Spiders, Orion


Lord of the rings online

Still Mirkwood. Quests. Go there, kill that, take samples, fight Huorn, swim back to Lothlorien, get sappling, plant it, fight this and that…

Redirection to Scuttledels. Same mad quests: kill crows, look for Elf, Elf is gone-kill dogs, then kill named dog, then explore this…Did them all, without any enthusiasm. Had even rescue Gollum from Orcs (!).

Then, redirection (again) to another camp. Quests to disable catapults and ballistas, killing some named monsters, destroying idols of Sauron.

Only reason I am in Mirkwood is to do almost all landscape quests, then (should I find any help) – quickly do forced skirmishes. Result does not bother me, rewards too. After that – maybe finish some deeds in Enedwaith…and move to Dunland, home of those mistrusting Dunlending, only to be captured and have prison-play in Isengard. Main goal is Rohan with its stories, choices, atmosphere.

Once again, no activity in /world or Kinship, everyone is busy with new regions.  Only few people asked for Pelagir in /World, only to receive zero answers.

While not playing Lotro – playng Master of Orion 2. Of course, have to restart maybe 20 times untill my Sakkras are given normal start: main territory not obstructed by nebula/black hole, then – enough planets suitable for colonization, enemies far from me. Then, I rush “Research lab – Neutron Blaster – Shield mark I – Battle pods – Advanced damage control – Graviton beam”. That’s starter configuration, Deuterium fuel cells are researced when they became a must. Later I go for Mauler Device, titan construction, Stellar converter and Megafluxers.

Life in Lotro is so empty and grey. Take Hobbit presents, do Mirkwood quests, chat a bit, log off – daily job is done. All I care about are levels, I do need more and more of them to handle Virtues.

Mirkwood boredom



Lord of the rings online

My Zantipe is spending his time in Mirkwood. Totally boring, uninspiring, skipping text of all quests. Yes-yes, Next-next, Ok-Finish. All I need is to get more levels for virtues.

Social life is non-existent. Everyone busy with new region (so much rich persons! I wish I could afford throwing 200 euros every second step!). Talking about tier 3 instance with 17-million (!) health boss. World chat is also almost social-less. Few jokes, few newbie questions.

Mirkwood is like chewing gum you chew for 5th time. No taste, but for some reason cannot throw away right now. Yes, kill this; yeah, ride here; of course /look from here. Skipping advanced slayer deeds, watching only levels, need as many as I could get.

Epic is probably the worst – series of forced fellowship skirmishes. Timing is very wrong – all Kinship is in new region.

My life in Lotro: grey, boring, only activity – count points till next level…

Old toons, Mirkwood, mess


Lord of the rings online

I visited my old toons. An army of champions: OneA, OneB…and so on. Even one level 1 Minstrel. Unfortunately, they done their deeds, so no easy farming. On other server I had toons just to reserve names – Naktieskarys, Stormsong, Vytautaz, Dunedainmule (!)…

Meanwhile Zantipe finished all quests in Enedwaith. Stil lfar from Kindred with both factions and grind is really long. So, I decided to go to grumpy Mirkwood. Expedition quests went almost good. Except last part where I was killed (impossible to survive), had to rush and return, only to see Elves did everything without me. Intro finished, after some time had to return to Lothlorien and be introduced to the Hidden Guard. You know, escort Mr. Mazog back home…only to face disasters throughout the way. But well, I am hero, I will aid.

Mirkwood is uninspiring. Nothing that could captivate. Mazes, no task boards, grumpy atmosphere.

Zantipe finally has lvl.65 first age weapon, yet keep getting lame legacies, like Parry or Avoidance. Unfortunately, keep getting them on all lvl.65 great clubs.

Vytautaz went from sleep – thought I would craft up to lvl.130. Alas – no. Farmer did his job quick, Cook did too. Yet it was not a slightest part of needed 3 million xp. At least I have result – Ironfold farmer and cook. Vytautaz had to respecialize and was happy to aid one player with killing brigands.

World chat was full of political nonsenses and discussions about helping others. Some players were ultra-elitists, almost afraid to aid others.

Almost no activity in Kinship, except new region runs. My Zantipe is so far a full mess: lots of deeds unfinished, some not even started. All thanks to Virtue system…

And so weekend has ended, almost good in Lotro.

Ghost brides


Lord of the rings online

Enedwaith. Still questing there. Running from one quest giver to another, killing enemies, using objects without even wondering who they are or why. Not reading quest texts. Point is – run this region fast, kill enemies, do basic deeds, reach level 65 for normal first age LI.

