Yules, eagles, Anfalas


Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active: done Featured instance (same bad parents – Eagles) with our chat celebrity – Ornessar. He is very interesting Guardian. Running ahead, gathering all monsters and then making some party. Won’t be problem should he have Minstrel/Champion for some AoE…but he had not. I tried to do all AoE I could…but our Ornessar died at least one time each run, each time murmuring: plz remind me to use healing skills… Overall, runs were succesfull and I have maxed my LI legacies. Now all I have to do is to apply 2 Anfalas crystals of remembrance and grind for another 52 Anfalas scrolls.

Yule festival was succesfull: got 10 tokens as present, then did all the quests. Result – bartered Anfalas starlit crystal. Now I lack only few…and most likely won’t be able to barter another one: Yule Encore ends at 23 February.

All other toon were inactive. After Yule, I would have some time for them…also for leveling up Cook/Farmer.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Once again, little time to play, real life intervenes. Featured instance is Iobars Peak – a 3-man one. It is quick and quite nice, only challenge may be bit tricky. So, Stormsong ran it, looted some 4 Anfalas scrolls.

Vytautaz had too little time for Featured instance. Just went to Yule, did all quests and now has ~90 tokens. So, today I will get one more Anfalas starlit crystal. Yule quests goes good, only lag sometimes prevents effective play. Most likely I won’t make it to another Starlit crystal. Make one huuuuge Inn association run?
My LI is almost complete, then would probably unlock additional 2 legacies…and grind for more Anfalas scrolls.

Thinking about creating LP grinder. The more I play the more I want to retry Runekeeper, this Sith lord with lightining and soloing almost every instance (along with Warden). Maybe will try it one day.

Yule-II ends soon, so I would return to Featured instances and Cook/Farmer levelling. It requires time and I have enough of it.  Overall, I am satisfied with activities I have.  Future: Cook levelling, grinding Anfala crystals for Naktieskarys.

And so the day has ended, quite effective and busy in Lotro.

Ostgiliath and farms


Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys has finished Ostgiliath, now moved to Minas Tirith. Gosh, it was really terrible experience. Everything lags, you can’t use warsteed, quests are over-boring. I take no care in quest text. Go, speak with NPC – ok. Go, there, talk to bunch of NPCs – done, but I do not ready why and what. I know it’s a long chain before I leave laggy Minas Tirith. Rewards are non-existent, trash essences and trash equipment.

Stormsong does every single daily, mostly – efficiently. Northcotton farm is perfect for ranged AoEs. Rewards are quite nice, many Anfalas scrolls, so that Vytautaz needs only 9 more scrolls, then his LI is finished. Stormsong also provided Vytautaz with some Farmer stuff.

Vytautaz did some crafting, then – featured instances. Single target champion is harder, ranged classes usually do all the job before you run to them.

Yule quests are going good, I am on a halfway to another Anfalas crystal on Vytautaz. Lack of time does not help much, so Naktieskarys did not do anything except few boring quests in Minas Tirith.

And do weekend has ended – quite good with many things to do in Lotro.

Anfalas scrolls farming



Lord of the rings online

It was a holiday in Lithuania. We are celebrating February 16 – at that day, 1918, our Independence was proclaimed. Lithuania became free, democratic country untill 1940.

We have Yule Encore or, as I call it, a Yule-II.  Vytautaz farmed tokens and redeemed first Anfalas starlit crystal. Naktieskarys started crystal grind too (one day he would need some 19 of them). Stormsong just ignored festival.

Featured instances: one day I ran them on all toons: Stormsong, Naktieskarys, Vytautaz. Best results were from Stormsong, it’s almost her instance: much of ranged AoE possibilities, self-heals are needed and final boss is mostly ranged only. Naktieskarys performed a bit worse (but hey, when you have Runekeeper-Sith lord, every other class is outperformed by Sith), Vytautaz maybe the worst. However, results were many Anfalas scrolls of empowerement, one Ithilien essence box and some crafting materials. Vytautaz now has one legacy almost maxed.

Naktieskarys entered Ostgiliath, received Crystal of remembrance and continues questing. It seems I would have to do all epic, including Minas Tirith runnings forwards and backwards. I am receiving essences, but these are so unimportant…

Naktieskarys is really under-equipped, but I have no will for flower armour grind. What I have will for, is farming Anorien skarn (only to advance Weaponsmith a bit later).

Stormsong managed to aid one player with Annumimas: I nuked stuff, my friend managed to reach something. Then we easily killed one named monster.

My days in Lotro are now busy and I am satisfied of it. I am self-efficient, I am capable of helping others and even reputation with the Cook guild is growing good. Things are just nice in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Valentine’s day – half day in my job, rest time with my girlfriend. No time for Lotro – sorry, it’s about feelings and romance, not about killing those greenish spiders.

I was thinking about today: Yule-II starts, so my day would constist of: running Yule with Vytautaz; running Featured instances with Vytautaz (2 runs); crafting with Vytautaz. Then – Yule with Stormsong, Featured instances with Stormsong. Finally, Yule with NaktiesKarys. Plenty of job and I am satisfied with it.

