Before Barath Dur



Lord of the rings online

World chat had announcement from admins. Corona-virus and war themes are strongly encouraged to remain in IMs. Which is right. Some people tried to discuss religion, I tried to intervene with “Worship Sauron and thou shalt be rewardeth”. Luckily, politics/religion soon waned from chat.

Xantipe turned in task items, then rushed to Dor Amarth and did some quests for local Dwarves. Ran to their leader, he was happy…only to announce their King was to be rescued from Barad Dur. “And that is not easy task”. Oh yes, Master Dwarf, I know it.

And there I stood, level 113 (still 113!) Hunter before bridge to Barad Dur. Inside there are many locals – Carguls, Ologs, Numenorians and others – waiting for me. And I still had to enter this unfriendly place, do all quests there, survive here, leave this place. Had little courage to go. Not so confident, yet I know I will be victorious. Even if that means killing all locals 2 or 3 times.

Equipment is still a question. So far essence slots are without essences. Not sure which essences to use, untill now – surviving and killing everythings without essences.

Barad Dur awaits. Then, would be forced to finish almost all deeds in Dor Amarth only to return at lvl.125, when all monsters are grey and I can safely grind non rare/rare treasure chests.

The day has ended, good one in Lotro.

Dor Amarth fun



Lord of the rings online

First: we have formal quarantine in Lithuania. Some 14 people infected with C-virus. Almost everything, except very basic stores, ordered to close.  Now just have to survive this.

In game: finished Udun slayer deed, killing Orcs in one camp. Explored Durthang, collected all pages from book of Udun, finished Slayer of Udun. Now have to destroy one (!) bauble in Durthang, find all non-rare and rare chests.

Kinnies helped me to level up to lvl.113 via Warg pens. Looted many taskboard items. Was able to barter better armour, yet without essences.

With new armour, more powerfull, I was able to follow epic and start Dor Amarth. Region, where famous Barad Dur tower stood. I know it would be problematic: Fushaum camp, then Orc-infested camp and lava with rare bridges.

Quests were interesting. I ran into most tragic part of quests: Mordor Dwarves, Witnessed how Gimli met them, greeted, promised them freedom. Alas, I know what tragic events would happen later. Then, epic guided me to Barad Dur, then – back to Gandalf…and emissary of Dulgabeth. Mordor offered peace. Offered to become a vassal to Aragorn. Aragorn refused, he was too proud. So the war would continue. Then epic redirected me to Lhingris and Talath Urui.

No, not leaving for these: need to do all Dor Amarth first. All quests, all deeds. Thanks to Warg Pens and active slaying, I have many Mordor task items, so would reach top reputation quickly.

So, goals are set, I am ready to quest, have will to grind and enough equipment to kill almost everything. Days in Lotro are bright while the real world burns…

World renowned…



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe finally, finally received Kindred with Algraig. And hurray, I got deed “World renowned” completed: +50 Lotro points, +Eriador horse. Yay! Enedwaith would be forgotten, unless I need tons of Ilex wood.

Taskboard items: turn in, get xp,  forget. Got that useless Universal stuff. Crafted some Guild reputation items, reaching magic 200,000 xp seems a bit challenging.

Stormsong ran thorugh Wastes. This time I was focusing on two types; Mouldy skins and Worn furs. Rest is optional, to fill stacks and then forget. I don’t care about Universal critical thing on other toons. And yes, I don’t care about Minas Morgul. Too problematic, too expensive, no chance to return spent LPs even of 10 or 20 toons. And when new quest pack comes – yes, Mina Morgul would be useless.

SSG announces it would introduce new race: River Hobbits. Oh my…Stout axe Dwarves, River Hobbitses, High Elves…what’s next? Swamp men? I wish they stopped with “new” races.

Unfortunately, no xp grind runs in Kin or World. I am stuck with lvl.111 for good.

The day has ended, half-busy in Lotro.

