flower essences


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Two featured instance runs, some 4 scrolls. All were deposited to Naktieskarys. And I continued to gather info about new essences for flower armour. People in Kin were not too active, World chat told me Ithilien greater essence was better than Anorien supreme. Maybe it’s good, greaters are easier to get.

What frightens me – crafting requiremenets. 2 solvents, 2 Zircon shards for each. For 20 essences I would need…40 solvents? 40 Zircon? Oh my. And yes, I would need 20 recipes (these are single use, curse you Turbine). In short, flowers are the least problem.

Helped one player in Dunland. Looked like he needed help with every single quest, so after a while I retreated.

Talked to our Taltoz. Lucky, he’s still there (not migrated anywhere). Talked about many things, joked about many things – like in old good times.

Naktieskarys upgraded his legacies on LI. So far – upgrading Might and Critical rating. Will need lots of scrolls, just not sure – why. Naktieskarys is so passive, so abandoned.

I feel stuck in Lotro. I do Featured instances, get some Anfalas scrolls and some trash there. I deposit scrolls for my alts…and do nothing more. Vytautaz almost finished doable deeds (many slayer deeds remain, but they are over-grindy and does not increase required virtues). All I am left with is TP grind.

Just have to find what to do before moving Vytautaz to grumpy Gondor and Paths of the Dead.

Anfalas, flower armour


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran 2 featured instances. Some 3 Anfalas scrolls and this time instance is Sari Surma in Forochel. People use “SS” and so one player was accused on being a Nazi. Well, some players are just too suspicious.

Featured instance ended in me killed (some bear reflected shots) at lvl.105. Everything else went smooth. Now I have 70 Anfalas scrolls of empowerement in Stormsong’s vault, so may start supplying Naktieskarys.

Vytautaz did Evendim Giant slayer (simple and advanced) deed. Not for TPs, those are of little importance – for “virtues”. I need them maxed before entering grumpy Gondor-Anorien-Ithilien.

Also, discussed new armours. Looks like new armour is better. It suffers from -20 Will each piece, but adds some Morale and offers +100 Armour for each piece. Kinnies tell there is much grind, but I am not afraid of it. Perhabs hardest part is essences. Many many supreme essences, starting with valuable Morale, ending with Will.

If things goes right, I should be able to upgrade my “virtues” on Vytautaz and then enter grumpy Gondor. I do not like its quests (nightmare at Tarlags Crown!), am not fascinated by landscape, yet I have to run up to Ostgiliath…and then finish. My questing ends with Ostgiliath, a fortress impossible to enter..

And so the day has ended, quite good and effective in Lotro.

Misty Mountains


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was doing Misty mountains slayer deeds. Running in circles, killing every single bear, worm, warg. Then, went to explore. This was the most hard part. Goblin town is a maze where map won’t help, guides (go through first room, turn left, then rigt, then left, up, down, left, right, down to second room, left left right right and you are here) are meaningles.

I asked for help, but everybody refused: Goblin town exploration was something awfull for everybody. A nightmare for everyone. I was left for myself. Cruised in these dark corridors, looking for rooms and Hobbit buttons.

Finally, it was over. Exploration deeds were done, slayer deeds were done. I return to Westfold, finished killing Uruks and Herd Creatures. Received lootbox, got only trash: yet another argument to trash all trashboxes.

Vytautaz has other slayer deeds to do. I just need to google for them – and prepare to enter grumpy Gondor.

Stormsong did 2 daily runs. Now, I have 70 Anfalas scroll of empowerement, ready for future cap increase. Now, I may hoard scrolls for Naktieskarys.

Our Taltoz has left kin and probably server. Once again he leaves, I think it’s not rught. We need him, world needs him and Kin needs at least some words, even if they are “good-bye, see you in 1 month”.

And so weekend was over, grindy, yet more grind ahead.

terms of payment and common sense


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong went to do Featured instance, got some Anfalas scrolls and trash loot. Then went to Harvest festival, earned 4 tokens and helped (kind of…) with Carn Dum. Almost killed when a horde of monsters rushed to me. AoE attacks helped to stabilize number of refugees monsters, ny 2 colleagues were killed…but we were victorious.

