…About me.

NaktiesKarys – player with this nick noth in Istaria and Lord of the rings online, weaponcrafter and warrior. Always – free to play.

I spend most of the time in Lord of the rings online, growing up my crafter and Champion, getting new Turbine points to get more content. In Istaria I am known as Universal Soldiers guild member, eager to help anyone with anything I could.

Used to write my blog in mmorpg . com, but they started banning and prosecuting users with Adblock. And yes, I used one: don’t want my boss to see half-nude girls advertising some Asian mmorpg….

Now my blog is there. Hope you will enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Nakties, this is Zycree. Let Ren know I am having difficulty getting the game to run, but I have not abandoned US. Thanks

  2. Corunda said:

    Hi, I found your blog while looking up some things on Mordor. What server are you are on? I am a minstrel on Arkenstone and finding Talath Urui very difficult by myself.

  3. Laurelin. And I really dislike Talath Urui. Bet hey, nothing worse than North Mirkwood anyway…

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