Lord of the rings online

Decided to do epic content. Rode to one Gondor, wondering why some stables were usable and some not (all were discovered). First eipic quests were very good – doable and withj nice rewards. Anfalas crystals; Anfalas scroll of empowerement; even some good essences and Kings banner emote – yay.

Then road leads to new Gondor. Quests like “explore and kill 10″. Region is grumpy as all Gondor is: evernight, after all. Day and night differs only in amount of black, not in presence of light. Landscape: hard to evaluate when everything is grey/blackc. Architecture is pretty nice,. no more uglies swan-wings or monster-king faces. Many trees and flowers, should be nice to see in sunlight.

Orcs: doable, even when there are 5 melee orcs and 1 ranged, it’s still doable with nice shing-shings and healing potion. Animals: yes, doable. Normal humanoids are a problem, they stun too quickly, sometimes my toon was stunned in the middle of the field with no enemies around.

Some stories were interesting, like guy who enjoys bad situation:his trade will go well. Selfish, bad guy…

And then I was redirected to Ostgiliath (OG). Find Faramir or his men. No problem, I thought…untill I arrived There were 2 entrances, all swarming with enemeies. Melee orcs (too little), then some warmasters, then some with 40.000 hp each (2 units), then some archer and sorcerer duets. In short, typical road is blocked by some 2 posts, each constisting of ~7 orcs who stand still and few wander around. If you go, you pull everything and consider yourself dead.

This is where epic quest ended for me. I could not kill all enemies. I could not ride through them (because I knew no path and Faramir was in  the middle). I could not wait untill they move, because only few enemies were moving, buty not ones who blocked the way. Tried to  find another entry – same situation. Tried to enter by river – cannot. And even if I sneaked somehow – OG is same size as Bree-land, a maze town with my NPC in the middle. Town full of overpowered monsters and alone I could only die bravely.

Asked in Kin chat, there wass some silence. Asked in World chat, no good advice, except “charge like Theoden King” (well, he had heavy cavalry or some thousand heavy riders). I recalled to Dol Amroth. New Gondor is finished for me and i know I won’t purchase it.

Simply because I do not enjoy oversized mazes overpacked with monsters where I have no chance. Or because I do not enjoy when every singkle humanoid stuns and stuns and stuns me (no countermeasures for stuns so far). Or maybe because I dislike situation when you arrive to location alone first time and you are doomed because you arrive alone and first  time. There is no option for “bring 1-2 friends” like one player told, because then instead of 1  corpse you will have 3. OG is impregnable, it’s just very very hard mode where you can’t survive.

I returned to Dol Amroth. OG and new Gondor are finished for me, this very hard new content that’s  too hard to solo. This  means I will have to purchase 2 scrolls of legacy replacement on imbued weapon – from store and pay 1000 TPs.

Another failure – in DA auction house, but will talk about this later when failure will actually fail.

And so the day has ended: very good in the begining, awkward in the end. Curse you, developers.

Mirkwood, Central Gondor


Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys fought, as usually, in Dol Amroth. Training exercise for Library faction: harder than expected, groups of enemies and shing-shing did not help. After second try – succeeded. Then – enter Library itself, tasks to open 2 gates (easy), kill one named Corsair (kind of easy), kill 6 slavers (a bit hard, these are passive and lost in big maze). Finally finished, got some tockens. Did Dock dailies, these RNG depending fishing ones, more tokens.

And then Sambrog, where we formed, disbanded and re-formed groups, running and killing. i was killed some 2 times, because aggroed too many enemies. Anyway, medaillions were just flowing, i have 7274 of them right now (and will never get too much).

One player asked for aid in Mirkwood. It was late in real life, but I decided to go for quick run. One quest – shing shing’ed, i.e. finished. Then – “would you mind showing me Isengard”? I explained it was in Dunland, recalled to Galtrev…only to hear there were more quests in Mirkwood. Player summoned me, we did Sword Halls, we did Warg Pens (2 times) and tried Barad Gularan (1 time and failed, because that’s a normal fellowship intance). It was midngiht and i went to sleep. Hope that player found someone to aid.

