Two nights in runs


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was busy with festival quests. Arrived home earlier – so spent two Lotro nights launching fireworks, then making one Sparking interest and Invitations run. Before runs I had 98 festival tokens, after runs – some 114. Invitations quest was a “greedy” one, awarding me with just one extra token.

Turned in task items for Rangers of Ithilien. I will still lack some and it looks like I would be forced to use all task items I preserved for future. Dol Amroth dailies were not run.

Instead, made some runs. First, lvl.100 School. It was quite nice and fun, loot was just some coins (worth 1 gold). Then, I helped kinnie with spirit slayer deed in Haufth iarcith. It was really fun, I and another lvl.50 Minstrel just blasted everything around us. AoE attacks were just nice. Finally, we finished those spirits, I looted some reputation items and sellable trash.

Then, we ran Siege of Gondamon, lvl.32. It was really nice – one, two, few AoE and things done. After that – Trouble at Tuckoborough, once again a festival for Minstrel’s AoE. Very quick, very effective.

Then I had to log off and go to sleep. I felt satisfied: I was effective with Festival, I was really good at instances and yet managed to help kinnies. The day has been superb in Lotro.

Level 103


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Logged in, did 4 fireworks quests, 1 Lost invitations quest, 1 Sparking interest quest. Then turned in another set of items in Arnath (Rangers of Ithilien) + did Dol Amroth dailies.

Yet another some DA tokens I won’t use ir neariest future. Nearly 1000 Swan Knigh barracks tokens. However, if I can exchange them, I will – when my Vytautaz reaches Dol Amroth, of course.

Kinship runs Halls of Night almost non-stop and of course, nobody thinks about other instances. Only one person asked for lvl.105 Thadur and that’s because of some highly-specific shield.

Stormsong reached level 103, invested into Physical mastery. Next one point would be only at level 105.

And so the day has ended. Except festival, I had nothing to do, except counting tokens (now I have some 85 out of 140 needed). Of course, I will grind more – but these would be for next festival.

Featured fireworking


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active and had only limited time.

First -fireworks, then – unwanted morning, invitation quest. Got some (maybe 3?)tokens this way. Then – Inspiring interest, i.e. locating perfect places for some fireworks. And then, just waiting untill Lotro night.

Kinship is very active with new featured instance – The Halls of Night. I do not have it purchased (it’s not free one) and won’t . Any instance just won’t pay off. So I am left to watch how others are doing new instances. Not so great, but…

Then Lotro night came, I did 2 firework quests and at the end of the day I had some 85 tokens. Now, the prices:

Windfells goat: 40 tokens
Steed of Woodland: 20 tokens
Caparison of Odogil: 10 tokens
Caparison of Woodland: 10 tokens
Essence removal scroll: 60 tokens.
Total: 140 tokens.

Only in Bree my income may consists of:
Fireworks quest: 2 tokens
Fireworks quest: 2 tokens
Invitations quest:2 tokens
Sparking interest quest:2 tokens
Total: at least 8 tokens per day. However, it is possible to do Sparking interest twice and 4 fireworks + chance to find something in Invitation envelopes (maybe 14 tokens per day).

Fireworks aside, did Dol Amroth dailies, turned in Rangers of Ithilien task items (and it looks, I may be out of task items very soon).

And so the day has ended. Day has been good in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Once again, festival and my standard practice: 2 fireworks deeds at Lotro night, then Invitations and Sparking interest quests, then – if I am lucky -wait for night and get at leasy 1 run. Invitations quest brought me one extra Anniversary token. Other worked as intended and I ended up with some 69 tokens (started with 56). Quite good, have to admit.

Also, ran DA training, turned in task items for Rangers of Ithilien faction. Thought to run some instances, but alas – Featured instance changed, now it is Hall of Night, one I should purchase. Of course, I won’t purchase, new content is absolutely not worth of it and won’t pay off even if you create an army of alts.

Kinship runs new instances almost round the clock, so no Pelagirs / Schools.

Managed to help one kinnie: he needed lvl.60 First age Legendary weapon, barterable only for Bright emblems of Nimrodel. I had 7, so got him Hunters crossbow for 6 emblems. At least some use from this stuff.

And so the day has ended, quite nice in Lotro.

Featured fireworks


Lord of the rings online

Lotro’s anniversary festival goes just good. I keep up working with fireworks (experiencing lags many times), catching letters and overall grinding tokens. I started with some 5, now I have 56.  One Lotro night – some 4 tokens, then invitation quest – 2 tokens.