Harvest festival makes me nervous. I need at least 90 tokens for Anfalas crystal. Currently have 5. I could earn some 4 in one day: typically get 1 token per hour. And no, travelling means wasting of time and money, so I stick with Bree. tokens means 17 hours. Senseless grind, have to admit.

Finished Belfalas housing area quests with the help of one kind Minstrel. Finally, these are done. Also, met one player. I helped him before and he told that if I needed payment, he has one. I answered – “yes, payment, but on MY terms”. And my terms were clear – when you are big top level, offer help to lower levels. Player contacted me and told his big toon helped others. Nice news.

Vytautaz continued questing in Misty mountains. Alas, all slayer deeds, simple and advanced, are poorly done. My toon has to finish everything, then move to another area. Not sure why am I doing all of this – I need only few “virtues”…but I am doing this. Not for TPs…maybe out of boredom?

Lotro epic quest line would end with Ostgiliath for me. I know I can’t enter there. I know there are questlines I would not finish, unless they introduce lvl.110/115 or sell some 500.000 – 1 million hp strong health buff. Then I would have nothing to do. Gondors, Ithiliens – they are really hard lands. If I go as champion, I have armour, but lack heals and am defeated. If I go as minstrel, as have valuable ranged dps and healing, but no armour and am defeated. There is no solution for that.

In short -the day was nice, I am ready for more action in Lotro while I still have some interest in it.

Update 19



Lord of the rings online

Finally, from vacations! Sunny, happy Paphos (Cyprus), good weather, lots opf heritage that we visited, nice mood. Everything was just perfect.

Meanwhile Lotro has new update. Burglars and Hunters received some changes. New region introduced (and no auto-bestowed quest). New barter item – flowers. One needs tons of them, 3 are common, 2 are rare. Guess, everyone is mad about flowers right now. We also have new armour, in my case -it gives less Will than Nadhin, but adds some morale. Not sure if it is worth the trade, Nadhin is so far good.

New region is pure nightmare. You have – surprise, surprise – Minas tirith after battle. Same huge city (imagine 2-3 Morias). Same huge lag. Same zero directions where to go, what to do.  NPCs with the ring are not shown the ring, I could see it on the map only. You arrive…and you understand nothing. Travel through the city? Go outside? Hunt for something?

I felt angry and left. Lag is super-heavy and even Kin’s reccomendations to reduce graphic (reduce to – MS-DOS games level???) would not help. How is one expected to quest in region while even entering it uis a huge problem. My PC almost froze at start area (imagine same in Combe). What would be in monster-dense areas?

New housing: we have premium one, houses for some 400 mithril coins, upkeep – from 1 gold coin/week. Upkeep waived for VIPs – a wise decision by Turbine. New housing areas are nice and inviting. You have huge streets, you have seaside, you have forest. The problem is – housing chest is shared with your non-premium house. I.e. you won’t get more space to store stuff. Wrong decision, I guess. They should give separate chests and allow players to spend mithril to increase storage capacity. Overall – new housing is nice. And yes, old, non-mithril, is oficially no longer supported. Nobody will increase hooks or add something.

I felt really angry and grumpy about new content. I can’t finish Ostgiliath – need hundred(s) of players at one area attacking mobs at the same time (server crash). Without finishing, I can’t advance and so epic would never be done. New quests would be just empty stuff. I no longer am interested in any quest text. Somebody killed – ok, somebody survived – ok, yes yes yes next next next, finish, pick lame reward, advance further. Would I go to new region? Not sure, maybe at the end of this year. The only thing that still holds me in Lotro is my Kinship.

Bright side: managed to help few people with questing. One asked to join our Kinship.

Vytautaz finished slayer deeds in Forochel, using 1 slayer deed accelerator. Now he is is Misty Mountains, forced to kill lots of bears, worms, snow-beasts, trolls. Then there would be next regions.

