Lord of the rings online

Very little time to play:preparing for vacations, need to get things.

Stormsong did 2 featured instance runs. One run was not nice – always got in the sight of local troll and hence in jail. However, dps (killing Warden and his trolls) part was nice. Loot was unimpressive – 2 scrolls and 2 Major essences (tier 8). Others got nice things, including Anfalas crystal of remembrance. Others, not me, never me. Yet another proof game RNG is set against me. In favour of anyone else, just that I won’t get anything of any value, like good status tomes, Anfalas crystals.

Asked for price for 3 spare status tomes. Not impressive. 2 of them are worth some 100 gold, one has no worth at all.

Now I have some 31 Anfalas scrolls. Enough for Stormsong and good for almost 2 legacies on Naktieskarys.

Asked if anyone needed help – nobody needed. Oh, lucky server…

And so the day has ended – a bit angry on game system, but overall – almost good in Lotro.

solving gold and slaves


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. New featured instance: Dungeons of Dol Guldur (DoDG as they shortcut it…). Saving lame Elves, then battling trolls. I was in my favourite DPS mode. Nuking anything, sometimes casting protective bubble on fellowship members. Outcome: 2 Anfalas scrolls, some Major essences (tier 8).

Helped lvl.6 Guardian with 2 quests – killing bears and boars. Then, he thanked me and we departed. i got Bronze lootbox which contained trash – trash was just deleted.

And then, long talking about in-game gold. I still wonder how others can have tens of thousands. I mean, without investing real money and TP. Kinnies keep telling other folks sell tomes, Anfalas crystals/scrolls – but that’s not about making 1000 a day. To make 1000 a day, one has to succesfully sell 6 tomes (only low tiers). Even if one runs 12 instances a day – it’s not possible to loot that much. Still, a mystery I would prooobably never solve.

In World chat we ranted about Hobbitses, someone mentioned Rivendell market was open, someone ranted about slaves…I told I needed 365 Hobbit slaves:so that each day different Hobbit would lick my boots and sing a song of my glory. Besides, Hobbitses should make a nice dinner…

On Lotro  forums people keep discussing new housing. Looks like it is the most interesting part for players.

And so the day has ended – with some 25 Anfalas scrolls, decision to trash every single lootbox and desire to have Hobbit slave army…

looting, helping, lagging


Lord of the rings online

We have Producers letter! First, there is housing fior mithril coins. Not sure how it would work, but if you pay mithril, you may own as many houses as you wish. Positive news, maybe would solve problem of ghost towns. Then, Hunter and Burglar are to receive some changes. New regions announced, we will witness Gollum (at least they hint “riddle master and keeper of magic things”). New region -new reputation items. Flowers. Ones of different colours. Just imagining Aragorn riding with a cart full of flowers, telling some battle-hardened soldier: o brave soldier, please give me Ultra Heavy armour in exchange for 20 pounds of pink, 15 pounds of blue and 1 pound of yellow flowers… Developers promises to fight lag, but that’s nearly impossible. They keep repeating old mistakes. Dol Amroth was big and hence lagged. Minas Tirith is bigger and lags heavily. It’s time for them to focus on many little areas instead of one as big as Bree-land and Shire (Moria being the only exclusion). October will tell whaty would we get: a new very hard, forced-fellowship region full of fortresses impossible to enter…or something inviting?

Vytautaz finished first part of Big Battles, defended Hornburg, received title “Survivor of long night” and 1 trait point. Now, questing, killing every single Herd Animal. I witnessed -once again- sad fate of Marton villagers. Their new Thane and how villagers acted unwisely. Yes, they fled alone only to be slaughtered by Orcs. I had to run backwards and forwards, killing trolls, uruks…but overall it was nice.

Stormsong was really active. Participated in daily instance runs. Looted Anfalas scrolls -these stack in 10 only. One time got some (relics?essence?) reclamation scroll. Helped one player in Garth Agarwen and felt really cool. I dps’ed anything, he just had to communicate with me where to go, what to kill. Unfortunately, had to leave before instances. I needed some sleep and felt bad I can’t fight with him longer.  Hunted orcs with another player in Anorien. Helped some others too.Sold some stuff at auction house, but profit was too little. I keep asking if anybody needs help with questing and have to add that “(just NOT levelling)”. Will continue helping others, it is the way any MMO should work.

Xinderbor started her adventures. Finished intro, arrived in Bree, all grind actually ahead.

I keep asking how can some players have tons of gold. They can pay 5000 gold for Gift/Blessing of Valar. SOmebody in Kin told he can make 1000 gold in a day. Well, if I sell everything of any value, I could possibly get such amount. How could anyone receive such sum, remains mystery. Instances and selling loot? Well, tomes of 10-14 tier sell for symbolic prices. Tomes do not drop often. Anfalas crystals too. Empowerement scrolls are kind of cheap. Keys are needed since I could loot something (which ain’t happening).

