two days of fun



While real life goes not so good – life in Istaria is going pretty well. I am working for our Guild plot in Falathien. Yesterday managed to solo 600 cobalt jointings and 250 sheetings. That’s really many runs, but at the end, I managed to add all cobalt to 3 storage silos. There is still job to do – I will manage it.

Helped one high-levelled friend. He was hunting Yew treants and Oastics, all lvl.70s. Treants are not too bad, unless you run into Enraged one. Oastics are. They have good attacks and they self-heal (well, like treants). I worked as cover-up for my Elemental Archer and as healer (we, Clerics, are good healers). “Inviting” enemy, then doing all damage I can, self-healing and healing friend. One time, while i fought 2 or 3 oastics, I died and was too in a hurry to recall. But I returned and we continued our fight. At least friend did not die – I was hurt heavily.

It was fun, i was in combat and kind of usefull. Of course, my perfomance is to be discussed, but healings were good.

As usually, we chatted, joked in Guild chat. Starting from my “peacefull” approach about golems, ending with problems sin some Guilds. When i told I felt lazy, people were really surprised: “Nak is lazy? huuh?”. Looks like I am of some use to others there.

Lord  of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was happy enough to help one player to kill Bogbereth – an overgown spider in grumpy Angmar. I instructed lvl.40s Champion and Hunter: if problems, run to me, not from me; allow me to get crowds, because I am AoE champion. We hunted spiderlings, then one bigger spider came and finally – Miss Bogbereth herself. it was time for my attacks, shings-shings, our archer did some damage. Champion suffered some damage (maybe 50% health), but at the end we were victorious.

Later helped one lvl.20 to run The Maze. There were him (lvl.20s), one Minstrel (lvl.70s) and me. Minstrel was more than enough, but at least we had some fun. I sold loot and even posted lame lootbox on the auction. To my surprise, someone paid 500 silver for lame, useless thing. Good for me, it’s upkeep for my house – entire 3 weeks.


And so two days were over. I was satisfied, happy and feeling useufull. Life was really good in istaria, even in Lotro.

moments of truth



My endgame looks much like a war planning. Writing down, calculating, then marking what is done and how much is left. Sheets of paper on the table with things like “marble keys 150 150″. then strikethrough, “50 150″…and alike.

I enjoy crafting, enjoy aiding others and especially – enjoy structures appear and serve someone (or community).

Yesterday was a marble day. I waas running, killing Marble golems, harvesting marble untill there was no mkore space, then making marble bricks untill I had no more space…and with ~2000 bricks running to vault. Made several runs this way, got ~8000 bricks. it allowed co construct 500 marble blocks and I could make 34 marble keystones.

I thought before adding: did i calculate everything right? What if I needed some 100 blocks more?  Buit moment of grinding truth was a good one – my calculations were precise, now 2 “my” silos will soon be finished. One more crafting, 5320 bricks – and job is done.

Then there would be rest, like crafting cobalt or maple or mithril. Or aiding lower-lvl plots with easier materials.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in, received and destroyed Hobbits present. Chatted a bit. Logged off.


And so the dya has ended – I felt satisfied with my own will to grind. The days are bright in Istaria 9at loeast for my main, not clone…)

Istaria:legal clones



NaktiesKarys has a vault exploding from various stuff. Components for crafting (hutning evil Grulets 100 times untill you get something from them). Trophy tokens (as Lotro’s task items). Crafting formulas I can’t use yet. Armour. jewellery.

After asking Istaria support if it was legal – created a new clone. of course, woman, big and, as they say, BBW. My gosh, life started to be difficult at once. Go and fight 3 grulets – ok, grulet should be no problem. Well, it was for my lvl.3 toon with some second-handed equipment. Had to run from beetles several times. Controls, as I am accustomed to, does not work, but graphic is really improved.

After finishing Spirit isle, went to New Trismus. I k new where to go to, I knew there are new quests- so let’s try. First encounter with skeletons meant disaster: skeletons followed me even through barricades, I was killed and in a bid bad mood. Of course, I probably could ask for help – there was almost a meeting of lvl.100 Dragons – but I did not want to. Guild offered heelp immediately, but I am soloer and will try to solo. After some tries I succeeded, but whole atmosphere in New Trismus was not too encouraging. Everything is ruined, NPCs do nothing to protect town, my skills are inferior to monster’s and I lack money for refurbished equipment.

Money does not rain from heaven, like in Lotro: every single copper is hard to get, too easy to spent. Unless you have an alt – expert in all schools, it could mean too much grind.

After some time I went to Guild House, took some 70 tokens, then logged off, deposited more stuff, logged clone…and so untill some un-needed stuff was transferred. Now my vault has not 3, but some 50 more item space.

Memanwhile, my main toon switched from Tinkerer to Mason: mithril became uneffective to craft and deconstruct. I started to harvest obsidian for our Guild plot. Need to do many manay things quickly if I am to be of any help.

