Slow and fast: chests


Lord of the rings online

I am waiting for Yule encore. A chance to get soem Lotro points (on Xindra) and essences (on all remaining toons).

Stormsong did dailies – these ran really good, I was effective and everything went ok.

Ran Lhingris with 2 kinnies to find chests. And there the fun began.

First: I do lag, especially on warsteed. Using simple steed – and my kinnies always leave me behind. Then: one kinnie always ran at light speed ahead. Other almost always wated or wandered to opposite direction. I was one left in the middle. No instructions “follow me, ride forwards, then turn right”. Kinnie who was running ahead -was always aggroing all spiders he found. And sometimes our run was really slow. It took us at least 2 hours.

Including Helegrod Giant wing raid. “Would be easy and quick”, kinnie told. I replied that it is either not easy nor quick…or it is not raid. It was long, problematic and I failed challenge due to lag. Loot was non-existent, I see zero need to run this any more. No loot, big problems with monsters (I was doing almost zero damage), takes some time to run.

I am really thankfull to kinnie for running this run and hope I (with his help?) would be able to locate last rare/not rare chests. Then, Lhingris exploration would be over. Agarnaith, Talath Urui remains.

Yule encore is approaching: chance to grind for tokens, some LP (on Xindra) and valuable lvl.330 essences (on 5 toons: so – 5 essences, yay).

In short, my questing in Mordor is going well. I am efficient, need only Naebrand run on lowest level (loot is non-existent there, so I don’t care) and then – prepare for Yule.

The day was over, it was good one in Lotro.


Mordor chests and deeds


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong quested in Mordor, doing dailies and, unfortunately, ignoring weekly quest. It’s Scourges, too had to find allies and finish. Questing was going really good, managed to find some allies and even finished Talath Urui slayer deed. Yeap, those worms and dragons are finally done.

Which leaves me with Agarnaith infected orcs, some 100 of them.  One day will do.

Kinnies were kind enough to guide me through Udun chests and aided in Dor Amarth chests too. I repeated some of chests with Naktieskarys. And yes, Stormsong found some Dor Amarth chests. Some are yet to be found, I just cannot get to them – no idea how to get, one chest is probably bugged. Kinnie wrote a ticket, will wait for response.

Naktieskarys received valuable advice from kinnies concerning essences. Equipped as adviced. Result: I survive in most situations. Also, took some quest in Dar Mauzur (Talath Urui region) by mistake. Quests are really hard solo and no group is to be found.  At the end, entered Fushaum Bal, now doing local deeds.

My questing in Mordor goes good. I am satisfied with deeds, sometimes there are just too many of them. Yule would give more job to do: Ahelissa, Naktieskarys, Stormsong, Vytautaz, Windstorms, Xindra – all 6 toons should be able to get six lvl.330 essences within 4 days.

And so, long weekend has ended – quite good in Lotro.

Lil’ time, mistakes in Mirkwood


Lord of the rings online

Valentine’s day – so very little Lotro. Just log in Stormsong, do 1 quest in Dor Amarth and 3 – in Agarnaith, then log off. Oh, no Mordor chests because of 2 slivers of black steel.

Today read Bulroarer forums. Unfortunately, developers are making mistakes. This time we would get – new essences. Again. Players do complain about equipment being outdated every 3 months. Once again, grind grind grind for essences, because your Mordor ones are trash now. Grind for new armour. Wanna go faster? Yeah, go for those Store items and one day you will get them.

Dear developers, you do get good feedback on N.Mirkwood. You do promise correct progression. Even I like many of your decisions (even though I almost hated them). Please, do not introduce another essence/armour grind. Few new essences (for example, 5) or raid armour is ok. Just please, no more new essence tier. And yes, consider slowing down. We had Ithilien essences, got tons of flowers. Hurray, these are worthless, wellcome to Wasteland essences. Not to worry, all essences are worthless, enjoy Shadowed essences of Mordor. Oh, right, Shadowed are worthless, do grind for Empowere Abyssal ones. Please, no more.

This morning logged Windstorms and Xindra. Windstorms took all un-needed essences from Shared vault to her vault, Xindra just crafts her way to lvl.22. Why lvl.22? Just because then I would able to finish Rath Teraig exploration safely. And to fight those grim trees in Yule encore.

Tomorrow we are having state holiday, so would have some time to play. Naktieskarys would need some help with Agarnaith (please, do not rush!), Xindra – would prospect and craft. Maybe Xinderbor would come to life to grind those valuable Lotro points.

And so the day has ended -good one in Lotro.

Diamonds, camps


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Dailies went good: picked 2 in Lhingris, 2 in Talath Urui. I do dislike Talath Urui, too hard to fight here, but alas, had no choice.

Lhingris: despite me aggroing too many spiders and staying half-alive – success. Kill weavers, loot megamonster; place traps, kill Orcs.

