Kin needs you


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe: finally, killed named Dourhand in Forochel, finish Worm and Gauredain slayer (advanced), got Grim slayer (adv.) to some 40/80 and finished some quests too.

Stormsong: ran School, initially at lvl.116. Things were doable, mostly because there were two lvl.120. Loot – not too impressive. Then I was asked to stay for lvl.120 run. No box, just xp and orders to stay in corner. Later, logged Xantipe…only to receive message “Nak, your Kin needs you”.

Pelagir run. Two lvl.60s. Everything (except lag) went nice, I was effective. As usually, it was up to me to guard back door, along with one friendly Swamp Guardian. Traps did their part, my dps finished all.

Run was really nice. Effective, quick. Rewards – lots of Merit stars (have >2000), lvl.100 Second age symbol and some not-too-valuable essences. Also, end-game lootboxes, just not sure if trash them or use Black keys or just wait untill end-game.

At the end of the day – teleported one player to Moria. Which is clear sign for me: run for local slaying/exploring, increase virtues.

One more item to discuss: my levelling. Kinship told clearly they want to “push me a little”… like – “get some high cliff and…”. Yeap, Kinship sometimes enjoy pursuading me untill I do what was asked for. Sometimes it’s for good – like my story with picking Minstrel. I’ll think about.

And so the day has ended – quite good and effective in Lotro.


Bored in Forochel


Lord of the rings online

First of all: generous compensation for downtime package has arrived!  250 Lotro points (VIPs and premiums only), experience tomes, defense tomes and lots of dyes. Everybody in World chat are satisfied. I stated very clearly: was expecting some title and that’s all – for free players.

Yes, free players get zero Lotro points, but that is totally fare. After all, other rewards are really generous.

Meanwhile Stormsong tried to get into Pelagir/ School runs – yet none was organized. Asked if anybody needed help – nobody did.

Xantipe went to quest to kill one evil Dwarf. Dwarf’s guards eliminated, Dwarf was just sitting and doing nothing.

Result: logge off really early. Nothing to do, not exciting day in Lotro.

Forochel still continues


Lord of the rings online

Day in work was really busy, I returned home tired. Logged Xantipe, quested in Forochel, doing lots of quests. Rewards does not bother me, all I care about are virtues.

Soon (finish slaying all Dourhands?) I would have to leave icy world of Forochel and move to Misty mountains or grumpy Angmar.

Today would most likely ask for Pelagir and Featured instance runs on Stormsong. Also, Naktieskarys needs to retrait. All thanks to all updates that reset us. One kind kinnie promised to help me with this.

The short day has ended: short one in Lotro.

Forochel, School, grind


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe spent yesterday and a bit of today’s morning in Forochel. Doing all deeds to advance virtues. In free time – doing slayer deeds just because I can.

Everything went nice. 2 virtues increased, many slayer deed advanced, even Frost grims. My knowledge “kill everything deedable” does help. Right now I am trying to progress 30 quests…and then probably move somewhere else. Trollshaws, Angmar, Misty mountains? Wherever is easier.

Stormsong ran School of Tham Mirdain, lvl.112 this morning. Everything went nice, except last boss who just killed me at very end. Results: 1 Anfalas scroll, Gorgoroth crafting bundle. Then logged Naktieskarys – only to find he had to respecialize. I went in very lousy setup, yet kinnies did all the job. Results: 1 Anfalas scroll, lvl.100 first age symbol, Gorgoroth crafting bundle. Other loot was just trashable stuff.

I feel I am in a right company and in a right way. Now, must prepare myself for Isengard and Rohan. Grind all virtues, have all right setup of weapons. Then – Dunland, once again – grind stuff that increase virtues – and Isengard. And only then, prepared for everything, I enter Rohan. In the free time – Pelagir/other instances with Kinship.

Things are going reall good in Lotro.

Enedwaith:quests done


Lord of the rings online

I spent weekend in Lotro. Xantipe quested in Enedwaith, running forward and backward, doing epic quest line. It ended with redirection to Dunland. Then, switched to landscape quests. Quest line with great Hunter was really interesting.

After Hunter told everyting was done, quests in Enedwaith were done, only repeatable remained. Switched to deeds, managed to finish wolf and dunleding slayers. Finished remaining exploration deeds.

