Imbue bow, grind Dol Amroth



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was busy. First – standard Dol Amroth grind. Took Mason grind, killed something, repaired and looted something. Went to island (Tol Fenas?) to do two quests. One was weird: find sick Corsairs, kill them and then cure them. Emmm…why kill? Just throw some pills and leave. Anyway, killed. A good way of earning so much needed xp.

Naktieskarys took almost all Dol Amroth faction reputation tokens. Xantipe used, reached top reputation with many of factions. This morning, Stormsong checked her vault, found some tokens too. Only Docks are a problem, yet solvable.

And then I was away from any action: discussing my legendary bow. Deconstructed several LIs, then understood I took out wrong legacy,h ad to “grow up” one LI, extract right legacy, replace legacies… Almost endless chat in Discord and IMs. Discussing what to use, what to replace and why.

Now, looks like almost all legacies are in place. Since I have Anfalas crystal – must pick extra legacy I would use. This causes some discussion.

And after I place this legacy – hurray, imbuing, using all 22 Anfalas crystals, possibly – grinding for Anfalas scrolls. I would be more powerfull, more efficient.

Next landmarks are clear: reach lvl.105 as soon as possible, then grind reputation with several factions, do slayer deeds in Gondor, after finishing then – finally, follow epics. Untill Mordor, I have no landscape quests.

The day has ended – quite good in Lotro.

Gondor city watch


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Lord of the rings online

Xantipe ran forwards and backwards. First – my favourite Corsair Jajax. One hiding in Dol Amroth. Leaving Gondor for good and kind of good pirate. It was a pity to part with him. Not sure what future awaits him – should he meet Aragorn, Jajax is doomed: Aragorn is not known for his mercy. He may execute negotiators or decline peace offer, so pirate’s life mean nothing to him.

Anyway, Jajax boarded his ship and went to seek adventures. I quested in Dol Amroth: locate this, talk to that etc. Made a visit to Balakhor, demanded that he leave this war. My offer was wise – he could have do his business near other shores. Pirate refused and sealed his fate. I summoned Swan knights and then ran into one of most hated instances.

Yes, one where I meet Nazgul and have ~4 minutes to kill him. Killed 2 times in a row. My dps meant almost nothing to him. Nazgul casted some spells that diminished my health, my heals were not efficient. Luckily, NPC killed Nazgul, so that third time I had to talk only. Instance was finished.

And then I was left with only one quest line (Dead Marches). Dol Amroth offered only City watch grind. I entered City watch, so soon would start grinding anew. It’s not very interesting, my dps may not be sufficient, yet these tokens and this xp…

My legendary bow: almost ready for imbue. Got some right legacies on main bow, some – on deconstructable ones. Yes, it paid off to construct some 6 deconstructable LIs. Now – last advice from kinnies and I am ready for imbue grind. 22 Anfalas crystals are nice, zero Anfalas scrolls is not.

Pity, had to miss LP grind. I had to quest in Dol Amroth, do some real life activities and LP run meant ~1,5 hours. Well, that means I should check if Xinderbor is active and run my Minstrel through pre-burned Archet. This would mean, I am ready for next LP run.

Weekend has ended, quite good and efficient in Lotro. Pity, Western Gondor ends soon and grumpy, worthless regions begin…

Gondor continues



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe’s adventures in Gondor continues. Had bit little time, so just moved to one town, did some quests, killed some Corsairs, explored few beacons.

This morning managed to play too: went to one beacon, killed Corsairs (~80/120, yay), then located killed workers, killed Corsairs, went to swamps to collect mushrooms, deal with snappers and kill Corsairs…

Obviously, all quests have something in common. Killing Corsairs? And my dear NPCs, please stop asking for shrooms. You know, not healthy while you are at war…

To my pleasure found results of my hard work: 15 bound Anfalas crystals in Xantipe’s vault. Yay! Entire 22, now just to collect remaining 8 (or use mithril for that) and I am done. Anfalas scrolls could be bartered at Dol Amroth. I told Kinship – I am good at grind…yet nobody doubts that.

