Lord of the rings online

Featured instance has been changed – this time it’s Stoneheigh. I managed to get into group and run it 2 times, getting some 5 scrolls. Then one very kind kinnie just gave me 10 scrolls (!). Finally, did one run as Naktieskarys and got some 2 scrolls.

This let me to finish with my legendary sword and invest into legendary book. I am starting to build top legendary weapons and with some luck soon would be better with fights. I invest heavily into Will (main status for minstrel), dps. Now I would be investing into healing: no heal is too big.

Stoneheigh is doable. Not so easy, but with proper group and good shing-shing – it’s doable. Of course, squishy minstrel might be in trouble, but I have some shield and can shield ally.

Otherwise – grinded Bree and Mathom reputation items with Stormsong. Mathoms are very rare, I only have some 70 now – still 50 more to grind. I do run lots of barrow runs, sometimes outrunning other players (like lvl.30s loremaster).The only use of this are gold coins.

Now my day job would be clear: two runs on Stormsong, one with Naktieskarys, then dailies in Wildermore with Vytautaz…and possibly reputation items grind with Stormsong. Of course, helping other people should they need help.

And so the day has ended. Day has been very succesfull in Lotro.

fun with help, fun with TP


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was almost idle: only some Wildermore dailies. Took part in Burried treasure. Totally lame festival where yiou get trash loot in small/medium crates or rush with remaining horde to find The Big One. No sense, no rewards – just pure nothing.

Xinderbor really enjoyed questing/deeding. I wisely used slayer/deed accelerator and slayer accelererator, finishing Bree slayer. Managed to finish all deeds that required healing skills. Then started deed to change stances. Finally, solution came. I looted lootbox, got some tomes of defense. Asked in World chat if they are worth anything, folks told – about 5-10 gold. Sold all for 25 gold, bought yet another slayer deed acc…and started to grind deeds that required using Heralds strike. That’s 250 and 700. Grinded in Taradan, got into fellowship with one lvl.105. All I asked for was letting me strike. He was very kind and listened to me. Soon my deeds were finished. I went to the Shire,  killed evil slugs, then finished Rath Teraig exploration, turned in Bree task items.

It was time to use reputation items. Kindred with Bree, then (after Stormsong worked a bit) – Kindred with Mathom society. Sold everything, deleted and recreated Xinderbor.

Stormsong grinded some mathoms (too slow to grind, some 80 well-preserved to go) and then just kept helping random people. Some with Angmar, some with other parts of Middle Earth. I really enjoyed 2 moments.
First one: Angmar, to kill some Morroval queen. My colleague (lvl.40s Guardian) just ran, I killed everything. We were done quickly. He told it was nice. Well – I told – when he would be lvl.105, he would cover my squishy Minstrel from real attacks…
Second one: one player, not known to me. He told he noticed my asking if anybody needs help and would like after some hour. At least someone noticed…a pity, he did not came after 1 or 2 hours.

A pity Stormsong could not participate in featured instance. I really miss some 60 Anfalas scrolls (and would not mind additional crystals to enhance my legendary book:you know, there can’t be too much healing). If I earn 3 scrolls per day, it is almost month’s work.

And so weekend has ended. I had some 1000 Turbine points, vault full of Bree reputation items and armour, ready to grind for another potion of TPs. Ready to run instances, ready to help others: things are just nice in Lotro.

just grinding


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did one Pelagir run. No cool essences, just merit stars. Maybe enough to barter one scroll, but I have to wait untill Featured instance changes.

Xinderbor did all 250 healing spells use, 60 stance changes, some exploration in the Shire. As usual, task items in Bree. Need to concentrate on melee hit deeds (250 and 700). if I finish them, I get 2 more trait points – thus improved Call of Orome.

So far I do not touch reputation items: want to do some deeds and use all task items I have.

Overall things are getting slow and lazy in Lotro: I can’t participate in Halls of Night runs (althouigh they have nice drops), Pelagir is done almost on my request only (and has no good drops). While I do need some 70 Scrolls of empowerement, that’s at least 25 days of work.

