Crafting the emptyness


Lord of the rings online

I mamde an experiment. First, Naktieskarys harvested soime 150 copper ore. Then, created Human Minstrel. Ran through intro, rushed to Bree. CHose Armorer vocation.

And then – up to work. Prospector: craft copper ingots. Prospector:craft Bronze ingots. Weaponsmith: craft shavings from bronze ingots. Weaponsmith: craft ingots for shavings. I repeated last 2 steps untill had only 1 ingot left. This was bit boring, but it was safe, took me to some lvl.13, And yeah, it meant +20 xp for every single harvesting.

Ered Luin deeds were done quickly, then rushed to Brigands, actvated xp tome and slayer deed accelerator. Brigands, barghests, wighs – all fell before might Minstrel. Of course, harvested…when noticed all accelerators were down. Managed to finish slaying, return to Bree for some crafting (additional xp!). One quick run in Marshwater, finished slaying there…returned to kill Orcs, then rushed to kill Huorns. Slayer of Bree land was done, all normal skill deeds were done.

I went to the Shire (slayer deed was still on), killed everything once again. Slayer of Shire – done, quickly and efficiently. Then explored Rath Teraig maze – hurray, explorer of Ered Luin done. Finished 3 quests, got 5 Lotro points for that.

Of course, used Bree reputation items. Got Kindred with Bree, basic  reputation with Shire and Ered Luin. To make things better, sold some stuff for 25 gold (150 silver used to pay for house, rest would make strategic reserve).

In chats had some hards talk with some elitists. Kind of nice persons, but their approach is “nerf everything, make everything too hard”. When i talk to such people, looks like we are playing 2 games: their game is hardcore where even lvl.5 spider requires top-level raid, almost no drops, no crafting…but yay, hardcore rules! And my game where lvl.5 enemy can be killed by lvl.5 or good geared lvl.4, crafting is quality one. If they want hardcore, mthey should go to EVE.

I do feel bored in the game. Spent almost all day for Lp grind, found this to be fun (to run kind of slowly, making breaks). There is nothing to do. Thought to abandon Scholar, because this is totally useless crafting class. Alas, developers don’t give us an option to forget crafting vocation and do NOT take another. I wish I would abandon Scholar since it cannot make (and won’t be able to) any essences since Mordor.

And so weekend has ended – crafting and not being understood/listened to. Hmm…grumpy weekend in Lotro.


Gorgoroth kindred


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong finally reached Kindred with grumpy Gorgoroth. +20 Lotro points, some local tokens…and an option to grind for 3 more tiers. They give nothing, just grind. But I am good at grind. Always was.  Now – a grind for taskboard items, to get thousands of them (for Naktieskarys).
I think I would purchase Mordor for Lotro points and then get those 3 tiers of reputation. Before that – need to get Naktieskarys, my undergeared Dwarf, to Mordor. Little wish to do so. But I have to.
Next stop may be crafting, but that’s too grindy, I need to get lots of resources and crafting accelerators.

This weekend must run my Xinderbor and grind LPs. At winter, I may need every single Lotro point.

Other time – once again – spent in Master of Orion 2. Watched master of Orion 3 youtube clips: clips good, gameplay not so.

And so the day has ended, quite effective and good in Lotro.

New ruler?


Lord of the rings online

We have new video from developers. Mordor has a new…pretender….to unite all Orcs, trolls and other nice races, new emerging king. Former right/left/whatever hand of Sauron, he now seeks to become a King. Well, wish him good luck (and video is nice. Unlike unprofessional, ugly Mordor trailer).

Stormsong turned in task items. Now I am some 3000 short to rech Kindred. After that – grind task items for Naktieskarys and wait for winter. I would barter expansion and maybe it would help to reach Celebrated without much problems.

Some players needed help, but I was one and could divide. Asked one, he accepted. Then someone killed his monster and he was doomed to wait for a long time. I was unable to help.

And for weekend – I suppose grind would be ahead. Maybe quick one (Ered Luin/delete toon), maybe long one. Just one thing is clear: Lotro points are needed for winter. The more, the better.

Rest day – in space, where Sakkra fleets decimated all enemies, owning Guardian of Orion (without losses!) and destroyed all civilizations. Long live Sauron, the emperor of Sakkra!

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.

…need to return


Lord of the rings online

Once again: got home late, logged Stormsong, turned in task items, chatted, asked if anybody needed help (nobody did), logged off.

