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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz and Stormsong turned in task items and completed “Annual festival has arrived!” quest to have additional xp.

NaktiesKarys did festival quests: fireworks (as much as I could), Sparking interest, lost letters…and tried one to deliver presents to NPCs in Combe.

Helped few people with instances, including one who still calls me LATVIA VILNIUS (well…Vilnius is in Lithuania and Latvia is not Lithuania).  This person asked about tier 2 lvl.50 Tuckoborough – I did it. Was a bit hard, many enemies, but still interesting.

I ran into one madness. Lvl.100 Guardian decided to duo Way of Smiths, designed for 12 players. I told him that my under-equipped toon is of almost zero help. “Let me show you”, our Tank replied. I agreed to enter this…what I though madness. He told I would “double DPS”)

Tank acted like any tank – he just ran into crowd, aggroing everything, telling me to arrive a bit later. I did what I could best: used all my AoE attacks. However, if I was attacked by any monster – it was almost a guaranteed death. And I died 3 times, my tank – never. That’s what being a good class, not Champion, mean.

Finally, we fought like monster, protected our NPC-Dwarf and I told I would “kill that lame NPC and my Herbalist”.

Anywya, victory was ours, I looted one lvl.100 second age symbol. There were 2 pieces of armour, suitable for Minstrels, not for Champions. And money, enough to cover repait expenses.

And so the day has ended – a bit crazy, but still interesting



Had two days, difficult in real life. Yesterday spent a difficult evening at  so-called “brain fights”. We had a game with questions of on sex, excrements, sex, vomiting, sex and more xxx content. Was arguing with team colleagues upon my decision to leave. Few hours of arguing just because I am not a big fan of proctologycal questions.

Lord of the rings online

Festival quests, many festival tokens. My offer for help (“Any low level player needs any help?”) met deaf eye, just joked with one player about Saruman. In fact, he was a goodd guy: developed industry, maintained peace with Rohan, introduced multi-cultural society, even sent 10.000 ambasadors to King Theoden. Yet he is bad, and some fat nosey hobbitses that ruined all of this are good…

Vytautaz and DunedanMule turned in task items, Vytautaz even travelled to Bree to gain some xp and gold.

In AH my Steel Keey ended with some 28,5 gold coins (started with 20). I offered some loot and worthless reputation items. If I get anything – good. If I fail – not bad, I lose only 5 copper frorm each. Now people are battling for some helmet (lvl.90).

I had 2 serious talks with kinnies. In private messages, of course. Talks about my hatred towards Big Failures Battles, Gondor and alike. I explain why eaxctly I hate. Yes, sometimes I exaggerate, I can do this and see problem bigger than problem actually is. However, I have only bad impressions from Big Battles. Side quests, light-speed reaction, any mistake equals to loss of Platinium. People keep telling me about some “stars of merit” when I have got none. Strange, I managed to participate in those Big ones…and yet no star. My kinnies frankly tell me they want (at least to try) to change my opinion. Then we are talking about lvl.100 armour. This is where I stand harder: it’s pure grind. Almost 20 days of pure grind in the name of grind. Or being in-game gold millionaire (which I am not). Or being not self-sufficient (which is not an option).

There are points kinnies are right, sometimes I may exaggerate problems. Right now I do not feel like I want to do Big Battles or return to Dol Amroth. Right now I want only one thing – to grind for Eorlingas ore, have only 60 bars of high-quality one (therefore 120 medium quality, therefore 240 low quality…and some 480 ore itself. ouch).

Talks were a bit hard, but they were sincere, with typical for us respect for another person. They want to help me, I want to understand them and myself. One day I would probably go for Big Battle, at least one (things just can’t get grumpier than they are, right?).

And so the day has ended with lots of arguing…but not so bad.

forging the sky


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No activity.

Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did traditional Festival quests, grinding tokens. Now I have more than 100 of them: in theory ready for next Festival (should be enough to purchase mount and mount cosmetic).

Aided kinnie: we did traditional combination of Tuckoborough and Sambrog. Things were very good, wew both knew the tactic, so – no problems. Well, untill he set up Tuckoborough (lvl.50) at tier 2. This is where I faced some problems: monsters hit harder, at the endfight I lost almost half health and was forced to call my Skirmish soldier (a healer) for aid. But after all, we were victorious.

World chat faced one senseless discussion about Grayhammer. He is know in Middle Earth for offering his hammer – for some fee. Someone started to argue, discussion erupted…and it was senseless. I see no evil in such “sellswords” (and let’s hope they do not offer such help in PvP).

