magic mirror on the wall…


Lord of the rings online

Had onyl few hours to play. Asked for help, one Kinship lvl.81 Minstrel responded. It was an easy run: Minstrel nuked anything, self-healed and buffed me. One time I spoiled things, by jumping to main Morroval too early. Was killed too easily, but Minstrel nuked everything. Later, I was resurrected and one chapter was finished. I dislike Lumul-nar with all these impossible-to-remember mirrors and instand Morroval defilers. Would do it once and probably forget.

My 2-handed sword looks spectacular, yet damage is not so impressive. Maybe because it’s still lvl. 42/60? Some 1000 damage is goodm, but not enough.

We talked in Kin chat about Hobbitses, sometimes ranted in World chat about good guy – Sauron and evil Hobbitses.

In short, things are going good so far. I need to grind slayer deeds in Lothlorien, to get Kindred with local Elves. Then – some options. Either Volume I and Forochel, either Volume II and Dunland…or just finishing somne unfinished deeds in other regions.

So the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.

Two-handed Lothlorien



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. TYried to quest in Moria, but no results. Epic quest line, attack Nala-dum (morroval instanmce), SOLO version. Enemies were weak,I could solo all of them…but mirrors were absolutely impossible. All forums full of reports that solo instance is bugged. I tried and tried and tried: no reliable guides, since it is multi-levelled maze. If there are only 10 mirrors (that need to be re-aligned), we could have at least 10.000 possible combination. So, if 1 mirror can be turned 4 times, we have combinations from to At least 10.000. If each combination takes only 2 minutes – then, only 5000 minutes. 83 days. Oh, and guides…many thousands of youtube, too many days of studying. Not sure which would take longer. And this is – solo. Nobody ever did it solo, at least in World/Kin chat nobody responded. I would have to ask for assistance: get as many lvl.100s to do job for me and finish this cursed instance.

To reach lvl.65, I went to Lothlorien. Did almost every single quest, except some non-impressive repeatbles. Explored Lothlorien, explored City of Lord and Lady. Finished Orc slayer deed, now working on slayer deed (advanced). Gained access to local town and am on my way to Kindre with local Elves.

And finally, it was lvl.65. Logged in Naktieskarys, crafted lvl.65 two-handed sword. Equipped one looted crossbow. LI – looks quite good, I got legacy to increase critical rating chance, maxed DPS. Deconstructed all other trash LIs. Now, I am ready to advance further trash LIs and my own 2-handed. Also, would have to craft legendary rune. The only thing is armour, yet I can’t find any suitable. Even crafted one is lame, School/Library/Sambrog runs gives nothing good. Only equipment with unneeded things like Evade, Parry. I do not need evasion, I do need attack.

Ahelissa did Frostbluff dailies. All other toons were inactive (and Frostbluff ends on Febb.10).

And so weekend has ended – quite good in Lotro.

Above the surface



Lord of the rings online

Only Vytautaz was active. This time I moved to the surface, Dwarf-Elf camp outside Moria. Yes, fresh sky, the sun – what could be better than that after dark, grumpy corridors of Moria?

Did almost all quests in starting camp. Go there, kill that, plant banners, plant flowers. Orc slaying went perfect: in short time I killed some 112 out of 120 these creatures, and this is without trying too hard. Reached lvl.63 and closing to receiving few trait points.

Question about lvl.65 still stands. Lothlorien quests are nice, rewards sometimes are good (LI experience runes), but still not enough. In Moria I do have some regions, but typically lvl.59-60. Equipment is still lame, no chance to get quality one. Either crafted one, or use any rags untill Hytbold.

World chat was full of name police talks, one player blamed Lotro as bad game (why play then?) etc. Someone asked for lvl.50s-60s instance, but I was too tired to do it.

In short – day was good, I am close to lvl.65 and ready to be equipped adequately.

Forgotten Morias



Lord of the rings online

Little time to play (real-life friends, food etc interfering). Vytautaz did almost last quests in Flaming deeps, destroying Worms’ eggs (poor worms!), killing Fire grims and collecting some planks.

Of course, there is much to do, but right now I am a bit stuck. Levle 63 is not bad, though not enough for lvl.59-60 quests. Nameless creatures, that I barely survived fighting with. Almost all other areas are finished. How am I expected to reach lvl.65 within Moria – little ideas.

Talked with kinnies about equipment. I am plagued by lack of quality one and – they say – chance that School/Library would drop some, is maximum 20%. Rely upon crafted one? At lvl.85 I would have Hytbold. At lvl.100 – Dol Amroth essence armour. Moria armour sets are just nonsense, giving less might than looted one. No critical rating, almost no physical/tactical mastery. Dear Turbine, please consider changing armour sets so that they mean something.

Logged Stormsong in hope of Pelagir runs, but untill midngiht there were none. Logged off.

And so the short day in Lotro has ended. Need to get at least 2 levels, then get crafted armour, craft myself a two-handed sword, immediately level it up to the max…and be ready for last, hardest, regions of Moria.

Mazog and greed


Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was active: helped one lvl.58 Hobbit Minstrel to defeat 2 named monsters with some 60.000 health. It was doable, few shing-shings and mob was dead. Minstrel was wise to stand at some distance: he would use AoE nukes, he would heal – in short, he would support me should situation turn grim. Minstrel was impressed, but I told him that al lvl.100 he would outperform any lvl.100 Champion. While champion would to monster, Minstrel would nuke mob:simple as 2*2.

Later ran School and Library at lvl.62. No armour drops, only lame tier1 relics and one cloak with evade rating. Cloak was trashed. Question with Vytautaz’ equipment still unsolved.