Lhanuch almost finished – rushed to other NPCs, they gave me tasks to kill dogs, wighs, ghosts, then witness one cursed family (father killed his son’s bride and her relatives), disrupt some ritual. Had soe problems with fighting, my Beorning is not that strong as I remember.

New regions: one kinnie gives very positive feedback. Others preparing taskboard items. I stand aside, calm as never: won’t be questing there anyway.

The day has ended, just a day in Lotro.

Isengard diplomacy


Lord of the rings online

World chat is alive again, game admins have lots of job and Minas Morgul is being discussed. Some players like it, so far – little negative feedback. Almost all Kinship is there, except me and other player.

Unfortunately, there are some elitists that mock others, like “If you paid for expansion, good, if not – do not whine and wait a bit”. They talk about paying customers too. A pity such toxic people stil play Lotro.

Zantipe quested in Enedwaith. Had to ride, kill half-orcs, get White hand armour and weapons to finally confront emissary of Isengard. Of course, emissary was not very patient, managed to turn initially good situation into lost one. He wanted Champion of Isengard to fight me, I won, so emissary’s situation became even worse.

While questing, reached lvl.64. Good one, now to get to lvl.65, craft first age weapon and be a better fighter.

Questing is bit boring, I feel very little inspiration, do not read quest texts. Why? Kill 10 orcs mean kill ten orcs, no matter reasons. All that matters is reputation with Algraig.

I also feel very calm about Minas Morgul. Probably won’t purchase it, all due to SSG approach. They treat me like trash, I do not enjoy such approach.

The day has ended – bit busy, yet without an inspiration, in Lotro.

Morgul greed


Lord of the rings offline

Yesterday Lord of the rings was offline. Patch was quick, then – all servers “Down” or “Closed”, official Twitter reported some problems with enemy movements. Only at very late night did I manage to log in, take Hobbit present (+20 Virtue xp…oh generous developers!).

Well, we have some changes to Warden class, some minor bugs fixed and statuses (tactical mastery etc) adjusted. Visuals: Hobbit presents got new icon.

New region is a celebration of greed. Pay 100$, enjoy content now. Pay with Lotro points, enjoy content 6 months later. Why not 6 years, dear developers? Those who want to pay with LP are not always freeloaders, they are to be respected, they can be your customers, dear SSG.

And this morning used my Anfalas scrolls and crystals to advance Stormsong’s legendary items, except mounted combat one. 6 Bound to toon crystals used. Now my weapon only needs some combat. Which would be necessery: after all, I want to reach level 130.

I am not certain about Lotro and myself right now. New content isn’t available for me and almost everyone would grind it right now. I won’t be able to do quests/deeds/raids there. All I may ask would be running same and same Warg pens which is pretty boring.

And when March comes…not sure what would I do. Most likely, won’t purchase – if they treat me like trash, I won’t support such attitude. I would accumulate Lotro points, not sure why for…

The day has ended, bit grey in Lotro.

Serious decisions



Lord of the rings online

Little time to play. Went to Hobbit town, talked to someone, then was ordered to get entrance to Lhanuch. ENtrance gained, spoke to emissary of Isengard and now – up to collect proof Isengard is not so nice.

Kinship is silent and inactive. Everyone admits that, hopefully people are mobilizing for new content (which is due today). Maybe after today there would be some activity. Not for me, of course, free players are really been discriminated in terms of content delivery.

Star wars: the old republic

I have no more reason to play. Deleted shortcut, would probably stop playing. I would be stuck at some point anyway. Flashpoints, forced group area – nobody to group with – means endgame sooner than expected.

I have decided to limit my gameplay. Maybe to 2 hours a day, more (4?) on weekend. Play only Lotro, do a much as I can within those hours, log off.

Endgames and goats



Lord of the rings online

Moved to Enedwaith, started local quests and killing local monsters for xp. My level is bit low, so had to take care. Regional quests were doable – of course, had to run from one point to another, exploring a bit. I did not care much about lore – quest given, ok ok next, quest done – talking, finish. Received some reputation with local faction and helped locals with their problems.

The only problems were spirits and goats. These were too powerfull for my Beorning, two times I was defeated and had to retreat. One time – solo play with Saeredan, I rushed to fight spirits and was killed. Next time left fighting for Ranger and I intervened only to help.

So far – so almost good. Even if I am too low for this region – questing is nice if somewhat mechanic.