Kinnie adviced to trie the new game. And this was


A new mmo in beta. According to what I heared – interesting classes, free to play, PvE. And yeah, player has to acghieve God status by recruiting NPCs. I thought – well, if these are real people, I will fail, I am not good at this.

Asked to participate in beta. Of course, things could speed up if I buy Founder’s pack (which I am not going to do). Will wait, then will see what the game offers. Lightbringer class sounds much much like Lotro’s Minstrel, my favourite.


And so the day has ended – a normal one in virtual world.



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Dragons Prophet

A new game that one kinnie reccomended…and very mxied impressions.

Customization – good one. From eye colour to ear angle or foot size – feel free to create anything. Not able to decide – no problem, there are some premade builds. Some costumes to choose from. I created, no doubt, women, all very sexualized (breasts size – always maximu, cleveage – always maximum etc). An unmercyfull army of sexy blondes, so to say…

Classes; four. Basically, standard trinity. Guardian, then archer and 2 magic casters.

Graphic: nicely done enviroment. done with love and care. Of course, there is some Asian influence, like adevertising with swords that are bigger than person.

Controls: almost none, almost no way to customise. The worst part of the game. Mouse is to look, WASD/keyboard arrows to move…F to talk (what a…? F to talk?). You can’t press with mouse na enemy or friend to look: please press “Escape” first. You can’t access in-game menus just with mouse: please press “Escape” first.
For fighting you do depend upon combos only. Forget large number of melee/ranged attacks: you will do standard one, then stabndard one, then see how standard changes to, say, combo1. Good for those who may enjoy simplyfied Warden…bad for all others.

You  could capture your own Dragon and I saw players riding ones – yet capturing is just a matter of swift reactions/internet connection and RNG. I did not manage to capture, so ended in killing dragons.

Restrictions for free players are minimum, I did not run into serious ones.

And no nuking classes. If you remember Lotro’s minstrel, forget it. Duel with lvl.2 opponent would be not easy, if you are lvl.25 or lvl.3. Not so many quests, but tons of quick spawning enemies. Little quests was a disappointment for me – both Istaria and Lotro have thousands of them. Dragon’s prophet has some known feastures too, like titles for achieving level/introduction and even daily quests.

I jumped in and out for few days. Wanted to play, was a bit angered with controls and not so many quests, but then I had nice enviroment (“flower monster” type errors does not count) – and almost dead chats, no Guild invitations, no access to World chat (for that, feel free to purchase World Meghaphone from the store). Game with little population, but with Dragons you  could ride. Looked like game had a little sign “Please stay there”.

I finally uninstalled. But yet I will miss nice enviroment and my army of mercyless sexualized blondes.


No activity.

Lord of the rings online

Basically – only festival quests: fireworks, envelopes and on dasy time – remind about fireworks festival. Also, helping random people with instances, mostly lvl.50s. This is where I can shine with nice shing-shings. Yesterday we had a Champion run – group consisted entirely from Champions.

Also, made a Legendary weapon for one Warden. it’s nice when you are needed. Nice when you can help others.

And so weekend has ended- an interesting one…though I still look for something to replace Lotro one day.

Terra, Lotro


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Did not log in. Reason – below.

Lord of the rings online

Festival. A bit grindy one and my NaktiesKarys does his best to grind for tokens. Not sure why, maybe just to have ones for next festival should I decide to buy mount and not waste my time.

Helped one player from my former Kinship, Dunedain of the North, to achieve level 40. Call it “power-levelling” or anything – but I enjoyed. it. We ran Sambrog, then Tuckoborough, then again Sambrog. My usual ritual: when entering Sambrog chamber, first use /mock emote on Sambrog. At level 43 he is a mockery. “My” player died only once, later I explained him two simple rules: 1) do not run ahead of me and let me deal with groups; 2) if any problem, run to me, not from me. He listened and I was able to be…efficient.


Downlod of 25 Gigabytes. Updating, installing, updating…finally, playign. Game done with much love, graphic is good, even anime look is not that bad.

Controls, they were just not for me, I got lost in them, I got almost beaten by lower lvl mobs. Sorry, Terra, you are really good mmo for those who manage your controls (not me though).

And so the day has ended: little impressions. Still looking for something to replace pay-to-win, hardcore mode Lotro (I can gues sthe only harder modern mmo is EVE). I felt unimpressed, lost, without my place in virtual world. Something needs to be done.

Just – what?

firework grind




Did not log in.

Lord of the rings online

Finally, have something to do, except chating with kinnies. I am buys qwith Anniversary festival. Making maximum 2 firework quests per local night and probably 4 quests per one day. Plus “catche envelope” and “spark interest into fireworks” quests.

