Death in Moria



Lord of the rings online

Zantipe continued adventures in Moria. I ran from one part to another, killing Orcs, finishing another class meta-deed (+1 Trait point) and one racial deed.  Through killing and questing got to lvl.54. Yay, finally some place to grow up my Virtues, at least all 5 by one level.

Epic redirected me to 21st Hall, had some stuff there to do: kill this, explore that. After some errands, got quest to aid Bori, all quests were orange, yet I was not afraid. I am mighty Beorn after all.

Yeah. The first hall. All enemies are red, level 58 , all chasing my lvl.53. It ended when group of lvl.58s cornered me and killed. First time I was killed in Moria on this toon. Weird feeling, I felt almost immortal. Well, death happens in Lotro, so I did some quests that were safe and returned to 21st hall.

From there, took my way to Rotting cellar (Waterworks). And here quests started: kill toads, kill spiders, do this and that. Discovered Vile Maw, located torso of ancient statue. I was even better in navigating Waterworks. I was eager to kill every deedable monsters, eager to explore.

I need to get to level 58 as soon as possible. Finish epic in Moria. Ask kinnies to guide me through easier Moria instances. And then, when Angmar and Trollshaws are grey – return there for epic.

The day was good in Moria. Let’s hope all other days would be nice too.


Searching Zigilburk


Lord of the rings online

Zantipe, my Beorn, continued his questing in Moria. Died only one time (when fell from bridge). Questing itself was interesting – such wonderfull, majestic places, such nice atmosphere! Of course, mazes are something I do not enjoy, sometimes it is “go opposite side” strategy that works.

Dwarf architecture in Moria is really majestic, superior to anything in Eriador. If only Moria could be reclaimed (alas…) – it could be top beauty city, a masterpiece of Dwarves for next ten thousand years.

Quests were interesting, deeds almost automatically advancing. And I really enjoy my Beorning. At least in Human form it is almost invicible. He may cast self-heal before the fight, he may remove poison, remove impairing state and with one skill restore health and wrath.

So far I look for Zigilburk, the legendary mithril axe. Would be interesting to witness how my Dwarves find it.

In Moria, I really can forget Angmar, such un-inviting land. Would have to return, but with zero enthusiasm.

Almost no Featured instance runs, was late to those few who were organized. Well, kinnies gave a wise advice on virtues: level up some for passive bonus, even if I do not use them. I do it and so far am satisfied.

Side note: started heretic thoughts. Yes, about fully-voiced mmo , Star wars the old republic. Downside: their f2p model is really harsh, too many things locked, Cartel coins can be bought only.  Yet an option to be good Sith or evil Jedi…Foce-lightining opponents, make choices all the time. Not sure, just thinking. Lotro is superior anyway.

And so weekend has ended, really good in Lotro.




Lord of the rings online

Kinship helped me again. I was questing in grumpy, boring Angmar – a region I had no wish to quest in. Talked to Elves, helped Aragorn and Boromir in their preparations, then talked to Elves again, faced Mordirith’s defeat. But no wish to quest there, it’s all boring.

Kinnies adviced to choose Moria instead. After some running – I did it. Epic brought me to lvl.50 and after long rides I finally re-entered dark dungeons of Moria. A pity, without goat (need to barter one). Quests were doable, they really helped to advance skill uses and I was good in fight. Good times when Moria is still interesting and every reputation item is used (two factions, two Kindred, 100 Lotro points). I do both epic and regional quests: really need to get 2 levels.

Epic outside of Moria would wait. For now – this dark underworld maze, full of nice Dwarves and evil enemies. When I finish Moria – yes, I could return to (hopefully, grey) Angmar to finish epic.

The day has ended, really good one in Lotro’s Moria…

Laerdan, skin changing


Lord of the rings online

There were no Featured instance runs, only few in World – so Stormsong did nothing. Just hunted some reputation items for Zantipe: some to get goat from Dwarves, some – to increase reputation with Council of the North.

Zantipe’s questing was boring. First part – bit challenging: sneak past defenses, then kill emissary to Angmar. After that, riding and talking. Talk to this, talk to that, wait, then talk, then ride… Result: Golodir’s armour reforged, repaired, I have to ride and defeat Mordirith.