Guild, Provisions, grind



Lord of the rings online

First of all – we had an Independence day celebration at March 11th. Happy new Birthday, Lithuania!

Xantipe took almost all Host of West provisions stuff and finally, finally, reached top reputation with them. This part is over…crafting provisions components is not. Then it was typical taskboard items turn-in.

And grind. I travelled to get wood, craft various boards and then make Woodworkers’ Guild reputation items. Kinnies pointed to one nice place in Trollshaws: plenty of nodes, very heavily guarded. I grinded, I crafted…

Managed to do quests in Limlight Gorge (while gathering wood). Everything was quick and effective. Reputation gained, what remains is -surprise!- taskboard grind.

And that was all. Little activity. Kinship organizes raids of almost all tiers, yet I don’t have needed content. No Warg pens or Pelagir runs. Path to level 112 is really problematic, I still lack >1 million xp. Crafting one item gives some 40, taskboard gives 3-5 thousand per turn in.

Need to work on Algraig reputation. Grind Guild reputation. Send Stormsong to grind taskboard items. Grind, grind, grind with little chance to increase level efficiently.

Yet…even grind is better that nothing. A grindy day in Lotro…

Algraig and ash



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe continued grind. Taskboard items first, reputation with Host of the West increased. Then – grinding Ilex, after that – Eregion, hunt for Black ash, crafting boards, then solid boards, from them – Guild reputation items.

Continued repeatable quests in Enedwaith, rushing to Kindred with Algraig. Already maxed reputation with Grey Company, so now only Algraig remain. Finish them, finish World Renowned deed: 50 Lotro points, Eriador horse and nice title. So far have 4 easy quests, each 1200 reputation worth.

There is little to do for me in Lotro. Taskboard grind, crafting grind, Algraig grind. Yes, I have runs to get as many resources as possible…when I finish these, I will be left with task item boards only. And maybe magic level 112, ability to use good Mordor armour.

The day has ended, bit dull in Lotro.

In the middle of nowhere



Lord of the rings online

Activity. Little. Stormsong grinded taskboard items and crafted. Naktieskarys grinded some Dagorlad stuff and crafted. Vytautaz crafted some Host of west provisions.

Xantipe ran. Turn in taskboard items, get some valuable xp. Teleport to Dol Amroth, do dailies, receive gold tokens, barter Anfalas scrolls. Side activity: teleported to Enedwaith, grinded Ilex wood and finished Gwiber and Giant slayer deeds. Lucky for me, no Virtue xp for these.

Why Ilex wood? Decided to max reputation with Woodworker crafting guild. Maybe this way new universal ingredient would work. This meant I ran into lack of wood. 200.000 xp to grind, that’s many. That’s why I would have to grind lots of materials.

Stormsong sent her Host of West items to Xantipe. Result – Xantipe is 1/3 done with Kindred to Provisioner.  Stormsong was also happy to aid one Hunter with Great barrows:the maze. It was really good feel to nuke everything around.

My life in Lotro is…being in the middle of nowhere. Task items, some craft, Dol Amroth daily, end of activity. Naktieskarys is stuck in Mordor (lots of quests/deeds unfinished), still bit too weak. Stormsong is stuck with epic (impossible to get to NPS) and too huge maze – Skarhald. Zantipe is just frozen. Xantipe is still weak for Mordor, I need Durthang and it is really hard here. So far no Kinship xp grind runs.

Weekend was dull in Lotro.

Universal failure



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe: Bree homesteads, turning in 10 Taskboard item groups, receiving valuable xp, taking another taskboard items from shared storage. Universal crafting stuff again.

Naktieskarys: grinding Dagorlad materials for crafting. Looted some worthless journals (Metalsmith, Jeweller), would have to delete.

New universal ingredients just won’t work on Xantipe. Works (partially) on Stormsong, on other toons – no. Possibly – failed setup or some ultra high requirements, like minimum lvl.120, top-level crafting tiers only. Feeling really dissappointed. Too bad, I am the only one having this problem. If it continues, I would just delete this universal failure from inventory. No use for it anyway.