Sambrog was greedy one yesterday – I got only coins and relics. others got lootboxes, Anfalas crystals..and i got none. As usually, one without luck.

Purchased Anfalas crystal of remembrance. 520 gold, folks told it was (kind of) fair price. I will need at least 1 more.

Talked with Kinship about central Gondor. My dilemma still stands: if I am to purchase (795 TP), how many TPs will I get back? Is that region soloable? Kinnies calculate things a bit different way: I will get 3 scrolls that change legacies on imbued wapon, that’s some 1500 TPs alone…Of course, no one calculated direct return-of-investment, looks like it’s job for me. Also, Kinship assures this Grump-dor is soloable, with some caution + not touching Warbands and Roving Threats. Need tyo think and think about this prior to losing 795 TPs.

As usually, we joked about lore, this time about Gandalf and weed, as I call he is hopeless weed-addict because of visions about balrogs, one-eyed monsters etc. That’s why their class are weed-zards… had a good laugh about this.

Anyway, the day was over and it was kind of good in Lotro (except greedy Sambrog).

No spring for Lotro


Lord of the rings online

Yesterday game was active, I did daily quest for 2 Lotro days. Dock faction dailies in Dol Amroth are partially RNG: if you are lucky, fish will spawn. Howveer, got my 6 gold tokens and valuable Dock tokens. Now, my tactic is clear and simple: grindd up tokens to have maximum reputation (Acquitance). When I have it – sent all tokens to Stormsong so that she arrives to Dol Amroth with best reputation.

Ran Sambrog, managed to loot Tome of Might. Used for Vytautaz, otherwise it could have been a good item for an Auction. Managed to do 2 tours for lvl.63-68 players. Once we were three, next time – I and one lvl.63 player. It was really fun to act as tank, taking everything on me and shing-shing’ing. Overall, Sambrog runs were really fun.

Pelagir was run twice, some merits and medaillions received. Second time my colleague confirmed he received tome.

Lotro would have no Spring festival: instead of it, we would have Update 16.1. So little fun in Lotro…and we are left without festival. Does it mean thr end of all festivals? Kinnies thinks it’s not, I am in doubt. Sometimes developers like to play games: do some feature and see how everyone reacts. Turtles in Dol Amroth was such thing: they allowed to take turtle and release anywhere. Forums were spammed with posts about these hard to kill turtles in Bree and other starter areas. After too much noise, developers removed this option. Second time it was with nerfing reputation items: too little players protested, too many fanboys were mobilized – reputation items werew screwed. i can guess, this is oe of such things: if no one protests, Festival may become history.

Yet I will play and grind, grind and play Lotro. Even without festivals. Even without fun. As long as my Kin is there – I will play.

And so the day has ended, kind of succesfull one in Lotro.

Lotro:all day offline


Lord of the rings online

was offline for all the day – well, since 10:00 Lithuanian time to…at least 0:00 Lithuanian time. No reliable data what was going on. Server transfer to Europe? Server merge?

Little activity too. Someone on Wolrd chat asked for Pelagir – no answers. I asked about Sambrog – no answers too.

We discussed Lotro in Kin chat. An unclear situation about server transfers. This step is wrong, since it’s bad in PR (less servers –>acknowledge of serious problems) and for players. What would happen if two players on two servers share same name? What would happen to housing if I and some other person had precisely the same house at the same location? What would happen to kinships? No one knows, no one from Turbine cares.

I wish Turbine had any income of realistic feedback. Their Twitter/Facebook is a fest of fanboys, always ready to fight for any step Turbine does. It’s not a feedback. At the other side – sites that bashes everything Turbine makes. it’s not a feedback too. If Turbine wished – they could create toons, wander in starter areas, listen to chats or just act like they are complete noobs and see what about community and activity. Turbine simply does not wish to have feedback.

And then they make mistakes like Helms Deep being paid for VIPs, any equipment depending on random number generator etc.

I managed to finish one Big Battle, get lvl.100 Second age symbol and some trashy jewellery before downtime.

And so the day without Lotro ended.

essences, farms, minstrels


Lord of the rings online

StormSong was just turning in task items and one time helped kinnie to farm Orc in Bree land. A feast for minstrel: AoE attacks, so quick, so effective that did we did all slayer deeds very quickly.

