Fauna, flora and events


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was the only active. First, ran 16th hall to loot last sopre from The Lost One. En route managed to kill local fauna, ask for some high lvl to aid in killing Lost One. My friend told me not to use dps (why? I don’t care about challenge, just give me spores). With this, I finished deed and got 10 Turbine points.

And then I had nothing to do. Morrovals in Carn Dum – probably on cool down. Orc of Urugarth – too much running, too little Orcs. Skumfil, The Watcher – need serious company. Yes, I could run lizards and morrovals in Nala-Dum and Lumul-Nar.

We have an event, North Ithilien one. Turbine made decision to (temporaly) increase some non-rare flora. Players report they are given 2 phials from each. In short, garbage flora for garbage phials is increase. The wise decision could have been to fix Amber drop rate. But this is Turbine with its philosophy – “the worse, the better”. I would not expect them to fix Amber drop ratio. I would not expect them to do anything to make players’ life better. Oh, come on, grind 500 plants, then another 500 plants, then 5000 plants – that’s cool, that’s a freaking end-game!

Update 19.2 is rumoured to have new jewellery, worth 500 non-rare essences. Huge grind ahead and almost nowhere to get essences. I need either tons of gold or 200% luck. I have neither.

And so the day has ended: grey, unimpressive in Lotro.

returning players: Moria, Rohan


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong had almost nothing to do.

Vytautaz did Forgotten Treasury, then ran into group preparing for Sixteenth Hall. 16th hall was done quickly: there were 2 big guys (me and another player), so – plenty of dps. Managed to die one time, in the middle of enemies, trying to shing-shing them all. Fortunately, our Minstrel resurrected. Was lucky to finish one Zeal deed this way.

Next, helped one returning player with quest to kill Nagas, one really bad monster near Snowden. We fought our way to mob, then dealth with him. Was killed once, returned to fight, but was killed second time…so remaining hps had to be done by other player. Finally, we were victorious. Quest finished, LI xp gained.

Then, had to run Nala-dum and Lumul-Nar, killing morrovals and lizards. A bit boring, but these I must finish. At least for TPs, if not for “virtues”.

I will fight in these instances, as much as I can solo. Then, with the help of Kinship, would finish almost everything.

And only then – move to hte land I dislike most: Gondor.


Preparing for Gondor


Lord of the rings online

No Featured instance runs (it’s raid and it’s hard, why bother?).

Vytautas tried Carn Dum, no results. Only 3-4 morrovals. I finished killing enemies in The Forgotten Treasury, finished Forges of Khazad Dum. Yesterday 2 of our Kin officers helped me with Evendim deed “Leaders of the invasion (advanced)”. 5 enemies killed on lvl.40, deed done, virtue increased.

My Vytautas now grinds Turbine points and prepares for hard Gondor part. By the time I enter Paths of the dead, I should have virtues maxed, lvl.100 essences and armour ready.

Meanwhile Kinship plans instances weekend. Good for me, could do some killings and get more TPs.

Stormsong helped one player with Weathertop epic quest. I just nuked things and quest was done.  Vytautaz aided one lvl.30+ group in Great Barrows. Things went good, just group members were outrunning me and thus getting into troubles. But we won and only that matters.

I wish I could post somewhere so that everyone (in lower lvl groups) reads:
1) let me run first
2) in case I ask – tell where to go
3) communicate: tell me about side quests you need etc.
3) please loot lootboxes, you need them first
4) if you die while i am Minstrel – do not retreat, let me finish that mob and resurrect you. We, Minstrels, like that.

World chat was too much alive, discussing Communism, better leader for Middle Earth (Saruman for the win, he’s the wise and progressive!), trolling some players.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.

Girls and raids


Lord of the rings online

This week’s Featured instance is Ost Dunhoth, some wing. A raid, 12-man one. Naturally, there were many advertisings (“OD FI, 6/12”) and too little players willing to run. Relatively many reports on wiped/failed raids.

I did not participate, PC will lag heavily and even if there’s a victory, it’s not worth the reward, 10 gold worth Anfalas scroll and 1 trash essence. Discussed my views with kinnies/

Vytautaz did some Moria instance runs. Killed mobs in Treasury of Khazad Dum, slaughtered some orcs in the Forges of Khazad Dum. One kind player has shown me how to grind morrovals in Carn Dum.

