News on update


Lord of the rings online

We have news on incoming update, Bullroarer version. We get new region, new reputation things, new crafting (Ironfold) tier. Level cap increases by 5 levels: 3 of them on Legendary items are free, 2 – purchasable. New instance incoming as well as Tier3 content.
Temporaly Update name is “Dwarven lands”, official one is to be announced. Should start at Erebor.

All toons: masteries are reduced from 400% cap to 200% cap, instead “there would be more space for mitigations”. To compensate this, monsters’ health would be reduced, but at lower levels – increased.

Minor changes like new Minstrel instruments, some Warden skills etc.

Preliminary impressions:
1) Dwarven region. Do it correctly, get nice stories people would love.
2) [as rumours tell] Mordor keys would open new lootboxes. Unexpectedly nice move, another region to do all dailies in Mordor/Mirkwood.
3) Only 2 levels to grind on LIs, so almost all players would surely have those scrolls/crystals at hand.

1) Decreasing mitigations. There is no need to nerf anything, my poor Minstrel already is struggling with most monsters, nerf him – and he is usefull for concert in Bree only. Kinnies (more experienced than me) tell me thigns wouldd be contrary – stuff would be easier.
2) New crafting tier
3) Most likely – new essences. Essences are starting to become “won’t bother, they’ll screw it withing half year” thing. Why care, grind – when few months later they would become pure trash?
4) No thoughts on ash. Remove the cap or think about removing ash.

Despite equipment – Update should be nice. If only they manage to make quests interesting, not another “blah-blah-next-next”.

Meanwhile my toons grinded Mordor keys – now have 3 of them and 8 slivers – and would continue to grind for them. I am no longer bothering with new Mordor chests – existing are enough. When Update comes, I would have enough boxes and keys. Should boxes be trash – destroy them, use keys.

I have enough will to grind everything: Anfalas scrolls/crystals, keys, boxes, taskboard items. I must be ready when Update comes – and then dive into adventure.

Meanwhile: next week I have some vacation, so – no Lotro/Orion2 untill the end of next week.


Seregost, dailies, plans


Lord of the rings online

I was busy with picking up daily quests. Stormsong has more than 8 (just in case, you know), Naktieskarys – less. Stormsong ran dailies in Mordor and I do not bother about additional daily task: reputation items are not that important for me. Weekly quest is resource instances, so – not soloable.

Did one Seregost run: some (4?5?) scrolls of empowerement, 3 ashable items, some LI experience runes. Risked to ash items, now am at the verge of cap.

Naktieskarys did festival runs, he is close to another bound Anfalas crystal. Maybe 4/10, still nice to earn.

There were almost zero players I could help. One wanted instance where my squishy Minstrel was having problems and finished only with the aid of kinnies.

Talked to one kinnie, we calculated number of Anfalas scrolls needed for one person. Most likely – 70 (i.e. 35 for each LI). I have ~100, so – 40 to go. Which means only few Seregost runs.

There are many talks on incoming update, something is almost sure, something is unclear.  I do hope we will get some nice stories (Dwarf region, after all!).

My plans are clear: try to grind every single Bound key I could get. Hoard all of them (just not slivers…why materialize these?) in the vault. When update comes – I may need ash, would use all 10.000 – and then use all keys at once.

Next week: one week long vacation without Lotro. Untill then – some grind to do.

Master of Orion 2

Normally I won’t write…but this time was special. My Sakkra, expanded, reaching Graviton and Neutron blaster – and then big Alkari empire. First run on their planet – oops, too many enemy ships. Economy mobilized, I came with some 10 ships: still being owned. Not a problem, let’s make  little missile ships. These did some job, yet I still was destroyed.

Economy turned to war only. I gathered more ship, yet Alkaris got more and they had technological advance. I ended in quitting and re-loading maybe 10 times. Fianlly, Mauler devices (2 on battleship) + some defensive technologies + maybe 10 scouts and few boas did the trick. I conquered galaxy at the cost of few battleships.

Orion. Again


Lord of the rings online

No activity. Logged Naktieskarys, used Human task items, looked for Mirkwood dailies (none available)…logged off.

I was tired, no will to do any content, so just skipped everything.

Master of Orion 2

Played my favourite Sakkras, even if it meant restarting 10 times untill I got normal starting conditions. I had some “sleep” period: cannot explore further, every colonizable planet colonized. Peace and order…

Then Psylons emerged, they were quickly dealt with, leaving only their capital alive (could not reach).

And then Silicoid, huge empire with good anti-spy defense. First raid on their planet ended in: a) their Ground batteries destroyed; b) my fleet retreated. I refitted ships, constructed many little (“Boa” class) torped boats.

