Lord of the rings online

My favourite Lotro is offline, the only connection I have is an unsecure one.

Weekend: almost good. One skirmish raid, very lame loot (sold even tier 5 settings). Helped some people too.

Sambrog run, level 100, I tried my new strategy: wait untill we kill Sambrog, then quickly left fellowship. Thought that I won’t see loot and won’t be nervous. I was wrong, I saw loot. Fortunately for me, no Anfalas crystals and I declined every single piece of loot. I just do not need this trash worth some 20-50 silver coins maximum. Should I need such highly valuable loot – bears/orcs near Bree drop something more valuable.

We had discount on quest packs and new character slots, yet I do not need any of them. Quest packs? Sure, if any Gondor is for some 50 Turbine points. If it’s more, then it should have many factions to gain Kindred with. Any price higher than that – is pure science fiction.

Of course, kinnies are asking me to join new content. I can’t and I won’t be able as long as Gondors are hardcore (as they obvious are now).

That end my blog for today. Tomorrow – yet another PC repairs, reinstalling system, then installing various needed stuff, including Lotro and Istaria clients.

Personal life lies in ruins. Even in Lotro I can’t find anything meaningfull to do. Do daily training:yeap. Turn in task items: yeap. Grind scholar materials if they come:yeap. Then, there is pure waiting:maybe someone would ask for help or low level Sambrog would be organized. And of course, me being mocked by RNG. Whatever happens, I would one left aside. Always aside.

Supreme trash


Lord of the rings online

Daily training, turning in task items (thanks to God I will run out of them soon). Then – looking for something to do.

Pelagir. 6-man run. My Minstrel was kind of effective there, placing traps, using AoE nukes and enjoying Damage-over-time spell. Things were going relaly nice, we had a good team.

Then it came to the loot and I watched what others would get. Wow, loot is nice – First age symbol, universal solvent, some rare and very expensive Supreme essences. I equipped “lucky” horseshoe and…
…and got trash. Supreme essence that is worth 13 silver at vendor and some 5 silver at AH (one player told that). Earring that I have no use of. And tome of Will XI while I do not have tome of Will I.

Pure trash. Always others, who get all the normal loot – and never me. A pity, Pelagir does not have “chest mechanic” of Sambrog – then it would be easier for me to live. I would just quit before loot distribution starts (because it is obvious I won’t get anything valuable). For such “loot” I’d better go to hunt lvl.9 spiders and get 13 silver quickier.

Promised “weekly quests” are there, every single week new one and sos for a year. Of course, new currency, some “hats”. Some cosmetic items I am not very fond of. Very little feedback on these. My first impressions – due to a really long time, probbaly not worthy of doing. If I am to invest that much time, I need rewards higher than cosmetics.

At the end of the day – one run with a kinnie in Evendim. Salamander slayer, then Giant slayer, finally Gauredain slayer. With accelerator (and some of my aid) – kinnie was able to finish deeds and I looted much valuable Scholar items.

And so the day has ended in Lotro.

Update 16.2


Lord of the rings online

We have Update 16.2. Paying customers have access to new PvP map. All players can now equip cosmetic weapons. Some changes in PvP which does not bother me.  Roving Threats added to 3 regions, also some stuff at RT barterer made cheapier.

We also have Summer festival that is mostly about fishing. yet another wasted festival I won’t take part into. New “weekly quests” are on – it’s easy to predict they will be RNG and hard, i.e. once again – not for me. But this is quite natural, I do not like extremely hard or extremely grindy things.

Perhabs the only usefull thing are cheapier Anfalas scrolls of empowerent, yet  one needs to kill many many Roving threats to barter one scroll.

Talked to kinnies about imbue and that for one weapon player may need some 4500 gold: ~1500 gold – crystal of remembrance and if Anfalas crystal is only 500 gold – then 6*500 –>3000 gold for Anfalas crystals. That’s for freakin’ one weapon. Since any player has 2 of them – it’s almost 10.000 gold. And I counted Anfalas crystal at the cheapiest price – normally they sell for 700-750 gold and higher.