Strangely enough, first time I killed >20 of these winged girls. Second time (after fighting in Treasury), I met only 2 and noticed that some mobs were lacking. Well, would try today.

My goals right now: Orcs of Urugarth (61/160); Morroval in Carn dum (some 31/60), Orcs in Forges (almost 30% done). Also, need some really grindy deeds: Morroval in Lumul Nar, lizards in Nala dum, all deeds in Dar Narbugud, Sixteenth Hall…

Overall, having more time means having more will to grind instances. Life is not so bad in Lotro after all.




Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did daily instances, looting Anfalas scrolls (drop rate reduced) and trash essences. Got zero usefull essences: only ones of Parrying, Blocking, Agility and in rare cases – Morale. Except Morale, deleting them all.

Vytautas was really helped and busy. I am starting to upgrade existing virtues and doing deeds. One moment I found out I missed almost all Moria deeds. Then, it started: Forges of Khazad Dum, 16th Hall, Halls of Crafting, Dark Delvings…Kinship did one big run and I really advanced many things. We ran from one instance to another and only night time forced me to leave. This was just great and helpfull. I  got TPs, I got my slayer deeds advanced.

Of course, now I am doing all deeds I could solo. Barad Gularan, Forges of Khazad Dum, Urugarth and some others. Still having problems with Morrovals in Carn Dum – cannot find a way to them (i.e. can’t recall how to go in this maze). Being red line Champion really helps with Killing Spree:I kill, I get my health restored. From time to time it saved my life.

Stormsong managed to help some players, including Fall of Mordirith instance. Quite good I could be of some aid. Ahelissa managed to make one bridle (medium, lvl.100).

And so weekend has ended, I was overwhelmed with instances and deeds to be done – life is once again great in Lotro.




Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did dailies, received almost no quality loot. Yes, Anfalas scrolls drop, they are used by Naktieskarys, hoarded by Vytautaz…but nothing more. Others get nice stuff, just not me. Had some talk with kinnies: they keep telling some Nemesis elite monsters in Far Anorien may drop reputation item and I could exchange into essences. First of all, it’s super-elites, they would three-shot me. Sorry, not an option, my only option is to farm Featured instances.

Got one lootbox. Destroyed. I am not going to play with them – they sell bad, one has to lower prices some 5-6 times (!) to have a chance. And if I open, I got trash.

In chat, I found my Hobbit-Minstrel looking for aid in Angmar. My good jumper-hobbit, whom I called “Hobbit Paratrooper”. Unfortunately for me, had to go for some food, returned one hour later…and nobody needing help. A pity, I was willing to aid.

Naktieskarys did one featured instance run, got only Anfalas scrolls. They are usefull, though.

Ahelissa used all crafting boosts to reach top level in tailoring. Basically working withhides-shavings-hides.

I enjoyed this day in Lotro. Everything went good, the only thing I forgot was Vytautaz. Iobar’s Peak is not so bad, but essence problem does remain unsolved.

Selfies in Carn Dum


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: 2 dailies, only two Anfalas scrolls and trash essences.

Naktieskarys did 1 daily run – 2 good tier 7 and tier 8 essences, few Anfalas scrolls. My AoE champion is really good there, though advancing is really slow.

Vytautaz finally got full run of Carn Dum. Two kinnies helped, including 1 Minstrel. As always, Champion can’t compete with Minstrel: mini just nukes everything before I could reach monster.

Fight was great, we just killed everything, visited every single corner, sometimes doing selfies in nice places. A selfie with red-robed cargul, then maybe – with some half-dressed batgirl and finally – a balcony of Witch Lord with a nice view on Carn Dum. Finally, we reached Mr. Mordirith, killed it.

Run was done. I had many deeds bestowed and finished, gained many Turbine points, got access to all gates, looted valuable Universal Solvent. Now, all that remains are simple, soloable slayer deeds.

I really liked this run. Quick, effective, just nice. That’s the way our Kinship runs are always like.

Of course, there are still some runs left, be it Carn Dum or Urugarth or Dar Narbugud. As one person said – “all in due time, my apprentice, all in due time…”.

And so the day has ended – good and effective in Lotro.

Farms and fates


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz spend a day farming Barad Gularan. One slayer deed finished, another one await (too little Angmarim there, even with accelerator!). Asked about Carn Dum, but there were so many other activity ir Kin – too many to run it 1 or 2 times.