Vytautaz continued to do epic quests and ended with tragic defeat at Mazog. Over-brave, over-confident Dwarves! But no other race dared to face Mazog/Gorothul in Moria. Elves stood outside, Hobbitses ate pies/smoked weed, Humans were too busy choosing dark or light and disputing about King of Gondor…Beornings were probably thinking about honey.

My epic quests, I guess, ends in Moria. I have to leave to golden forests of Lothlorien. However, it won’t happen: need to reach lvl.65 and finally have some equipment.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continues his journey through Moria. I am close to (doomed) expedition against Mazog – well, everyone knows how it would end, after all. Running from one side of Moria to another, finding stuff, killing monsters.

My perfomance is kind of “so-so”. Sometimes I get nice hits, sometimes they just suck. I am still having problems with monsters: they group and with group I am stuck. I fight one, another few are slowly killing me. Fight On skill helps, bracing attack helps, sometimes I get hp boost after kill, but not that big to survive a normal fight. The only hope – to reach lvl.65, equip 2-handed sword, barter/ask to craft nice armour.

Met one Lithuanian player, he’s an ex-WoW, now lvl.16 Champion. Promised him to help should he need it.

In Moria, my Dwarves found Zigilburk, almost defeated Vile Maw and I am closing to lvl.63. Not too bad, and I have more slaying to do.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.

days in Moria



Lord of the rings online

We have Yule festival. Yes, Christmas II, you know. It means more xp, more cosmetic and other usefull stuff. Ahelissa went there, grinded some 40 tokens and left (also, craftes some leather).

Vytautaz continued to re-explore Moria. Some things are still known to me. Some I have forgotten. In short, everything is going very well: I am advancing slowly, killing almost every killable stuff, looting things and enjoying growing. Yesterday reached lvl.62 and I hope to reach magic level 65.

By the way, finished Orc and Goblin slayer, both simple and advanced. Started killing rare elites (Kinship encouraged to do this). Some regions I avoid, sincve they are lvl.59 and once I hardly get away from 2 Nameless.

Also, finished Tome of Swords deed. 20 TPs + 1 Trait point. And ran Sambrog, lvl.60. And also asked for any lvl.60s instance, since I grew tired from endless slaughter in darkness.

Moria does not seem so grumpy and evil, it is huge and very time-consuming, also almost nice to farm TPs. And my champion is starting to do better, though many things are still complicated. No quality armour, AoE weapons (folks told I would need 2 handed sword) and still some questions on skill use.

In short, days were very good in Lotro, though I do lack a bright light of surface…

Back to Moria


Lord of the rings online

Still (officially) ill, beign at home, enjoying ginger tea…and Lotro.

Vytautaz ran quests in Eregion, tries epic ones, got first LI (third age sword…but still better than nothing). New quest – make ti lvl.10. Ok, time for Eregion questing. I did most of available single-player quests and finally reforged LI for the first time.

I was ready to face dark, grumpy Moria with the tragic Dwarven expedition. Most of them died, some that remains – still hold in 21st Hall…yet they are nice folk.

Also, got legendary rune:nice add-on for my red line Champion.

Question on armour and equipme still stands. I need something better, yet cannot realize what. Legendary weapons are not a problem: my Naktieskarys will craft all of them. Problem is with the armour (still can’t figure about Moria armour sets) and jewellery. But with kin’s help, I hope to solve this problem.

Today we have maintenance from ~14:00 to ~18:00 Lithuanian time.

Eregion, legendary items and 37


Lord of the rings online

Not so active days: I am ill  a bit, spending days with tea, medicine and lying home.

Stormsong was almost inactive.

Vytautaz quested din Forochel, a bit angry on low DPS he gets. For a single-target (red line) champion it is bad. Fortunately, kinnies told me I could travel to Eregion and star Volume II quests to get first legendary item.

And it started. Yes, I made a sin and skipped all quests, taking easy ones near Walls of Moria. Helped brave Dwarves in their preparations. Received first legendary weapon (Third age sword) and travelled to Rivendell to identify it. Now, it’s up to me to advance it to level 10.

Which I would do.  Unfortunately, i have to skip Eregion (Hollin, as they call it) for now. Of course, will return later, will do all local quests and deeds. But that’s only after I get equipment. Kinship is very helpfull with this too, advicing which set of armour to take. All I need now is level 65. Level for First age legendary weapon, then some First age rune too.

And so the days are going on – a bit illness in real life and some action in virtual one.

back to action


Lord of the rings online

Very limited to play – once again, happy personal life.

Stormsong was active: did Dol Amroth dailies, participated in Pelagir duo run (got only 1 Universal solvent:greedy Pelagir citizens).

Vytautaz resumed the boring Epic quest line. If not Legendary weapon, I would abandon it. Now, I fought in Angmar, travelled to Rivendell, witnessed how Elrond talked to Laerdan, once again some fighting.

Finally, Forochel. Icy world, home of beautifull Aurora borealis and shining snow. Oh yes, famous Forochel lake and one of most evil slayer deeds (icy grims). However, i like this region. Started doing quests, earned first 10 Turbine points for this good deed. Also, had to call kinnies to kill one strong named monster. Kinnie arrived, just slew monster, told “it was easy”. Yeap, exactly what I did on my lvl.100 Minstrel: one shot, mob dead, I noted “easy”.

Forochel is nice. I can travel almost freely there, I like landscape…and do not like local Lossoth too much. They are xenophobic ones, tretating every newcomer as an enemy. Come on, I am friendly red line Champion.

I still need guidance with my red line Champ. So far I feel my dps is low, I cannot deal easily with lvl.40 monsters not in single target, nor in group mode. Not sure which skills to use, what traits to equip. Equipment is really outdated, starting from weapon, ending with jewellery.

Nevertherless, the life is good in Lotro.


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