Guilds, silence



Guild wars 2

My Hunter continued her journey. As many GW2 players – in complete silence. No one was talking, no one was whispering, no invites – complete silence. I went through one event to another, form one quest hub to another (sometimes had to figure out I have to return to point A while being at point D). I have cool rapid firing ability, I have nice pet and even 1 self-heal.

Finally found where can I look at my equoipment. It is under “Hero” option, lets swap thing, hide some equipment from being visible (so far – only gloves). No option to run half-nude or have revealing outfits :P

At some poitn I was killed, then figured out I should choose point of resurrection and pay for that.

One not too positive thing: events are just gonna happen, no matter if you have finished them. Auto-bestow, which was a bit irriating in lotro.

And travelling all the time in silence. Seeing others, not being able to whisper + whispers are limited in time. Guild wars 2 are nice, distinctive…yet I feel really alone and treated like hostile by developers. Free player – oh yes, we see you as scammer, spammer and bad person.

Lord of the rings online

Hytbold crafting instance. Quests for lame Ents to get more scholar materials and reputation with those Ents (a pity Saruman the Wise did not chop all of them). Purchased some dye recipe for almost 100 Fangorn leaves. And finally, purchased Return to Snowbourn ability.

Then – traditional training in DA and some resource gathering,  crafting-using Scholar Guild reputation items.

Other than that – no activity, even World chat is empty. Met one troll, got her into Ignore list. Even no new players that would like some help.

And so the day has ended – kind of empty in Lotro and GW2.

Guild wars 2:free to play impressions



Guild wars 2 (free to play version)

GW2 went free to play, so I followed an advice given by  folks at I do not risky anything, so why not try game everyone was talking about for so long?

Client was kind of small, download quick and I could start “play” when less than 50% download was completed. Convenient, I have to say.

Races: humans, living trees, some little folk and fierce creature race. I chose Human: being living tree or some little copy of panda does not fascinate me.
Classes:  so far no class can outperform Lotro’s Minstrel. Self-healing ranged artillery (devastating one) or, in times of need – healing and buffing class. For start, Guardian was chosen. Should be close to Lotro, same philosophy: heavy armour, heavy weapon, protecting allies. Then tried Necromancer, was not impressed…fimnally stopped at Ranger. It is really superb class: holding bow to range-nuke enemies and his trustfull pet. You shoot, pet attacks and then you just shoot at will. If it comes to melee, things may turn worse, but hey, you have one healing skill, so – not so bad.

Customization: too little. Since I like to make sexy girl alts – I was not able to do so. I could only choose from predefined configurations. Women faces are almost all the same, Anime-type (just without huge square eyes).  Positive things: I created my own personal story be answering few questions with different (from 3 to 6) answer options, from “where was I raised” to “what God do i worship”. It already affected intro. Well, it’s what I like, something personal, something distinctive. Graphic is very interesting and (repeating) – very distinctive. Also, i could dye my armour from character creation. Result: 2 blonde girls, one with some anime-haircut.

Then, up to questing, won’t we? Starter mission for humans was simple, defend some village from evil centaurs. Then you move to next area, “enjoying” silent auto-bestowed quests. You go, you see “Help farmer Palpatine kill rats, wookies and jedi”. Ok, you start killing, rewards are auto-bestowed too. You can see event, like “protect my pipes from brigands” and then “protect my workers while they repair pipes”.

Questing is in complete silence: free players are barred from global chats. Should you have a question, fell free…not to ask it, I did not see veteran players there and newbies like me couldn’t know much more than me. Quests arew without any story, just go and do it.

There are many manyh players, cooperating silently (because for free ones even whispers are limited). You go, you don’t know what to expect etc.

Howewver, questing as Ranger was very good: rain of arrows, then my pet or even a shot that sents ebnemy some distance back from me. Or shot that makes me iniviisble for a while. There are deeds, but all primitive, like “kill 10…”. I ended up in a deed “Indiscriminate killer” for killing 10 non-combat animals. But hey, if they are red (targets), they are legal to attack…

Overall GW2 are interesting. Would I reccomend free version? Yes – to try and play in silence. No – to buy, I see no reason to buy chat for some 40 or more dollars. Chats can be limited, but they should be. Limited toons on server is ok, limited inventory space is ok too…but not chat.