I am grinding Anniversary tokens, to compensate some 67 spent for mount and caparison. Why am I doing this – do not know. I don’t need Anniversary tokens, this year mount is (kind of) ugly and I have all the maps, Probably grindign for tokens is the only activity left for me, the only thing I could do without depending on RNG or hard enemies.

This is where I have frank, yet sometimes- hard talk with kinnies. But one day each one would realise how really difficult and stressing everything after Gondor is. Some quests I would do (if servers were un-crashable) with hundreds or even thousand top-level, top-equipped players. Since Gondor, I no longer need any “oh look, shiny shiny, pretty pretty” equipment, because I have nowhere to use it. Kinnies suggest grinding for gold. Barrows could be used, though at very slow rate (1 run, 1 gold). Auction house, where I am experiencing instant failure, is not a real option: it is unpredictable, so eventually one may run into losses only. Kinnies suggets levle 80 Sambrog runs, yet I am afraid of it. i remember how dealing with lvl.50 wighs was not too easy, no “shing shing all dead”. Sometimes my health dropped near edge of risk.

And so the day has ended – without real inspiration, just a dull grinding.

Cobalt festivals




Naktieskarys was running and killing poor maggots (lvl.10-12) and Fiyakis (some lvl.12 or 13). Gathering crystals to level up my poor Mage…but crystal drop was low. I noticed I had almost same crystals dropped by lvl.1 maggots and from lvl.10 maggots. Would take many many hours to grind at least 100 of them.

Lucky for me, our plot in Falathien need more cobalt work, so I gladly ran there. At least, activity!

Lord of the rings online

There is a festival, Anniversary one. I would suggets calling it “Wellcome Pay to Win model festival”, but that’s just my thoughts.

Finally, have something to do in Lotro. Launching fireworks. Gathering evil letters. Informing Bree folks about festivals. Getting Anniversary tokens for that. I had some 67 from previous festivals, so used them to buy horse and caparison. Horse (“Woodlands?”) is just ugly. Rode once and twice…and forgot about it.

However, Festival means I ma finally busy with content that gives some rewards and does not depresses me much.  Kinnies offered to do Helegrod for “steel tokens”, I refused: Helegrod is just too long to do. Tried Sambrog, but greedy monsters almost did not drop tokens. Later I read wiki: oh my, tokens are bartered for “gift boxes”, i.e. trash boxes. Good news, I no longer need Steel tokens.

I am frankly talking with Kinship about which game should I choose, since I have lost my faith in Lotro and Turbine. I despise eternal RNG, extremely hard monsters that require almost hundred players to have a chance to win, I despise grind in the name of grind and I relaly hate pay to win model.

So far foflks were jokinh about Sims or counterstrike – but all I need is some soft fantasy game with PvE (PvP is not an option) woith no adult or anime themes. A game that would have easy mode. If I find such, I probably would gladly go there.


However, I have some job to do in Istaria and Lotro, which means for some time I have my mind occupied: a good thing in these days.

mages and weeds (online)




Hurry and hurry – that was going on. Decided to level up Mage, had to change armour to some that offers almost no protection. Use level 1 weapon, although Guild offered lvl.10. But this is me, eternal soloer wh owants to be self-sufficient. Then made another toolbar for Mage spells and went for lvl.66 Golems.

Fight was short: I did some 6 damage to monster, he made some 200, then it was melee fight, I did some 200 or even 400 damage…but my own health was running low, heals did not work, I had to retreat.

I was really in a fury. Multiclassing, the thing where Istaria shines, just went 100% wrong. And how am I expected to kill ebnemy with, say, 2000 hp, when my single spell does entrire 6 hp damage and other spells were avoided by mob? Folks told to hunt spiders, sicne golems are crush-resistent. Ok, but I still have six hp damage, spider or not.

Returned to cleric school, a bit angry. The only way to multiclass was to collect hundreds of crystals so that lvl.10 mage uses and grows a bit. Or grind trophies for level 10.

Or await some very very kind person that would power-level me.

Yes, I hurried too much, maybe I should have at least tried spiders. But…now I am cleric again and quite happy.

Lord of the rings online

Was doing Great Barrows with one lvl.22 kinnie…and one lvbl.100 Champion. Oh my, it was just a slaughter, poor Sambrog was killed with two attacks.