Naktieskarys farmed Warg Pens with Warden and Minstrel. Farming was nice, reached lvl.103 – so am only 2 levels short. Then – big grind of flowers would happen. However, in Warg Pens I was effective: could do my favourite AoE and my fellows told I was good with my setup. Finally, some optimism for my champ! Featured instance run was quick, but loot was only 3 Anfalas scrolls + 1 unusefull essence. Well, scrolls are good, since I will need lots of them.

Stormsong farmed featured instance, deposited Anfalas scrolls (which would be shared between Vytautaz and Naktieskarys). Later, noticed one player was selling Fate III tome. One I need, one I never noticed on auction. Asked for price – no answer. Sent private message – received tell price was 300 gold. Ok, bought it…only to see there was an turmoil in World chat about seller. Not too good she did not answer, but…Now, my Minstrel is stronger, on her way to becoming something good in battle.

Tried to help one player – no results, instance was bugged for him, so I had to log off.

I have to work on Vytautaz’ virtues. Grind every deed that increases them. Then – finish all deeds I can on Storm and Naktieskarys (especially TP-giving ones). ANd of course, grind every single Turbine point, I will need them one day for essences and vault space.

Helping, being helped


Lord of the rings online

Who told all the days need to be empty and grinding in the name of grind? No, no, not me, not my Grumpy Dwarf.

Stormsong was quite happy. First, two featured instance runs. This week – Iobar’s Peak. Yes, same mountain with mobs to kill, dps to use, heals to [almost] ignore and worst parent in the world – local Eagle. Come on, you lazy bird, you are mighty, you could save your egg. Or at least do not leave it at ther mercy of giants.

Anyway, we ran. I gained little loot – some Anfalas scrolls, Morale essences. Later, I was able to aid one player. Hobbit, lvl.46 Minstrel stuck in grumpy Angmar.

I went there and then we began. Hobbit was very friendly, into light roleplay, so  we chatted about World events. She used to jump from always every cliff, we joked about “Hobbit paratroops” and alike. Yes, we had to slaughter some monsters. Later she needed to go to the Rift.

The Rift. Full raid, hard content, where lvl.105s can be wiped and my heals sometimes did not save the NPC. I asked my Hobbit to flee to safety, then rode to The Rift. Discovered local stables, lots of elite monsters around…and summoned Hobbit Minstrel. She saw that this was raid content, but all I could aid her – was to wish her Kinship could help.

Leaving Rift, we did some Orc, bugs and leeches slaying. Then, it was midnight and I had to leave. I really wish the best for this kind role-playing friendly Hobbit Minstrel.

Naktieskarys: one featured instance run with fellow Lithuanian player and one English-speeking. Loot – only one Anfalas scroll. Anyayw, folks really aided me with my lvl.101 toon.

Some talks with Kinship about gold inflow – yet no logical solution. Random things may be random (lootboxes), they do not provide guaranteed steady income.

I left game quite satisfied. Everything is going really good in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did daily runs, got some not-too-usefull essences, Anfalas scrolls and LI runes. Nothing special, other keep getting really rare and cool items. Other, as always – not me, never me.

I also did some runs in Bara Gularan and Forges of Tham Mirdain. Deeds finished, Turbine point earned. Very easy for ranged AoE class.

Managed to help some players. In Garth Agarwen I wask asked to heal (at final stage), not to dps. Ok, I used my lame heals (dps line, green mode) to keep company alive.

Vytautaz does Barad Gularan, Car Dum deeds to increase virtues and earn TPs. Things are going slowly, he’s single-target DPS with no self-heals. Barad Gularan is bad, sometimes I am on the verge of death there.

My new TP grinding toon (as always, Human minstrel) made 1 quick run. 110 Turbine points + used Mathom armour (which kept using my shared storage). Only starter areas were ones of competition. I had to outperform Champion and Hunter. Well, only Hunter could be my opponent. Later, with Crabain, one lvl.16 Minstrel was my competitor. Lucky me, needed only 8 crabains…

Now I have 1154 Turbine with a will to grind more, just in case Turbine makes some “a la carte” discounts. I must be ready, one day I should level up my toon to lvl.20 and use reputation items (+100 Turbine points).

And so weekend has ended – quite good and effective in Lotro.