Lord of the rings online

Nothing happened, as usual. Kinship doing raids, suggesting I start ‘improving’ my playstyle, but there is no reason to improve: i am not going to fight in territories higher than lvl.90. Untill then, my skills are more than enough.


And so the wekeend has ended. Experience with clone in Istaria is interesting, although a bit difficult. But life is good after all in Istaria.

mithril tinkering



Crafting, running for obsidian once again. I was a bit ashamed that I rushed into other plots and abandoned Guild one. So – run for obsidian. One run – 92 keystones, second run – some 90. That was more than enough to add (needed some 174) to 2 silos.

I thought about cargo armour – and the only I had was with +Lumbering, i..e not suitable. But wait, there is Cargo armour! And sicne I have armourer…However, Armourer does not do this. Tinkerer does and my Tinkerer was too low – level 31 instead of 46-50.

All crafting aside, switched to Tinkerer and started mithril runs. Run,. harvest, deposit to vault, later use some 3000-4000 mithril bars to construct and deconstruct tools. This way reached level 42.

It was just one, but big mistake:mining cobalt and constructing-deconstructing Cobalt tools. Gained almost no xp and wasted much time. As a “repayment” – crafted some Cobalt jointings and added to one silo. At least some use from me.

We chatted in Guild chat, joked, even about Lotro world (“What would Gendalf say?” – asked one player; myu answer – “Evil Gendalf would say -where there is a whip, there is way”) or me (I: “Going to sleep. Pray i do not dream about cobalt and mithril…”), discussed buildings. My uneasy feelings about need to help few plots at the same time…and actual ability yo aid only one.

Lord of the rings online

As usually, nothing. Log in, receive low-value Hobbit gift, talk a bit, check almost worthless World chat (the only interesting thing is that some players do Roving Threads), log off.

And so the day has ended – good in Istaria; levels growing up quickly once again.

runs and grumps



Once again – crafting. One player is building a plot with storage facilities for his own use. Somehow he managed to get so many things they overflood his vault by some 150%. He has built about 10 silos, now Guildhouse and 2 houses are on the move. One house is finished. I started with Guildhouse. Took granite, because it was fast and soon another player volunteered to aid with granite. OK, I chose keystones, he chose blocks. Soon I was finished with my part. Then, went to grind oak:  270 braces and 270 timbers. Somehow I calculated only 170…and had to make an additional run. Finally, did a bit of steel. My part was done.

Mining steel is a problem for me. There are public silos, expert structures…and no vault nearby. One is hidden so well I am not able to find entrance for almost a year. Another is very far from road. This makes my crafting half-effective.

We also talked about New Trismus and found it may be too difficult for new players. Too risky strategy for little game. Also, took some adult talk about bdsm and this related things.

Lord of the rings online

As always – nothing to do. Log in, take Hobbit present, read mail, talk in chat, ask in vain if anyone needs help, log off. This time- Kin mail. Roving threads, already too powerfull, were over-powered once more. I wish developers create lvl.40 toon and then try to fight with the best non-legendary, non-reputation equipment. Interesting, how many seconds would they last versus nemesis type lvl.100 monster?

Talked a bit in a World chat. Someone was asking for sturdy keys, i had some 12…and no will to give away at least one. Whyam I preserving these? No idea. i do not fight, hence I do not get any lootbox, but I do not need in-game gold for these too. Also, met once super-optimistic person talking like “nothing could outperform Lotro for me”. Oh, you just wait for some 5 years, when Lotro will become extreme hardcore, pay-to-win – then that person would change his/her mind.

And so the day has ended, grumpy in real world, almost optimistic in Istaria.

old friends




once again was on maintenance. Somehow they manage to maintain 2 servers for at least 4 hours. One server reported to have hardware issues, other – unclear. I made some “y-tree” (yew tree) job…and no play for rets of the day.

Lord of the rings online

Most of time had nothing to do. Then, one lvl.45 player asked for help in Angmar. i volunteered, one lvl.100 Loremaster came too. Of course, my tiny lousy champion (most useless class ever) was no match for ranged attacks of Loremaster and his pet. One Dragon and horde of his pets were killed quickly, then we farmed another location.

Loremaster was player I knew from Edhel-Annon. he’s still is EA, still same good friendly fellow. Nice meeting, some chatting – I was really happy.

Once again there was a talk about me in Kinship chat. About lack of lvl.100 first age Legendary weapon. But I do not need it. When i thought I needed – first age symbol was almost impossible to get. Now I have no need, since I do no fighting in lvl.90-100 areas.

World chat was full of flame wars, unwise discussion “why me is not allowed to speak my language instead of English”? If they would think about common sense, they would realise English was the language everyone could communicate. For French and German we have their own servers. instead of this we had long long flame wars, fruitless and hopeless.

And so the day has ended.

reporting from battlefields



Finally visited revamped New Trismus that took almost 2 days to update (on 3 servers). The once green and nice lands are under siege by a horde of monsters. Skeletons and some fat uglies patrolling barricades near city. Wolves and even spiders lurking for crafters at the other end. Evil, strange black tress growing outside and even some dar fortresses constructed. The town is burned, consigners fled, Shrine destroyed. Luckily, we have trainers there, we have teleporter pad.

