10 days to rest


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong woke up in Thorins hall beer fight arena. No Dwarves. No players. No bashing. No flying players. A silence.

I deposited crystals. Now have 7 Anfalas crystals that are bound to account. At least three more to grind.

Mordor dailies were almost succesfull: despite one fact I jumped from too high and was killed. Otherwise things were just good. World chat almost did not need help. I managed to pick some Mirkwood quests ; now probably 5/8.

I feel relaxed. No need to rush, to grind Mirkwood dailies, then rush to Mordor dailies, then race against time in festival. Time flows slowly, I have the luxury of just riding and observing. Or heavy lagging in Bree, even if Festival is over.

28th June we should have new Festival. Summer one, which is almost about fishing. Catch matoms, catch fish, then find lost items near pond. 30 tokens – 1 Anfalas crystal (that’s if they do not have any quality mount). Once again, would have some job to do. Yule may be for resting (or grinding stuff on Naktieskarys).

Strategy for neariest future: buy 2 Mirkwood essences, then open lootboxes to get ash. And maybe do landscape quests on Naktieskarys.

And so the day has ended, good one in Lotro.


Return of old friends


Lord of the rings online

The kinship has good news: our former leader, expert on Wardens – Taltoz – has returned! Finally. After some time of waiting – he is back to Kinship, kinnies are happy and things are just nice. Ironically, it was me (oh, I am an Officer…) who accepted him. It was him that found and accepted me some years ago. Needless to say, I am happy he returned.
We also have another new player and his 6 alts in Kinship.

Kinship had one Featured instance tier 2 challenge run. It took almost 1,5 hours, we failed many times, I was killed few times. Main loot – 5 “newly minted tokens”. Other “loot” were Wastelands crafting journals (trash), tier 8 essence (trash) and some worthless equipment.

Took part in Court of Seregost runs, level 105. These were effective, I got some Anfalas crystals and valuable Scrolls of empowerement. Also, some ashable items. I like those runs, they are quick and doable.

Mordor and Mirkwood dailies were quick and easy.

Stormsong was really busy with festival token grind. Initially I did almost everything in Bree, but still too little tokens. Sunday came, I was low and once again asked for advice.

Folks told about Thorins Hall beer fight. I was not impressed: one run – one token. Went there. Well, things were kind of easy and runs were quick. You start quest, receive Club, equip skill and try to bash oponents.
I picked one player I bashed. Then he left and new victim was noticed – some woman Minstrel, lvl.115. Bashed her everywhere I could, targeting her only. She repaid me, and we performed “bashing duel”. At the end opf the day, I got those 40 tokens, bartered crystal, things were done.

To make things more interesting: am at ash cap, received new necklace from our very kind kinnie. Now, up to spend some 5000 ash for 2 Nothern Mirkwood essences.

The weekend has ended. I would have more time to play without much hurrying. Maybe even run landscape quests on Naktieskarys.

Things are nice once again in Lotro.

Galadriel’s mirror v.2.0


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active.

Yesterday was the long-awaited day, new quest from “Tales of Rust”. I waited for it. Even had to do Elven alliance quests to gain access, experience one session play as Elf.
Then – speak with Thranduil. Go to Galadriel, she looked at the Mirror and saw but one vision, not sure if it was truth. End of quest.
I was really disappointed. Dwarf line was so cool, so involving – and now just few clicks.

Mirkwood dailies went nice. Mordor dailies were good too.

Managed to aid two players with one lvl.30s named Giant. Others needed instances, Big battles, so I was of little help.

Festival: it’s something I am working on. Running every single easy quest. Waiting 30 minutes for fireworks. All in the name of Anfalas crystals. Only now I realised one truth: grind for Anfalas crystals in all festivals, these (crystals) would be handy after next update. A pity I can afford only one toon at a time – too many dailies right now.

I felt dissatisfied with Galadriel’s quest – nothing impressive. Let us hope next quest is better. Now, I have to grind Festival tokens as much as I can. 3 days left, some 24 tokens in wallet.

And so the day has ended: good one in Lotro. And yes, dear developers, please consider making “Rust” quests involving, like one with Dwarves and ravens. Thank you.

Runs, recruitments


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. First – I was lucky to pick Dale quests. Now, I am ready for Thursday: one quick run, Black key is mine. Mordor dailies were almost easy. Had little luck with Dor Amarth: killed twice, all because of attacking wrong social mob. Finally, I finished, bartered for 2 keys and opened 2 lootboxes.

