roleplaying champion



It was more than interesting day. I crafted, gained 1 level (well, by doing low lvl stuff), then switched to level 100 crafter and gathered medium level resources. Also had to ask Guild to aid one much needed structure in Bristugo.

I was asked about one plot if I helpedd it…but if I tell this in public, it won’t be my favourite ninja-helping. Therefore chose Palpatine-type answers that are more questions than answers: I do not confirm, I do not deny.

And then it was time for almost role-play. Player E. and me, SMAAC and MHL. Save Motherlodes At All Costs versus my own Motherlode Harvesting League (SMAAC – 1 member and 1 who may support; MHL – 1 member….). Once again talks how am I harvesting MLs and why they should/should not be harvested, how they could avenge me etc.  Then some Dragon said “moo” and we went into lenghty topic about cow-dragons…ending with questions about Dryads in chocolate and, of course, motherlodes.

I felt a;lmost excited, laughing half the game play. If this is roleplay, I want more of it.

Lord of the rings online

Most of the time, as usually – absolutely nothing to do. Question in World chat “any low level players needing any help?” is always left unanswered. Kinship organizes Pelagir and other Big Battles, but these are not for me. We talked in Kin chat about my unanswered question. Conclusion – either players are self-sufficient, or they are just alts or we have very little actually new players. Another option -we have, but they have turned World chat off, as I did most of the time.

Aided was lvl.59 Minstrel with Skumfil. At least I thought I was of some aid, because one Runekeeper (lvl.100) did almost all the killings, my champion was of little use. Anyway, I was more than happy to aid other player.

Recently I’ve been talking about champion. I am not optimistic about this class. It has some DPS, but that’s where it begins and end. I can’t see what champion’s role is. For DPS we have universal killing machines like wardens, runekeepers. For crowd control – Loremasters, Minstrels, maybe Hunters. For tanking – doh…tank classes. Magic use – Minstrels, Runekeepers. Healings – Minstrel. Of course, we have effective champions, but I still think I made the worst choice in class. My yellow line sometimes is not effective – if I face single target. But in most situations I face several targets (though runekeeper will deal with 2 blows where I would need 12).

And so the day has ended. I felt excited in Istaria and just not too grumpy in Lotro.

red weaver and shing shing




Was under maintenance, I was “under maintenance” (slept for a few hours – probably was a bit tired…) too and this time Istaria maintenance was really short.

My Weaver started adding various Kenaf stuff to one plot. Now, I am near to completion and then will have to switch to Enchanter. This one is probably the hardest school. You gather essences which have only one good spot, grind them into stuff and use to aid buildings. That’s the best scenario, mostly it is “grind essences, make stuff, delete stuff, repeat”.

We joked again in Guild chat about monsters, motherlodes and other things. I asked about weapons and it became true I had no formula for high level (higher than some lvl.72) formulas. Somehow I guess these are drop only, so would have to ask if anyone has spare…

Lord of the rings online

Almost no activity. Kinship was active with Big Prob Battles, World chat was full of just ranting. I left Dunland (kinnie who quested wasnt there).

And then came our boss, who is very persistent if he thinks he could help person who may go wrong way. Once again – aksing to switch to red line champion. Red line is single target. My favourite yellow is Area of Effect. And blue is something almost no champion uses – tanking. Well, this time I had to comply. I saw manay many weird skills I have never seen before. Only God knows what they really do in actual combat, how they work, how they will perform.

To my satisfaction I kept some AoE skills, including famous Raging Blade. Now, if would ever be in mood of testing – I could test these skills in any non-Gondor area. Gondor, Big Battles are taboo for me.

One day I will test. Not sure if today is the day though.


And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied, life was goodd in Istaria and Lotro.

new joys in Istaria



We have two new players in our Guiild and it was them that interrupted my typical grinding. One was “spoiled” to purchase plot on Fabric isle. The owner did not log in, so plot is being slowly demolished. Community needs it, so our newcomer was persuaded to purchase as soon as plot is free. I assured that players would help, all that owner needs are some 2 gold and to plan needed structures: crafting one, vault, some public silos.