Kin and /World were unable to help me. Developers won’t help, ticket would be of no use.

Vytautaz crafted Host of West provisioner item. Today would try to  make another.

Kinship organized raid (not for me), other than that – little activity.

The day has ended, slow and senseless in Lotro.

Universal tasks



Lord of the rings online

First of all, new Update. Various changes, classes received minor downgrades (increases skill cooldown). Crafting received some updates: older recipes are made better. Main change: for turning in task items 10 times, we receive Universal ingredient. It guarantess critical success. Developers’ notes keep telling this is once a week, ingredient itself is account bound. So with some will, one can get lots.

This ingredient did not work well on Xantipe, even today some recipes failed to recognize it, some recognized. Weird.

Managed to use my Hunter as a taxi for kinnie. Yay, at least some use for Kin…

This morning Stormsong crafted Host of West Provision item, got critical success. Naktieskarys…shame, ran out of Dagorlad materials, so grinded a bit and crafted some Host of West items.

I am still long way from level 112. Need armour. Need new essences. Need to be stronger and when am I stronger – grind Udun slayer deeds. Go to Dor Amarth, grind local deeds. Enter some (easier) Alliance.

The day has ended, not too busy in Lotro.

Triple grind



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was the only active. So: first – turning in those 10 groups of taskboard items, get some xp, increase reputation by 3000. Done, teleport to Dol Amroth, do Armoury dailies, sell all loot, except Anorien Scholar material.

And then – Kinship organized Pelagir. Very good, I joined, was half-effective. As usually, guarded back doors. No enemy slipped, killed them all (at least those who managed to escape traps). Final stage was a bit mess, but still – platinium reward received. Loot was non-existent, trashed all…yet at least some fun. Finally met one kinnie who led our Kin and now is back.

Stormsong, Naktieskarys are passive. A pity, they need to work hard on Host of West crafting faction. Stormsong basically grinds Host of West task items, lots of them. In fact, too many: have to stop the grind before shared storage overflows.

And so the day has ended, bit grindy in Lotro.

Grinding Wastes



Lord of the rings online

We have new update confirmed! Will witness wedding of Aragorn, then would receive more Dwarf-theme. Developers also talk about “easier way to grind Anfalas scrolls in end-game” and something about changes in Legendary item system. Good to hear we will have update, not so good – new region does not interest me, I won’t see Aragorn’s wedding (because physically cannot advance broken Black book quest). Only thing to be concerned with: Anfalas scroll grind.

If I would be able to change LI system, I would change it totally. Legendary items grows with its owner. Legacies are selectable by owner from all the list (no need to deconstruct). LI runes – store only. Anfalas scrolls – store only. Delving scrolls – store only and few epic quest rewards, same as Crystal of remembrance. Lootable legendary items would disappear. It would be acceptable and logic, yet nobody will listen to it.

Other news.

Xantipe stood in Bree homesteads, turning in task items for Host of the West. It’s a long way to grind, only 3000 reputation a day.

Stormsong had things to do: rushed to Wastes and killed whatever she saw. Golden rings above creatures’ heads helps a lot. Run, kill, repeat…untill inventory was almost full. Then, deposit to Shared vault, log off.

March is there and Minas Morgul would be in store for Lotro points. Not buying it. It’s my only option to tell I am dissatisfied with how non-whales players are treated: like trash. Sorry, developers – don’t want support discrimination, don’t want another laggy maze like Minas Tirith.

My current goals: 1) level 112; 2) as high reputation with Host of West as  possible; 3) Finish reputation with Host of West Provisions; 4) after lvl.112, barter quality armour, equip with good essences and try finishing Udun. Yeap, tower of Durthang, hard content, but I must solo it.

And so the day has ended, bit non-busy in Lotro.