The better for Zantipe. He will grind crystals too, so when the time comes, my Beorning would be ready for (at least) crystals.

Questing in Gondor goes good, I am satisfied with everything.

Gondor, next region



Lord of the rings online

Questing in Morlad region was finished. Some duels with ghosts, exploring local mine, killing local Orcs – standard procedures in any region.

Redirection to next region, Langobel. Merchant who lost his cargo and then entire quest chain to aid farmer. Then have a meal. Oops, farmer is injured, let’s go to doctor, it’s up to me to take care…untill finally I see him dead at the hands of Corsairs. Slaughtered these evil men, felt pity about poor killed man. Yet another tragedy that unfolds.

And of course, first meeting with Jajax, famous pirate. First, killing his men and dogs, second – earning his trust by heavy drinking. Third, deal that he leaves town and I won’t ever fight his men.
Deal went sour – another captain opposed, killed Jajax’s men, so our pirate seeks revenge. And I know it would be a long journey with our ways finally parting – he would return to pirate life.
Meanwhile we fought together, killed opposing captain, mourned slaughtered crew of Jajax.

Questing goes really good. My dps is adequate, legendary items are advancing and I am lvl.101, on my way to lvl.102. Virtues are advancing too quickly, I always need to have one under-levelled. In case of, you know, unexpected gain of virtue xp.

Xantipe’s questing is really nice. There are enough quests to do, enough resources to gather, monsters to kill. Xp is flowing. Content is not ultra-hard, surroundings are not grumpy (Wastelands…) or copy-pasted (Dol Amroth). Things are going really good in Lotro.

Ghosts and spiders


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe continued her questing in Morlad. Skipping quest texts, watching cutscenes (not so many), actively doing quests. Taking every single quest, except always repeatable interlude about Oathbreakers.

Experience is really good, task board items help with this a lot. One good questing day and I am lvl.101, from there – not far away from lvl.102.

Legendary items grind goes well too. Should situation turn bad, I always have extra legendary bows to deconstruct. Slayer deeds are slowly advancing.

Quests brought me to Tarlag’s crown, this time I was wise enough not to stand against group of elites. Would come here later, with enough strong kinnies. So far I am questing in Morlad, possibly would have to go to Lamedon. Overall, things are nice, even Bounty quests. Had to deal with spiders , kill their queen and also slay some ghosts.

So far, everything is good. I am prepared for the very start of Western Gondor (Legendary items, taskboard items…). Overall, things are going pretty well in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was lucky to receive aid from one nice kinnie: 2 runs of Warg pens and then hurray – I was level 100.

Finally. Finally, adult Legendary items start and with them – big grind. Deconstructed old good lvl.95 bow, then equipped lvl.100 one and also some deconstructable second and third age LIs.

Went to housing area. Used 100 taskboard items.

I abandoned deeds in Rohan (would return later), rushed through Black door, reached Morlad. I read quest texts quickly, “next-next-ok-finish”. Kill this, locate that, defend versus some undead.

Morlad was done, got redirect to nearby village, then played Interlude about undead. Chose good path – to side with Aragorn.

At least some fresh air and xp. Content is not so huge (it’s not Rohan!), the only interesting thing is story about Oathbreakers. But this does mean quick reputation and some quick deeds.

Life starts afresh. Good.

Schools, Rohans


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was lucky to participate in some Featured instances – School, to be exact. Valuable Anfalas scrolls, remaining stuff was worth nothing. Anyway, these runs were succesfull.

Xantipe found herself divided. First – Westemnet slayer deeds. Uruks finished, started and finished evil Craban slayer deed, advanced Goblin and Warg slayer. Then was taken to Big Battles – Pelagir, then Glittering caves. Some xp, some nice loot + valuable Stars of Merit. Yet my Huntress is still really weak, even at her lvl.99.