Lords of the rings online

Stormsong gathered some 1000 swan-knights tokens and exchanged into 100 healer lootboxes. Mostly greater essences (no supreme:reported NOT to drop), some trashy (like power), some half-needed.

Kinnies invites into Tower of Orthanc, where we went up to the top to battle Saruman and then disbanded. Fighting was hard, I was in dps mode, but still can’t understand how lvl.75 is expected to beat monster with some 200.000 health or group of monsters where one has 42.000 health? Hard times even for lvl.100. Rewards were for lvl.75: some crystals, some lvl.75 barter items and runes. I got very little Li runes – looks like rng still does not like me much.

And so the day has ended: quite standard one in Lotro.

Top level(s)


Lord of the rings online

Weekend was spent in crafting. Gathering required materials, crafting, then reading lotro-wiki, calculating how much more stuff do I need. Even using Excel to calculate.

Hour after hour, day after day – riding in some land, getting all resources, occasionally killing monsters (in hopes that they will drop something), checking backpacks. Vault is just eploding from many materials.

And yesterday, I have finally finished mastery for tier 9. I am top level Scholar, as well as Farmer. Crafting madness is over. I could finally do other stuff, like dailies in Dol Amroth.

Took part in few lvl.100 instances, kinnies asked to be healer. It was quite nice to spam AoE heals and some buffs.

And so, the crafting madness is formally over. I am free to do other things.

Finally, some Lotro work


Lord of the rings online

My Stormsong (Withywindle) has finally things to do. First of all, I finished Farmer, now am at top efficiency and many of needed plants in my vault (not flowrs though..need to grind for special soils). Then, i am doing what I was supposed to do before becoming Scholar: gathering materials.

I travelled to Dunland for some artifacts: working there was pure pleasure. Just go from one node to another, also you could kill local Dunlendings/Wighs…annd repeat, untill you are satisfied.

Then – Wildermore, for Scraps of Rohirrim texts. Good location too: Ornated chests spawn in farms, also I was able to find  Westemnet soil in local backpacks.

Result – used some recipes hold in shared vault so that vault has more space.  Also, some crafting stuff for Dunedanmule.

As a Farmer – used remaining crops just to get rid of them and get some nice stuff.

Kinnies invited to some cool-sounding instance, but this was one of new Gondors, so I could not enter. A pity. Helped lvl.41 kinnie though, we stormed Tuckoborough and one Sambrog. In Tucko I was killed twice (!): only now I realised that if monster has a field of swrods around him – that’s reflecting damage…A pity, i understood it too well. Nevertherless, we were victorious.

And so the day has ended: good in Lotro (finally have what to do every single day!) and with almost ruined personal life in real-life.

heals and plants


Lord of the rings online

We had an update which was exoected to last from 15:00 to 18:00 Lithuanian time. When I logged in at some 17:13, game was online. Kudos, Turbine. And so  -we have transfers ready. Magic “Transfer” button under “Play”.

Things look pretty simple: select toon(s), press “Next step”. Choose what you want to transfer (shared storage, mtihril coins…) – pres “All”, press “next”, confirm you want to transfer for FREE. My long-forgotten AlphaI was transferred, many other toons would follow. Rumour has it, Withywindle would be at the end of the line, so we have some time left…and wait untill our Kinship leader transfers.

Meanwhile I was busy with farmer. Levelling is easy, you just stand in, say, Hobbiton farms, plant and harvest. Untill Supreme it goes this way:only money are required, rest is just plant-pick-craft-repeat.  After Supreme thigns become tricky: you need some special soil that cannot be bought from NPCs. So, you plant some fields, harvest them to get soil, then use soil to plant what you need. I was very lucky to have my kinnies just giving away me lots of such valuable material.

And I decided just to run ahead with farmer: I will farm some materials later. Things were running pretty good, I even had Crest of Rohan dropped. Rating of needed things sometimes was high, like 10-25%. If I had a cook, it would be jet-levelling.

