Moria: grinding continues



Lord of the rings online

All the playing time spent in Moria doing slayer/exploration deeds. Dragonet slayer (advanced) – finished, Warg slayer is close to finisg, Gredbyg and Deep-claws are close to finish. One efficient spot was in Foundations of stone. I just stood, killed dragonets, then some other mobs while Dragonets spawned. Met one player who killed some Dragonets, not sure – for deed or for fun.

One player organized Grand Stairs run. Was nice and effective – things can’t go wrong with 1 Warden, 2 Sith-runekeepers and one minstrel. We just ran, killed, I earned some Lotro points. Quick, efficient.

Talk to kinnie about “Orcposting” – my favourite topic in /World. Joked, laughed – in short, nice conversation.

Kinship organized 1 Pelagir run that I missed. A pity, Anfalas scrolls are now very rare with so little chance to get them.  There were some talks about quests and rewards in Dwarf lands. These does not interest me, end-game became really boring with too heavy restrictions.

I do wait to finish at least main slayer deeds in Moria and all exploration deeds in same grumpy Moria. Then, I could finally have some rest…




Lord of the rings online

Yule is over, my toons have little to do.

Xantipe went to Zirakzigil and killed morrovals. Enough of them to finish slayer deed (advanced). Then proceeded with Dragonets, finishing simple slayer deed, advanced Warg slayer.

Dragonets are real pain, too little of them. Wargs are not very common, so are the trolls. And very little Moria instance runs, both in Kinship and global channels.

I wish I could see some power-levelling group to take me into lvl.65 quickly. Then, could equip my First age legendary bow, craft first age Hunter sword. And with better equipment I could be stronger; being stronger means being more effective.

Crafting: reached another reputation tier. Things are advancing quickly there.

Legendary items: deconstructed some lvl.30-50 weapons to get valuable LI xp runes. When I finalyl get to my First age weapon, I should be able to quickly advance it. Meanwhile changed legacies on current bow and sword.

Days are going slowly in Lotro. I come, grind, rant, then leave. Looks more like a job, though…

Foundations of Stone


Lord of the rings online

Yule had the last day. I ran, did almost all I could in Frostbluff, now have 48 tokens…and wait untill Yule encore. I did enjoy this festival, so nice, so productive and just fun. Got 9 or 10 Anfalas crystals – a half needed and we still have Yule encore, Anniversary.

Moria: moved to Foundations of stone. A maze I do not like much. Too easy to get lost, lots of angry Nameless and, lucky for me, trolls. Globsnaga trolls count as Globsnaga and trolls, so – double profit. Meanwhile in Stone foundations did some quests. Still lvl.64, hundreds of thousands xp to go untill magic lvl.65. Questing itself was uninteresting, nothing captivating, except maybe “Burry fallen Dwarves”.

Started finishing exploration deeds in Moria – one chamber in Waterworks, one island in Stone foundations. Many slayer deeds await, also evil exploration deed.

In World I noticed one player who organizes Moria runs almost each day. Would be nice to run some of them one day. Discussed Anfalas scroll farming with Kin: it is obvious we are left with almost zero choice. Seregost drops only on hardest level, Pelagir runs are not organized, so for player like me, there is no chance to get them (seals seem to be history now).

I already made lvl.65 First age bow. Had to buy some stuff at Skirmish camp, but it would pay off.

I do think what would I do after Moria. No need to rush to Lothlorien. First, get quality Legendary weapons, max them. Then, equipment. And only then think about fight.

Moria outside of Moria


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was the only active. Witnessed ill-fated Dwarf assault on Mazog. My poor Dwarves, they are brave, they do feel honour, they do want to battle Orcs and rush into battlefield with their axes in hands and Baruk-Khazad! batllecry. Yet sometimes this requires strategy.