Then came another plot owner. He already had a plot (where I soloed one structure) and we talked about this plot too. He put one very much needed structure there – and I rushed to grind everything: cobalt, obsidian, slate, maple. Within first day, building was finished by some 20-30%. Now, i have mostly Weaver and Essence structurer stuff to do. And then – then, building will be completed. Also, there is small vault. We adviceds to place a vault nearby to all crafting structures so that crafters would feel like in paradise. Guild chat also helped our new player with almost everything. Including talks about money, like “plz make me this, i will pay you’. One old players explained – “if you feel you need to pay, fill Guild silos with NNN”, i told in a more radical way: if I give away things, i give them away to friends for free; if I aid plot, I aid for free, NO money. That’s how we live in Lotro, that’s how we live in Istaria.

Of course, there were rants about motherlode harvesting – we are RP server.  Now, I have several plots to help with which keeps me busy all the time.

Today will be another maintenance: 2 servers will take some 4 hours, most of the day I won’t be able to play at all.

Lord of the rings online

Logged, took Hobbit presents, looked that no one needs help. Our leader told me I could try to fight as red line Champion. But I have set up my toon for yellow line, I love shings-shings and am accustomed to use ones. Also, it does mean I can rush into battle with several enemies at once. To re-configure, to re-learn would take too much time. After all, I almost do no fight in Lotro.

And so the day has ended. I felt superb in Istaria.

Istarian roleplay



My crafter ran again and again, grinding cobalt, sometimes – obsidian or even maple/yew. Was writing down what resources are needed and aiding those with the highest level of completion. Managed to finish some 2 structures on one plot and was really proud of of it.

We have an excellent talks in our chat. If this is called role-play, then even I did some. This time – with motherlodes, the most rich harvesting nodes. The most rich means the most rare (yes, Captain Obvious…). Almost everyone usually harvests them. Not player E., she declares motherlodes are not to be harvested since they are on the verge of extinction. I told her I was forming MHL, Motherlode Harvesting League. After several “oh, no!” she told MHL may be popular, but not within SMAAC (Stop Motherlode harvesting At All Costs), we went to discuss “preventive” and “counterpreventive” measures. Later I was talking with one Dryad about how Dryads were tasty as candies…Once again, a lenghty discussion.

I really enjoy this. Not sure if that’s roleplay, since I do not assume I am another person (like Human from Tazoon wandering to find ancient Dwarf-Dragon to join the fight against some Withered Aegis). Our community is really, really good and healthy. One can only relax there.

Meanwhile helped another plot: hope owner did not notice me as I soloed entire building. Our plot at Heather is doing good, once again managed to add 300 granite blocks and 300 granite keystones, now preparing for Steel grind…and one our member uses her hoard of thousands oak boards to add oak things. She probably will gain some levels this way.

Not so shiny news – we are losing plot on Fabric isle. Owner has last logged some 1 year ago, subscription probably expired…and structures are slowly demolished bythe game. Crafted some things there to level up my Weaver.

Lord of the rings  online

One of former Edhel-Annon members is now a proud member of The Family! Good to hear, tlaking to him, sharing almost the same feelings about the game and doing so every day.

On Sunday I was in mood of helping someone and really had 2 people to aid…but time was not on my side. I had some 40 minutes and while everyone thought what to do – these became 15 minutes. Too late to aid, had to run. Not so good, I enjoy helping.

The Family, my Kinship is probably the best thing Withywindle server can offer to players. Not sure about game content, hardcore RNG or some classes that were un-needed since their creation, not sure about lvl.100 monsters in lvl.40 areas or forced quests.

And so – I played, I felt really satisfied with old friendss or helping others. Life was just superb.

Lotro again




I was a busy one, grinding cobalt, joking in Guild chat and facing not so optimistic talks there. Anyway, my Cobalt job’s part one is close to completion. Then it would be second part and after second part…well,. only God knows.

Developers have proposed several good changes. One of them – any crafting facility is to have a public storage silo. It’s some chance of losing your precious materials…but at the other hand, will greatly help crafters.

Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys talked in chats and helped one kinnie. He needed one instance in Misty mountains where Nazgul awakens Dragon. I felt really nice shing-shinging enemies, running into swarms of them…and emerging victorious after first hit. We did everything, my kinnie performed very well – he is Minstrel after all, ranged tank.