Talath Urui: reclaiming one camp. Well, as with all reclaims: problematic. Need to make strategy how to walk to stay alive. Of course, all camps were in citadel. Frightening monsters did work here, I was really amazed. At the end – everything was done, game somehow counted 3 quests as 4.

Daily completed, bartered Mordor chest – received some stones used for jewellery crafting and ~200 ash of Gorgoroth.

Now there is one clear goal: Yule encore, grind as many Essence boxes as possible. These would serve as nice help: either equip or just barter for Empowered Abyssal essences. Next thing – Lotro point grind for incoming expansion. And finally, trying to finsih as much Mordor deeds as possible – to get those 2000 or 5000 Alliance points worth items.

And so the day has ended – good and effective one in Lotro.

Mirkwood expansion and Mordor hunts


Lord of the rings online

There is new information about incoming Mirkwood expansion. Ashes of Gorgoroth would be renamed to Ashes of Enchanting. Featured instances would stop droping Long lost coins, instead – crafting materials (?). Almost all crafting nodes from Mordor would be in Mirkwood, the only exception -soem wood. We get new instrument everyone could use. And lots of Elf settlements, buildings – some of them remind churches. We would be allowed to use multiply LI runes (finally!) and even “deconstruct all”. “craft stack” things! Obviously, so far news are good.

Stormsong did dailies – these were easy. A pity, weekly quest is “Mordor scourges”, one that requires too much efforts for too little reward.

Naktieskarys quested in Agarnaith and failed hard quest line. Got quest to aid Red Sky clan, infiltrate Orc camp, destroy brews and weapons, killing 30 Orcs/uruks. Found one player, we fought duo and efficiently. Alas, last quest was to kill some named mob, my NPCs ran ahead, I was left alone versus camp full of monsters. Cancelled quest…only to understand I would have to repeat it from scratch.

And Naktieskarys is finally lvl.115. Now, I would need quality armour, barter quality axe recipe and craft axe. Finally, would have to think about essences. Maybe finally my Champion would start being usefull…

And so the day has ended. Almost good in Lotro.

Champion in Mordor: problems ahead



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong enjoys questing in Mordor. Daily quests are done easily, I am sufficient to kill and heal. Gathering all those Alliance relics, one day would need all of them.

Naktieskarys resumed Black Book of Mordor. So far everything went good: got here, kill that, locate this. First trouble – Talath Urui, quest from Standing stone to kill 8 spirits. Ho ho ho, a group of monsters? Good, bring them all for shing-shing!

Shing-shing ended quickly, I was killed very fast while managed to kill 1 spirit from 3. Mordor book sent me to Naebrand to find some stuff. I was stuck, so just went to Agarnaith. Local quests initially were easy. Killing stuff sometimes was problematic, yet doable. Then, ill-famous “save Viznak” quest. 1 named melee monster, around 136.000 health. Two defilers with some 56.000 health. I went to shing-shing, understood I was no match,retreated. Tried to farm simple Orcs – any group of 3 proved to be a challenge. Lucky me, saw one player (Captain?) farming orcs. Started following him, helped him and so SOLO quest was done. Under normal circumstances it would require full fellowship, but developers do not care to play their own game.

Next it was a quest to kill some bugs: you kill 10 Bugs A, get auto-updated to kill 10 Bugs B…I went to one of them, saw group, decided to shing-shing…

Death again.

In short, I went to do several quests then logged off really grumpy. My Champion was very weak. Trait tree setup cannot be blamed, I have only 1 point to distribute. Armour is outdated (but it’s pre-lvl.115 one) and no essences in it. No idea what to do, I expected Champion to be better than Minstrel. Turns out, it is worse.

Brighter news: Xindra, my LP grinder, worked hard. Ered-Luin was done quickly. Then finished Slayer of Bree-land. Moved to the Shire, finished exploration deeds and started (most monsters were grey) slayer deeds. Things went really good, then I took prospector vocation, started crafting and probably must crft my way up to lvl.22. Then – Rath teraig exploration, maybe even Slug slayer in Shire. Also, used reputation items: Kindred with Shire and Bree. Earned maybe 300 Lotro points and had much fun.

Xindra remains active to do some exploration, crafting and to be usefull on Yule encore. After all, all those tier 10 essences won’t fell from the sky, right?

And so, weekend was good (except poor vulnerable Champion in Mordor). Questing goes good, LP grind goes good – the sky is almost bright.

Except for Champion in Mordor.

Dailies, orcs, pages


Lord of the rings online

We have new freebie from store: OPENBOX gives one Black key. Hurry up…

Lucky for me, dailies were in Talath Urui: kill 20 salamanders or 4 drakes, then “investigate strange lights”. After that – Lhingris. Kill that, use traps…and then either reclaim one camp or kill Orcs in Brokencleft. Well, faced problems here, was killed, used mithril coins (!) to resurrect, killed another time. Had to go to for repairs and, angry, managed to complete.

