Lord of the rings online

Very, extremely low activity. My Loremaster just runs dailies in Enedwaith, pet is almsot of no use, reputation grows up too slowl.

We have new region, “King’s Gondor” or just Gondor-2. Almost no ideas how it really looks like. Kinnie was there, told navigation was good, enemies killable. Yet he is with top armour, he alone could kill all region with few hits.

As for me, kinnies told really unpleasant truth: I could not survive Gondor-2. And this is where developers’ “logic” shows up. To survive Gondor-2, you need Angmar-2 armour. To survive Angmar-2, you need Gundabad. To survive Gundabad, you need to run top level Gundabad instances. And to survive Gundabad instances, you need Gundabad instances’ armour. It’s like: “to purchase burger, please present Burger Token; you get Burger Token by purchasing burger”.

It means a big red line with Gandalf’s words “Thou shalt not pass”. I am sad because of it and there is nothing I could do. All decisions are either server-crashing or just extremely expensive or just without any sense.

A loophole. An endless loophole called Lotro with no way out.

Looks like I would be forced to play Bloxd instead. With local super-toxic population of 5-10 years old.


Back to emptyness



Lord of the rings online

It has been really long since my last post. Sorry for very long delay.

Just happens…well, total emptyness. My main toons are doomed to do same and same missions, on same and same level, again and again.

Windstorms grinded almost all Wildwood, gained one level (is level 57 now)…and that’s the end. Too early for Moria, nothing to do in Eregion, too boring for other regions. Yes, too low for Enedwaith.

I tried grinding missions, same 2-3 each day: these are easy ones. Xp from one mission was so low it had no sense to do missions at all. Tried to ask Kinship, got almost no replies.

And here we go again: kinship has almost zero activity. We chat in Discord, chat and joke, share stories…yet not in game. When I asked for aid with three problematic missions – got mostly zero answers, one kind player told I should do it myself (in fact: “get off, won’t help”), another told he was able to help…when he is online. For days, I have not seen him online.

Regional chats are dead.

There is nothing for me to do in Lotro. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to help. No realistic deed to achieve. No old/new region to quest. Whatever classes I wanted to try, I tried them all…and to high enough levels to doom myself to eternal grind.

Now, there would be Anniversary festival, maybe the only chance for me to get xp and tokens.

And yes, we have very important update, very tolerant one. We can now have, say, black Hobbit woman with Afro haircut and, say, orange beard. Not to forget eyes can be in different parts of face too. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for game – no option to create pron stars, like – woman, huge chest, huge ass, very tiny and very fat.

Emptyness in Lotro, total emptyness.

Just nothing



Lord of the rings online

My toons just did nothing. Stormsong bartered one lvl.130 armour piece for 3500 embers, then used two boxes with embers and figments. I expected to barter figments into embers, but nope – I could not. Figments being essentially worhtless, all nice stuff is much too expensive and other being just trash.

Then it was nothing. Nothing to do, nowhere to go and no reaon to go or to do.

Other toons were vacant as well.

Sad news from the Kinship – our leader has problems with health, serious ones. Let us hope everything will be ok. If I was a believer in God, I would pray, but since the war in Ukraine, my faith has gone.

I have to find something to do in Lotro…if only anything could be interesting. Killing hundreds of Orcs or wargs? grinding same missions for 398th time? No, thank you, these are pure boredom.
The only relax was bloxd.io, to log in and build Sauron-style tower.

I just have to find some solution.

Nazgul burn-out



Lord of the rings online

Windstorms has so little to do. Level 50, grinding same missions, killing same orcs/rats is over-boring…and I am not sure about questing. Forced myself to do epic: rushed to Angmar, ignored all quests, just to take epic. Not so interesting and unsafe area, have to admit. One that tells: leave me as soon as you can.

Which I would do. I will leave Angmar when only epic allows me to.

Stormsong was invited for Nazgul runs. Wait, me killing poor Nazgul? Luckily, kinnie explained these were imposters and so had to be punished for the glory of Mordor. And they were lucky to be killed by three of us – otherwise Lord Sauron would have had some lessons of pain for them…Only Witch King was difficult, he killed one of us, almost killed second and heavily damaged me.

Question of equipment it means., I still have lvl.130 one while am lvl.140. Raiding is not an option. Crafting? Maybe. Gundabad quests are not an will not be an option, for local monsters hit super-hard, almost like normal landscape elites.

My life in Lotro means burn-out, almost no activity fascinates. Grind landscape or grind missions or just grind something for the sake of grinding something.

New ideas are needed and I lack them.

Missions grind, Lotro milestones



Lord of the rings online

My Loremaster used some days to do nothing. Then I switched to grinding missions. Of course, it is boring, yet mission deeds reward with valuable Virtue xo (1000 worth), so I have to do them.

Windstorms at low level is better than Stormsong at top one, this is the fact.

Problem is levelling. I do need lvl.50 as soon as possible and missions are too slow for that. Alas, i do not have Urugarth or Carn Dum to run these. Kinship was too busy or just relaxed to aid me with powerleveeling. But I will ask again and again, I do need lvl.50. After my virtues are dealt with, I may freely level up, missions or not.

Meanwhile Lotro has milestones announced. We will be getting crafting revamp – if done correctly, this would be great. Currently, some crafting is not worth effort. Quest/loot items are better, so why bother (except cosmetic)? Legendary items revamp made most professions useless. If SSG manages to listen and change to players’ benefit, this would be just great. New biomes are promised, yet not sure if this is needed.