There is no Kinship activity, but who knows, maybe everyone waits for new region? And speaking of new region – official launch is tomorrow, yet Lotro points version is at March. Why not, say, December 31, 2020? Developers are ridiculous with that.

I chatted in /World about Swtor and Lotro. We have superior community, so far – best of all mmos I have tried. We have best f2p model. Any player would receive help and we have wiped out gold scammes. Swtor chats are cold, toxic, mostly “worship great Me” and “I sell this dung for 999 millions”. F2P has serious restrictions. New player is unlikely to receive help, gold scammers are everywhere. We also discussed incoming Lotro game (something I am sceptic about). No one in the world could recreate such warm, inviting atmosphere Lotro has and nice community Lotro has.

Star wars: the old republic

Nothing to do. Grinded Dromund Kaas, finished some deeds (“achievements”), got some worthless points, observed those toxic chats, talked to few remaining non-toxic players, declined several ninja-invites. Went to Imperial fleet, bought some presents to Ashara, then moved to grind Voss.

It means activity, it lacks sense. Kill 5000 enemies in the name of killing 5000 enemies. Find this holocron in the name of finding it. Endgame came to me much sooner than expected and Guilds in Swtor does not shine. They don’t bother paying attention to newbies like me.

Created toon – Sith marauder – on US server, Star Forge. This time I would be wiser. First, had to make some “bad” choices on Academy: kill failed commander and then leave some scum to rot. My supervisor commended me for first two and mocked for third. I was to kill any failure, show no mercy.

Well, now I would be more cautious. Will stay on Corriban for long, doing deeds, trying to romance Vette (when I get this nice Tweelek). After Corriban and up to lvl.25 – absolutely no chats and whispers, so I would be condemned to silence.

Swtor is nice game that has huge potential…yet community is toxic and f2p restrictions are severe. I won’t mind if they return to p2p model, just please – deliver something usable and heck, even soloable.

Right now I see no future for my toons in Swtor. Stand, chat, grind deeds for the sake of grinding deeds.

Weekend has ended, bit grumpy in both games.

Lothlorien, Dromund Kaas



Lord of the rings online

Basic Lothlorien quests are complete. Camps scouted, orc mocked and defeated. Finally. Now I know not what to do. Too unwilling for Mirkwood, too little for Enedwaith.

Star wars: the old republic

I am stuck in quests, no help available, cold unfriendly community with ninja-invites (that I always reject). Absolutely nothing to do. Switched to Achievements and started grinding Dromund Kass: kill 250 of these, slay 50 of those, end suffering of 100 that. Gaining some exotic points I would probably never spend. Doing exploration as well.

Since it is SWTOR, there is nobody to ask for advice, everyone is busy boosting on how cool he/she is or just slaying stuff around.

I took some “Heroic” missions, some were problematic due to scaling. Result – quests finished, loot thrown out, credits received, xp too.

Right now I have to kill many creatures: animals, droids, Mandalorians, some weird sounding stuff too. To do some Heroic quests for deed (i.e. achievement). What to do when I finish all slaying on Dromund Kaas? Move to some other planet and grind everything again?

Or decorate my house? Already got storage (nice!) and post box (superb!). Placed few freeby decorations. That’s all. Housing system is a bit better than Lotro one.

The day has ended, bit grey in both games.




Lord of the rings online

Logged in. Took Hobbit presents. Chatted with kinnies about me being lost. Unwilling to run same and same content for 4th time, scout same camps, kill same Orcs. Absolutely no task boards, so only grind remains. One kinnie reacted bit cold, others advice moving to Enedwaith.

Which could mean ruining my plan to follow epic, grind all in each region. I already left Volume I behind, its evil Angmar, tons of runnning. Abandon Lothlorien, Mirkwood – and rush to Enedwaith?

Star wars: the old republic

Imperial Fleet. Chat with 133 members (fleet is one of most active). Asked for aid. Explained I was noob, explained what quest I was on, what went wrong.

Deafening silence. Other players were busy with their own trade, valuing almost every item in millions. Want to buy, want to sell, someone asked for weekly end-game quests.

Nobody cared about help. At the end one kind person (so untypical for swtor!) replied. Explained at least some mechanic.

Nevertherless I was left alone. Without any help, with one player being somewhat helpfull, with no chance to get group for forced fellowship content.

I reached endgame sooner than expected. All that remains is do deeds in old regions, decorate my own “stronghold”, grind in-game currency to improve rating with Ashara.

That’s all that is left for me in Swtor.

I do need inspiration for both games. Urgently. Or I may abandon both :-/