Dailies and weekly were done. Went to Seregost and managed to locate last page of Agarnaith book. Another deed done, received meta-deed. Got many Allegiance items and will grind for even more.

Seregost run with kinnie: tier2 and tier1. Tier 2 was hard even at lvl.105, died few times. At the end, we were succesfull and I got Fragment of Abyss + Anfalas scroll. Tier 1 was easier, my nukes were nice, especially with the hordes of monsters…yet rewards were almost non-existent. Summa summarum – 2 ashable items (around 100 ash).

Opened box with freeby key – tome of snake, then some 200 ash. Today would open another.

The day has been efficient even if my mood is still grumpy. I am efficient, quests are done quickly and daily grind is not boring. I do feel good and efficient.

Weekly camps


Lord of the rings online

I was – and still am – in bad mood, so just grinded dailies. Dor Amarth and Udun were for dailies, so I went for Dor Amarth. Fushaum Tum – this time I was very luck to meet one group that just swept any opposition. Aided them where I could, guess my ranged AoE were of help. I had to solo very little, so soon Dor Amarth quests (5) were finished. In Udun I was lucky once again to meet one group.

I picked 2 quests in Agarnaith: kill one “the Ripper” Morroval and destroy banners. All in Seregost, strangely enough finding flags was the most difficult. Then – to Dor Amarth, pick 2 quests for Lhingris: kill Leeches (first, use Bubbling water), then kill 20 enemies.

My Weekly quest is almost done, Talath Ului remains at 3/5. I will finish it soon. Also, some other quests auto-completed, rewarding with Alliance relics. Good, will grind them to jet-level Naktieskarys with the last Alliance.

I do not miss World chat anymore. Yes, I enjoyed speaking on Sauron the Nice, but can freely joke within Kinship. This time I trolled a bit. While speaking on ashes (of Gorgoroth), I added – “Burn the Shire, get all ashes…”. Everyone knows my dislike towards evil Hobbitses.

And so the day has ended: tired, grumpy in real life and effective, promising in Lotro.

Mordor weekly:efficient


Lord of the rings online

Had little time to play and bad enough mood. Stormsong did Lhingris and Agarnaith deeds, everything I could solo. Things went easy, little competition and quests were quickluy done. Then teleported to Udun, took 1 quest – hurray, 5 Allegiance quests in Udun done. Rode to Dor Amarth, took Fushaum quests and managed to be killed only one – completion was succesfull.

My strategy paid of: this way I can finish weekly quickier than expected. Quicker quests – better life.

Today we have yet another maintenance. Geting tired from them, none seems to do anything good.

This morning (woke up at 3 A.M) – logged Xindra, finished intro and rode to Celondim. I must grind for more LPs: new Mirkwood would be released soon and I may need lots of solvents (700 points for 25).

Was strange to see chat without /World, /LFF, /Trade chats. But I miss nothing and nobody, ecxcept my own trolling.

And so the day has ended, effective one in Lotro.

Fun versus silence


Lord of the rings online

Daily quests were simple: Udun (my favourite) and Talath Urui. Daily expedition was in Udun, good one to hang shield, kill 12 enemies, take shield. Simple, nice, quick. Weekly quest was twisted one: finish 5 Alliance quests in each region. Ok, let’s think wise: start with Udun, take as much solo quests as possible, then do any others. Took some 3 quests in Udun and two (Fighting chance and temple of Gnash…) in Talath Urui. Well, Fighting chance should be easy, it’s about killing maybe 20 enemies.

Udun went good. Then had to go to that evil camp, kill Captains and named one. Initially things went a bit hard – I attacked monster, 2 camps went after me, was killed and chose to be revived. Ok, let us proceed better. Met one player, we fought our way forwards.

Orcish camp. We cooperated in killing Orcs, managed to kill everything needed. Then, group of players arrived, rushed into the camp and aggroed many monsters. A feast for Minstrel: stand from far, nuke ’em all. Alas, monsters went after me and I was killed. Soon one player revived me, I was able to leave that grumpy camp.

Now to Talath Urui, it’s simple after all. Well, not at all. Fighting chance was about killing enemies in local orc camp and destroying 8 barricades. I sneaked, killed when neccesarily, was killed few times and stuck one time. 6 barricades done, 2 left and no chance to get there, too many monsters. Asked in World chat once – silence. Asked in LFF – silence. Asked several times in World again – silence. One “wise” player responded” oh, it’s easy, take a pat in rocks and go to the top. Wise advice, when all camp is in the rocks and there are many top places. I got zero help, nobody on server cared. By accident found those barricades and left. Yes, I saw another player fighting, could help him, but if everyone ignores me, I may ignore others. Turned off /World, /LFF, /Trade. Don’t need them – and pity for those who need help.

Well, Weekly quest is challenging, but is doable within few days. Agarnaith should be easy, Lhingris – kind of, rest may be troublesome. I guess 3 days may be enough should situation be good.

And so the day has ended – a bit interesting, a bit grumpy, but anyway – promising in Lotro.