Ranted about imbuement too, like “no one knows what “imbue” is, some say it’s about space and time, some say it’s about life and experience, others guess “imbue” does not exist”…

Managed to aid others, mostly in Angmar’s fellowship quests, like killing dragons, named goblins and so on. Saw one Roving Threat with 1 million hp – attacking would mean suicide. Also, ran with few players in lvl.70s instances – it was cool too. Finally, at the very end of the day – ran through Tuckoborough with one kinnie, just  for fun (Tucko never ever drops anything). I was running from instance to instance, sometimes lacking time to aid others. And it was really nice. I was usefull, I was of some aid to others.

And so the day has ended – quite nice one in Lotro.

just Lotro


Lord of the rings online

Daily routine (Dol Amroth, task items) with Stormsong, then task items with Naktieskarys (yay, Kindred with Pelagir)…

and then maintenance. It was finished much quicker than expected.  We have Update 16.2, which i will discuss tomorrow.

Real life is just bad, PC lags, personal life is almost in ruins. Even in Lotro I have nothing to do. Daily grind done, then I could just stand and chat.

angry days


Lord of the rings online

My PC’s hard disk is failing, sometimes PC turns in after 20-30 minutes, sometimes it does not work at all. Third data backup within 2 months. 1,5 days without everything (and you cannt play Lotro from your Symbian smartphone).

Grumpy days, internet and Lotro mean too much for me.

While I was online -same routine (Dol Amroth, task items). Yesterday reached Kindred with Pelagir, so tens of task items became almost obsolete. Transferred some to Naktieskarys, he is still not kindred.

Had almost nothing to do. Sometimes was able to help others. Went to North Downs and helped kill one named mob, then helped another player to get safely out of there. Took part in some runs.

Argued with one kinnie and felt really angry. But was it because my PC’s faults made me angry or…? No idea.

Weird days, let’s hope I will be able to recover my PC.

greed and deaths


Lord of the rings online

Daily training, task items turning in – all the fun starts and ends there for Stormsong.

TP grinding toon continued her adventures, being accidentaly killed. A most interesting thing, I have to admit: being killed by some group of 3 higher lvl monsters. Bye-bye, title, but anyway, who cares? I was having real fun with killing enemies in Barrows, using all accelerators I had.

At the end – I have 3000 Turbine points and remaining 3,5 gold are sent to DunedanMule, proud Mistress of “The Grumpy Kin”. After all, she will need all the gold 3 months later.

End of day: helped one kinnie to farm marks in Tuckoborough and Sambrog. We tried lvl.38, tier 2. We tried tier 3 at this level, but loot did not increase in quality. Once I forgot to set 38 and entered…lvl.100 tier 3. Result:first groyup of goblins nuked, then one goblin and one Lieutnant killed me. A pity. But it proves tier 3 at lvl.100 can be duoed.

And so another grey day in Lotro has ended.



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong turned in task items (these seem to be never-ending), did training in Dol Amroth. Then I had almost nothing to do.

The end of the day was a bit better. Helped one perosn with lvl.48 Sambrog. Then School. Then library. Tried to aid kinnie with evil spiders of Taradan barrow. We hunted, hunt was nice (I got a key!), but kinnie was disconnected. The helped another kinnie – he was hunting some low level status tomes, so we did Sambrog and Tuckoborough in turns.

Unfortunately, Sambrog was grumpy and greedy – no nice item ever showed up, only silver bounties. Well, at lvl. 30s I do not expect crystals to drop, but still some low level item could be an option.

And the day has ended.

to-do list, if any


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: daily training in Dol Amroth; turning in task items; chating in World chat and Kin chat. Discussing how many Anfalas scrolls could I afford (still lack ~20 of them). Trolling a bit in World chat about “flourishing civilization of Mordor” that has art (statues in Angmar), heraldry (flags of White hand), military strategy, sports (warg riding). One person even took it for serious…

Asked if any low level player needed help: only one and the same wanted to be power-levelled. No, thanks, at any lvl you have quests, dailies, deeds.