Naktieskarys was farming Sambrog and Pelagir. One time lvl.52 asked to show him Sambrog – and we did it. Easy for me to shing-shing monsters, good for my colleague. All other times I was running, farming valuable medaillions. However, last few days meant lack of any lvl.100 activity, except few Central Gondor instances. I tried to ask about lvl.100 Sambrog, or if anyone needed help – and I heared nothing. Chat was silent. Yesterday though there was new wave of activity, including Kinship run of Pelagir.

Pelagir is tricky, still requires lots of expertise to get reward higher than bronze. Yet if I am effective – I am effective with traps. Sometimes I place 3 traps one on another: enemies have no chances.

Started doing Mason faction dailies. Overall, I need to focus on reputation with Dol Amroth factions. Some tokens may be earned, some – bought. It is the result that matters after all.

Now I face one problem about my lvl.100 Minstrel. She has essence armour and needs essences. Where to get lvl.95 essences – no idea. Was asking people: no data, no place to farm. Typical Lotro situation: you may have armour, but no use from it since you can’t get essences and even Auction house does not have them. Fight against evil RNG – is a lost fight. I don’t mind grinding, but only if I have realistic chances.

Meanwhile, TP farming goes well. One toon – 115 today and I could afford some 4 hours for two toons.

In short, things are going grindy in Lotro, but maybe there is a light in the end of the tunnel…

two thirds


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong turned in task items – after all, she has hundreds of Damaged furs, so exchange into reputation/LI xp/TP would be usefull. DunedanMule crafted Guild medium armour for one player (and had to use almost all Magnificent hides).

Naktieskarys did initially daily routine (Dol Amroth training, Mason dailies, task items), then – one very good Pelagir run…and unexpectedly nice Sambrog. Anfalas crystal one. Unfortunately, cannot use it on my imbued axe – used on rune instead. Axe still has 2/3 stars, although I used 2 Anfalas and one simple crystal on it. Weird.

TP grinding toon fought in Ered Luin,  abandoned exploration, but due to slayer deed accelerator – managed to kill 90 spiders in Bree, in addition to Ered Luin wolves, goblins, hendrovals, dourhands, spiders. Also, used maps in my house. Result: 115 Turbinde points + some 400 silver coins. Not so bad.

There was little Sambrog runs, so I am thinking (if this situation continues) to spend more time on TP grind. If I have nothing to do, then I could repeat same actions and gain TP for that.

And so the grindy day ended – a succesfull one in Lotro.

TP farming (again)



Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was active, the only active toon. Doing Dol Amroth training and retaking bank each single day. Doing Mason dailies, collecting those shiny Mason tokens. And then, asking kinnies to do Pelagir.

This Big battle proves to be one of the best for me, IF I am there with an expert, no matter the class. Worst reward so far was gold, typical one – platinum. Medaillion loot is good and just a loot – well, last time I got one tome, one lvl.100 first age symbol and some stuff for legendary items. Sambrog farming went well, though – only 1 Anfalas crystal loot + some sturdy steel keys.

I have 3004 medaillions now out of some 7 or 8 thousand needed for one Legendary item alone. Grind is ahead…

My disposable toon, Xgrinder, grinded Turbine points. First day – 175 TPs by playing almost all day. Doing Ered Luin elf ruins exploration, places of dwarves; slayer – goblin, spider, wolf, dourhand, crabain.In bree land – brigand, spider, neeker-breeker, orc, sickle fly slayers and using some Cordolan trinkets. Coins: ~2,5 gold. Yesterday farmed two times: one time – standard 95 TPs, next time I omitted exploration and used all maps in my house. Result – 100 Tps. Coins: about 400-600 each run.

Maybe omitting exploration is the faster way. No need to travel, just take and return some maps.

So far – two days, 370 Turbine points. Started with 1333, now have 1703. Not sure what exactly am I grinding for: if it is for new Gondor, I don’t have to rush. One just need to wait untill this quets pack is on discount and when some things are fixed. Without discount – my goal is 2128 Turbine points so that I could have few in reserve.