I do need to force myself to play Vytautaz with the boring Wildermore quests. Then do some deeds. And then move to Westfold!

express Bree – Shire


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong saw no action: no Pelagir, nobody needing help in World chat. Just perfect…

XInderbor finished Bree-land woodsman deed (thanks, slayer deed accelerator) and resumed some other deeds, like use healing skills, change modes. Then, I moved to the Shire.

I killed everything that is deedable, soon almost all slayer deeds were done (just not those evil slugs!) and all exploration deeds were done. Hill with flies gave me one lootbox key. Met come competitors, but they were not a big problem. Received “Enmnity of the wargs” deed (probably won’t finish it).

Mathom armour is deposited now. Will need it for other toon, to fully equip and send her to the battle. Xinderbor would remain for some time (5 days?) and then would be deleted.

And so the day has ended – a bit grey, bus mostly fun in Lotro. I did enjoy good feeling while deeding with Xinderbor.

TP fun


Lord of the rings online

We had yet another update. It did not affect my toon, so I was pretty calm.

Stormsong did one Pelagir run. Everything went smooth and perfect, we got platinium and I enjoyed lots of Merit stars (of course, some nice Supreme essence would be good, but Pelagir citizens are known to be greedy. Next time would be joining Corsairs…).

Xinderbor did very nice TP grinding run. I really enjoyed everything. First, Brigands. Killing without accelerator, very quickly I finished everything, simple and advanced. Then, Barrows:took some quests, killed almost everything that moves. When most of my class deeds became yellow – used Slayer and Deed accelerator along with xp tome.

This time I was killing everything that moves, be it rat or wigh. Met several competitors, including one that cannot be outperformed: Loremaster. Received one invite, rejected. Finally, my wigh and barhest slayer deeds were done. I moved to kill Orcs, formed a short-lasted fellowship with one player…and soon fellowship was disbanded. I ran, killing  monsters untill all my battle skill deeds were done.

It was time for healing skills. Recalled to Combe, where I managed to do some 1100 uses: two deeds finished, one is yet to be done within 4 days.

The only deed in Bree lands I must do is huorn slayer. With slayer deed accelerator it would be nice.Have to use as many task board items as I can. Then – probably Shire exploration with some deeds (to save valuable Mathoms)…and maybe some quests in Ered Luin to get reputation with Dwarves.

I really enjoy my Tp grind. It is not very fast, time-effective, but is really fun. I have enough skills to withstand almost any enemy on my level. I have efficient self-heals and Turbine points grind is going well. The only thing I miss is some easy featured instance I could join every day.

Halls of birthday


Lord of the rings online

Had almost zero time. At work we were celebrating my birthday. We cheered, laughed, read poems – had some fun. At home, my friends and parents came, we were having nice tea party.

At the end of the dayI was bit tired, wanted to sleep, so logged in Stormsong for a really short time. Featured instance:Halls of Night that I do not have. No Pelagir runs.

Asked in world chat if anybody needed help, one player needed to hunt some Orcs in Lone lands. Helped, recalled to Bree, logged off.

Today I hope to do more: my TP grinder needs to grind TPs, Vytautaz needs Wildermore dailies, Naktieskarys – DA dailies, Stormsong – Pelagir.

And so birth day was over – cheerful in real life.

names and TPs


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz hardly found what to do. Quest in Wildermore, doing easiest quests for Survivors – yes. Gaining experience,advancing LIs step by step – yes. Otherwise, nothing more.

Stormsong was hoping to go to box runs (i.e. featured instances), but either there were none when I came or Kinship just finished and noone was willing. Pelagir was organized few times – but nothing more. I asked in world chat if someone needed help with questing. Some people responded, I was able to help them. Last one was one lvl.60 Minstrel with School and Library. This was an awesome thing – two screaming dps minstrels, owning everything they could.

World chat was full of discussions about Lotro. Some usually wrong topics, like “there are too many kids” (never met one real kid), “community went down after f2p” (better to have f2p Lotro than no Lotro at all). Somebody complained about names, like he saw person and people mocked his/her name. Hard to believe. Mostly this isn’t happening, except one troll who trolled almost every new player: “[name] we won’t see soon”. Other than that – everything is all right, I told my TP grinder’s story and how nobody mocked it, just moderators changed (and to the good, have to admit). One error does not meet erratic society.