Managed to finish class deed “Skin changer”. 1 trait tree point, yay.

I must force myself to do epic. So far – nothing involving. Go, ride, talk, wait, ok, next, finish quest, take whatever reward for trashing. Xp is running slow, I am still lvl.49. Maybe in Evendim or Forochel I would get some xp to level up.

And yes, I am waiting for the moment to leav Angmar. Would return later, should I need deeds. Evendim, Forochel awaits.

Reluctant Angmar


Lord of the rings online

We have quality Featured instance – School of Tham Mirdain. Managed to run on Stormsong, looted valuable scrolls and some trashable stuff. Runs itselves were very good and fast.

Zantipe moved to Angmar. Doing epic only, ignoring all landscape quests. Had to move to Rivendell, then to Thorins Hall, finally – to Michel Delving and Archet only to return to Thorins Hall and Angmar. Finally, gate to Carn Dum was forged, I entered castle…only to face Mordirith, see Lorniel killed and Golodir left alive, yet broken.

And then questing stopped. Forced fellowship quests requiring to enter heavily guarded towers and kill local emissaries. Not easy quest, have to admit.

Zantipe was fortunate to storm Library with one random group. Everything went nice, I got so much needed xp and LI runes.

The only pity is Angmar, I am forced to stay there and await the happy hour when I will leave that unfriendly place (only to enter Moria later).

The day has ended – quite good in Lotro, time to awaken Stormsong.

Eregion, Moria….Angmar


Lord of the rings online

Beorning Zantipe continued his quests. After some consideration went to Eregion. Kinnies were right, this was right region. Some monsters were 5 levels higher than me – and I managed to kill them, never to be killed. I was effective in killing, my attacks were good, some deeds to use skills almost auto-completed.

Eregion is, as always, nice. Quests to do, local Elf to save, even horse to rescue. I was really happy when killed red enemy without much trouble. The only trouble was when I ran into 3 bears…and barely survived in my bear form.

The only quest I did not take was “Leader of foul wood”.  I know that cave, that named troll and how hard is it to kill him. Other quests were nice, doable.

It was in Eregion that I aided Dwarf expedition in Moria. It was there I witnessed Watcher in the Water and received my first Legendary weapons. Levelled them quickly – some quests in Eregion award with LI experience.

Another thing – finished Beorning quests. had to visit Skerist, deliver all 3 sets of items (shame on me, bought some in Skirmish camp…), receive redirection to Mr. Grimbeorn. Another trait point received and I have to admit, really enjoyed Beorning quests’ texts. Whoever wrote them, is a talented person.

I was level 49, all quests in Eregion done, did not want to start Moria (too little for that) – so took a hard decision. I would follow epic in Angmar, but epic only. Then, would follow other regions, doing quests there.

Life in Lotro is enjoyable once again. Glad to run and quest there.

Spiders, Orcs, escapism


Lord of the rings online

Zantipe had very little to do. Rushed to finish quests in Evendim – almost all are done. Visited Rivendell, talked to Elrond, then to Sterkist. Managed to kill 2 named monsters in Misty mountains, one time got into group fight: named Dwarf, one giant and another Dwarf. Was a bit problematic, yet I was victorious. First part of first set of items was done.

Then there were taskboards in housing area. Turning in task items to get reputation with Elves of Rivendell. Would take a bit, but I will do it. I am good at grinding, enough patience to grind.

Oh…and about killings. Spent almost all day killing spiders in Bree swamps. Got bracing roar, equipped it and am allowed to use it 5 times a day for a deed. Killing that many spiders was boring. Yet…at least something to do. Now have some 200 Orcs for another racial deed.

Right now I am bit lost. Angmar is a region I want to avoid (too many forced fellowship areas, some areas are almost certain death). Epic there is long. Kinnies adviced taking Eregion…yeah, quests start at lvl.48 and I am low level 45. Slaying in Evendim/Misty mountains won’t give much xp. The only income of xp remains task boards: turn in items 6 times, then rest.

All I need is some 3 levels. Quickly. Then I could take Eregion, at least starter quests and slayer deeds. Get to ~level 50. Only then would I be strong enough to rush through epic in Angmar.