Later quests involved several skirmishes. I ran them on lvl.55, so had little problem with finishing. Rewards were non-existent, I di not care about them. Some running there and here, some talks…and finally quest to kill Orcs outside. Oh yes, I am lvl.63 now, only two levels to go.

I was in sunny, nice lands, killing Orcs, then had to return to kill Siege-masters, burn siege machines, kill Moria emissaries and wargs. Technically, still Moria, even if it should be Lothlorien.

Questing went good. I do not hesitate to kill Orcs even if I do not need to. Determined to finish this Moria outside Moria region. Then I would have to return to Moria for deeds. Grind almost every single deed, every single Lotro point I could solo. Then, leave grumpy Moria for good…

Kinship actively discussed new raid, feedback is – raid is hard (i.e. badly made), yet many people with titles indicating they have finished this raid. Looks like we would be making raid run: not me,of course.

I found that my only activity is to questas Xantipe. Maybe find some time to do Yule quests and miraculously barter another Anfalas crystal. When I finish Moria, there would be little to do. Stand in Bree on Stormsong offering help to those in need? Not sure. Lotro became a bit empty for me.

Update, trait tree reset


Lord of the rings online

We had Update 23.2. New raid with tier1 and tier2, while tier3 is on the way, some “timed” titles. Beornings got their trait tree changes, so ALL classes got trait tree reset.

Xantipe had to respec, which proved beneficial: got rid of one unused skill in other trait tree and spent those 2 points more wise.

Xantipe finished plaques, then went to 21st hall, fought in Small fellowship lvl.59 instance (solo), won it, got a video about Zigilburk discovered. Located last Pile of weapons near 21st Hall. Was offered Moria instance run by one kind player, noticed one player in /World organizing Moria instance runs. A pity I was too busy: too little time, too many quests.

One may easily predict server would be quite busy this week with new raid. Increase of activity on server? Yes. For me it means less chance to get into any activity…

The day has ended, another day in dark, grumpy Moria.



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Lord of the rings online

Was a bit distracted with one art site – registred, started adding favourite art to my collection (online). So, less time for Lotro.

Xantipe, the only active, continued questing. Got one tragic line where one brave Dwarf is killed, all due Foreman of the 21st Hall neglecting his duties. Dwarf was avenged, since there was no treachery (impossible for Dwarves!)…but it means one Dwarf less. Other quest line was worse: go and explore. You found point? Good, go to second point. Found second? Nice, from there you are on your own. Then go back again, check some waters, receive some quests…finally, get back to 21st Hall.

And then go, memorize 5 plaques in Waterworks. Oh my, return to this toad-maggot region. Of course, it is majestic, as all Dwarf architecture…yet not so safe. I found 2 plaques, now just have to find another 3.

Waiting for lvl.65. This would solve most travelling problems (grey monsters won’t attack) and allow to level up my first normal Legendary weapons.

Social life in Lotro is almost at zero, all chats are mostly quiet, except weekly instances and Storvagun.



Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was the only active. Questing in Waterworks – go there, talk to this, kill that, clear these. Not to interesting, yet – killing every single spider in my sight for slayer deed. Also, turning in taskboard items just to be able to use maximum when I reach Rohan (Helmingas, you know…).

Reached lvl.62. Now, only 3 levels to go and then: crafted Legendary First age bow, crafted legendary First age hunter’s sword.

Also, managed to finish some epic quests, rebuilt one Dwarf statue, now awaiting redirection to one last region I had no visited.

Kinship chat was a bit empty. Talked to one ex-officer (unfortunately, resigned), met our Bokimir, whose alt returned to Kinship.

No participation in Yule, I have to resume grinding: Anfalas crystals won’t drop from the air, you know.

When Yule ends, I have no idea what would I do. Grind remaining Moria deeds?

And so the day has ended, half-empty in Lotro.