And then Kinship came to help – unasked – once again. Reminding me to finish deeds that advance virtues. Sending valuable stuff.

I looked at my deeds: Warg slayer in Angmar (advanced), some number of quests in Forochel, Angmar exploration deed, kill some number of monsters in Moria instances. Would have to ask Kinship for few runs, level up needed virtues.

And enter Dunland/Isengard. Prepare for serious fights in green fields of Rohan.

Overall, I am really satisfied in Lotro. Days are bright once again.

Forwards to mysteries


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was active. Enedwaith has so much to offer – I even lack time to finish both landscape and epic quests here. Finding little bows, buckets and, of course, rushing to local Rangers. Meeting “wild Hobbits” that turns out to be Bugan – wild Goblins, loyal to no one. Kill certain creature at night. And, of course, this mocking “gather boar droppings” quest.

I also spend my time killing all deedable creatures + Bugans for my pleasure. Bugans remind me Hobbitses and I dislike Hobbitses…

It is first time I saw Nona here. Heroine of really epic story.

Enedwaith so far is nice, bringing old memories and nice quests. Realy enjoying it.

Life is nice, nice again in Lotro.

Epic: Enedwaith



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was sent back and forth by Elves – talk to one, second, third. Witness history of Dunedain. The best part – when young Aragorn meets Gandalf, their first talk.

Had some questing in Eregion, one of my favourite regions. Go there, protect that…untill I ran into ruins that give “Exploration from top to bottom” deed. I explored almost everything, except that cursed Room with many windows. To make things better, killed trolls in local cave and finished “Protector of Eregion” deed. Yay!

Epic redirected me to Enedwaith. So far it was easy: go there, kill that, explore over here.

Stormsong participated in Pelagir run. Everything was really succesfull, I looted lvl.100 First age symbol and tier 7 Supreme essence of Morale. Once again, good news.

More good news – next week Featured instance, I would be able to farm it for Anfalas scrolls.

Life is going good. Kinship is active, I have enough activity and lack just time:everyything is almost perfect.

Summoning, destroying


Lord of the rings online

Thanks to folks in Kinship and World chats – finally located Volume 3 epic quests. Just one lame NPC near Last Homely House (not Elrond). This time – gather all Rangers. Rush from point A to point B, visit some hard to reach locations, kill some monsters.

All Rangers summoned. Halbros went with Aragorn (no, Halros, you won’t stay in Shire). Most boring was “destroy statues of enemy in this dungeon”. Monsters were grey, map was really hard, so I spent time thinking how to finish faster.

And finally it was done, I probably finished Volume 3, book 1. Now, I have only 13 books to finish. Yeap, including famous prison in Isengard and maybe most famous “Isengard bids five”. I am rushing to Rohan. There, in these green plains, many stories awaits me, ones of bravery and treachery, touching ones. There, I will ride my Warsteed (and grind reputation with Helmingas).

And so the day has ended. I am longing for Rohan.

Online epics



Lord of the rings ONline

Lotro was finally online, after so long downtime, so many nerves.  I returned to epic quests, ill-famous Volume I. Running from A to B, looking for lost Narchuil ring, witnessing many stories, some interesting, some just nervous. End results:
Mordrambor: dead
Mordirith: dead
Narmeleth/Amarthiel: dead
Laerdan: dead
Few rangers: dead
Narchuil: destroyed.
In short, Amarthiel returned to nice Elf girl Narmeleth, killed her enemies, destroyed Narchuil, then died. Her father initially betrayed location of first half of the ring, then was tricked to betray another.

Developers told about compensations for downtime. 250 Lotro points + many perks. VIPs would receive +4 days to subscription and bit more Lotro points. Really generous. I was expecting less.

Kinship organized low-level LP grind, I was too late for that. Then, we had Sword Halls and Warg pens, some for deeds, some for levelling.  Best loot was Riddermark crystal for Legendary weapon.

Now, I must locate “lost” epic quests and do almost all pre-Rohan quests. Won’t be too easy.

I was happy with lvl.50s questing. Enemies were not hard to kill. Quests were doable, I did not care about rewards (so they did not disappoint me). Now would probably have to enter Dunland, then – Isengard.

Life in Lotro is great once again, we have activities – so everything is jus nice in Lotro.