Then, we ran Sambrog lvl.47, he ran into few problems, but we went on, destroying any opposition and outperforming Mr. Sambrog’s heals (Sambrog, cheating is not good, by the way…).

Spoke with another member of Edhel-Annon, about how my former kinship does, how do we see future of Lotro (and well, my rants about my class, but no need to repeat them). It’s always nice to meet old friends, chat and send best wishes to kinships I once was member of. Yes, I am a member of The Family and satisfied of this Kin.

And so the day has ended, I felt happy and usefull once again. Life was just…perfect.

Burning Tuckoborough




Almost all day (15:00 – …at least untill 22:30) was offline. Standard maintenance, which lasts 4 hours if we have no updates (we have 2 servers, by the way), and since this WAS update – “update extended for few more hours”. Grinded cobalt a bit, added as many as I could.

Lord of the rings online

I started to frequently use phrase while in Lotro – “my favourite game is offline again” and adding it is Istaria. Anyway, since Istaria was offline – chatted in Kin chat, then looked at World chat. Asked if there was any low level who needed help. One player in Lithuania asked to make Minstrel lvl.100 First age weapon. And another player asked to power-level him from lvl.37 to lvl.40.

We started with Sambrog which was not too interesting and then went to Tuckoborough. Ran instance many times, each one I was really enjoying myself. Horde of enemies – no problem: I ran into it, then shing-shing, enemies dead, let’s run forward. We did so many times, experience for that player was flowing (he was also using xp accelerator). Finally, he was lvl.40 and I could leave.

Another player asked to aid in Fall of Mordirith, but it was overkill: two lvl.100 players, I had alamost nothing to do. Anyway, was ncie to help.

And third player – well, he needed to kill some Giants and dragons in Enedwaith. It was a shing-shing time for me too. Unfortunately, that player died few times: perhabs he was too quick to go for a kill. Yes, being Hunter means range-killing before Champion reacts, but still…I aided him with killing and then all things were done, nobody else needed help.


And so the day has ended: almost good in both games. The only thought was  – to burn Tuckoborough once…

like a wind



First of all – sorry for delays in my posts. Some real life things, some virtual things…


Having really great time there. Crafting whatever is neeeded for our plots. Finished two silos on one plot, now spending hours and days for another big plot. Currently I am focusing on cobalt and would have to make thousands of materials. At least I suppose it is better to concentrate on one efficient material than run for 5 different ones. Thanks to our plot in Falathien, cobalt grind is going great.

Also having really great talks in our chat. Are these considered to be role-playing? Not sure. Example: one player *holds a sign: hands off from motherlodes* and I troll her about harvesting motherlodes (ML, as we call them). She argues MLs are rare (they really are) and they are hurt by me, therefore she will hide MLs… We joke about my grind. Even real-life sometimes interferes. I wrote that this ML defender would write book for golems “50 shades of metal grey”. She answered – no no, it would be “50 shades of grinder Nak”. My answer- since I am not into this, book should be “50 shades of grinding” or “50 ways to harvest motherlode”… Once again, we laugh and enjoy this. Next time some items from my vault just disappeared, I asked why and we ended in talking about one player of Saris (feline) race, like “you can never trust Saris”…

However, developers once again want to change things where they shouldn’t do – almosty exterminate Gifts, make them more rare and not usefull. Crafters used gifts of strenght and alike to bolster their crafting – and now these could be done. Let us hope it won’t happen.

Lord of the rings online

Helped few players with some quests/skirmishes. One was yesterday, some old epic skirmish. One Dwarf stands, we had to protect him against hordes of Mordor. Skirmish was lvl.63, I was lvl.100 so things went really good. I just went into swarm of goblinsm shing-shing’ed and goblins were dead. My companion – a good hunter – sometimes did not manage to attack enemies. And yes, it was a player from my old Kinship, Dunedain of the North.

Next time I met a player from Edhel-Annon where I once belonged too. We talked about game and other things. Good to see old good friends and know that my former Kinships are doing quite well. Of course, I am happy with my current one and the friendly atmosphere there.

A pity game itself is rolling to wrong direction. if not my Kinship, I would have probably left. But now, I can’t leave my friends behind:as long as they play, I will log in.