Scholat is in trouble: not enough materials and it turned out I completely lack some “Etching of Moria” (lvl.55). Which means either eternal grind or spending tons of gold in Auction hall. Not good. I advanced Scholar a bit, but would have more problems with him.

Ran Way of Smiths instance as a healer and one kinnie told my heals were good. I tried to spam every single AoE heal, looking after our Guardian and casting some weird spell on him: spell increases parry chance and sometimes he would refelct some damage. Not sure iff it worked, but in my group nobody died. There was one Anfalas crystal drop – of course, not for me. Later ran few Tuckoboroughs (lvl.41, tier2 and 3) with a kinnie. He was a bit impatient and one time had died. Well, it is never a good idea to run in such Skirmish before lvl.100…

And so the day has ended – quite busy and happy one in Lotro.

Scholar, Farmer


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active on Withywindle only. Finally, Scholaring. However, it turned up I did not do my homework: I thought some 200 crafting stuff should be enough for one tier.

It wasn’t. And now I am just a bit stuck with my Scholar, But wait, to make dies, I need some exotic flowers. Not a problem – kinnies told – you have your Farmer, so just level it up.

And here it goes: I stand in Bree, seeding and harvesting…and materials needed (rare critical ones) just do not drop. I planted some 100, maybe 150 bluebbery fields only to receive zero blueberries. Turbine, it is not fun. Some other plants gave better results: 10-20% out of all planted fields gave dye components.

Result: all day standing near Bree, then – in Hobbiton, planting flowers and advancing very quick. Of course, I will need some stuff later, but for now I just rush with my Farmer to reacch tier 7 (Supreme) and then try to plant wild flowrers, hoping for some rare roots.

Oh, my Scholar is now in Guild, done quest to impress some Elf in Rivendell…now i can finally craft rpeutation items,. It would level up Scholar…and grow up reputation. So far I see no cool things to get from Guild (dye x25 recipe? not quite usefull),

Overall – I have finally things to do and rush every single day. I have a purpose of grind, i have numbers to watch growing.

Kinship chat – witnessed few very interesting discussions and thought of them almost all remaining day.

And so the day has ended – one with onions, blueberries, fertilizers, waters. Almost good one, if not for hundreds of fertilizers and waters in one inventory…

Scholaring, (non)transfering


Lord of the rings online

World transfers are announced. I tried to move my toons, but – no magic button “Transfer”. Tried everythng, finally gave up. It was only later that other players explained: due to many bugs transfer is stopped for now and would resume. As they say, in 1-1,5 week. Ok, will wait then.

Laurelin is quite nice and friendly, though sometimes hardcore lore-experts can argue about Quenya and Sindarin or “Uruk-hai disease”. We did rant about Laila and what we want to do with her. I told about impale, others – about cuttng her head off.

My Stormsong on Withywibndle has finally become Scholar! Crafting vocation allows me to become Weaponsmith and Farmer. These two professions are not needed, |I have Naktieskarys for weaponsmithing. First, i used all Journeyman recipes I had in shared vault. Then – finally used one Universal toolkit (better than inferior). And after that – started gathering materials near Bree. Gathering is a pain – you can find stuff only in various “ruined pictures” type things that are found within ruins. Bright side: you can research at the place and gain xp (no need to hurry to crafting hall). And yes, should you find some herbs – feel free to make dies that (rumour has it) are in some demand.

On Withywindle – a bit chat with Kin, but mainly – riding between some 5 spots with crafting materials. Later I will just go and kill monsters for the materials:it’s far more effective.

On Laurelin – Stormsong did deeds, gained TPs (which were spent on Withywindle’s Stormsong, she purchased Scholar Guild access).l I leave my toon to do healing deeds: 500/1000 and 500/2000 done. Some 10 days to use two skills.

And so the day has ended: quite good and nice in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

in fact was (for me only) – offline for a week. Taking vacations, travelling to Latvia, enjoying one of the largest manors, so called Nothern Versailles. Nice country, very nice people, some 200 photos made within 2 days.

A rest. And – my own birthday. Just became one year older. Is it – more grumpy or more optimisic?

Meanwhile in Lotro: server transfer started, but my servers (Dwarrowdelf, Silverlode, Withywindle) are not affected. Things are expected to happen within 1-1,5 weeks.