Rest time it was chating in World chat. It started about weeds and then i interfered with things like – “Well, Gandalf and Radagast smoke too much weed and we have world divided and war”. Later we went to disucss how Ents were smoking weed, then saw – smoke from Orthanc and decided to destroy opposing gang. Sauron, of course, smoke so much weed that he imagined he had no body, only one big eye. Saruman smoked much weed too – much enough to see a non-existent “army of 10.000 Uruks” when, in fact, there were none.

And no doubt, hobbits who smoked weed (confirmed officially even in Lotro) and, were eager to destroy a smokey mountain of Sauron and weed factories of Saruman. But whethter this war existed in their weed-full minds or in reality – no one knows…

We talked, we laughed, some other players from chart joined this conversation, ending with “advertising” of weeds from Hobbits. To which I responded – “Buy quality, buy Saurons ™ weed! Call 1-800-NAZGUL”. Once again, short chat about hobbit/Sauron weeds…

And so the day has ended. Little inspirations, too much hurry and sometimes over-exagerrations from my side. Today istaria would be on maintenance, so I would have to play Lotro.

300 euros to play Lotro




Been a bit busy, aiding plots…and then suddenly getting lost. Too many things to do and no giant task to keep me occupied all the time. Talked, roleplayed, asked for advice. One kind person from Guild adviced to level up Mage from current level 10 to some lvl.16 and then start Paladin.

To do that I relaly would need power-levelling. And this is what i could not get. A pity.

Lord of the rings online

I was calculating simple things on the “imbue” system. If level 25–40 costs some 3000 mithril coins, then it is some 25.000 Turbine points. At current sale one could buy 26.000 TPs for only 149,99 euros. Since almost every class has two legendary items, to imbue them and actually play with their full power one needs simply 300 euros.

It’s not to mention tons of LI experience runes, scrolls of empowerent, crystals. Every item that enhances combat abilities is on store. If you need – feel free to buy things that, for example, almost never drop.

Wait wait, you can grind!– one would object. Correct. For one Legendary item one needs 25.000 TP. Let us guess, one earns 1000 TP each day (that’s 10 toons non-stop, without playing anything valuable or having fun in real life). Then, player needs 25 days of perpetual grind. But let us say, he manages to get 5000 TPs from extras: oh, only 20 days. Sicne we have 2 legendary items – it’s almost 1,5 months of grind.

Lotro is now officially not only pay to win, but a worthy competitor to any Asian grindfest. A game that I am losing faith into.

I keep logging, keep asking if any lower level player needs help (and rarely getting positive answer). i keep aiding kinnies and random people with instances or skirmishes. But I do understand that almost all “end-game” content is locked for me now. Locked, because no one could beat RNG 9a war without victory). Locked behind Great Wall of Super Grind.

Wait wait, Turbine announced they would lower prices!

No, they won’t. It’s Turbine that denounces truth even now. Why person who denies ruth could be trustworthy? Oh, and by the way: on mmorpg.com almost everyone reacts negatively or purely mentions facts that legendary system overhaul was, in fact, needed after Moria. Now, it’s too little, too late.

I do not believe in Turbine. I almost don’t believe in Lotro and I really don’t know what to do next. If I do not start making something in Istaria, I would have to look for something to replace p2w Lotro.

And so grumpy day has ended: just a grey, grumpy day.

Lotro again




Was once again lost with so many jobs there. So much to do, so little time, so manyu runnings forwards-backwards. Two Guild plots. One Guild member plot. One big plot with many floorings. One plot that owner almost does not touch, but still needs some job.

So many schools to finish, at least get my Weaver to lvl.100 from existing lvl.67.

Result – almost nothing done, exept adding some Sandstone and Mithril to big plot with much flooring.

Lord of the rings online

Stormsong and Vytautaz turned in task items (Stormsong ran out of them). NaktiesKarys chated, sometimes about bloothirsty “romantic”, but this is my “last romantic person in Middle Earth”…

Finally finishes one very hard deed – Roots of Fangorn challenge. We got a good company with powerfull tanks…and yet wipe after wipe. My Champion was totally hopeless – no DPS, no survivability, nothing, except nice shing-shings. And shing-shings were needed, since we always ran into groups of monsters. After third defeat, I told group I was leaving after next one. Well, I got killed soon, but at least cursed challenge was completed. Now, all deeds in Limlight Gorge are done.

Next – attacked Sambrog with one kinnie, lvl.46 run was pretty one, once again I got illusion of being powerfull. Of course, we joked about poor Sambrog being tortured, stomped and alike.

Also ran few instances with one lvl.26 player.She was a Minstrel, impressed with how I dealt with mobs. I explained her that at level 100 her Minstrel will make it twice effective as any lvl.100 Champion.

And so, the day has ended and I felt happy in virtual world.


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