Deeps, works, outsides


Lord of the rings online

Xantipe is probably the only adventuring toon. Others are just sleeping. So – my Huntress resumed questing in Moria. Went to Flaming deeps, fought Globsnaga (nice ones too: counts as orcs and Globsnaga), few nameless. There was one really helpfull drinking quest: you drink in honour of fallen Dwarf and then wake up art different camp. Activated some travel routes this way – was really helpfull. Flaming deeps (or Redhorne?) have all deeds done. Now grinding Water works – this time they are bit easier, but still too easy to lost way. Finallyreached quests in first hall that brought me to the surface.

One kind person in /World ran Forgotten treasury and then – Grand stairs. I took the opportunity, did some quests there, was killed only once. Another kind person took me to Filikul and Watcher – hey, it was just watching how top-level Warden destroyes everything.

I am lvl.61 now, trying to do my best to become lvl.65 as soon as possible. Then, everything would be easy: lvl.65 First age weapons, some disposable lvl.65 third agers, deconstructing and chosing right legacies.

Players are running Storvagun vault all the time. There are also talks about incoming update: new raid, cap on Big Battles points (!!!), some redesigning of landscape, new essences. Cap points is absurd, no need for that, but our developers try to make life as problematic as possible. I am happy I was not running for new region essences: these would become trash very soon.

Side note: another kind Minstrel appeared, offering aid with lvl. 40s instances.

Overall, my life in Lotro is mostly about Xantipe’s levelling (would gladly power-levell…) and adventures in Moria. Almost none other activity. Days are bit grey, a bit adventurous.





Received an e-mail about (now gone) 150% xp event. Very usefull for free player who gains no xp after level 15. Logged in my account – still active, F2P expires in March. No wish to return, while these restrictions continues.

Lord of the rings online

Xantipe crafted, then participated in Yule festival. Finished “A Festive Flurry (final)”. Fought in snowball field, once again – battle of the equals: stand in front of each other, exchange hits. Crafted 4 Guild items. Talked to one person – a Minstrel – who had problems killing one Orc in Rohan. Not named, not warband, just mounted orc. Talked with him, inspected his setup – some items were wrong, gave my advice about his setup. Told to send in-game mail concerning Legendary items and setup.

Stormsong logged in, got no in-game mail, chatted, ranted, asked if anybody needed help (nobody did).

Logged off. I have almost nothing to do. While Yule lasts, I am good. When it ends, I am just stuck with crafting, maybe – grinding lower tier wood.



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Lord of the rings online

Just when I had written my resolutions for new gaming year – gaming just turns upside.

Xantipe. Moria. Epic quests. Go there, do this, fell into well, do this “run and run stealthy” quests etc. Preparations for some ill-fated assault. Kill some monsters in water-works. No problem, just travel to one region (where Heart of Fire is), go to the end, maps shows “To Water-works”. Yes, of course. Region. Heart of Fire. Trucks. No passage to waterworks. Cruised several times, taking one route, then another – absolutely no way to pass. Monsters sometimes hit hard, so – no time to fight, just run and run…to find there is no entrance. Sometimes I wished I was killed and resurrected. I cruised and cruised, saw nobody there, got really frustrated.

Kinship chat was half-empty. Tried to talk about my Hunter, but folks keep telling me, I could one-shot on level monster. Not exactly, mostly it takes at least 5 shots. And in many cases fight ends in melee. Not sure what am I doing wrong, somehow a bit hard to get advice.

I returned to Yule festival, grinded another Anfalas crystal. Already have 8 of them, so only 18 to go. Then, went to farm Black ash. One kind kinnie told perfect location in Misty Mountains, so iI went, farmed and this morning reached another tier of crafting. Also, was able to craft enough boards to craft Guild reputation items.

My future is bit grim. Grind Festival, then grind crafting materials, maybe – old quests, turn in taskboard items for xp and pray for as much xp as possible. I need at least lvl.65 to have enough firepower to almost safely navigate Moria. XP disabler is almost not an option.

The day has ended, empty and bit grumpy in Lotro.