Xinderbor, my TP grinding toon, started her adventures. I used +25% xp weekend, then used looted tome that gives additional xp and very quickly became lvl.18. Now, all I have to do is to kill almost everything deedable, finish most easy exploration deeds, use reputation items to grind reputation with Bree people.

Perhabs then – Shire, local exploration deed. Yes, I am earning TPs slowly, but I do want to enjoy it.

Note: today, August 22, is my birthday. At evening we will be celebrating, then I would ask for some Kinship runs. it’s my birthday and I want to celebrate it with Kin, not with some random people.

And so weekend has ended, kind of quiet in Lotro. Today’s my birthday, hurray.

Lazy day


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did Wildermore dailies, finished some deed, turned in some task items.

Stormsong used Legacy tier Upgrade scroll on her legendary sword. Then, kept asking if there was any box run. There was none, but Kinship was active in Anorien instances. Ones I cannot enter.

One player behaved unwise in world chat. He told he was selling his account for some thousand in-game gold. I told him he was breaking the rules, he ignored my warning. Well, if mods take some action, he would be the one to blame.

My Stormsong is close to fully upgrading her legendary sword. Next stop with super-grind is book. It needs Anfalas crystals and tons of empowerement scrolls. With 3 featured instance runs, it may take some time to grind – but as a Minstrel, I do need strong healing.

And so the day has ended – quiet and lazy in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz ran dailies in Wildermore, finished one deed, turned in task board items.

Stormsong ran traditional two Dol Guldur dungeons runs. Result – two Anfalas scrolls of empowerement. Interesting thing was – we ran it duo, our Kinship’s best champion and me (not the best minstrel). Well, we managed to be victorious, I even could heal the champion. Then I had Pelagir two-man run and platinium reward (got lvl.100 First age symbol).

Naktieskarys ran one dungeon of Dol Guldur. Result – 3 scrolls. After turning them to Stormsong, my Minstrel has only two legacies to max (and 13 scrolls to grind for).

I continue tradition to ask if anybody needs help. Same player with “gimme my class items” adressed, like could I give him 2 gold. I refused. Sorry, dear player, you have to try yourself, you may earn gold by just selling trash loot. Another player asked for advice, but he was in Archet, so could handle everything himself. I told him to adress me should he handle something hard for this level.

Looks like my daily activities are simple: 3 featured instance runs to get scrolls, one Wildermore run and maybe one Pelagir run. Of course, I would need many Anfalas starlits and tons of empowerement scrolls for my legendary book, but that is another story. Sometimes I am able to help other players, sometimes nobody needs aid.

And so the day has ended – very good one in Lotro.

trolling trolls


, ,

Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did Wildermore dailies, got more local tokens (nowhere to use, anyway), then went to Aldburg and used some task board items.

Stormsong participated in Dol Guldur dungeons runs. Somehow was trolled by local trolls: they managed to spot me and/or my Elf. Sometimes I was spotted two times in a row. Despite this, we were succesfull and I got some scrolls of Empowerement. Now, I lack only 18 scrolls to max my legendary sword. Of course, minstrel book remain which needs tons of these scrolls, some Anfalas crystals…but it may wait. Crystals may be earned on Yule festival, scrolls may be gathered in featured instances.

Following my old habit, was asking World chat if anyone needed help. Not so much:one person asked for Great Barrows, but then disappeared; another – with Limlight Gorge, to kill some trolls and then be protected from trolls. Everything went nice.

Naktieskarys wanted to participate in runs, but there were none. Then he just did Dol Amroth dailies (well, I need lvl.105 on this toon, somehow).

Everquest II

I was told that the game mercenaries are – surprise,surprise – for customers only. Well, for free players EQ2 leaves lots of options:
1) walk/run
2) attack monster
3) loot monster
4) sell trash to NPC
That’s all what is offered for free player. Which qualifies EQ2 free version as in fact – an offline or just single player game. A pity, I was thinking about playing it.


A new/old mmo, produced by infamous Derek Smart. A clone of WoW (at least taht’s being told). F2P restrictions are really mild, everything seems ok…except bugs and lags and the fact game can be run only via Steam. Why the heck they don’t have simple client – I have no idea.

Would I play it? No idea. Perhabs not. But a game with conception like this – would sound promising.


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