joys of grind


Lord of the rings online

Wildermore finally finished! Last monster killed, I could finally leave this region. Its warbands proved to be a challenge for me. Yes, I took fellowship class ones and soloed them, sometimes with the use of healinh potion, sometimes almost with no health. Yet it is done. Other regions await – more deeds, more TPd and legendary item xp runes.

Instances were not going too well. Same ‘others, not me’ thing:if there is quality loot, it won’t be mine. Yesterday there was Anfalas crystal in Sambrog – and of course, not for me. It just made me angry – whatever happens, in 99% it won’t be for me. If it’s trash like tier4 item for LI – yes, game will give it. Always the same story – only me getting all the trash while others can tell about 2 crystals per day. No doubt, game’s RNG is set against me.

Did one Rise of Isengard instance with kinnie. It was challenging even for me, was few )maybe 3?) times killed by one Troll. Cute black troll with some 160.000 health. Game then get me reward for a deed – “Get hit by Isengard troll”. Finally, finished, though we were first time there and it was dificult to navigate.

My TP grinding toon awoke from sleep. It was pure joy to grind TPs and Scholar materials. Only at lvl.15 did I experience some problems: needed to do deeds, swamps were done and Barrows/orcs were3-4 levels too high. Overall, it was pure joy, especially when I used slayer and deed accelerator for 90 minutes. Finished many calss deeds, reached lvl.20 so that I could use Bree-land reputation items. Earned 3 gold (after paying maintenance for 3 weeks) just by selling stuff I got and I did not try to hunt for sellable things. Got Scholar materials that would save some time for Stormsong. Being a Minstrel means real and effective fun.

Yes, I am preparing Stormsong to become a Scholar. This does mean she will need materials, tons of them. Some are easily obtained by fight . Some are not so easy. But I will grind so that when Stormsong approaches crafting trainer, she will have enough materials to reach highest levels (crafting accelerators I have in vault would be nice too).

And so weekend has ended. If not for evil instances – life could be good in Lotro. Being one who almost always gets trash only while all others gain normal loot is not very encouraging…

camera, action!



Echo of Souls

Yes, EoS. Anime free-to-play Asian game. Almost mocked at “been there, done that” in Yet I gave it a second try.
Install:almost non-problematic, just it asks “to access our account” – it means on Aeria games. Servers do not look too crowded.
Character creation:almost no place for fantasy. Classes are gender locked. You almost can’t customize toon, all customization is up to tattoos, hats (fancy maid one or pirate hat?), tails or wings. 6 toon per account allowed.
Action inside game is good, it’s good old tab-combat I familiar with. Surroundings were nice, music was good, my girlie toon screamed something from time to time.
Yet camera destroyed everything.
You must do two things at one time: control camera and your toon. Camera does not follow it, even like in Terra. I fought with this…and finally abandoned. Game controls won’t let me play normally. A pity. If I am to play this, I want real customization (think about Age of Conan, Lotro…) and I want normal “camera moves where toon moves” thing.

Lord of the rings online

Wood trolls and mounted foes – almost all action I have. Standing, attacking (not sure what is worse, attacks itselves or instant screaming). Mounted foes at some 120/240, Wood trolls at 80/240. Wood trolls are kind of bad, yet one is just to have patience: kill trolls, browse some websites, return to see trolls spawned and repeat. For the total lack of patience I brought some 30-minutes deed accelerators.

Two Sambrog runs, no spectacular loot – yet some gold won’t spoil anything as well as some relics, even tier5.

And so the day has ended – problematic in real life and interesting in games.

mounted trolls


Lord of the rings online

Less activity than usual: Naktieskarys logged only to sent some crafting materials to kinnie (and thus no Dol Amroth training).

Stormsong did Swan Knights training, turned in task items in Erthring and then back to Wildermore. Uruk slayer advanced – finished, wolves and wargs slayer advanced – finished. Mounted foes (advanced) and Wood troll slayer (simple and advanced) remains. While there are mounted enemies – wood trolls are a real problem. Guess I would have to use one of 30 slayer deed accelerators (30 minutes).

I abandoned doing last class deed, it takes just too long + need to retrait (and pay for it!) to blue line. I am Minstrel, a healer after all.

One kinnie plays as Minstrel and I was really glad to hear he deals with on-level enemies easy. It’s minstrel – nuke from far, stun, nuke…and if situation is ciritical (i.e. melee combat) – use all of heals. In melee my Champion is the best: shing-shing, enemies dead, but I still am more confident with Minstrel. If situation is bad, I can self-heal, can cast protective bubbles – as a Champion I cannot.

And so the day has ended in Lotro.

Wildermore, tier 2


Lord of the rings online

Most of the day game was on another update. The only reliable info – we can turn in tasks while in combat. Yay, at last some good news.

Stormsong did Dol Amroth training, turned in another part of task items (need Kindred with Pelagir), themn hunted wolves in Wildermore. Jeez, it was…not good. Too little wolves, so i just stood in cold and hunted few (“decent amount”, as our wiki says) near some rock. Enjoyed killing mounted Orcs while I was on foot: this was way much faster. Uruk slayer going slow and I really do not wish to think about Wood troll slayer. Would take weeks to complete.