I do enjoy my Beorning. It has quality racial stories. It is strong even versus on-level crowds. Yes, almost zero ranged attacks. Yes, only 2 heals…but otherwise nice.

Strategic task: find a source of quick levelling. Then, Eregion. Then, quick tour in Angmar (zero care for deeds). Finish Angmar at ~lvl.50. Rush to Evendim for epic, maybe for some deeds.

Life in Lotro is still nice.

Evendim still continues


Lord of the rings online

Zantipe is still questing in Evendim. All normal quests are finished, all that remains are low-level ones. Enemies are grey, so – no count to skill use. Go, repair catapult, rush to rangers, observe Evendim (“There is lot of work to be done”), deal with Hobbitses’ Formal Complaint (wipe out brigands), then kill some critters, craft glass item, go to Michel Delving…

It was nothing interesting or captivating. Xp is flowing really slow. I use taskboard items to get it, it’s better than quests at Dwaling. Seems like I would be travelling from Evendim to the Shire.

What’s then? If I fail to reach level 46 – must follow the epic to North Downs and then Angmar.  A territory I do not want to enter, so desolated, grumpy and extremely hard to navigate.

Yet epic in Angmar is bigger than I imagine. And I need ~200 spiders to be killed for racial deed, then need to meet my fellow Beorning in Rivendell, talk to Grimbeorn in Misty mountains, then go for some killing in Angmar.

Anyway, my Beorning is really nice one. Rarely could I be defeated and with bracing attack I would be stronger. Things are going really nice in Lotro.

Annuminas and letters



Lord of the rings online

My beorning, Zantipe, still quested in Annuminas. Lots and lots quests there. Finally, redirection to one camp where local Rangers gave me tasks, then I had to aid Orchalwe with his mission.

Well, he needed help with everything. Collect coins people used to throw into the pool, take human skeletons out of cages, burn flags, raise Rangers’ flags and so on. Lots of taks, xp and reputation that I do not care about (already Kindred).

Fighting as Beorning is good, I can allow a group of lesser monsters. AoE attack is good, then I have self heal. Well, to have one very slow self heal I need to kill 250 spiders: a task for Bree swamps…

Deeds are finisehd too which is really big headache. Ideal solution: first get to lvl.59, then allow deeds in some region to max virtues. Right now, all usefull virtues are either lvl.21/22 or lvl.22/22. Developers did not think about that.

I received letter from Sterkist asking to meet in Rivendell, at the Spire of meeting. Looks like another deed, another virtue point – quite good news.

In short: Beorning is nice. I have good equipment (except jewellery), nice weapon, got one lvl.65 crystal for legendary weapon – things are going pretty well with Beorning.

The day in Lotro has ended, really good one in Lotro.

Vacations, Evendim



Lord of the rings online

I had one week vacation, spent in one nice town, celebrated birthday, enjoyed nature and even entire horde of 11 cats. No Lotro on that days, of course, just relaxing.

Meanwhile in Lotro: Trollshaws finished, epic here is finished and Angmar is content I do want to avoid. Moved to Evendim. Yes, same quality region one can use for relaxation. Tons of quests there, reputation was maxed very soon, even some deeds were accomplished. I travelled from one place to another,exploring, killing, enjoying my toon.

And levelling. Reached lvl.44, got deed to use bees 500 times (!). Now I watch as as I lack not so much to become lvl.45. On that level – virtues increase and I can use new armour, crafted by kinnie.

Ran into one almost impossible to solo content. Tomb of Elendil instance, fellowship one. Level 40. I ran as lvl.44. Died two times, mostly because some tomb robber called for reinforcements, then I got killed, had to return, repeat. After some tries – managed to get close. Runned into group of Kergrims, each some 8000 health. Managed to kill some, but was killed, got bit angry, decided to return later – well, one kinnie offered his help.

Now quests redirect me to Annuminas city, this grand city with its own legends (and hard to kill monsters…). I will quest there, I will leave Evendim reluctlantly. Nice region, not grumpy one like Angmar…

Adventures in Lotro continue. I am happy to return there.