FInally I met my opponent’s main fleet. Lots of ships, around 27 battleships with interceptors. Some lesser ships. My army suffered some losses: many torpedo ships, maybe one battleship. All Silicoid fleet was destroyed, my ships being almost totally imune to enemy beam weapons. From there I started annihilation campaing, bombing every planet to zero population. Still they organized defense…only to meet my invicible armada.

Fight was done, last SIlicoid colony fell. I felt satisfaction: my two worst enemies were done with with almost no losses on my side.

And so the day has ended – lazy lazy in Lotro…

Active: helping, helped



Lord of the rings online

Weekend was busy, lots of activity, not so much space to write all of it.

Naktieskarys was lucky to pick more than 8 Mirkwood quests, then do dailies. Managed to finish Jangovar slayer deed, now – Advanced one (200…ouch) incoming. Almost all Elf taskboard items used, now using Human ones. I need those reputations to be maxed.

Summer festival runs well. I got one more crystal this way.

Bound key: hurried to use on one chest and get some ash. Most likely, a mistake.

Managed to aid one lvl.21 Guardian with Great Barrows. Things were easy, he probably wa impressed. After all, shing-shing is best thing for Champion.

Stormsong ran Mirkwood – as always, easy and some quests are in reserve, just in case. Then – probably Mordor dailies which I was very lazy to run.

After talk with one kinnie changed my mind. Following him, would be preserving lootboxes and keys for incoming update. Who knows what would be with ash? If we will need tons of it – here it goes. A very wise advice. From now – preserve slivers, keep bound keys in shared vault and wait untill update.

Managed to aid several players – one was lvl.115 having trouble in brigand HQ in Lake town. We dealth with brigands, I was killed, yet we were victorious.

Was more than happy to craft some usable items for kinnie. At last my Scholart was of some use for the Kinship.

Things are going good in Lotro. Now, I have a goal: keep as many black keys and chests as possible. Next goal is very simple: grind ghosts and Jangovar in N. Mirkwood, finishing local Slayer deed.

Oh, and of course – World chat. We had some refreshing talks about Mordor smartphone (maybe the best one I ever saw), next day – some lame politics, later – discussion about democracy in Mordor.

Life in Lotro became clear and nice once again. I have my goals, I have to grind and I am effective in grinding. And am in best Kinship with almost the best people.

Encore and dailies


Lord of the rings online

We have Summer festival encore. I did not participate – well, instances won’t work, I have overflow of instance tokens and nowhere to spend them. Festival tokens may be earned to get Anfalas crystal: Naktieskarys still needs at least 7 of them.

Menwhile Naktieskarys turned in last full set of Elf taskboard items, reached Kindred with Erebor Dwarves, also was lucky to pick some easy quests. Mirkwood dailies were done quickly, I really enjoyed some shing-shing (even if that meant very low health at the end). Now, the only concern is Elf reputation. Humans can be achieved easily -with quests and taskboard items. Elven items are kind of rare. Used my bound key, got some ashable items and (ashable) Abyssal essence.

Stormsong did Mirkwood dailies only. Used 3 bound keys, got some ashable stuff too. Now I am on the verge of cap – some 8500 ash. Would have to spend some soon.

We talked about Istaria. It is/was really important to me, but thanks to very restrictive f2p – almost no wish to return. A sincere, frank talk about game that meant so much. Now my home is Lord of the Rings online with its green fields, nice stories, some very nice roleplay and, of course, my own Kinship.

Now, my goals are clear: try to run Festival on Naktieskarys, grind those tokens (30 quests to do…) and get as much Anfalas crystals as possible.

And so the day has ended: one farewell to Istaria and productive, frank one in Lotro.

Problems, dailies, gold


Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was lucky: picked some quests in Erebor, some in Dale. If tomorrow brings some nice quests – I will be able to earn another key. So – logged, took quests, turned in Elf task items, logged off.

Stormsong reluctantly did Mordor dailies. All for the sake of 3 bound keys. Picked same nice-easy quests in Mirkwood. Result: have 6 slivers, tomorrow would earn one more key.

In World chat we ranted. One person told – “Solving your problems for 5 gold”. Another player he had unrepaired house, then some vegetables to look after. My advice was approved as best: becoem President, so that state looks after vegetables and house. Another question was – how to solve Elf problem. Did not answer – maybe send all of them away?

The days are hot, >30 degree Celsius, so I do feel tired and sometimes – with very little wish to play.

However, soon weather would change and I could have more time for my Lotro.

Inefficient day


Lord of the rings online

There is almost nothing to write about.

Naktieskarys logged in. Found no daily quests in Erebor, Dale and Lake town. Turned in Elf reputation items.  Then, ran Yule festival, bartered last Anfalas crystal (have 3 of them…7 o go). Logged off.

Stormsong logged in. Found no daily quests in Erebor and Dale. Logged off.