And so weekend has ended, kind of good in Lotro.

Anfalas crystal run


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Standard two featured instance runs. Some 3 scrolls of Empowerement from them:nice. Last run finished, I went to sellt trash loot…and what do  we have there? Anfalas starlit crystal. First loot since I started to run featured instances. Very good, very handy to increase my Legendary book healing power. I was really happy.

Ran Pelagir duo with a kinnie. Run was really effective, we got platinium rewards (though no cool essences or First age symbols). Later, another kinnie asked for help with Pelagir duo. He was lvl.84 Hunter, but somehow rank 5 engineer. We were efficient, I did side quests (as always) and I even got one reward.

Then ran School with another kinnie. One run after another, hunting for tomes, but none was looted.

Ran Grand Stairs with one player. Things were kind of easy, but the player used to run ahead of me. This went wrong one time – player was killed, I resurrected him. Another time, at the final boss, he was killed too, my resurrection was on 4 minutes cooldown.

And so the day has ended. Quite efficient in Lotro, weekend awaits with more adventures


birthdays and lunatics


Lord of the rings online

I had some 1 hour to play, so did only featured instance runs. Loot was just 2 Anfalas scrolls (rest is not of much interest to me), group was good. My only failure was that i was unable to protect one Runekeeper. He died two times, one time it wasn’t my fault.

We still have Baggin’s birthday which is ignored by me. All I need from any festival are Legendary item things: Anfalas starlit crystals, Scrolls of empowerement, other scrolls. Rest if of almost zero interest.

And on the Lotro forums we had a splash of lunatics’ activity. Some lunatic-elitist claimed vurrent featured instance is too easy, loot is too easy…lunatics told we need to make it extremely hard (drops only from tier 2 challenge). Well, if they make it, people would farm Big Battles (stand afk,. get some merit stars, at the end exchange). Why not keep players happy and groups appear every now and then? Current system is good, it gives much end-game activity.

Not for the lunatics, though. Lunatics live in their own world and unfortunately, sometimes they rush to our world to make chaos.

These weirdos aside – my activity was productive, dps were kind of good and I soon would have enough scrolls for additional legacy (i.e. scroll of rememebrance).

Strategic goals remain very simple, but I wish I had will to implement them all:

  • Somehow grind ~500 gold for Anfalas remembrance crystal
  • Finish pre-Pelagir Big Battles on Vytautaz
  • Make serious Turbine point grind, use almost anything to accumulate those TPs. At least additional 800 TPs for Anfalas crystal of remembrance
  • Level up Naktieskarys and grind as much Anorien skarn as possible: he needs to advance weaponsmith

And so, the short day has ended. It was quite good in Lotro.

Anfalas scrolls:hoarding


Lord of the rings online

These days were really busy ones. Stormsong runs featured instances, always in DPS mode (so far nobody asked for heals). Anfalas scroll loot varies from 1 to 3, last days I was succesfull in getting 2 or 3 within one run. Also, some Major essences I store in my vault for some reason.

These runs allowed me to max my Legendary book. All I could do with it now – is get Anfalas crystal of remembrance, add some offensive legacy and spent another 13 scrolls on it.. Which is what I am doing right now.

Later would have to grind for another ton of scrolls for Naktieskarys – his LI is just lousy today.

I was also happy to help others with questing: kill this or that, participate in instances. One player asked how could he repay me? My answer was simple and natural: “when you are lvl.105, offer help to lower lvl players”. That’s all. Received help, give help.

Naktieskarys participated in some featured instance runs and discussed armour problems. I have Dol Amroth 4-slotted and may need 5-slotted. New instance armour is not an option, I am boycotting all new content (unless it comes for 50 Turbine points price). Folks told Morgul crests may be an option, but this means too long grind. Some kinnies keep telling I need 2-slotted armour, but I disagree. More slots, more additional morale essences I could add. And the more hp, the better I survive.

And so the long weekend has ended. I was busy and satisfied. Life is just nice in Lotro.

just fun


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the one active. Each day – featured instance runs. Some of them were really nice and profitable, entire 3 scrolls for one run, sometimes 2 (rarely 1). I helped other players – some in Angmar killing really strong Angmarim crossbowmen and local so-called “elite mobs”, helping lvl.40s run to finish Great barrows and alike. One time ran Ost Elendil, but things did not go well for my group, we were wiped, remained duo…and were victoriuos (challenge failed due to bug). And I had  a real joy of Pelagir ruo with my fellow Minstrel. Yes, red line. Yes, female. Yes, screamer. We were really effective and quick, victorious with platinium rewards. It was almost a run of my dreams.

