tales, return to Foralw; kill 15 Goblin riders, return to Forlaw. Nothing interesting.

Other than that – no activity. I am waiting for Mordor, though it looks like developers would almost kill that zone for free players. Zero ash drop from landscape, zero black keys acquiring via landscape/quests and they introduce armour set worth of some 60,000 ash. Oh yes, and cap of ash is 10,000.

Our developers are not wise. Dedicated – yes. Wise – no. Willing to hear community – no. Some are active on forums (Cordovan, MadeOfLions). None is playing game as free/premium players, none has idea of levelling and completing deeds. And those who make decisions, do not listen to any feedback, except fanboys (“Whatever SSG does is right and nice”).

And so the day has ended – not very optimistic for me. Yet I must wait for Mordor and then see how it fares. or – if Mordor comes for LP aty the end of 2019, 2020 or 2027 – wait for Yule.

Return to Enedwaith


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Another 5 quests for Wildermore survivors, another reputation reached, yet Kindred is far away. Good news – I am earning Wildermore golden tokens for that, one day may barter some cool recipe or sellable item.

Was lucky to help one Hunter with Enedwaith quests. Yes, region with Giants/Gwibers. I was effective, nuking and probably acting like tank. We killed all opposition, things done. Some time later I asked in World chat again – once more, my Hunter. One more quest, to kill ~200.000 hp monsters with his ~29.000 hp wolf. Killed. My main problem was to get monster attacking me: then, Hunter could freely attack. Things done.

Last run was Sammath Gul with one player. It was relatively easy, just had to remind NOT to step on bones. Last monster killed, no serious loot, but money is always handy…

Another player asked if I had some (low level) leftovers for his Champion. Unfortunately, no, I sell/destroy unneeded stuff.

Developers are removing Mordor ash items from landscape drops, so that lvl.106-109 players have no chance to quest in Mordor. Black keys being out of rewards is a “bug”, but they would be removed from rewards. Developers are not listening to players and why they do not listen, they make too many wrong decisions.

Nobody objects grind or farming instances for that ultra-cool armour. Ash of Gorgoroth was really hard to get, yet it was doable and everything worked fine. Now, grind would become unbearable, almost impossible to get ash. result: few lucky ones with quality armour, main playerbase in rags.

Not so good for me, especially when I would have to get Mordor someday…But I must not give up. Even if I do not get Mordor, I may stil, say, level up my Loremaster. And would always be one to help new players. That does make difference, not Mordor grind.

…why level 95?


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Did Wildermore reputation deeds – same boring ones. Two quests to kill Wargs. Two quests to deal with Thrymm’s farm (kill riders, clean filth). One quest to kill Goblin riders. Quests done – nothing more to do.

Returned to Bree, asked if people needed help. Nobody did (oh, lucky Laurelin!).  Then rode to Barrows to farm Mathom reputation items. I ran, I killed and looted things. Then returned to Bree, donated all crafting materials I looted…only to repeat that circle again.

One person asked why do I write “(up to lvl.9)”? Just because I purchased first Gondor and no content after that. Received remark – oh, quest packs are on sale – but did not go into further discussion: I dislike all this grumpy surroundings, forced fellowship content and too little return of investment.

Talked to one player whi is advancing his Loremaster. He’s doing good, though sometimes has difficulties with instances. If he wishes, I could heal him, he would fight his lvl.25 monsters…

We still have heated discussion about ash items and black keys. SSG is not listening and no doubt, they would remove these items from loot.  I wish they listened to players’ feedback – thing that never happened in Lotro.

However, things are going good, I keep myself somehow busy, keep donating crafting materials and waiting for Yule/Mordor – whatever comes first.

Minstrel runs, SSG gets mad


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Wildermore dailies – easiest ones, since Raid level warbands are of zero interest to me.

Managed to help few people. One run included fellow lvl.40s Minstrel. We stormed Naruhel’s hideout, screaming at everything, killing everything, surviving every single attack. It was really nice run.

When I got bored, I just farmed reputation items and gave up crafting materials. Jeweller stuff is of zero need – Scholar items are in high demand, The better for lower level toons.

Created an alt, chose “Randomize name”, was given some Hwindara. Human Minstrel that did one very quick run: Ered Luin slayer deed, then teleport to Bree, finish Neeker, Spider slayer deeds and fly slayer deed (simple). All of this – with 1,5 hour Slayer and Deed accelerator. Then, opened 3 looted lootboxes. Most content were trash. Got usefull Fate I tome, lesser craft accelerator, then one lvl.13 two-handed sword, suitable for Champion. After that, toon was deleted.

Fate-I tome did not find any buyers. Nobody was interested. Weird.

SSG are starting another foolish decision. First, remove ash items from landscape drops. Second, introducing ash cap. Even official forums (where critics is forbidden) users are angry. Yet, easy to predict: SSG won’t listen, why should they? Nobody from them plays game as any normal premium player and creating, say, lvl.50 toon for a Twitch is not considered playing. My dear SSG, why are u making bad decision after bad decision, why are you never listening to players? We have one of the best MMOs in the market. We have superb story, we have toons to love and hate, we have iconic landscapes, we have cool classes – we have almsot everything to make a nice, inviting game.

Please, do not ruin it more than it is. We want the game, not grind of flowers or Nazgul droppings or rng loot.

Raids, missing Warbands


Lord of the rings online

We had downtime due to database repair. Took really long, untill some 22:00 Lithuanian time. Of course, complainers started to complain, like “omg, I took day off and you dare to take game down!”. This kind of people won’t understand – company serves people worldwide, whatever date/time you choose, there would be bad time for everyone, be it national holiday or day off.  I never screamed, even when downtime was not good for me.

Wildermore warbands: done 4 of them, just had problems with the fifth. Arataus one, some rider with some guards. Found two other…just not Arataus. Asked in World chat for help, one kind player rode to me – yet grumpy Arataus was nowhere to be found. Cancelled quest, made crafting one instead. Wiki was of no help too. Our adventures ended when my helper attacked raid-level monster. Entire horde engaged us, we were dead very soon.

Which leaves me to Wildermore warbands marked as “raid”. At least 3 of them. Would have to ask Kinship’s hel to deal with those, finish Warband deed and forget about them. Another thing: would need Dar Narbugud for deeds.

Bright news – some bonus experience time, which means – I should log LP grinding toons.

And so the day has ended – short, yet good in Lotro.