Ran some instance with Kinship. One won, though I was killed and resurrected few times. Another failed few times in a row: Battle for Erebor, tier 2. Somehow raid leadership chose 4 out of 6 “terms”, challenge failed automatically and trolls just wiped us out. I tried to heal, but to no results. After some 4th fail, I left, it was midnight – time to sleep.

Chatted about Ost Giliath. Folks are still thinking I couls just ride there on my warsteed while I think this would be suicide. I do not know where to ride, so if I go at full speed, I will end nowhere. With lots of enemy groups that include ranged/magic attackers, I will ride nowhere. Dead end. Unless Turbine changes things so that this could be done solo (which is very, very unlikely:if they change, it would be making everything more hard).

And so the day has ended – very bad in real life and kind of gray in Lotro.

Shower Lotro style


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did dailies, turned in task items – and quested in snowy Wildermore. Snow cats slayer – finally done, more grindy tasks ahead. RNG was quite nice for me, got (from Hobbits presents) scroll that grants 100% critical chance for crafting. Started to think about crafting: for me maybe Scholar would be nice. This means gathering tons of resourcess and only few – as loot. At the other hand, some nice and sellable things could be crafted.

And then – at rthe evening – joking all the time. One kinnie told he was going to shower. I noticed – “Daily quest:take shower”, someoene told about “Cleanlyness increased”, “:equip item: soap”, then me again with “Deed: use shower NN times”. Other – 24 person raid. And then it began. Shower raid in lotro:
Champion: takes soap, shing-shings 15 perosns around him. Party ruined, bath probably broken, but who cares?
Minstrel: screams, takes shower and tries to throw it on someone (i.e. heal). Party for some reason is broken.
Loremaster:summons few pets and does not understand why party is ruined.
Captain:tries to summon Human pet and does not understand why he can’t.
Warden:tries 29 combos prior to take shower. Almost everyone hurt, but who cares?
Runekeeper:tries to use lightinings in the bath. Electricity + water –>certain death.
Guardian: uses shield to tank enemy, i.e. water and protects everyone from it. Armour for some reason rusted, others are not very happy, the question is – why?
Burglar:steals soap from everyone and then leaves.
Beorning:does not need to bath at all and his bear-form just breaks the bath.
Hunter: takes many pieces of soaps and throws them from distance while placing some pieces as traps. Does not understand why the party is ruined. the party was ruined, i.e. day has ended. Without soap, just with fun, talks about loyalty and me. Quite nice day in Lotro.

Lotro: RNG gone mad



Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys did Dol Amroth training, same boring Swan Knights faction. Some of Corsair spotters managed to die twice 9this quest seems to be bugged most of the time). Stormsong continued her journey. All slayer deeds in W. Gondor done she went to some instances only to find there was no luck for Minstrel.

it’s kind of typical for me: if there is a nice loot, everyone can get. Everyone, except me. Yet RNG decided to go mad (a bit).

One Mirkwoodd skirmish raid. Lots of enemies, I am trying to heal others…and to no results, because someone always out-heals me. Things drop often, I get trash and trash while others get Anfalas crystals. Few phases pass, I still get nothing or trash while others get Anfalas crystals. More times passes, I get trash, others – Anfalas crystals. My patience was gone. Typed that it was the last skraid for me. Folks reacted immediately -“what’s wrong?”. But there was nothing wrong, just – everything like it should be. Next loot, some bounty, was destroyed, I wanted to destroy every single loot…when I received one nice Anfalas crystal.

Then – Sambrog and nice Tome of Will 2. Looks like RNG started to be more kind to me. Yesterday died in one failed instance…nevertherless, received crystal. Now I have entire 3 crystals in my vault. One last instance – it looked like no crystals, while someone get them and a rarity – Unwellcome Mat. Of course, not me.

Medaillion farming is going very slow. Kinnies advice using Dol Amroth golden tokens…yet this won’t solve anything. if I have 10.000 medaillions and need 29.000 medaillions, event at 1000 medaillions a day it would take forever…and just for 1 imbued weapon. I am not talking about Crystal of remembrance (impossible to get).

Some talks with kinnies and one of rare times when I say “no” to them. Tried to help one with instance A, we finished it, he started instance B (lvl.75), I ran it…when noticed he takes no action. I asked where was he – no response. Finally, I left fellowship only to receive message later like “oops, sorry, was afk, forgot to type”.

Sidenote:tried to install Echo of Souls. Not succesfull, now I even can’t delete my account on Aeria. Thought to have fun with funny-looking anime toons (was thinking about Guardian). A pity, customization is very, very low: all you can do with body is to change legs, head…and add lots of tattoo/wings/hats. Well, uninstalled.

And so weekend has ended. Things were a bit mad, but still nice in Lotro.

Orcs & Essence reclamations


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Dol Amroth training, this time for Bank faction – just to get different tokens, maybe even needed ones. I have 114 Swan-noobs tokens: a little too much (if I go for 100) and a bit little (if I go for statistically required 1000).