And so days were great and quite happy in Istaria and Lotro. I felt satisfied -I am running like a wind, helping and fighting, finding my own place in virtuality.




Naktieskarys was active in Istaria. Was helping one plot, when finished with easy materials – switched to obsidian. Having cargo pet helps a lot, crafting is much easier now…but still it is grind. While grinding, a message from one of our top members, aksing if I could aid with cobalt at Guild plot.

Of course, I could – just finished with another plot and then – to Falathien. Cobalt is very easy there and untill evening I managed to add 200 cobalt jointings and 120 cobalt sheetings. More job remains (some 400 jointings and 240 sheetings).While I was in a hurry – well, it became clear I added cobalt to wrong building…

One player was hutning for rare resources. A pity, I could not aid him, since had only 1 of these. And was really afraid to go for hunting: enemies, Bloodskulks, are really powerfull. They aggro, they cast lots of spells and hurt badly. That player, ranged powerfull class, died three times. I offered my help, but there was little we could do: enemies would go after healer and I would earn more death points. Let us hope, next time I would of more use.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in, took hobbit presents, talked a bit in Kinship chat. Fortunately, have 3 gold worth presents, so could pay for house rental.

And so the day has ended, nice and busy in Istaria. I was satisfied and life was just nice.

Kinship time, roof runs




Our plot in Heather is doing very good, I was working initially on easy materials: cobalt and maple. Thanks to our Falathien plot, things are very easy with cobalt. I made some long runs, grinding  stff when one Guild member asked for help.

Yes, same plot in Parsinia, 2 expert crafting structures needing aid. Rushed there immediately, but ther was little I could help. Cobalt, maple – yes. obsidian – I thought yes, but was outperformed by one player. Rest were tier 6 materials I am ineffective with or materials I could not even craft. So, made few runs, finished aiding 1 building and left few job for another.

Currently I am aiding “only’ 2 plots while I have many others to help with. As long as it is metal and stone up to tier 5, I have no problem. Weaving and Essence structuring are problematic.

Meanwhile we are almost competing with aiding. Parsinia plot – ran there only to meet one veteran players helping with obsidian. He aided with such speed that I was impressed.. Later he told he was crtafting some 12 hours a day and filling one silo after another with…obsidian bricks.

My virtual life does have meaning in Istaria. I may help others, I can help others and even if I build 20% of building, it’s still something.

Lord of the rings online

Missed Kinship time, when we, big players, were destined to aid others, but looks like we have only big levels now…Was running in Bree, when saw one player, who asked to follow him and get on the roof of vault in Bree. I ran where he did…and to no results.

Turbine announced server merge, something ruling 100 playerss were asking for. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Too many players would have problems with their names, unless these are super-unique, like “I watered my flowers yesterday’ in Babylonian. What happens with housing which is paid? No answers, just kick in the …(Jennifer Lopez’s best part of the body, you know): go away! Turbine is kicking its own players, especially free casual ones.

One may only ask: when will bad news from Turbine end? We have hardcore content and it gets more hard each update, we are depenedant upon random numbers – each time more we have mindless grind in the name of grind – each time more and more, now we are just losing servers.

And so the weekend has ended: very good in Istaria and bad one in Lotro. Wonder, would things ever change to good site in Middle Earth?

another plot, another help



We have a new plot in Heather and almost all helpers are there to make things faster. Vault is constructed, teleporter nearby – time to work.

I grinded come stuff, started cobalt runs at Falathien: now cobalt is very easy to farm. I aided one single structure, Clothworking one. Then did some Oak job. Our bets player also is active aiding (if not him, half of buildings would have never be completed).

Talked with one Guild member about armour. She sent me screenshots abotu her armour and I will discuss how to construct me something like this, for level 100. Sometghing that I won’t feel a bit squishy. But hey, my Cleric is a good healer after all…

Crafting is going just superb with my cargo pet. Faster, more effective.

Lord of the rings online

No activity whatsoever, just some discussion in World chat about champion role and taking Hobbit presents.

Tomorrow there is Kin time, when high levels are destined to aid lower ones. Problems with some instance? Too hard slayer deed? Unsafe road? No problems, we have many top level players that would clear any road, stomp any boss to  the ground and aid with whatever can be aided.

And so the day has ended – good enough in Istaria.


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