Short killing


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe quested a bit. Same Orc camp, killing poor Orcs, destroying fuel (2/8), food (1/???), managed to kill 1 Captain and hardly escaped one Troll (have to kill 3 of these).

Troll was real disaster. I thought I could be able to kill him on foot: nope. Looks like it’s mounted combat stuff.

Really waiting untill I finish this evil camp and reach lvl.95. With new equipment questing should be bit easier.

And so short day in Lotro ended.


Mines, treacheries


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was active. Had so many quests to do: work in mines, then talk to mine owner again, take part in some conspiracies – and to attend meeting in Woodhurst. Situation is tense, Dunlendings accusing Rohirrim, Rohirrim disliking Dunlendings while White Hand approaches to kill and destroy. To my [almost] surprise – Guard captain turned out to be bad guy. One advocating almost alliance with White Hand. He was expelled, threatening to burn town. Looks like even mine owner was not that bad as I suspected.

And then I was redirected to Brockenborings. Initially nothing alerted on danger: go there, kill that. Few auto-bestowed quests. Then one of the worst: kill Nagas, some really big enemy with at least one bodyguard. I kited, ran, used all heals…and finally succeeded. Nagas was dead, I soloed it! Problems were with the archers: these use some kind of poison, I can’t take them down quickly, so every fight is a bit of nightmare. Plus there is no solution, only grow up too big to one-shot.

Oh well – NPC told me – it’s ok, now just please scout that Orc camp. Yeah. Sure. Camp is big, patrolled by riders, trolls and I got lots of quests. Fights were bit difficult even if I reached lvl.94. Finally, I went to kill one Uruk captain and that captain easily killed me.

That was the sign to log off and rest. Today I would try these quests again. Would turn in Helmingas task items. Will do everything to reach level 95. And then hurray, new armour, new legendary weapons, maybe new jewellery.

The day ended, really busy in Lotro. And mostly positive…




Lord of the rings online

Following advice of one kinnie – Xantipe returned to Rohan. I will use Helmingas taskboard items, but main thing is questing now.

Woodhurst. One really interesting town. Dunlendings and Rohirrim living together which causes mixed feelings of Nona (“Land is wrong. Buildings are wrong”). Very interesting epic quest line – and I can just note how nice are quests in Rohan, they immerse you, they make you care. At the same time, how very boring is epic in Dwarf lands, not even worth reading – you just don’t care, you rush and leave all behind.

I enjoyed Woodhurst with its complicated politics, threats and characters that may not be what they seem. Epic was too short, redirecting me to Helms Deep. Nope, I will quest there, gain at least 2 levels to ride to Helms Deep. Meanwhile I really enjoy green fields of Rohan, me being able to solo small fellowship bear (~90,000 health: fighting from Warsteed really helped). Rohan is where I really care about almost everything. Wildermore looks same…and then only Mordor. All other regions are just boredom. “Yes yes next next finish” type.

Level 95 is what I really am waiting for. New legendary weapons, new armour, maybe new jewellery. Essences are not too important, they would change quickly. Then, I should be powerfull enough to finish that evil “save Thane” quest with horde of monsters.

The day has ended – life in Lotro has its meaning once again.


Parking for Helmingas


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe ran out of things to do. Redirection to Stonedeans: still am too little (lvl.93, content is lvl.92). All normal older quests completed, only problematic ones remain.

Stormsong returned to existence. Now my Minstrel starts Helmingas taskboard items grind. First, it was Marton: mostly Wargs, then – rare crabain and some Orcs/Uruks. Not trolls, these are of no use. Soon folks adviced running Warg Pens which I gladly did.

Things were going good: I killed Wargs and Goblins, looted many items, restarted instance, then repeated. Result: almost 200 task items, mostly Damaged skins.

Now my strategic goal is lvl.95. It means new Legendary weapon (usable for 5 levels, no need to worry about legacies), better armour and jewellery. Which means better survival.

Thought about re-installing Istaria. But no, they have too many restrictions for once greatest f2p game.

And so weekend has ended, quite good in Lotro.

Resuming old quests


Lord of the rings online

Festival was over. Xantipe stood near Party tree, all quest givers gone, no lag – nothing to do. So I ran to finish some quests in Great river (kill some Easterlings, then talk to one NPC and finally to Easterling NPC). Visited Misty mountains to turn in two more quests.

Still have quests to finish in Angmar, even Garth Agarwen. Many deeds are left:these would be fine when I reach lvl.100 and could easily fight, grinding legacies’ levels.

Stormsong was inactive.

I will probably run old quests (reached lvl.93 thanks to them) and await festival encore. Then it would be easy: token grind, fishing, Anfalas crystals, maybe lvl.94 achieved.



Lord of the rings online

Festival still lasts, Xantipe still runs Festival quests, gains nice xp. I am close to next level and have things to do.

If I am lucky today – well, would do another run of Festival. If not – would wait for Encore. Already earned 32 tokens on Xantipe, which is enough for 1 Anfalas crystal.