TP grinder toon had fun, even in swamps near Staddle (sickle-fly slayer advanced – finished!). Now up to use deed/xp accelerators and finish everything. Then, sell anything, sent money to DunedanMule…and start another Tp grinder.

My life in Lotro so far seems to be dull. I almost have to-do list consisting of 2 things: task items and dailies. Then, I have nothing more to do. Random chats, random help (if any). Almost all deeds done. The only thing left is to make some killings to get Scholar materials.

Life in Lotro, grey (without 50 shades) and a bit boring.

Great Leader, bad luck



Lord of the rings online

The Grumpy Kinship got a privilege of the Message of the Day. Well, now it sounds – “Long live the Great Leader!” (i.e. me). And my toon’s title is – Mistress. Yes. 50 shades of something… I have to wait for 3 months and then – hurray, Kinship house to store stuff. Already now every TP grinding toon sents money to DunedanMule. Some 5 more toons – and money for house is collected.

Stormsong meanwhile had some back luck and was nervous. Firtst, lootboxes, once again trash in them. Second – lvl.100 instances. The latest ones were really bad in terms of loot. Yes, I get “valuable” Li settings and gold. In one skirmish raid everyone got 7 scraps of gold and only I got 4. Then there were 3 crystals – of course, not for me. Then Pelagir run, some nice horse + essence. I got very highly valuable essence…one of incoming healing. One that no one buys for some 300 silver.

RNG is totally against me. Same old rule – “if there is something of any value, I won’t get it”. Sometimes I am succesfull in lower level instances: for example, did lvl.92 or lvl.50 one and got Relic removal scroll. And this situation really foils my life. RNG is bad enough for online game, bjut when it is programmed not to allow somebody to win, it is the worst thing ever. All that is left for me are Pelagir (only because of merit stars) and Sambrog (with one condition for lvl.100; and no stars of merit).

Meanwhile was helping some people: crafted weapon for one, ran some quests in Angmar with another, raided School-Library-Sambrog with third. Power-levelled another, but he disconnected and I had to go to sleep. Adviced returning player on crafting, thus feeling being someone experienced (well…NOT about virtues and essences, these are too confusing). I like to help people if I can, though started to avoid power-levelling: there are daily quests, there are deeds and no need to be power-levelled.

So my life in Lotro becomes just a routine of few actions: turn in reputation items – do Dol Amroth training – ask in world chat if any low level player needs help – if no one needs, log in TP grinding toon. Too little fun left, most things are just grey.

Not so optimistic weekend with Lotro, have to admit.


Saw pretty screenshots on Well, why noit re-join? Asked in forums about pvp. Still no answer. Google search is not optimistic:almost totall pvp:open a rift, get to opposing fraction and go for a kill. Is this true?

Grumpy Kin


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong; daily training in Dol Amroth, same Swan knights, same 7 golden tokens and some Swan knight tokens. Turning in task items to reach Kindred with Pelagir. Then – farming lower lvl areas for Scholar items. Vault is almost exploding, yet I have to grind.

At night – using all deed accelerators to finally end one deed. “Song of Aid” , a sadistic feature. If you are not yellow tree Minstrel – feel free to switch, reach the very end of this and then perform 400 times. Not to worry, cooldown is “only” 2 minutes and you can do maximum 40 songs per day. But finally this nightmare is finished.

Ran one Sambrog, lvl.50. Quite interestng run, no thoughts about Anfalas crystals: since they do not drop, I have nothing to care about. Less care, happier life.

DunedanMule created a new Kinship. It’s called “Grumpy Kin”. Now have to wait for some 3 months and purchase a Kin house to store stuff. It won’t be too hard: if every Tp grinding toon gives 3 gold, I need some 4 toons for house purchase. Then – 1 gold for month (once again, 1 toohn enough to provide funds for 3 months).

And so the day has ended – quite interesting in Lotro.


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