Kinship is very active with new instances. Sometimes they run featured instance (lvl.105). Once I asked for Pelagir and we did  quick, effective run with platinium outcome. Few times I fought in featured Ost Elendil, mainly acting as healer. Did not as for feedback, but am guessing my heals were effective, especially AoE ones.

In featured instance I am getting some new type of tokens; one time got Anfalas starlit crystal and scroll of emopwerement. One shield for lvl.104 (and then one for lvl.105 donated by kinnie). One kinnie (our officer) gave me lots of empowerement scrolls. I wish I could repay Kinship with something.

Naktieskarys bought Festival mount – local goat – and one Moria map.

Logged in my TP grinder, Xinderbor. She tried to use maps at lvl.7 – and to no results. Do they have a minimum level to start?

Overall, weekend was very succesfull. Good to resume instances with the Kin and to (slowly) make my way to lvl.105.

Minas grumps


Lord of the rings online

We have Anniversary festival! Finally. This time we have Anfalas starlit crystal (40 tokens) and essence removal scroll (60 tokens), as well as mounts. Kinnies tell that goat is worth bartering. Well,that mean lots of grinding – but I will do it.

Epic quests in Minas Tirith are complete disaster. Minas Tirith itself is…well, put all Middle Earth, increase 2 times, add labyrinths made with no sense, make everything in, say, 10 levels connected without any sense…and don’t forget about lag. Then you will have Minas Tirith.

Quests are really worth of this stupid place. Go to person A – oh well, run run run 3 levlels below to meet person B. You met it? How nice, rush to the top to meet person C.  Met your person C? Good, now go to meet person D at the other side of Middle Earth Minas tirith.

Quests without sense. Quests that I do not bother to read at all. It’s like installing known software: yes-yes-ok-agree-next-next-next-finish.

And help. I was a bit desperate to find those cursed NPCs and there was nobody to aid me. Kin, regional chat, players I met. After some 10 tries one kind Dwarf (of course, only Dwarf, the most intelligent and nice folk in Middle Earth) helped. Also, there were no Pelagir runs, only new instances.

And so the day has ended. A bit grumpy and a bit hopeless with MT. Even rewards for epic quests were miserable: major essences of will/vitality, 2-slotted armour (when I have 4-slotted). I felt unhappy with Lotro.

Far far Anorien


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong grinded Scholar materials, got to some 1330 / 1680 crafting mastery, ran Dol Amroth training exerxice, turned in few task items at Arnath…and had nothing to do. Kinship, after all, was running new instances almost round the clock.

Since Pelenor fields were near, i thought to do epic. Introduction to Far Anorien. Quest was simple:speak with NPC at Minas Tirith. Ok, let us mount warsteed and ride.

This was one mistake. This area is very laggy and sometimes I froze, sometimes I noticed enemies appeared out of nowhere, everything was loading slow…Somehow I managed to get to Minas Tirith alive. Evil NPC send to another. This one send me to some grumpy maze-like forest. I ran on warsteed, got killed (thanks to falling from bridge), got lost and there were too little players to ask help for. Finally, found one, spoke with one chieftain and my introduction was over. I stood in the middle of grumpy forest, full of enemies and knew I should go to Minas Tirith for epic quests.

Anorien is just a failure. Nothing captivating, no thoughts “wow, I have to return there”. Only running forwards-backwards and lag. I am doing it just because it is something to do. Rewards do not bother me, quest text too. All I need is to finish it as soon as possible…and wait for lvl.110 to appear.

Then and ony could I enter otherwise impossible Ostgiliath and finish this epic grumpyness.

And so the day has ended.

Good-byes and runs



Lord of the rings online

We had one rare, sad event. One Kinship member was expelled from The Family. It’s extremely rare event. I knew that kinnie, we spent some time questing together. Of course, that was the news of the day. A pity, but let us hope he would find his own place in Middle Earth.

Stormsong harvested Scholar materials, due to lag got few times killed. Then made some crafting, slowly advancing towards Anorien top crafting. Ran training exercise, getting some Swan Knights barracks tokens (in fact, I do not need these tokens, only golden and silver pieces).

Then – Pelagir run, everything was just perfect and I received platinium. Rewards were just the ring (not, not The One!) and Stars of Merit. I care little about these merit stars, since Update 18 introduces Anfalas starlit crystals as festival rewards.