Some NPCs were relocated too, some new quests added. I did noit explore full territory, but what I saw was interesting. I run into Blight Anchor, lvl. 13 with some 23.000 health. It was a problem for me and  all newbies in Istaria could not defeat it:maybe developers should consider NOT to spawn such thingsa in newbie lands? Anyway, green and inviting New Trismus is gone. We have Archet v.2.0, just with trainers, some crafting structures and without weeping citizens.

Meanwhile, Naktieskarys was really busy. Our plot in Falathien is being helped by others, so structures are advancing. Sometimes we even compete whou would add resources first. Now we have Blachsmith crafting structure, vault and 2 silos open. I work on 2 more silos and one top-player  – on another crafting structure and few silos. Also, managed to help another player with his plot: low level 9tier 20 silos. Managed to help finish 3 of them. Things were really easy, just run and harvest. Also, was happy enouggh to craft socketed tool for another player. Unlike Lotro, socketed things work greatly.

I found my own endgame in Istaria and it is not raiding. It is simple fact of helping others. 2 big plots, needing tons of stuff. Then some lesser plots needing attention too. Of course, I am satisfied when they call me “[craft] grinding machine”.

Lord of the rings online

As always, almost no activity. Log in, take Hobbit presents, chat a bit, ask if anyone needs help, no one needs, log off.


And so the long weekend has ended. I have entered new battlefield in Istaria, felt relaly lucky there. The life of Istarian endgame is nice once again.

offline again



was (and probably is) on maintenance. I think it is almost top achievement, to patch 2 little servers for 2 days.

Lords of the rings online

No activity, as always, just prolonged chatting (Istaria still offline) with kinnies. I share my pessimistic views about my class (Champion is really impressive, spectacular shing-shing that is good for spectacular reasons) and Lotro. I have nothing more to do. Improve abilities, get super-duper armour/weapon – no reason to do so, I am not going to fight anything. Get all available content – but I have everything up to Gondor Number 1, and after Gondor I am not purchasing any region. Do deeds – but I have done all doable ones and see no reason to grind. Turbine points became so hard to get, I cannot think about purchasing anything from the store.

Kinnies are more optimistic, but I do not share this optimism. Later had one strange talk with a kinnie who talked abotu some conspiracy from Illuminati and Freemasons against God to steal our souls.


And so the day has ended – dull and grumpy.




did all crafting while I could (and downtime started at some 15:00 Lithuanian time).  harvested tons of maple – maple job done. Finished to Obsidiain: half needed amoutn added, the rest – some 100 out of 120 crafted, though not yet added.

Since this update, New Trismus will be burned, without crafting structures: Archet v.2.0. A bad decision, but once again i feel like players’ voice is not going to developers’ ears.

Anyway, I enjoy crafting in Istaria, I enjoy being abkle to solo-build structures and I like to help others there. When game is online – I will enjoy more and more crafting.

Lord of the rings online

Stormsong tried to fight in Barad Gularan and it was harder than with Champion. Perhabs lvl.92 Minstrel is not yet good for this (but hey, she will not grow up to lvl.93 or 100). NaktiesKarys managed to help two kinnies and farmed Haudth Iarcith for loot. I had some expenses, so wanted to compensate. Looks like I succeeded.


And so the day has ended – not too bad, not too good.

building the Istaria



Naktieskarys started his day with good news: mour Guild plot at Falathien is started! Arrived there immediately: location is very good, close everything one could think: silos, vault. In our plot, small vault, expert shops, silos are planned.

I started aiding vault immediately. Things were going very fast: my high skills in Gatherer school allows crafting almost without problems. wood, metal, stone – everything is good for me at Expert level. Weaving and Essence structuring is not that nice, but still good. At the end of the day, vault was almost complete. From all things I did not add slate blocks and keystones + vault permit.

The vault was over, I was really excited. To solo one structure, almost without help – it’s just a blessing (and vault is really needed). Now I can start helping Guild plot faster.

Falathien proved to be effective spot: my radical views like ‘this is nonsense’ were wrong. But one is to admit his mistakes to move forward.

Guild chat was full of talks, jokes (especially about my “grumpyness”). I am really satisfied there. So many nice people, so many people I could help. I do have end game – and this means tons of crafting materials, running and aiding other people. i see people who are more than willing to aid others, i see superb housing system.

Today Istaria will be down for a new live patch: New trismus would be burned, crafting structures there -destroyed and alike. I don’t think it’s a good idea, but developers do what all developers do:make changes without thinking about commuity.

Lord of the rings online

Nothing much to do: Naktieskarys ran through Barad Gularan, killed remaining Angmarim/Hillmen, earned 20 Turbine points and looted tons of task items for Vytautaz.


And so the day has ended – exciting in Istaria, mediocre in Lotro.



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