And so vacations are over, kind of normal in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

My vacations are close. Tomorrow leaving Lithuania, one week in sunny Cyprus, then back to Lithuania and one week of vacations. No playing, no blog – just relaxation under sun of Paphos enjoying local heritage.

Stormsong did nothing:can’t enter Halls of Night. No Anfalas scrolls grind.

Xinderbor, my TP grinding alt, finished Bree slayer deed. Orcs and Huorns were slaughtered. Almost no competition, only with Huorns had I two other players running around. Then, finished Barrows exploration and managed to kill some wighs.

Level 20. Rush to Bree, used Cordolan trinkets. Hurray, Kindred! In vault, I also sold some items. Now I have ~13 gold. Enough to pay for house maintenance, my private Kinship house maintenance and leave some spare gold.

Now, I have to quickly run through the Shire. Slay (just NOT slugs), explore, receive TP, use reputation items.

Rest would be when I return from Cyprus. Grinding TPs to purchase additional storage (nowhere else to spend). Braving to do some mega-grind with Vytautaz and max his virtues (only to enter grumpy, uninspiring Gondor).

So – taking some rest from Lotro and online games. See you all after vacations🙂

Night grinds



Lord of the rings online

Featured instance is Halls of Night – one I do not have purchased. Pity, missed at least 3 scrolls and maybe some essences.

Stormsong helped one player in Evendim. Kill Gauredain, then some Giants. I cleared the road, my colleague had little chance to intervene. It was fun and we were quick to finish quests. Not so quick to turn them in (long distance to travel). One time I even outperformed lvl.105 Champion. Minstrel nukes from distance, so there all melee classes are outperfomed.

Xinderbor had much fun with TP grind.Went to Barrows, killed wighs, barghests, finished Lore of Cordolan prince. Yes, Emnity of the dead I finished too. Also tried Mathom hunters armour – quite good. Not too impressive, but still nice. I equipped all 6 pieces.

I am close to finish most Bree deeds. Orc slayer, Huorn slayer (simple and advanced). Ruins of Breeland and History of Dunedain. Maybe even Barrows exploration.

Then, Shire. All exploration, all slayer deeds. Finally, using all reputation items and gaining more valuable TPs.

Question is about TPs itself. Kinnies advice purchasing Halls of Night. They tell it is 195 Turbine points and only some 120 would be returned. It is considered to be boring and I have not heard of any nice rewards from it. Probably not purchasing – will waste my TPs on vault (simple and shared). Otherwise I have nothing to spend TPs on. Vault, shared vault, maybe even wardrobe. Gondor, Anorien and other quest packs? Lame, worthless thing that won’t pay off and would offer only grind.

I still have today and tomorrow. Later, leaving for a week. Vacations in golden, sunny Cyprus, then back to Lithuania for more vacations.

trollin, TP grinding


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Standard runs, some Major tier 8 essences looted (all stored in vault – nowhere to use). I have 48 Anfalas scrolls now – still much more to go.

Tried to help other players with questing. Some players called me friendly person “making server better”. I see other players offering their help for newbies too. At the same moment, 1 or 2 player tried to troll me, telling “instances are basically questing”, “questing is levelling, unless at level cap”.This was resumed by one player – “if there are Warg Pens to level up, it’s no-no for Storm”. I mean land/epic quests that sometimes require group of lvl.105 to complete. Managed to help some players, amongst them – very nice group of lvl.40-50 in Fornost. At the Shadow wing, they had great knowledge about what and where to do, one Beorning kited, I dps’ed. Things were really nice.

Vytautaz ran 1 run, looted 1 Anfalas scroll.

Xinderbor grinded Turbine points. At Ered Luin I behaved unfriendly, refusing to enter group with one Champion and thus we fought for every single wolf/goblin. I finished rather quickly, finished neeker/spider/fly slayer in Bree-land, managed to end Brigand slayer. Level 17 – first AoE spell which I managed to use. Now, I must prepare for one long run: a) barghest slaye (simple/adv); b) skeleton slayer (simple/adv); c)enemy of the wighs; d)Lore of cordolan prince; e) huorn slayer (simple/adv); f) orc slayer (simple/adv). Then I move to Shire, dps anything I could, explore everything I could…and up to Ered Luin. Rath teraig exploration, finish deeds. Using Mathoms, Bree land rep.items, finishing TP grind.