Festival runs were good, though we are experiencing heavy lag in Bree. Got some tokens, bartered for yet another Anfalas crystal. I guess I may need at least 10 for one toon. With so little time, I can afford only one toon to grind – and that toon is Stormsong.

World chat was half-empty, nobody needed help. I was adressed by one returning player who wants to join the Kinship. Would discuss this today with fellow officers. Finally, some job for me as an Officer…

Today we would have another update: 22.2.3. Some class revamps, some bug fixes. To keep gold scammers away, further restrictions for World chat: only VIPs have no restrictions, premiums- lvl.10. free players- lvl.20. I personally would tie this to, say, Kindred with Bree or to finish all deeds in Bree. Yet, we will see what happens with, as we call, “glod scammers”.



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong looked for Mirkwood dailies: no easy ones, would have to look today. Mordor dailies were easy:my favourite Agarnaith, then 1 quest in Lhingris to kill 20 enemies (which means today it would be Lhingris, without asy quests).

Anniversary encore: 2 firework quests, sparking interest, letters and then 2 delivery quests. I am closing to 40 tokens, which means another Anfalas crystal. Low on scrolls though.

Naktieskarys managed to help one player. At least some use from me.

My Gorgoroth key grind goes good. Naktieskarys deposited his last chests to shared vault,so now only Ahelissa and Vytautaz have extra chests. I grinded some 6000 ash, so need to reach 10,000…and I may stop there.

World chat was full of light trolling, jokes and nobody needed help in questing. In Kin chat we brainstormed anthem of one kinnie – should be light text on death metal music. “Eurovision” – we concluded…

And so, short day has ended. It was good in Lotro.




Lord of the rings online

We had our Kinship meeting. At this meeting I was made an Officer.  Had many thoughts, really reluctant from start. My comfort zone is just aiding others in need, Officer or not. My question “Anybody needs help with questing?” remains the same.
Result is, I was asked and had to become an Officer.  Explained to Kinship chat my own weaknesses. Nobody impressed. Explained it was difficult for me to decide – still nothing. After assuring I can always step down should things become complicated – I agreed.

And then – promotion, my Kinsman title revoked, I am an officer (Caun) now. More visible, having to think twice before I do anything. It is a duty and I will do my best to serve my own Kin. People trusted me, they asked me and I have to show they were not wrong.

So,your new Officer is born and continues his journey through Middle Earth, asking and helping, grinding Lotro points.

Talked to new Minstrel, one I was helpig: he created almost a factory of crafter alts and is now almost fully efficient. Still reminded I can always come to aid, should he need some firepower (not so cool in heals).

We have Festival, so Stormsong grinded for tokens, sometimes doing 6 firework quests. Bartered one Anfalas crystal (40 tokens), would grind my way to  – maybe – 3 other crystals.

Mirkwood dailies went good. Mordor dailies – almost perfect, only one quest was failing 2 times in a row, so cancelled it. After grinding 6 bound black keys – opened six lootboxes on Naktieskarys. Result: mostly ashable essences, some crafting stuff.

I have very little time, some 2 hours for everything: Mirkwood, Mordor, festival….and then need to run festival on 2 more toons. And then run landscape quests on Naktieskarys. And then help others. Within just two hours.

And so weekend has ended: with promotions and festivals in Lotro.

Dailies, late shifts


Lord of the rings online

Finally, a day of Mirkwood dailies. Stormsong was efficient with these: pick up stones at Erebor, teleport to Dwarf halls, find ale, runecarvers, open barrels, talk/distribute – quests done. Dale quests were good too. I was left with 2 quests (i.e.would have to pick some 6 at Sunday).

Mordor quests: Udun and Dor Amarth. Udun was doable…Dor Amarth saw me dead once, running away from mobs – several times.

To make things worse, it was late, some 23:00 and I really wanted to do real life stuff, like eating and sleeping. Had to run quickly, found one player to kill stuff in Fushaum Bal. WHile he arrived – teamed with another, then had trouble with my first friend. He went on killing everything, was killed twice, i was killed once. Finally, at some 00:00 all kills were done, I apologised and left.

Dailies were done ir great rush. I got one key from Mirkwood and today could barter 4 keys.
In world chat – once again joking about #SauronWasRight, #OrcLivesMatter…

Yes, I do feel sorry because I had to rush home, to Erebor – but I had to.