Vytautaz was instantly asking for help with Big Battles. Kinship was really helpfull, as always. Result – all “starter” Big battles almost done, only Hornburg remains. Unfortunately, I feel no interest in Big battles, it’s only mechanic for me. Pelagir, Minas Tirith is of a different kind.

Naktieskarys ran few featured instance runs. He and Stormsong are having difficult times in Bells of Dale. Folks forbide AoE after first wave and with single target these my toons are not effective.

World chat was full of drama, some roleplayers complaining about nicks like “Kardashian-1”, “Supremegod” and alike. These should not be allowed in Laurelin, but – players complain – Turbine does little about it. At the other hand, there was really big activity and even one player telling Stormsong was one of the niciest (because of her standar “anybody needs help with questing?).

I had to reject some asks for help: those about power-levelling. Sorry, doing slayer deeds, repeatable quests, turning in task items is not that hard.

Had some talks with Kinship about Ostgiliath. Thery are really kind and nice, helpfull people…but this OG is something I must solo. Even if it means waiting for years untill lvl.110. If I had wish to do it with friends, I could finish OG at any time with my Kinship.

Activity aside – I have to grind for Anfalas scrolls (some 3 for current LI and additional 13 should I decide to use mithril coins and unlock last legacy). Then, I have my long-forgotten Naktieskarys with underlevelled LIs. And finally, I have Vytautaz who would need those scrolls too.

And so weekend has ended, quite good and active in Lotro.

runs, helps, magnitudes


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was a busy one. Bells of Dale – run at lvl.101. Unfortunately, there was some bug that killed almost everyone. I ran backwards, my group members were faster and did not wait for me. I felt angry: did not contribute to efforts, yet got reward (1 scroll).

Naktieskarys did one run at lvl.101. Nicely done, rewards – 3 Anfalas scrolls.

Stormsong resumed – last run, one scroll. I was effective, dps’ed almost anything, killing every single rat and managing to survive. A pity, one time group leader told “no AoE”. I asked, what then minstrel should do if no AoE? Answer was – “sing”…

Anyway, 4 scrolls which let me to upgrade legendary book. One more legacy fully maxed. I am left with two: Will (most important for Minstrel) and Cry of the chorus. The last is mysterious: with each level it increases some “critical magnitude of heals”. Why the *** should I need magnitude of heals? No idea. I also have one free space for legacy and it could be cheapier to unlock with mithril coins.

Was happy enough to help one player with undead slayer deed: we run through Haudth Iarcith, I killed anything, my friend had just to tell numbers. It was quick and I looted valuable Mathoms. Double profit🙂

Another run – duo Pelagir with lvl.97 Loremaster.  I was “the most overpowered” and probably looked very mighty. First phase – nice. Second phase (guarding stairs) – nice. Third phase (baricades) – bit problematic. My friend was not high lvl Engineer enough to be effective with barricades. I placed traps, barricades and did side quests, he had to guard supplies and barricades. Then – final phase with catapults, we were really effective and nice. I got platinium and we killed everything that moved.

The day was nice. Of course, high – levelled Loremaster would outperform any Minstrel. LM stands, his pet does all the job, Loremaster just buffs/debuffs.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied. Life was really godo in Lotro.

Box runs, no festivals


Lord of the rings online

I had ~1 – 1,5 hour to play. Getting home late, but still wanting to get these boxes. Strangely enough, groups were organized very slowly. Level 105 – did and did efficiently, reward – 1 Anfalas scroll. Level 101 – did efficiently with experienced leader…but no box. Level 102 – once again, efficiently and one box. Reward – same 1 Anfalas scroll.

Now I lack some 20 scrolls. About 10 days of working and my legendary book would be done. Of course, I could aid one more legacy for mithril coins (or with Anfalas crystal of remembrance) and then grind for another ton of scrolls. Just not sure what to go for – Fate?

Luckily, festival is ending, we would have Bilbo’s birthday and Marine’s tale. Both are uninteresting, since offeres no Anfalas crystals or scrolls. The only festival I am waiting for is Yule one.

Question about legendary bridle. I still use lvl.85 (?) one, but do I really need lvl.100?

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.

two and one


Lord of the rings online

Very little time to play.
Stormsong did 2 featured instance runs: one lvl.101 and lvl.105. Was offered to duo, but rejected – too risky.

Runs went smooth, I even got 3 Anfalas scrolls (1 and 2). One of my legendary book legacies is now fully maxed. Others need >20 scrolls which is grindable. maybe 10 days of grind and I am done.

Asked in World about exchange of status tomes. Nobody needed, status tomes are not tradeable at all. Either everybody has every tome or does not wish to exchange. Or I am asking for extremely rare ones.

And so the day has ended – almost good in Lotro.