Lord of the rings online

Last day with PC and Lotro before going offline for some 2 weeks.

tried to play Hunter, named Xizulfa. oh my gosh, it was a real nightmare if compared with on-level Minstrel.

Ranged unit: nice. Medium armour: good (Minstrel is ligh one). rest is bad. Can’t attack while moves. Wields 2 melee weapons, but could use spoons doe self defense with same “efficiency”. Ranged attacks at lvl.7 are really week.

Hunter (at least my red-line at lvl.7) is not dps. Minstrel outperforms him many many times. Grinding TPs with Xizulfa was a real pain. The only real attack i had was “Heart seeker” – almost insta-kill. Then, it was some kind of attack that stuns enemy. Lest were simple weak ranged ones. My hope of having Minstrel v.2.0 was ruined.

Somehow grinded 5 Turbine points (30 wolves killed in Ered Luin in company with 2 unfriendly Lore masters declinig my offers of fellowshsip). Regional chat dead while I was asking advice of veteran Hunters.

In short – Hunter may be Middle-Earth’s taxi service, but for me it is not efficient class.

And now – off for at least one week. Those who believe in any gods – pray for me. Those who don’t – well, just wish me the best luck.

a break


I have some problems in real life – Kinship knows what are they, no need to repeat.  if I was a role-player, I would recall one scene in Lonelands.

I am taking some (forced) time off Lotro.  managed to log yesterday, ask for Kin attention and told my story. Some officers were afraid i was leaving Lotro. Nope, not gonna happen unless game becomes too  hard (like modern quest to enter OG without cheating). I am staying there, with inviting green fields of Rohan, aurora borealis of Forochel and even Ever-swim. I am stayimng with my Family that have always supported me, in good and bad moments.

Of course, I’ll be back to hear news about game, updates, store sales and TP grind.

My Vytautaz would ask for help with Limlight Gorge and do every single deed there. Then – finally – Great River deeds would be done and I will move to green, inviting Rohan. I know of dangers and treachery, I know about (bit boring) Wildermore – but still, entering favourite region, rebuilding Hytboldd is really promising.

I am not grumpy. Sometimes I could be bored of too long grind (like spiders in Great River, ice grims in Forochel). Sometimes I could feel sad because evil RNG bypassed me as ti always does.

So – taking some break and would be back for more fun.

Vendoring Pelagir; spiderz


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz spent his day killing spiders. Great River spiders are real headache – too little of them and if you have competitors – you are stuck for a long time. I had some patience to kill these guys and by the end of the day managed to kill last one. Now, only one big obstacle stands in my way.

Limlight Gorge. And yes, I will need all the help from Kinship. Finish everything I need – and lerave that place for good, i.e. untill I am lvl.105.

Stormsong participated in Pelagir run, this time as quality Engineer. Was guarding fountain and did my job good. However, we had one supply lost (not mine!) and one monster “left unchallenged for too long”. It is obvious, monsters in instances have been reinforced by Turbine. They are more powerfull so that even best dps sometimes are too low.

Platinium was gone, trash was vendor one: lvl.100 second age symbol, one worthless jewellery and essence of zero value. Trashed everything.

The days are becoming a bit dull and grumpy. I can still do same and same DA dailies on Stormsong, grinding tokens I would never use. Or I could grind for Limlight Gorge task items and (grind) for their reputation.

And so the day has ended – a bit grey in Lotro.

SLugs, pelagirs, grumps


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz killed Easterlings, one after another, running in local camp. Finally, deed was done, Turbine points acquired and I moved to do most boring deed – spider slayer. Very slow, since there are too little spiders in Great River region.

Switiched to Xinderbor. Did some slayer deeds (Goblins, Spiders) in the Shire, then started Slug slayer. Resumed, killed slugs and slayer of Shire meta-deed was done. Managed to talk to other players about getting rich (but received only – “sell Scrolls of empowerement”, “raid instances”) and about optimal way to grind TPs. I adviced one player my own strategy – maybe it sounded complicated, but it is not: create Human minstrel, do Ered Luin slayer deeds and you are ok.