Now I must level up + finish as many slayer deeds in Westemnet as possible. When I reach level 100, things would be clear. Use LI runes, level up weapons (some 7 LIs prepared for grind…), imbue legendary bow and then just enjoy quality DPS. But for that I do need some power-levelling. Grind those 700,000 xp.

Despite very grindy slayer deeds – I am so reluctant to leave Rohan. Paths of Dead does not fascinate me. Gondor is just…just a region to quest with “yes-next-ok-finish” approach. It would be there that I will (probably) barter quality socket armour and use it untill Mordor.

So, decisions are clear: grind level 100, go to Gondor and start imbued weapon grind. Then, more powerfull than before, I would enjoy questing.

Rohan deed grind



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe continues her adventures in Rohan (no need to hurry to pre-Mordor lame lands). Finished boar and bear slayer deeds, yesterday managed to kill last required Dunlending.

All that remains are…problematic deeds. Crabain slayer, most evil one. Goblin slayer. Herd creature slayer. And most senseless – Troll slayer. Must do all of them to finally finish Rohan.

Stormsong yesterday was too late for Kinship Featured instance.

Game had an update, something not important.

Rumours are we would receive an update “between Bree and Evendim”, even “populated with lvl.50 mobs”. Interesting, yet questionable: who would want to go there? Old playes that would just nuke everything?

What awaits me is long long grind on Xantipe. My dissatisfaction with little damage I do (2000-5000 per non-critical hit). My need to grind >1 million xp to reach level 100 and start using lvl.100 legendary bows.

Day was over, grind was not.



Lord of the rings online

Day has been long and nervous, spent hours in traffic jams, so had too little time to play.

Xantipe crafted another lvl.100 third age bow, then finished firts tier of Westemnet woodworker (logs->shavings->logs), reached Anorien tier…yet pre-Westemnet (oak ones) are not done yet. Grind awaits with oak, big grind.

I am still level 99, some million xp to go, 6 Anfalas crystals to use, zero free Anfalas scrolls. Really waiting for level 100: do Big battles, grind needed legacies, prepare DPS bow. And then…then long long way to top level bow.

Most likely I would stay, doing grindy slayer deeds in Rohan. After they are done (crabains! goblins!) – would be forced to move to Gondor.

Nervous day has ended, just nervous and half-empty one in Lotro.




Lord of the rings online

Xantipe participated in Yule, grinded her 6th Anfalas crystal and is lvl.99. She returned to beloved Rohan. Once again, those nice quests that should be read (not “yes-yes-next-finish” like most others).

Escorting Eowyn and her people to Dark door, then vanishing one Orc. Tragic fate of one woman-Thane. She mourns her husband, yet is too harsh with her people, she manages to insult almost everyone. Witnessed how she sent 4 best riders only to find some of them were killed. Her husband killed, Fords lost and her icy “wellcome”. Later it turns out her husband was alive, she realised how badly she behaved.Well, her last mistake was to trust Half-orc’s “word of honour”…

Then – tragedy of those Marthon villagers who wanted to fight. All perished, including one greedy person who was after his treasure. Well, that is when one chooses too hastily.

At some moment I found myself lost. Some deeds (exploration and quests) were done, yet Helms Deep citizens offered no quests for me. I ran, relogged – nothing. What did I miss? Too hard to check every single quest, deed with wiki.

Well, it turned out – I did all Big Battles and just forgot (!) content. What I received was redirection to copy-pasted faces Gondor. A region that is boring, has nothing fascinating, where I can freely skip quest texts and dialogues.

Perhabs I should do deeds in Rohan while I still can. Grind my way to level 100. Craft and use all legendary bows, extract right legacies, finally – make perfect dps bow.

Only then, reluctantly – move to boring Gondor, grumpy Ithilien and Wastelands…towards Mordor.