runs and rants


Lord of the rings online

With little time to play (and real life forcing to do things like naking food, cleaning flat etc) – very limited time play. I had enough time to run Pelagir duo (one kinnie was kind enough), earn platinium reward and get some trash loot. Not too many merit stars or medallions. A pity. Bright side – I was good with catapults and some side quests.

I am trying to explain kinnies that my toon is no longer grumpy. Or very grumpy. I have job, I have personal life and soon would have stable income. No need to be grumpy, the only thing I wish – that Big Battle runs would be very frequent.

We also ranted at World chat about player who told that if he was to die, he would tell relatives to clear his browsing history. I trolled that it’s not needed, because them grandsons would tell: Look, our dad was an expert in adult websites and a pity he did not share this knowledge with us… More laughs, rofls, remarks – World chat was quite live.

And so the day has ended. I am not far from another Anfalas starlit (would need 3 of them for lvl.100 Bridle) and yet very far from full set of Empowerement scrolls collection. Trying NOT to think about my champion’s Legendary weapons imbuement…

And so the day has ended. One quite nice in Lotro.

Golden run


Lord of the rings online

Personal life – back, job – back, so very little time to play Lotro. Only to log in Stormsong, take Hobbit presents and ask for Pelagir runs.

This time we managed to make 6-man run. Everything went almost good, except the fact one kinnie built ballista (it was destroyed by mobs) and 1 lame soldier died. I ran as Vanguard, managed to get 20 kills, use Stun on one mob…and on next one (Corsair named archer) I got killed, 20 kills were lost. Switched to Engineer, fired catapult once (I love it).

Pelagir was won, we got gold, but I received enough medallions to upgrade Healing skills power cost. Still many scrolls of empowerent to grind and prepare at least 3 Anfalas starlits for my briddle.

Folks keep talking about next Guild recipes and that we got rare Zircon shards. Which means – emerald ones are almost trash by now. A pity, I got some of them.

And so, the day has ended. Quite nice with good run and nice rewards. Life was good in Lotro once again.

jumps and duties


Lord of the rings online

Running Big Battles – sometimes often, sometimes rarely. Grinding Merit stars and medallions. Finally, my Stormsong bartered the last Anfalas starlit crystal. Finally, I could concentrate on Scrolls of empowerement (and I will need many of these).

One time had a weird player. He joined, when we started – he just stood and stood, I told him to run to me, he kept silence. I asked if he can hear me – he kept silence. Finally, I was forced to kick him from fellowship. Only later that player responded if I still run Pelagir. I told – no, though I was running.  People told me that player used such tricks before.

In real life, I finally got a job. As we say in Lithuania – “while u did not jump over ditch, do not say ‘I did it’ “. I kept silence. I told myself to believe only when I have my work ID at hand. ID is there – and I am not so grumpy in Lotro. Personal life re-appeared, I have some job.

It looks like Lotro decided to reward me. Got lvl.100 first age symbol drops, even supreme essence of morale (people tell, 500 gold on AH). Kinnies are joking: “that’s for not being grumpy”.

And so the life goes on, quite nice.



Lord of the rings online

Days of running Big Battles. Writing down Merit stars and medallions. Bartering Anfalas starlit crystals and scrolls of empowerment. Enjoying Big Battles with my kinnies (they are really the best). Enjoying Kin that does understand me from my jokes about Gandalf’s weed to congratulating my successes. I really am in Family there.

My time in Lotro…no, it’s not near end, I have much things to do. Just I will have far less time very soon. Kinship is informed, I will try to do my best to do Big battles, to aid whomever I can with whatever I can (weaponsmith/tailor/scholar services or just helping with quests). I will continue offering support in Worlc chat to whoever needs it.

Meanwhile, I really enjoy my time in Lotro. I can breathe there, I can forget many real-life problems. And enjoy new starlits, new, more powerfull, equipment.

The day was indeed good in Lotro. Soon, i will have duties to do and less time for game. My duties in game -to aid those who need it- will remain.

Morguls, 200 percent, raids


Lord of the rings online

Two days of almost non-stop action. Big Battles whenever I find a group, no matter what: Deepening wall, Deepening comb, Pelagir, Minas Tirith, hammer…No matter the size, be it 2 or 6 people battles.