And then – Stormsong participated in Pelagir 6-man run. Almost everything went wrong from the begining. I ran as vanguard, some folks did not want me to get kills, then we hardly managed with first wave (baricades). Second – last- wave was a complete disaster, We lost baricades, we lost one siege weapon, we had an onslought of Corsairs and finally, failed challenge. Monster appeared too quickly and time began to count dow too early. Yeah, I was dead two times + loot was only vendor trash.

RNG machine is once again programmed (manually) to act against me, it is obvious.  My dear developers, maybe you could consider bringing my Lotro life back to normal, not eternal grumpy failures?

And so the day has ended – a bit grumpy and without hope in Lotro.

Update 18.1


Lord of the rings online

We have a new update. First and most imoprtant – amount of many monsters to slay has been lowered. Example: Great River slayer deeds (advanced) now require 200, not 240. That allowed me somehow finish 3 slayer deeds and automatically earn 15 Turbine points + finish one Great River slay deed more quickly. Nice.

Other improvements are minor: revamps there and here, Forge and relic masters added to most housing neighbourhoods (except evil Hobbitses – but who would like grumpy, evil carnivorous Hobbitses?).

Vytautaz finished Shade slayer and now would be farming Easterlings and Spiders. I really want to leave Great River quickly and move to Rohan.

Stormsong did one Pelagir run, but it was inefficient, got no Platinium box and overall – only Merit stars while colleague looted first age symbols and alike. Game is once again against me, once against programmed not to give me anything of any value.

Xinderbor did nothing – but she would farm monsters in the Shire (since the numbers has been lowered).

Sales:we had Milestone skills on sale. Purchased second one for Vytautaz.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.

Asta and Lotro




A new mmo on our market. “Western WoW”, as critics tend to call it. Tried it with very mixed impressions.

Of course, two factions: blue and red, good and bad ones. 6 races, some 5 or 6 classes. Female form in most races, classes tied to races (humans can be anything).

Customization: medium. Face almost cannot be changed, many other features – can. Of course, my toon were blond females reminding Jennifer Lopez…

Costumes and lore – typically Asian, world is colourfull and shiny.

Gameplay: you have your login rewards for each one (?) hour. You have your statuses (like Vitality…) you enhance each level. Also, you may roll a dice about your status, but this is RNG and it may even decrease – use at your own risk.

Controls: the biggest problem, they are almost non-existent. In order, say, to run left, you have to run left and press button for camera to look left. Toolabrs:abilities are added automatically, no option to re-arrange, delete etc. Inventory is very small, but it could be possible to purchase new with in-game currency.

Gameplay: “bad” faction is more interesting to play. They have some stories and “good” one – a bit boring. I created few toons – good Human mage and “bad” Human hunter. Hunter was superior.

Community: too little, too restricted, a bit unfirendly. I could not use most of chats, then asked one player about controls only to receive “Do I know you?” response.

Result: most likely, would uninstall.

Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did some slayer deeds (a bit boring, but I can’t find anything interesting). Stormsong participated in OD only to die few times in a row and getting lame loot. Of course, it were others: others, not me, to loot quality things. Well, that ends OD runs for me. To make things worse, Pelagir runs almost ceased. Yesterday ran Barad Guldur, but it was so slow, so ineffective with such bad loots…absolutely nothing fun.

Xinderbor used all Mathom hunter armour, reached level 22 and did many deeds. Kindred with Men of Bree and Mathom society. My grind was very nice, now I even do not want to delete this toon – she was so effective and she may finish slayer deeds in the Shire (additional TPs).

We have daily sells – each day we are offered something new. So far I did niot buy anything from these – only discounted Shared and Vault storage. Will need it.


And so weekend has ended. Asta would be uninstlled and Lotro…have to invent something new and intrresting to do.

Great brigands


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz went to Great River and farmed some Brigands. Go to only camp, kill some of them, return to safe position, wait a bit, return to camp, kill some of them…and repeat, repeat, repeat.

It was really boring. I killed some of them (probably 100 remaining to advanced deed). Legendary items are advancing very slowly and I have no quests I could do in Great River (Limlight Gorge does not count).

Switched to Stormsong, found nothing to do too. Only one item I posted on Auction house was going quite nice.