At least today would have many things to do.

Farm days


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong stormed Featured Instance. This week it is Northcotton Farm, 3-man instance. I ran it with 2 ranged players. The run was really great: we had superb ranged dps, we nuked everything, we had self heals and no problems. Just ran, killed and looted. A real joy for ranged nukers like Minstrels…and kind of good for shing-shing Champions. Loot was – some Anfalas scrolls, 1 crafting ingredient and essence.
I have finally maxed LI legacies on Stormsong and finished one legacy on Vytautaz. Now some 58 scrolls to go, but that’s doable if I do 4 runs a day.

Vytautaz crafted Cook reputation items, using items from vault and occasionally buying some. I am starting to think what to do after I have maxed Cook and Farmer. I would leave only crafted ingredients, deleting all seeds, waters, fertilizers, vendor stuff. Before that – yes, make full stacks of everything so that I won’t run out of items. And then – just craft reputation items for essence crafting.

As usually, Vytautaz turned in task items, grinding a way to Kindred with Pelagir.

So far, things are going really good in Lotro. I do not complain that I have -sometimes- too much activity. Run Featured instance, grow up Farmer, grow up Cook, then run Featured instance, then craft Cook reputation items, then help other players…I would complain if there is nothing to do.

And we have Yule-II soon. Hope I would be able to add 1 more Anfalas starlit crystal to my legendary weapon.

So, everything is going well in Lotro. Life is nice once again.

Effective runs


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong wa active. Haud Valandil is an instance for ranged units only. Stand, lure, nuke, run and repeat. Loot was quite nice, Stormsong’s last legacy is close to completion (lvl.59).
Managed to help few players: to power-level somebody’s alt and do some instance in Garth Agarwen for another.

Vytautaz did some Featured instances, looted Anfalas scrolls and growed up his LI. Also, did many crafting: once again, field after field, harvesting after harvesting. Was making strategic supplies so that some ingredienss won’t bother me again. It requires dedication, but once again – I enjoy being self efficient.

Yule-II (for one week) is near. Vytautaz with his 68 Yule tokens would need a lot of other tokens to get 1 Anfalas crystal. Naktieskarys would need them too. Maybe even Stormsong (extra Anfalas never hurts, right?).

My game time in Lotro is quite good. I craft, I fight (and pray for instance where melee toons are needed), I grow my reputation with various factions and freeing some vault/inventory space.

And so weekend has ended, it was really good in Lotro.

Spectral champions and turnips


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Featured instance run, everything went really good. Before that, had some talk in LFF, someone told me in Haud Valandil everey group would expect Minstrel to  heal. Every time or just when the cursed bridge starts?  However, our runs were nice, loot was good and challenge was completed.

Vytautas did some farming. Things goes really slow: plant one stuff (cherry/turnip…), harvest, then repeat untill you are out of patience, craft Cook stuff that gives 2 xp only. I am running low on some ingredients, so would have to re-craft. And reputation grow is still slow.

Vytautaz also ran Featured instance, but thigns were wrong there. Mostly melee group, we had to avoid as many Limfarns as possible, yet some “gave” us Spectral champions. last fight was a nightmare, too slow and ineffective. Challenge failed. Yet – some Anfalas scrolls and 1 valuable Solvent.

January 14-21 we would have Yule fest again, I probably would have an option to grind for Anfalas crystals. At least Naktieskarys should be able to do so.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro. Looking forward for more activity, especially in Yule.

a short day


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active: felt really tired, so had time only for featured instance

And it ran good. Group was in a hurry, so 2 times they let Limfarns too close and had to deal with spawned monsters. The very situation I sometimes want tos cream: dear fellows, please do not hurry and let me deal with limfarns! I will nuke them, you could pass freely. But group was in a hurry. Final fight was kind of easy (just too bad I have too little time to retrait/reskill). Loot – 4 Anfalas scrolls, 2 ingredients (gems) and 2 major tier 8 essences.

Stormsong’s Legendary weapon’s last legacy is now close to completion. After then, Vytautaz could be supplied with scrolls.

I enjoy my days in Lotro. They are full of activity, be it Featured instances or crafting or just helping others. Ithilien flowers, essence crafting – are just “no-no” for the time. Sorry, no will for senseless grind. This aside, I am quite happy with Lotro.

Screams and farms


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only to do Featured Instance and quite selfishly take all Anfalas scrolls to herself. Result – my last legacy increased , some 17 scrolls remain.

Vytautaz did not do Featured instance: champion has little to do. Early stages – yes, AoE monsters…later only as little damage as possible because monsters reflect. Then – some AoE again. And never get close to those Limfarns that wander around!

No fighting – well, then let’s craft. I spend almost all time seeding various stuff, harvesting and finally finishing my Westfold cook to full mastery. Now – just few tier remain to grind. This is where Stormsong and Vytautaz could cooperate: both are Farmers. Vytautaz also started to use special items that increase chances of critical success in crafting: inventoruy space is really valuable.

Update is already visible: we have global LFF chanell, so all “looking for instance” are there. So far not easy to cope with this.

And so the day has ended. So far it has been good in Lotro.