Some players were talking about grind in Mordor. I think they made it bit too grindy (do all 90 quests in one spot when quests are on 1 week cooldown…really?). Players are asking for ash to be account-bound, but I doubt if it is going to happen: it benefits players and lessens grind. After all, soon nobody will be able to criticise anything on official forums. And yes, nobody would be allowed to speak any good on Lotrocommunity forums. Dead end…

Almost all free time – once again, in Master of Orion 2. Sakkra empire, always with Sauron emperor, enjoys ruling universe. Once I let Psylons to develop. Fight was long, I lost one colony, then made another with ground batteries and starbase. Psylons attacked, but my Mauler devices destroyed their tiny ships with leaders…enemy retreated. Silicoids are another evil one needs to crush as soon as possible.

Meanwhile I must return to Lotro and at least get my Xinderbor from starter zone. With 2 slayer and skill deed acceleration tomes it is possible to finish slayer of Ered Luin and even Slayer of Bree…maybe even do something with Slayer of Shire.

And so the day has ended – a bit too much in Orion…

Lazy space


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong logged in. Turned in Udun task items. Chatted a bit. Logged off.

Almost all my time is dedicated to Master of Orion 2. I do follow same and same pattern: choose Sakkra – restart untill get quality starting conditions; research: research lab-biospheres OR deuterium fuel cells – reinforced hull – soil enrichment – class I shield – fusion beam – neutron blaster. Then I may choose according to conditions: either subscpace communications-graviton beam or gyro destabilizer-class 3 shield (and then up to graviton) or go for super computer. I expand, go for Mauler device and some quality shields.

A pity I am playing Lotro too little. And I do know my Xinderbor is waiting for one really fast and big run: 2 slayer and skill accelerator tomes, 2 xp tomes, possibility to complete Slayer of Ered Luin, Shire and maybe even Bree land.

And sot he day has ended, more in space (Sakkra emperor Sauron rules!) than in Middle Earth.

Rose glasses, please


Lord of the rings online

XinderB, my Loremaster, finished her career. She grinded almost all Ered Luin deeds, then most Bree deeds. A t the end, went for slayer deeds in the Shire.
Playing Loremaster was nice. Pet did most of work, dying on rare occasions. I died only once. At level 20 got Bog-Guardian and then the fun in Shire began. Stand, wait and your pet does the stuff. Tab-target, command to attack – pet kills quickly. Things were going just perfect.

I was able to contribute 1 housing writ to our new Kinship house. Soon after that, we had all 36 writs and new house. Lucky, I made it in time.

Asked one expert Loremaster about setup. Of course, Minstrel is faster for LP grids, but still got my advice.

My next move is simple: get one Minstrel to grind all Bree land slayer deeds and even finish some class deeds. The more LP, the better.

Stormsong just turned in task items. I have enough of them to get Kindred, later would just grind for Naktieskarys.

Meanwhile developers imposed a rose glasses policy on forums. No more telling someone is a fanboy or hater. Almost no more criticism. Even opinions like “devs should be fired from job for this” are not allowed. What SSG really want are praises, not any critical opinion. A pity we have such unwise developers.

Almost all free time I spend in Master of Orion 2. Playing for Sakkras, always choosing name Sauron and having fun exterminating Humans. You know, nothing like a fleet of Sakkra titans with class X shields, cloaking devices and Mauler devices/death rays prepared…

And so weekend has ended – quite good in Lotro.

Last rest, moo-2


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong logged to turn in task items and then just rest. It is clear (despite what I wrote some time ago) that I would purchase Mordor for Lp – now only need to grind those Lotro points. Mordor may give me some free reputation with Gorgoth.

XinderB, my Loremaster, finished Ered Luin slayer deeds and 3/4 exploration deeds. Moved to Bree land, then – directly to Marshes. Finished Spider slayer (simple/advanced), Neeker slayer (simple/advanced), Sickle flie slayer (simple). Did Loremaster epic quest to search for book pages “before Goblin Champion arrives”. Quest was done, I received nice armour. On my way killed 10 lower level brigands.

Following Kinship advice, switched to blue trait tree (for stronger pet). SO far looks good.

Now, I have following deeds to do:
Brigand slayer: simple, advanced—–>15 LPs
Barghest slayer: simple, advanced—> 15 LPs
Wigh slayer:simple, advanced———> 15 LPs
Orc slayer: ?
Also, reputation with Bree, some 50 LPs. In short, about 95 Lotro points to grind and still ~100 to go.

At level 20 I would get Bog Guardian, so there could be an option to go for some kill to the Shire

At home found and installed Master of Orion 2 – this legendary strategy. Play was quick: Huge map, 4 players, played for Sakkra race. I enjoy Sakkras: they reproduce really fast and have large homeworld. Now, would have much fun with “moo-2”

And so the day  has ended, quite good in Lotro.