Sometimes I am asked to be Vanguard. This is class I fail to understand. One thing I know: i must get 20 kills, then I receive stun skill and at some named boss I should use this skill. That’s all. What do other skills do – no idea. I positioned points in trait tree without even knowing how they should be used.

Things are going very good in Big Battles, I received enough medaillions to barter for 1 scroll of empowerement and after extensive fight I lack a few to barter 2 scrools. Anfalas strarlit is only 30 merit stars away (well, let’s try to forget I will need 2 more starlits for this toon and for this weapon…).

Scrolls of empowerent are the biggest trouble. They costs some 586 medallions and I am always short on medallions. Big Battles do give them, yet not that much. Yesterday I used 100 Dol Amroth golden tokens to barter 10 scrolls. And yes, I have some un-needed skills imbued with no chance to replace (then i lose scrolls spent on them). However, when I am done with starlits for my Minstrel book, I may focus on empowerent. And then? Then bridle, I still use lvl.95 one.

Had a talk in World chat. People linked 5-slot essence armour. Superb one, just ideal…and yet, barterable for Morgul crests. I will never get these since they are from very hard new regions and if 1 instance –>1 morgul crest, then I would get my armour…within some 120 days of non-stop playing…A pity. Faramir’s armour is so nice…

Meanwhile I am doing Big Battles, sometimes helping people. Trying not to think that Naktieskarys will need hundreds of empowerement scrolls and maybe 40 Anfalas starlit crystals. So far, my life in Lotro is just very good – this counts…

Big Battling



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong once again is the only active and has enough activity. First of all – Big battles. I am doing these each single day, ready for any BB that gives good rewards and is not too long.

Thanks to kinnies and BB – I have gained the last spendable Bb trait point and now am a nice engineer that specializes in traps. I have earned yet another Anfalas starlit crystal, some scrolls of empowerement and even an Essence removal scroll. Participated in fun 12-man Big Battle (of cause, a bit chaotic, but still….). We have superb raid leaders that answer every single question and know which perosn is best suitable where. Some kinnie even ask, when they enter chat – timke is for BB, who wants? I am always one who wants – Anfalas crystals are too rare as drops and my imbued weapon needs lots of crystals.

Received new essence armour from our leader (in addition to some quality new jewellery, already with surpeme essences). It might be very usefull one day, when I would have tons of morale essences. Basically it is tanking armour: only 3 essence slots (Dol Amroth armour has 4), has Fate (+90) and Morale (+1000) bonuses. Equip with, say, Greater morale essences  and receive 18.000 hp bonus. Yes, you lose dps, lose critical rating…but with such bonuses one could try to enter even Ost Giliath. The question – how would I ever repay the Kin such kindness – still stands.

I am starting a long-term program with alt creation. The goal is simple: start TP grinding toon, move her to Ered Luin, use slayer and skill deed accelerator and grind basic slayer deeds (maybe even class deeds). When Ered Luin slayer deed is completed, return to Breee, sell everything, deposit money and Slayer deed accelerator (30 minutes) + some tome of experience into shared vault. After some alts, log in Naktieskarys and take all slayer deed accelerators.

Why? Because I have unfinished grindy deeds in Western Rohan. Crow slayer (when we have some 5 crows in one spot), Goblin slayer (almost same), herd creature slayer…and evil slayer in Forochel, to kill those icy creatures. So, one pretty day, equipped with tens of tomes, Naktieskarys would go for some hunt. This is where melee classes are inferior to ranged ones.

Meanwhile, life in Lotro does go well. I have plenty of activity, I am grinding money for my alt’s Kin house and really having fun. Life is just nice in Lotro.

re-scout, re-grind


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did traditional Dol Amroth dailies. Ran Pelagir (duo) with one friend. Then – managed to enter Pelagir (6 man).  Now I am very close to another Anfalas starlit crystal. And Pelagir goes just nice: I am good at placing traps, less good in upgrading/repairing. Minstrel dps + traps makes almost perfect combination.

Went to scout Ost Giliath. Oh yes, I was told by other players I need to scout one instance, there are little mobs…So I travelled to see it myself and (who knows?) get to those damned Culverts.

Situation: there are only 2 entrances, both heavily guarded. Explaining “heavily guarded” – patrols, then single group of some 10 (if not more) monsters. if they did not change anything – there are ranged monsters and magicians. Kinnie told me using warsteed is not optimal due to lag.