Also put some stuff on AH. Hope it would sell for some gold so that I could pay for house maintenance, both Kinship and my private.

And so weekend has ended, quite good in Lotro.

flowers in update 19…and grind



Lord of the rings online

Update 19:more details. Flowers (yes, every aragorn/gimli should collect flowers) would be a component for – I quote – end game crafting. Which could probably mean:in order to make this armour, use 100 kg of metal, 5 pink and 1 yellow flower. Sounds a bit ridiculous. Also, we would have “North Ithilien event” somewhere at December. Grind too, the question is if it would be worth starting.

Stormsong did daily runs. One of them was not succesfull – I took “my”wing and the only Elf was hidden too well. I failed many times and finally gave up. Somebody though managed to save lame elf.

Helped one player with Moria instance. Level 40s monsters were no match for my AoE attacks. Alas, players sometimes cannot read simple English. I ask if anybody needs help with questing…and receive tells “hi can u help me advance to lvl. xx?”. No, sorry, I mean quests only, not instances, skirmishes, levelling. Also ran Pelagir duo.

Besides, statistics: since last Anfalas starlit – looted zero Anfalas starlits, zero tomes, zero supreme essences of any kind, zero first age symbols. How one is expecte to make money, not losses, from instances, remains a mystery. Adding to statistics: I have 38 Anfalas empowerement scrolls.

There is an item I need (in fact, many of these kind). Kind of expensive, but needed. And I cannot write about it there or tell the Kinship. Just because my kinnies would rush and send me money/item which I do not want to happen. I want to be self-sufficient as much as possible. To find a way of selling stuff and earning thousands of gold.

And so the day has ended – long and almost effective in Lotro.

tailor, scrolls, vacations



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran both featured instances. It is not that I like them much – they are boring, based on resuce of as little elves as possible and then dps’ing monsters. But they give Anfalas scrolls of empowerement, that’s what matters. I received some 3 (?) of them and managed to dps.

Later Stormsong helped to kill one Rowing Threat in Angmar. Fight was difficult. We had champion, guardian and me. I was required as dps. We had almost a wipe 2 times. This was one rare times my resurrection skills were of some use – and finally, boss killed, some currency received.

Naktieskarys did one run, received some Major essences and 1 or 2 scrolls.

Vytautaz finished quests in Marthon and that part of Rohan. Now, I have only grindy deeds: Herd creature slayer (160 to kill) and troll slayer (~150 to kill). Boring. Yet, it gives TPs and possibly upgrades virtues. So, now I just have to kill and kill and kill.

Ahelissa was required too. One player told he needed lvl.40 medium might-based armour. The closiest I had was Guild one which consumed almost all Medium Artisan patterns. However, armour was crafted and I was satisfied. As always, did not accept money – accepted crafting materials though.

On World chat we dicussed Premium housing. My guess is – since developers does not play game and/or listen to players, they made wrong decision. If I was to create Premium housing, I would choose between:
1) Make Premium houses purchasable for real cash only. As much as one wants.
2) Make Premium houses purchasable for not too huge amount of mithril. VIPs could just keep houses, nin-vips may pay small rent in mithril
Turbine made third decision – pay huge sums – which leaves almost everyone unsatisfied. If they listen to players, they would have done something right and something that may give money. At the end, they could make things Istaria way: for each year of VIP you receive some token (Istaria’s Token of Loyalty). Let us say, 2 tokens –>one free house. 7 tokens – 4 free houses (no upkeep).

Starting October 5, I would be offline – till October 13, visiting Paphos (Cyprus). I do hope to have a good time there among rich cultural heritage and nice people. Already informed Kin so that they know.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro. I was usefull to others, I was effective and things were good.