Bear master


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong turned in task items in Udun, took Hobbit present and logged off.

Loremaster was active. As I expected – fight was mostly about pet. Send pet, support it with combat spells and only one heal – collect loot. Was able to finish some gathering quests. My bear kills goblins, i collect some winegrapes.

Bear had real trouble versus groups of mobs: the only chance was to blind one mob so that it does not attack within 30 seconds. Despite this, Bear was killed several times.  Loremasetr herself seemed to be fragile and had to use health potions every now and then.

As I levelled – I gained almost no new spells. Was not sure where to invest my trait tree points. But the fact is, I did Wolf slayer, Goblin slayer, Hendroval slayer and Spider slayer. Brigand slayer is on its way. Elf ruins exploration finished, Dourhand exploration started.

Levelling with Loremaster is slow, yet guaranteed. It is kind of fun, if one accepts slow advancement. At the other hand: yes, Loremaster is a cool class, should be highly desired in groups. Stick enemies on ground, blind them, make them suffer from ranged Damage over Time spells, send your pet to tank or summon that ranged Bog Guardian for ranged attacks. Also, some basic heals are nice.

In short, I enjoy my Loremaster. It is not very fast, but may be effective. At level 20 it should be nice (ranged attacks at agreesive mode? yay!) so that Shire slayer deeds should cause no problems. Yes, it would be problematic to grind all 250 Lotro points…but if Loremaster fails, Minstrel (that dps machine) would finish.

And so, the day has ended, quite good in Lotro. Loremaster is still fun to play. Just poor Bear, dying too often…



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong went to Udun, turned in task items. It turns out, Gorgoroth has more reputation than Kindred – as with new regions, we have Celebrated (3 raks above Kindred).

My Loremaster went into action. She has very clear purpose: grind 250 Lotro points. She arrived to Celondim and finished Spider slayer deed.

Overall impression: interesting class. First, it relies upon pet that typically has more health than you. Second, Loremaster has few attacks: I have 1 melee and 2 ranged. Plus two suicidal (dealing damage to enemy at the cost of my own health). Got one debuff and one health transfer to fellowship member or a pet (not myself; this skill uses power, but transfere health). I chose red trait tree, but so far see only minor improvements, like “-10% skill inductions”, so that it is 9 seconds instead of 10…

In combat it is mainly about pet. You direct, you may even force enemy to attack pet. While pet fights, good Loremaster may attack enemy with fire spells: burn, monster, burn! As mopst casters, Loremaster is light armour one, may even strike with  his staff.
Loremaster is about kind of slow, yet guaranteed, slayer deed auto-completion. Set ranged pet at agressive mode, stand at some point and watch enemies slaughtered. Not so fast as Minstrel, yet -guaranteed.

Near Celondim I was competing with some players, but had one advantage: i was able to engage with 2 monsters at one time. Pet fights one, I engage second. Was outperformed y one Hunter and – no surprise – lvl.13 Minstrel. Minstrel offered fellowship, I declined. Sorry, I was not usefull to him.

So far: 15/250 Lotro points grinded. Perspective: grind everything, at level 20 use Bree reputation items…and then start Minstrel.

And so the days has ended, I had new good impressions and good perspectives in Lotro.

Writs and senses



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active: turned in task items and now I have only Kindred before me. Got some Udun tokens, now have 38 of them. Hunt in forges of Udun was succesfull – some ash items, Gorgoroth boxes that sell quite good (since my prices are realistic). Mostly – task items, now I have enough to get to Kindred. Later I would get tons of these to get Naktieskarys to Kindred.

Managed to help one lvl.39 player: he was doing quests in Great barrows instances, wanting to finish them all. I was glad to help, nuke anything that moves and even get some gold as reward. Also, gave some crafting materials to another: for me, these are too easy to get.

Our Kinship is to purchase second Kin house! We are collecting Writs, needing 36 of them. Kinnies are doing their best to get those, so it’s my chance to grind: 250 Lotro points one Writ + 2 mithril coins sending.

This is the chance for my Loremaster alt. I played her, now an in Bree, ready to travel to Ered Luin. Needless to say, Loremaster is nice: pet does most of job, I am supporting. Now, need only to calculate: Ered Luin slayer gives some 90 points, Bree slayer ~80…may still be lacking some. I am happy to understand I could be usefull for my Kinship and that grind would really have sense.

And so, my days in Lotro would shine once again. Finally, some purpose.