Now – up to new adventures in my favourite game!

rushes and rule-breaking


Lord of the rings online


Stormsong was mostly without job. Dol Amroth training, task items…and nothing. Folks are running Ruined city everytime, for Morgul crests. These do drop at tier2: aproximately 1 crest for player + a chance to win one or two at the end. Since full armour set is ~120 crests, one needs 120 runs. That’s too much, I think.

Helped one player to deed in Shire. For lvl.13 it should not be a big problem, but who knows? He stopped there and here to harvest ash trees. I proposed him to move and do slayer deeds, we slaughtered some Brigands, then moved to wolves, finally – we were moving to spiders…and then he told “Done”, fellowship disbanded. Period.

Helped one kinnie with fast leveling for his alts. That was a real blast: we ran through Orcs in Bree-land untill he could receive xp for killed lv.20 monsters (he was lvl.13, I suppose). Then we just run through poor orcs…and to barrows, Haudth Iarcith, where he quickly reached lvl.20 (xp burst tomes are good thing). Then – Great Barrow runs, ending with poor Sambrog. Result – kinnie reached lvl.25 or 26 very quicklly. Then, there was his alt who too needed some grow up. We ran through barrows, then once again Sambrog. Things were going quite good, except fact he died and did not wait for me to resurrect him. At the other side – I managhed to cats protective shield and help him few times.

There are news about new crafting tier – so Naktieskarys went to gather Riddermark and Eorlingas ore (well…vault had enough of them, but that’s another story). Then – purchase Riddermark coal and make Guild emblems. I will be prepared for upcoming tier, even if they nerf Guild reputation items’ value.


My TP grinder just does wonders. She levels up very quickly – and that’s with bad equipment, onbly 2 legendary traits slotted and everything invested into red tree’s offense. Finished some slayer deeds in Lonelands – and then moved to Bree.

Last few runs: Old Forest exploration, Flowers of Old Forest. Then – picked up some primitive quests. Almost every quest, except “kill 150/300 barrow wardens and spirits” is done in Bree land. Then – quick ride to Shire, finished exploration, occasionally doiing slayer deeds. Then – to Ered Luin, finished Rath Teraig exploration.

Talked in chat a bit, local population is quite nice. Someone asked about kins in Spanish (I guess), some Italian kinship advertised in Italian. Some Russian player asked in Russian (no response given). There were some lore-jokes, like “Balrog was in fact Gandalf’s ex, that’s why their meeting was unsuccsesfull”. I added, that they had some really hot intimate moments…and that judging from Gandalf’s anger, his next fiance was probably Saruman.

I try to log in my other toons and talk in World chat. So far, all my nicks are intact and that’s good. if I am able to be myself – that’s pretty nice news.


And RNG. For some reason it started to favour me. On Laurelin opened lootbox: 15 mithril coins. On Withywindle, was harvesting metal: quickly gathered 2 emerald shards. Quite nice for  RNG that usually hates me.

I am going to vacation and would be offline till Sunday. So – meet you later.

Bree trees, quests, racism


Lord of the rings online


Usual Dol Amroth training, using task items…and completing “Treasure hunt” auto-bestowed quest. Why? Just because it gives LI xp and I do need every single LI xp.


Logged in Vytautaz, later – Windstorms. Maybe I could have created Loremaster and check if levelling with it grows as fast as with Minstrel.

Xgrinder did Bree-land woodsman deed (killing local trees), competing with one lvl.40s player. Since I had nothing more to do, switched to doing Bree-land deeds, picking as easy ones as possible.

I am trying red line Champion right now. So far it seems quite nice. Single-target heavy attack that adds to Fervour and one attack that needs all Fervour, but then may be used as medium-AoE. Yes, no shing-shing, yet quite nice.

And then World chat was full of talks ‘you arr racist”  etc. yet another politis. I tried to use one topic heared in Russian pay-to-win mmo: “The existence of the so-called “Real world” has not been proven yet”…and had to leave. I have no wish to participate in political or racial debates. Have whatever opinion you want, yet please, do not bring it to Middle Earth. Game moderatorss should be doing something about that.

And so the day has ended. Almost a good one in lotro.


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