Logged in Xinderbor. Took out all mathom hunter armour (would use at some level 15) and did Wolf and Goblin slayer deeds in Ered Luin. Easy ones. Had to compete with one player about Goblins. Well, none of us was wise enough to propose fellowship and eventually speed up things twice… Then, moved to Thrasis Lodge and there I stopped. Would leave exploration and killing for today.

And so the day has ended – lazy a bit. I still need to find out some plan – what to do in Lotro? SOmething that is not too boring. But overall, the day has been succesfull in Lotro.

Great River, not great Pelagir


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz resumed slaying deeds (as politicians would say – optimising citizen feeding budget). This time went for some Brigands: yes, they have only one camp, so I started to kill them, one by one. Everything went slow, I was killing without any enthusiasm.

Stormsong took part in 6-man Pelagir run. Start was impressively good. Second part was kind of nice. I guarded fountain and was really effective with that, kinnies helping with extra traps. Unfortunately, had to stay there for a long time:one monster was “lef unchallenged for too long”. Our platinium was gone.

And it doesn’t matter that after that we did everything well and right. Catapults were built, barricades and traps placed, enemies AoE annihilated…platinium was no more. This is my second run in a row where I lose platinium.

Rewards were not so good – 2 essences, 1 second age lvl.100 symbol. Pelagir citizens are greedy, as always.

Stormsong ran DA dailies – she starts grinding gold DA tokens so that Vytautaz gets his armour and maybe -Empowerement scrolls.

I feel a bit lost in Lotro. Have many things to do, but these are really boring, killing hundreds of monsters in the name of killing them. Perhabs I should switch to Xinderbor and grind Turbine points.

And so the lazy, un-willing day in Lotro has ended.

Festival Orcs


Lord of the rings online

Anniversary festival is over. It was a success for me: grinded 6 Anfalas starlit crystals (could have had more), mounts, Essence reclamation scrool, advanced one toon to level 10. It was a bit…monotonic…but still nice.

Now my Vytautaz returned to Great River. First, orc slayer deed – had to kill around 100 orcs. With some lazyness – killed and hurray, TPs + valuable LI rune.

Stormsong sold one lame stuff at Auction house and received entire 100 silver. Bearing in mind that I do need money, it is still some reinforcement.

And then I realised I had almost no will to grind. I was tired, I almost forced myself to kill poor Orcs. Logged in Stormsong, asked if there was any Pelagir runs (there were not) – logged off.

And I forgot to join featured instance. It’s one I have and maybe it’s worth joining (well, at least once a day). Where to spend local tokens? Only for lvl.105 essences recipes and recipe is single use.

And so the lazy day in Lotro has ended.

Anfalas, Sambrog, deeds


Lord of the rings online

The Anniversary festival should be over by now. So – weekend was spent with fireworks shooting, sparking interest, invitations collecting.

Vytautaz got las Anfalas starlit crystal (now have 6) and managed to finish festival with 27 tokens. Would be nice help for next festival.

Xinderbor grinded as mucha s she could, reached level 10 and advanced towards level 11. Also, she bartered Essence removal scroll. Now, this toon is ready to depart to Ered Luin and grind Turbine points there.

Stormsong helped one lvl.40s group in Great barrow. I was asked to heal whic was efficient. Unfortunately, 2 deaths, but I could do nothing about that – AoE heal spams were not able to save entire group. However, I had nice loot and even some coin from Mr. Sambrog. Besides, my blue-line Minsbtrel in healuing mode was still a good dps’er against lvl.45 monsters.

Stormsong was taken to Palegir and Helm’s Dike. Pelagir went wrong: one supply was destroyed, so Platinium reward was lost. Otherwise, we did very well – two kinnie, two AoE minstrels. Helm’s Dike was quick and efficient, this time we got platinium. Rewards were bit lame – only merit stars, no nice essences, nothing.

Festival ends and I do feel I must return with Vytautaz to Great River. Deeds are to be done, Legendary weapons must be advanced to lvl.60 (and then deconstructed). Only then could I enter my favourite green Rohan.

And so weekend has ended – very good in Lotro.


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