Talked in World chat a bit. Felt disappointment. Now I must wait untill Sunday to pick all doable (easy) dailies. Unless, of course, today there would be 4 in Erebor and Dale and tomorrow there would be 4 in Dale and Lake town.

Day has been empty and mostly inefficient. Let us hope future would be more bright.

Inefficient day


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I re-checked Istaria’s knowledge base. Remembered how it started: from one nice day when free players were forced to access their user account once a month “to show they are active”. Then, at 2017, it came level 15 cap for free players (but hey, you could pick any race) – after that, no quests, no new levels. Then, public storage buildings could not be accessed by free players (“due to thef”). Ony recently they told “grandfathered accounts” (created when only f2p limitation was human race) would be able to access.

Free to play in Istaria became actually a demo version, I could not consider it actually free.

Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Mordor dailies were quick and efficient, was lucky to meet some players who were farming same camp – so that things went good and quick. Picked few quests in N.Mirkwood.

Naktieskarys was inactive. A pity, missed few Mirkwood dailies and Festival tokens.

We talked about past mmos. I told about Istaria. My first Western mmo, where I learned to fight and craft, to grind, ask for help and help others, my first Guild, first raids in end-game content. I wished to reinstall Istaria…but with such limitations I had no wish. Folks calmed me down: you cannot return to what game once was. Alas, they are right.

We shared thoughts about several games, including ones I played: Guild wars 2, Age of Conan. Almost nobody played Secret world legends. And other games…well, I could not live in them, could not find suitable class/race to play.

The day has ended, a really short one. Not so effective token wise though.

Mirkwood dailies, finally


, ,


Somehow googled “Istaria f2p” What I found was most displeasing. Free players can advance only to lvl.15 in crafting school and cannot complete some (end game?) quests. That is, you advance to very basic things…and bye-bye. Good-bye to the best free to play model.

I thought to reinstall and run again, but hey, what’s the point? Correct, there is none, other than just look and aid someone with buildings. Sorry, my favourite Istaria, home of Dragons and little-friendly community – we must part. My home is Middle Earth now.

Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys: Received big help from one very kind kinnie. He guided me to the only safe place during that …impossible quest in N.Mirkwood. Explained step by step. Summoned me when I needed it. Yes, I managed to pass the quest, taking one Armoured Shadow, then – another. Quest was done, all quests in N. Mirkwood were done. I was eligible for dailies.

Which took me through most problematic part. I picket 2 in Erebor, then some 3 in Dale…remaining ones were in Felegoth, in the grumpy areas. After much running forward-backward I finished dailies. First bound steel key (on this toon) was mine. First lootbox opened (tome of hedgehog and some ashable item). Kinship congratulated. Yes, with this Kinship one receives 200% support needed. After that, did my Frostbluff runs. In theatre enjoyed yelling (/roar) at one Hobbit. Almost all the time.

Used some Wasteland stuff (all these Dagorlad artifacts, weapon parts…) that were taking space. Bartered for 2 tomes of…dogs. I do not need dogs, yet – why not? I have no use for these barter items anyway.

Stormsong: Mordor dailies. Easy ones. Then Mirkwood dailies, easy ones too. 3 bound steel keys. Several ashable items. Some rant on World chat about Hobbitses and “bdsm kinships”.
Finally (at the cost of 1 defeat) finished killing Infected Orcs in Agarnaith. Slayer of Gorgoroth done, additional Lotro points gained.

And so weekend has ended: very succesfull in Lotro. Naktieskarys has earned 2 Anfalas crystals, maybe would make it to 3. I am finally able to do Mirkwood dailies (additional 2 chests a week).  I would be very efficient with ash, I am efficient with Anfalas crystals and I have really nice Kin.

It’s all sunny and bright in Lotro again. I am happy.

Tactics and dailies



Lorsd of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. First, dailies in Mirkwood: everything simple. Then, rush to Mordor – lag killed me once. In Lhingris had my hated quest to kill Engorged orcs. That means either risk or too long waiting. Anyway, quests were done, I used all 3 bound keys to open boxes. Loot: two ashable items, one ashable essence and some crafting materials.

Court of Seregost run: lvl.112, tier 1. I was afraid we won’t make it, but we won. Once again, loot was miserable: 1 ashable item, 1 scroll. Tier 1 Seregost run is loot nightmare.

Onie kinnie spend his own time to device a strategy for quest I am stuck. One day we will look into it: he found some safe place to fight not two mobs at once, but just one. Hope it would work…

So far no wish to run Yule quests. Naktieskarys needs too many crystals, Stormsong has enough. Stormsong has some 600 Yule tokens, nowehere to spend. But I need to run Yule on my Champion.

And so the day has ended – half busy in Lotro. SOme job awaits on weekend.