If I am not so lucky – well…I may need to finish old quests. Some in Garth Agarwen, some in Urugarth, finally – there is “In their absence”. I do need some levels to go. Reach lvl.95, then equip new bow, new sword (gosh, I still use lvl.95!), new armour, new jewellery.

Stormsong needs to find what to do – so far little ideas what exactly.

The day has ended, a bit of festival, a bit of being lost in Lotro.

Summer while it lasts


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was the only active. Did Festival quests (this time running to pond to fish mathoms first), received good amount of xp. Also took “In their absence” quest to fight in Stoneheigh. Even at lvl.92 local lvl.65 monsters were problematic for me. At the end had to ask one kinnie (Hunter too) to help me. Result – everything done, quest finished, now some running ahead.

Stormsong was passive. No idea why exactly.

Then there were some real life problems and lack of sleep (espresso, save me).

The short day in Lotro ended, kind of good one.

Between impossibles


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran Festival dailies. Rewards are not I am interested in – it’s mostly about being busy and getting Promotion points (50 a day).

Xantipe quested, faced ill-fated assault (Rohirrim may be brave, but they lack strategy). Then local Thane calls her council to decide what to do. First assault is victorious, yet one councellor dead.

Second assault was a disaster. There is Reeve, 4 NPCs and four waves of brigands. First two waves were doable, even if I ran out of power at the end of second wave. One NPC dies, because he must. Third waves sees 2 NPCs dead and one that can be saved. At the end of third wave I am with little health, quickly diminishing power and only 1 NPC (since Reeve must be protected).
Then comes 4th wave, maybe 20 brigands, including 2 captains, NPC dies soon, then – either Reeve is killed or I am killed and then Reeve. Traps won’t help. DPS is not big enough, armour is non-existent, health and power at 1% of what they should be. Ok, let’s be wise and NOT tank: just let NPCs fight. Same result, even if I picked easiest and closiest targets. Asked aid in /World chat, but got none, except general “come on, it’s doable”, “good, not faceroll content”. Lotro wiki gives the most foolish advice: take out archers first. Take out easiest units so that elites slaughter my Reeve! Not an option.

Kinnies adviced upgrading armour. I am sceptical, it won’ty double hp and power. Jewellery is lame a bit, sword (shame to say) is lvl.59. But hey, Hunter should rarely need sword. And at lvl.100 I would have quality one. One nice kinnie send me recipes, almost 100 of them. Ahelissa crafted some armour, so now my toon is better.

And then I went to Festival on Xantipe. Did this and that, earned 11 tokens. Would grind to get 30 tokens and barter Anfalas crystal.

Kinship took Xantipe to “In their Absence” runs. For some reason it was tier2, so my toon was not performing well. But hey, we had one of our best kinnies who nuked almost everything.

Weekend has ended. I felt really bad about that impossible quest. One that needs 40 players to survive (on one monster – 1 tank, 1 crowd control, 1 ranged and 1 healer). On one side – this quest, impossible on level, without raid; on other side – impossible to reach location in Dwarf fortress. It’s just being stuck. Lucky am I, though, that my Kinship is great and helpfull.

And so weekend has ended – half good, half bad in Lotro.

A little greed


Lord of the rings online

Changes are coming to my life, probably meaning less Lotro. Meanwhile, still play Summer festival. Same 7 quests, this time changed travel direction – went to Mathom fishing first, then bothered with all kites, lost food, items, defeating heats etc.

Developers brought gree to another heighs. Now, new region slayer deeds does not give Lp anymore. Advanced do, entire 5 – so all regions lose almost all return of investment. In short – grind, get no reward (don’t joke with local currency: obsolete after next content), monsters are very hard to kill…why bother with Vales then?

Feeling bit lost. Epic has ended at impossible quest. Dwarf strongholds are extremely bad, uninviting. Anduin is greedy and mobs are hard. Looks like nothing to choose…

Anduin versus Grey mountains


Lord of the rings online

Another day, another festival grind, tokens collected, promotion points received. Have some tokens, almost nowhere to spend (not even a mount or pet).

Kinship congratulates me on level 120 – and now once again encourages me to move to next region. This is where opinions divide. One expert kinnie advices Dwarf region (Grey mountains). Another expert kinnie advices Vale of Anduin.

Dwarf region is reccomended because of stories and Dwarves. Anduin is reccomended because it’s small and easy doable + “quests are easy”, even if monsters are more powerfull.

I cannot accept Dwarf region. It is extremely poorly made, epic offers no stories, at some point you can’t advance, because cannot fly. All epic is just “run here, go there”. Architecture is non-existent…and just remember Thorins hall + Erebor. You will found only ruins and some beggarish Dwarves in that region. So, if you judge Dwarves on their own late game region – you will get impression of dying worthless race uncapable of anything, even dying out.

Anduin: it’s much like Wildermore. To my terror, monsters are powerfull. Not sure about stories, I care little about Beornings. Should be more like “yes yes next next finish”. Yet, if quests are quickly done and are easy – maybe worth a try? On discount, of course, since 1500 Lotro points is too much.

The day has ended, leaving me in thoughts where to go.