Today Anniversary festival encore starts: my chance to grind those Anfalas starlits (since I probably have enough essence reclamation scrolls). Summer festival would be nice for these too.

And so the day has ended – good and effective in Lotro.

Return of Ravens


Lord of the rings online

Let us state it clear: whoever write “Lay of Rust…” quest texts is almost a genius. A highly talanted person capable of creating quest you actually involve into, you actually care and read every single word without “ok-ok-next-finish”. I do applaud to that person. Please, do continue the good job. SSG, you should really reward this person: increase salary, promote…

Yesterday Stormsong ran into this new quest. An interesting event where you don’t have to run around, kill stuff, pick stones or goat droppings. Just witness talks, witness how history of Dwarves unfold. Ravens are returning, after really long time they are once again allies to the Dwarves, trying their best to get info on the evil Ice Dragon. I was really excited at this quest and waiting for next week to witness another.

Did not find 2 easy dailies in Mirkwood, so am hoping today would be the day. Meanwhile, in Mordor there were easy dailies (Agarnaith and Lhingris), I chose “Wanted: spiders dead!” and just nuked those 20 spiders. Everything is ready for today when I will sent another 3 keys to Naktieskarys.

Today it would be N.Mirkwood dailies day. Then Mordor dailies. Then – if time allows – some shing-shing fun with Naktieskarys. And I must write mail to one kind person concerning my future. A mail that presents bit difficult choices. Yet I am to decide. Alone. Without “no idea, do how you like to” type trolling.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro. Once again, kudos to that quest writer, you made my day bright.



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: searched for Dale dailies (in vain…cooldown?), then picked Mordor daily quests. Udun, Talath Urui ones – doable. One time was killed by lag (Talath Urui). Other dailies were finished quickly.

Managed to aid one player in Trollshaws to kill some 40 Giants. Almost a feast fior me: you do know that feeling when your attack kills group of monster from far….

Naktieskarys: resumed questing in grumpy part of Mirkwood. Had to respecialize, then went to fight Taurogrim. Fight was hard, my toon was killed several times, my attacks sometimes were too long and not effective. Could do something about >10 not-spend Trait points, but I have no idea where to spend them efficiently. Yellow tree is almost full, invested some points into red line…yet not sure if I did things right.

Managed to reach another 2 locations for “Path of the company”. Some 3 or 4 remains.

Questing in grumpy part of N. Mirkwood on Champion goes slowly. I am still really vulnerable, especially to those Taurogrim elders (~190,000 health). Also, landscape quests are really un-inviting: you go from one dark corner to another, map is of no use and you almost don’t see sunshine.

I need to finish grumpy part of N.Mirkwood quests as soon as possible. Then it would take little time to end last of the quests – dailies, wellcome…

And so the day has ended – a bit short and vulnerable in Lotro.

Update, Fear wings


Lord of the rings online

We had an update that took long. Little direct impressions. Did not have any Legendary item stuff removed or tokens received. Had to re-specialize, re-invest trait points. Unfortunately, I forgot exact setup – so now my Minstrel is orange. Almost all usefull skills in red line, some 3 levels deep in yellow one.

“Rust…” quest was removed. Got deed to find all pages of Gorgoroth history (missing Abyss…would never complete it) in exchange of generous 5 Lotro points.

Took part in Kinship run: fought in Featured instance, was killed few times. Had little time to observe changes: kinnies nuked so fast, I was of little help. Tried to heal, but very lame. Rewards: from usefull – ashable item and 2 Anfalas scrolls. Kinnies keep talking everyone would need new Runes on Legendary items.

We have new currency, Newly Minted token. Given for victory in tier 2 challenge runs, 20 of these barterable for one piece of armour. Surely not for me, in tier 2 challenge I am pure tourist: no dps, no super-heals, no crowd control.

World chat: players praise landscape changes (Archet, Bree…). Some claim Minstrel lost lots of heals. Some praise red line Hunter.  Rumours on Ignore list being increased. Feedback on Minstrels is mostly negative.

My observation: reporting harrasment works weird. I reported, yet kept seeing spammer, no “Your ticket number is…” text…only later did I see “Ticket update”. Looks like this Update may be not so bad as I thought.

Meanwhile Stormsong ran Mordor dailies, now got 4 slivers. My typical tactic: preserve slivers, then send all keys to Naktieskarys.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.