And so the days has ended. TP grind was effective, medaillion runs were effective too. Even Sambrog was effective. Life was kind of good in Lotro.

tomes, farms


Lord of the rings online

Little to tell about Lotro. Training in Dol Amroth. Mason faction dailies. Task items (running out of them, but fortunately Stormsong has full bags…). Farming Sambrog all the day. Occasionally doing chaotic Big battles and gaining more medaillions in one Bb than in two Sambrogs.

Just now I realised two of my LI legacies were just wrong. Need to replace, need to spent either 1000 TPs on scrolls or purchase evil Gondor quest pack for 795 and gain -rumours say – 2 or 3 scrolls for some quest chain. Or use mithril coins which I am reluctant to do.

Tried to purchase some things on Auction house, but kinnies told not to hurry. Well, they know better.

In Sambrog runs looted Tome of Will 6. I would gladly exchange it to Tome of Might 2…but probably won’t do.

Bright moment -Pelagir. I retraited my Engineer so that I could build traps faster. At one moment I was able to place 3 tripwires, my kinnie placed bear trap and I finished it with my favourite Calltrops. No enemy had any chance. As Gandalf the Evil told – “thou shalt not pass”.

And so daily routine ended, i had some 1131 medaillions with dire need to grind tens of thousands of them. I have almost nowhere to go, nothing fun left to do. Well, it’s life in Lotro after all.

medals farming



Lord of the rings online

Weekend meant only thing: medaillion grind + Dol Amroth training. After I finish dailies (and turn in task items) – well, almost spamming chat with “any lvl.100 Sambrog run?”. Sometimes groups form very quick; sometimes advertising campaign is needed.

Sambrog was kind of ncie to me: from all several days long runs I got 1 Anfalas crystal and 2 tomes, including Tome of Might I. The one that sells for at least 400 gold. I also learned some new tactic in Sammy (as players call him).

Also did Trouble in Tuckoborough tier 3. Lots of hard enemies, died several times, yet loot was unimpressive. Not worthy to go, that’s for sure. If there is big risk, there should be big rewards, not just crappy equipment.

Tried one Big Battle – soloed it, but failed even side quest: monster were too quick to destroy supplies I was expected to protect.

Result – main legacies on my imbued weapon are close to 35 (top level), not-si-important may wait. Yes, I will upgrade my weapon – but then would not imbue any other (unless Turbine gives me several hundred euyro worth mithril coins).

And so routine weekend has ended – routine is ahead. It’s Lord of the Asian Grind Online after all…

farming stuns



Lord of the rings online

I continued to grind. Standard daily routine: Dol Amroth training, Dol Amroth dailies for Mason faction (only 3 Mason tokens), then some Sambrogs, few Big Battles…and for the desert, Pelagir 6-man run. Later – Sambrog again.

Pelagir is chaotic, requires very good leading or extremely good knowledge about it, yet rewards with medaillions are worth many Sambrogs. Big battles themselves gvie better rewards – but Sambrog is not chaotic, predictable and can be done by even almost un-coordinated group.

I managed to purchase several scrolls of empowerement…but still too many of them to grind.  Someone calculated that imbued weapon meeds 28 scrolls of empowerent. A nice number for Asian pay-to-win model Lotro.

Got first realistic feedback about new Gondor. It’s about stuns. As experienced player told in Kin chat, almost first that monster would do, would be stun. Stun is inescapable, hence – it’s almost certain death zone. A good argument not to purchase this quest pack. We joked like “another thing that would come to shop, would be anti-stun ability” and ” gue$$ what i$ thing developer$ care about?”. It is clear, that I have no need to rush with purchase.

Later talked a bit in World chat, aided one kinnie with Dol Amroth armour. Lotro became a set of standartized actions for me. Some 5 or 6 actions I do every day and nothing left beyond them. A routine that is boring.

And so the day has ended in Lotro. It’s just a day in Asian grindfest. New 5-slot armour is something unobtainable in reality (depends on extremely rare loot and you need 120 extremely rare things); imbued weapons are just a grindfest or pay-to-win. There is nothing that could excite me now from developers side.


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