And finally, Tarlag Crown quests. We were three – Guardian, Champion and me. I was told to remain dps, since “we do not need heals”. We needed some heals when ran into problems. Few problems were my own fault, I attacked monsters I shouldn’t. Unfortunately, things came really bad later – I was killed time after time, one time retreated too early and faield to finish quest. After God know which defeat in a row – left fellowsip and retreated to Dol Amroth. Now i have 2 more quests to finish in TC and I could forget this place for good.

The days are kind of good (yet boring) in Lotro. I go to farm Scholar materials, kill almost every Orc there (except groups, they hit hard). Then I rush to neariest town, turn in task items, recall to Dol Amroth, do training, then repairs, maybe – crafting. And that’s all, unless someone organizes Pelagir (which is rare, everybody is trying new instances).

Lotro, Lotro, give me some fresh ideas about non-grind activity that could actually be fun…

Scholaring, greefing


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Gathering Scholar materials near Arnath. Seriously guarded area, full of ranged, melee and just wandering Orcs. Almost every single step must be calculated, almost every group should be eliminated in order to step one step forward. Kind of hard area. Nevertherless, managed to gather some materials, some came as loot from monsters.

Then I crafted, almost destroying my crafting tools – and making my way to some 600/1700. One freebie came to great use: crafting accelerator for 1 minute. Made >100 stuff within that minute.

Then I had one thought about Ostgiliath. Since it is impenetrable from its own side – I thought if could be entered from Minas Tirith side. Wikipedia disagreed with this. Asked kinnies: answer was “no”. Once again, I stand before closed doors. It’s like somewhere a great party is going on and everyone is invited – except you. You are the only one not invited, the only one who has every door shut before you.

Wiki wrote about nice rewards from long epic line, involving Ostgiliath. I felt sad: everything was NOT for me. Impossible to enter and hence impossible to finish. Kinnies told they could summon me…but what’s the point from summoning if I am expected to enter it solo?

The truth is, for me it is not soloable. To enter Ostgiliath, one needs to clear all monsters at the same time – which requires at least 3 players for one monster (tank, ranged unit and healer). Then, you can enter, clear all monsters, rush forward…and so untill reach culverts. Or you should have, say, 1 million health points. Or armour that reflects damage.

The future seemed dark for me. I was left with Scholar materials grind or Dol Amroth daily grind. Or log in Vytautaz and grind hundreds of monsters in Great River. Everything is half-hopeless and related to grind only.

Kinship is active, running one instance after another, almost everybody purchased new content and runs new instances as well as old instances at lvl.105.

And so the day has ended: half-grumpy in Lotro.

Update 18



Lord of the rings online

My trip to Europe (Poland-Czech republic-France-Germany) took some 7 days and is over. Felt a bit tired, but full of good impressions and made >500 photos. Strassbour, Bremen, Prague made really great impressions.

Meanwhile in Lotro. We have Update 18, called Battle of Pelenor fields. Now level cap is 105, we have several new instances (no Big Battles). We have lvl.105 essences that can be slotted to lvl.105 jewellery/armour. And – surprise, surprise – armour occasionally drops at new instances. Same grind that would force me to destroy any lvl.105 essence should I get one.

New instance price is 2000 Turbine points which is heavily overpriced. I would pay some 50 Tps for it, maximum 200 – not more. Overall, I am not satisfied with it. After Eastern Gondor there is nothing to do in new regions.

Stormsong made few Pelagir dailies, then tried to farm Scholar materials. One try was almost failure, another one was double failure (killed 2 times in a row)…then had to travel to one Orc infested city and farm. However, farming goes too slowly. One risky run, calculating every single step – means some 30 Anorien texts. And I need great many of themn, at least 500. Too boring, sometimes killing monsters is best option to farm crtafting materials.

Stormsong also took part in Pelagir duo, received Tome of Will 7 from kinnie. Naktieskarys farmed prospector crafting materials, did one Pelagir run.

Vytautaz finished Beast slayer of Great River, now have to do Orc, Shade, Brigand, Easterling slayer (and possibly Spider, but this is too grindy). Of course, would need Kinship aid with Limlight Gorge quests (explorer deed finished, yay).

I am feeling a bit strange. Except of grind, there is too little to do. Kinship organizes lvl.105 runs,. but I am not lvl.105 and I won’t get lvl.105 normal in anuy way. Nor would I have hundreds of thousands gold to buy armour and supreme essences. Which means I should totally ignore these new features.

And so the weekend has ended, half-good, half-grumpy in Lotro.


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