Result: unfortunately, I am right about Ost Giliath, it’s impossible to enter. Conclusion: I am stopping any tries to get there. Maybe one day Turbine will make OG enterable. Maybe we willl have level cap increase to 110 and then I could risk. Just not now.

Meanwhile, a new TP grinder was created, named Caralsol and grinded for many Turbine points. Being Human minstrel with slayer deed accelerators is pretty cool.

And so the day has ended, it was almost good in Lotro.

runs and troubles


Lord of the rings online

Yet another new kinnie in our Kinship. Someone was looking for active and fun-loving Kin, I naturally reccomended The Family. Soon, we had new kinnie and I was able to help him run lvl.35 Sambrog. Later we joked that I “hardly managed to survive”, because Sambrog managed to hit me by entire 25 points of morale…

Little was done by me except Dol Amroth dailies. Asked in World chat if anybody needed help. Lvl.21 needed The Maze. Ok, we ran it, were victorious – and he asked to run Thadur, because “I will be lvl.22 then”. Ok, Thadur, though with less enthusiasm. At the end – “friend, what phone are u using?”. I failed to understand how does it matter with Lotro. Finally, player just stated thjat i will help him tomorrow. I added – “if i have time”, which I won’t. Relaly dislike such approach, reminds me Player A. in Istaria…

Helped with power-levelling another player. Lvl.71 who needs to be lvl.73 and has no wish to craft or just kill monsters. We ran Sambrog once, monsters managed to hit me and sometimes it was a bit hard. Then I left fellowship – let that player find groups of his own level.

And so the day of helping was over. I need to learn how to say “no” to some from World chat…

Big battles again


Lord of the rings online

Lithuanian proverb says – “if you plant wind, you will harvest storm”. One question in World chat had some…hard results. It was my typical question if anybody needed aid, except Gondor-Anorien. Some players IM’ed…and one needed help with Big battles.

Oh my gosh, I really am bad with this. But he somehow knew mechanic, he wasn’t interested in outcome – just to finish lame battle. And then we started, running 3 Big battles in a row. In some of them we achieved nice results, some were not so good (I completely forgot how to fight some). I was really shining: building traps, arming catapults etc. My colleague was very good at aiming and firing siege weapons and also as dps.

Loot was – mainly stars of merit, some pieces of trash jewellery and Tome of Will 10 (when i need tome of will 7-8). However, this allowed me to barter yet another Anfalas starlit chrystal.

I felt kind of satisfied with my participation. While not platinium – we still performed good. And i promised to help with other Big battles, because that player needs them for epic quest line.

Other nice outcome of Big Battles: bartered 3 Anfalas scrolls of empowerent. I am not sure how am I going to get, say, 100 of them, but I have to.

And so BBs daya in Lotro was over – and life was really nice in Lotro.

Flying high


Lord of the rings online

Finally, some action. Naktieskarys started to do dailies to grind gold tokens and level up legedary weapons. I noticed he had some unfinished Westemnet slayer deeds, but these are really bad for melee classes. Kill 200 of crows…when I have some 5 at its best. Good for Minstrel, bad for Champ.

Stormsong was the one really busy. Managed to run Pelagir/Minas Tirith Big Battles almost every day. Sometimes I ran almost full set (2, 3 and 6 persons). Minas Tirith and Hammer of the underworldd are still chaotic and in some quests I still am getting lost.  “Save civilians” – while I see no saveable civilians.

Once my group told me to be a Vanguard. Well, it was hard. I had to compete with npcs to get 20 kills, then wait for some named monster and use stun on him. Not too effective, but I did not use other abilities: maybe Vanguard does something better. As an Engineer, i can feel usefull with all traps, repairs, upgrades.

Big battles went so well I could finally allow myself 2 Anfalas starlit crystals to barter and imbue my Minstrel book. It means more grind to get more Anfalas crystals and empowerent scrolls…but with groups that experienced I should have no problem.

It is only now that I noticed resources to be stacking at 500, not 100. Played with my vault and saved some expensive space. Kudos, Turbine, for making life better.

Adelb ended her tp grind…and Adelc was born. She employed different strategy: used all tomes while killing crows/dourhands in Ered Luin. Slayer deeds were completed in one moment and I spent some time killing everything…only to finish some class deeds. Then my Adelc was deleted.

In short, everything is going almost perfect in Lotro. I have some activity, I can upgrade my Legendary weapons and I am usefull to my groups. Life is good onxce again in Lotro.


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