Some things sound…cautious. Class changes: nerfing again? No no no, SSG, just do stop at nerfing and just leave things as they are. “Power changes” – nerfing again? No no no, SSG, just leave things where they are.

New level cap: yeah, 150. Rush to it (and then i could freely explore evil Gundabad). Not needed.

We will also have new class. New expansion. Maybe even new quest pack.
Class: not needed, we have everything, from A to Z, covered, be it melee mega-destroyer (Brawler), Sith-like mage (Runekeeper), animal keeper (Loremaster) etc.

Overall, it’s on the edge: if done correctly, changes could be beneficial and attract new players. If done “me big boss, me know better, me smash” style – changes could harm game. Of course, new level cap is not needed as is new class.

So, my grind continues – grind without inspiration, just for the sake of leaving grumpy Moria behind – and I await, even if a bit cautiously, changes to the game.

We shall see how things turn up, for better or worse. Let us hope for better.

Lore and fame



Lord of the rings online

First of all – this blog has been listed on MassivelyOP as one of blogs to read in 2023. Thanks to you all, folks at MOP and to all my readers.

Meanwhile in Lotro I am having a blast with Loremaster. It is really powerfull – as if you were fighting side by side with other mighty player. So is Bog-lurker pet: it does nice damage, sometimes can be used as melee…while you destroy other enemy and later aid your own pet.

Since I am running Missions, my Loremaster makes me feel more confident than, say, top-level Minstrel. On Minstrel I had things to fear; on Loremaster I have not. Damage over time and pet may do half a job for me.

Of course, Windstorms is under-virtued: many wrong virtues, right ones are not maxed, so I have plenty of job to do. Yet things are really nice with LM. If only I could jet-level to some lvl.65, to skip evil maze of Moria once and for all! So far, even with accelerators, I manage to do some 1,5 levels a day. Too little, thus may need support from others in some kind of powerlevelling. Just to lvl.65, later I could run content on my own.

And so weekend has ended, really really nice in Lotro.

Lazy Loremaster



Lord of the rings online

Almost no action there – log in Windstorms, take rewards, advance virtues (these are very lame on Windstorms)…and log off.
Following advice of kinnies – waiting for double xp time, then would use as many xp scrolls and tomes as possible and grind levels. I must level up to enter grumpy, evil Moria as grey zone and leave it as soon as possible.

Untill then, just pause in Lotro.

Loremaster mess



Lord of the rings online

Windstorms, my long-abandoned lvl.43 Loremaster, has finally entered Kinship. As well as Zharaza (whom I thought to be in Kin and out of nowhere expelled…turned out, he wasn’t in Kin).

Windstorms is a mess. Virtues are mostly wrong, not maxed, some deeds not done, some quipment mediocre or wrong. So, I have some work to do, starting with class deeds (“strike with this NN times”).

Bevardemoteris meanwhile just exploited…my main toons. Storm and Zharaza famed hides, Bevardemoteris did some crafting trying to max her Tailor. My poor lvl.31 LM needs to max reputation with Eglain, reach level 32, then craft herself new armour…and then no idea what. Run into the Shire for easy Lotro points?

I may try to run Loremaster. If not Moria (powerlevell me, please, to lvl.65!) I would be really glad to. Just not grumpy maze of Moria. Only Hunter feels confident there.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.

Radagast’s runs



Lord of the rings online

Festival over, I had some choices to make…and wise kinnies adviced to do content I am happy with. Hence, my Loremaster was active again. Running in Lone lands, killing every Warg, Spider and especially Craban she met. Gathering all ore and wood she could (because of xp).

Radagast just kept me running forwards and backwards. Go there, kill that, then oops, return and grind these… This old Wizard just loves torturing me. Maybe he knows that the only thing I need from him, is a quest that allows to use pets?

Maybe he does. He is Wizard after all. So I just keep running for him (and all others).

So far Loremaster is nice. The only downside is a slow time to cast spell – in any serious situation it could spell doom to Loremaster. Otherwise – nice. Especially at some lvl.31 when I will get 100% probability that lightning ignites enemy. Reminds me Palpatine with his famous “Poweeeeeer, unlimited poweeeeeer!” Sith lightining. Try to never mess with Sith/Loremaster…

Zharaza remains the question. I could return to Ironfold/Ered Mithrin. Or just keep him idle. For if I return, it should be consscious – to read quest texts, to try to understand situation, not just “ok ok next next yes finish”.

And so the day has ended, quite nice in *lightnings* Lotro.

Lone landing



Lord of the rings online

Yule festival was over. My toons were left where they are, clueless what to do. Stormsong turned in taskboard items for Cordolan region. Almost all others stood idle – yes, including Zharaza. He is yet to decide what he wants to do.

Meanwhile my Loremaster continued questing. First, Old Forest exploration. Flowers, some quests (kill spiders, kill big oak), all deeds. Managed to finish Bree-land woodsman deed (simple). Then – Lone lands again. Questing there was interesting. I was vulnerable to Elite goblins and my pet was sometimes taking serious damage. I had to think where to turn so that I could avoid too many enemies. And yes, it was interesting to re-experience.

Right now, I am lvl.27, struggling to reach lvl.28 for new armour and lvl.29 – for quest to use cosmetic pets. Later, I would probably finish all possible deeds and delete my Loremaster. So far, I want to experience fun with her.

I have to decide what I want to do. Missions sound like life-time prison sentence. Run same and same again, killing same mobs in same order, receiving same unimportant awards. The only thing that matters is LI xp from missions and taskboards. Everything elser is just boredom.

Zharaza is in better position, he can quest in Ironfold and get some xp.

Back to game, back to questions about landing.