Did Orc slayer in W.Gondor (advanced), used 15-min. deed accelerator. Result – Turbine points and some virtues that have already been maxed. Only brigands remain to kill.

Was discussing Anfalas scroll using on imbued item. Folks are saying that if I upgraded everything up to tier 6, I will need 35 scrolls. And if not – even more. Which puts me into really bad situation: i have not enough medails to buy a ton of scrolls. I have no patience to do RNG-based instances and see how others get good stuff and I only second-handed one.

Few Big battles aside: if only there was a way to get medaillions without evil RNG, I would go for such instance as many times as I am allowed.

Naktieskarys tried to craft weapon, but person could not supply with first age symbols and some special materials. Well, will wait.

Purchased essence reclamation scroll, since it was on discount. 350 TPs instead of 500.

And so the day has ended: one without inspiration and thoughts what to do.

epic quests, epic stops


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong continues her journey. Epic quest took me up to Ost Giliath, the impenetrable fortress.  Quest rewards are nice – not too much, but yet nice. Anfalas crystal, Anfalas scroll of e,mpowerement, supreme essence etc. My Minstrel as a ranged unit proved to be more effective than my Champion was. Especially with mobs that spawn rarely: I just kill them from far.

Obtained one essence of Critical rating, exchanged to one of tactical mistery. Now, I have my armour fully equipped…and yet lacking critical rating + tactical mastery. One wise kinnie told I need to get Supreme essences and replace Greater ones with Supreme. That would be hard to achieve, since rng does not favour me.

Also, question – what to do with ~100 Swan knights barracks tokens? I thought to barter lootboxes and get a chance to receive some nice essence. Now what?

And the lame dailies to use one Anthem, 40 days a day. It’s so over-boring to use useless song alone with no real purpose or usefulness.

Anyway – life goes on, my Minstrel finished epic line at Ost Giliath (since for me it’s imposisble content) and now will return to standard training, dailies and deeds in Dol Amroth and its region.

Sidenote: was thinking and asking kinnies about Elder scrolls online. Biggest minus is Buy-to-Play model, one I never believed into and I am one who never pays :-/. Now, real minus is what considers to be a huge bonus: very big tree of what you cna do with your toon. Huge customization…and that’s something I can barely stand. Too many skills is bad, I’d rather go to mmorpg where I have, say,10 skills. Of course PvP, but kinnies are telling it is on separate maps, so -they say- no ganking. I’m still not sure, it would be better if ESO allowed free trial for, say, two days…

And so the days have ended, life was just standard in Lotro.

skills and loots


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. “Active” means – did training quests in Dol Amroth, turned in remaining task items and then just used lame skill in yellow tree 40 times.

“Death from above” (Swan knights) quest is seriously bugged from time to time. I have to find 6 Corsair spotters. Once found 3. Once – 5. Another time I saw same Corsair was killed, re-appeared and I killed him twice. Yet, despite such bugs, this quest remains – Turbine cares little about gameplay.

Got into useless discussion with one arogant, ignorant person about Critical defense essence. In my opinion, it is not needed at all: what is needed are Tactical mastery and Critical rating. Defense may mean very little if it comes to close combat. Minstrel, I think, should nuke from far so that enemy does not reach him. In melee, Minstrel is kind of bad. Other player called me “glass cannon” and told to run naked, stabbing everything with a fork. He asked if I was in the Etenmoors (no, I wasn’t and won’t be) or if I do the last quest pack instances (no, I don’t and never will, unless they make them easy). My point is very clear: any defense could and will be broken. The only point is to have more (preferably – ranged) offense so that you hit harder and win first.

Of course, question aboutt loot or – my unluck in getting it. Some talks about this too.

And so the day had ended. Not too impressive, but still with more Swan knights tokens to try my luck (if I will ever have it).

some grind, some fun


Lord of the rings online

My TP grinding toon did one big run and as a result – some 350 TPs. Thanks to deed accelerator and “wellcome back” weekend, was able to complete many of class deeds. Things are really nice with Minstrel – it’s fast, it’s effective.

Stormsong started farming Swan Knights’ tokens in Dol Amroth and Naktieskarys is helping her. Started from zero tokens. Now Stormsong has some 60 and will farm more and more. Why? Just because I need some essences and can barter random box. Yeap, I have little luck with RNG, but maybe from 10 boxes I could get 1 usefull?

One very kind player helped me to finish class deed: one to resurrect fallen player. Thanks to accelerator, I used skill some 24, not 48 times. It came out I someday helped that player in Carn Dum – now he was helping me (with hiss low class toon). Also managed to aid another one with Garth Agarwen (but I screwed challenge at Red Maid).

One more achievement – Oath Breakers slayer deed in Gondor finally finished. Now it’s up to Orcs and Bandits slayer deed.

To finish deeds and get 1 more trait point, had to switch my Minstrel to yellow trait line. Used accelerator so that things won’t be too hard. One deed finished, another one is to be done: use some song 400 times. Song has cooldown of 2 minutes and daily limit of some 40. Thanks to accelerator, I used 78 within first 1,5 hours…and now rest 222 to go. All in the name of one trait point.

And so weekend has ended. Quite nice one in Lotro.


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