Scavenger year 9


Lord of the rings online

We finally had Scavenger year 9! Yay, my NaktiesKarys rushed to Hobbiton to take quests.
Gandalf: locked behind pay wall. Feel free to purchase skirmish if you want to complete. Not to worry, I still have two quests!
Quest line 1: find stuff in Middle Earth. Cat house in Bree, turtle house in Bree – ok, nice ones. Then – snowman in one region while there is no and never was any snowman. Found coordinates on one forum, ran there- no snowman. Then I noticed I had more non-existent stuff to find. Yeah, please find Imperial Star Destroyer in Bree vault, ok?
Not to be grumpy, I have one more quest line!
Yes, Quest line 2: solo one. Kill 8 enemies. Last position – Tarlags Crown.

All quests were cancelled. Scavenger year 9 is impossible to do. I was in fury: angry, grumpy, nervous.

But this is what Lotro is: content that makes almost everyone nervous and grumpy. Repetative, boring grind without any purpose (getting Clean Grumpy Cow is not a purpose). Our developers are persons who have no idea how modern mmos are ran and how one plays Lotro.

I tried to ask Kinship about my minstrel’s setup – folks were bujsy with runs and only after some time -seemed eternity for me – was I able to get full advice, like “you need 2 of these essences, 1 of these”. It was the only bright thing.

Not so bright – spending probably 500 gold on essences, using some old ones and then spending some Wisps to get more Ithilien essences. However, it paid off: Stormsong is now equipped with modern jewellery: earrings, necklace and pocket items from Wastelands jewellery, rings and braceletes from flower jewellery. Critical rating is normal, other stuff is as good as it should be. And I even have some spare reputation items left.

Of course, it came at a price: Naktieskarys and Vytautaz are really under-equipped. Tier 7 essences, flower/crafted armour, outdated jewellery. But Vytautaz does a good fight and Naktieskarys performs well too.

Grumpy side: I would be forced to purchase missing 2 (Year 9 and Year 10) paper craps. I won’t be able to finish Year 10. I won’t get ANY freakin’ reward for ANY of Scavenger deed: they are impossible to finish solo by any free player. I really wish something bad happens to all developers.

And so the dark, grumpy day has ended: no Featured Instances, no hope of anything nice, just hopeless dark – to the great joy of our retarded developers.

Waiting for Year 9


Lord of the rings online

…and this time it was different. Featured instance groups were active. First, Stormsong ran, of course experienced power problems (blue bar depleting too quickly). Overall it was really good, my AoE attacks were handy. Then – Naktieskarys, shing-shing Champion. Run was half good, since Glinghant is mostly ranged fight. Third – Vytautaz. He performed really better than Naktieskarys (except energy replenishing with Second wind), almost no health problems.
Loot was good – Anfalas scrolls, some Journal crates, valuable Host of the West reputation items, especially low ones.

Crafting: Naktieskarys crafted +500 reputation items (still have 8 recipes, all thanks to Kinship), then low reputation. Waiting for +35 low-reputartion cooldown. Stormsong crafted low reputation – but got high one instead, cursed critical success. Waiting for +35 low-reputation cooldown. Vytautaz crafted some Cook reputartion emblems.

Today we would have Year 9 Scavenger quest. I don’t wat for this one. probably we will get just another lame “/fart in face of Theoden”, “collect remembrances somewhere in Middle Earth”, “run shop-only skirmishes” things.

And so the day has ended, it was good – I am on my way to getting 100 Anfalas scrolls for each toon. The day has been godo in Lotro.

Featured stagnation


Lord of the rings online

Game became a bit lazy. There are almost no Featured Instance groups. I tried to locate one – missed one, then  – got silence. Finally, we made Kinship run, finished everything and I got some Anfalas scrolls and Crafting journal box.

Managed to help one player with Garth Agarwen:Arboretum instance. It was really quick.

Bartered 2 rings (Flower set), now need only one thing: to locate needed Essences. I am bit low on them, so would need some income + advice. Or, should I need specific ones – craft them.

Low reputation items crafting: transferred some stuff to Stormsong. Now I must just wait and after that – craft, craft, craft.

Tomorrow we would have Scavenger hunt. I really do not wait for it. Easy to predict: once again “collecty remembrances somewhere” or “show /fart emote in front of Theoden”.  The only thing I want is this hunt to end, receive some stuff from these pages and forget it.

And so the day has ended – a bit stagnated in Lotro.

Wasteland jewellery:last preparations


Lord of the rings online

Featured instance – this time Glinghant in Annuminas. One that probably suits ranged units. Good for Minstrel, not so shiny for Champion. Did all 4 runs on two toons. The only problem was mana issued – always ran out of it. Of course, challenge was not for me: I am AoE type and challenge calls for “no AoE”. I told – “no AoE – grumpy Minstrel”. However, we were victorious. I earned some Anfalas scrolls, War materials, trash essences.

It was my first time that I managed to use Dagorlad Jewellery journal and worthless Obsidian. Asked kinnies if someone could craft me +35 low level item collection – one nice person responded. I had all materials, Now, I have some 120 low level materials, need some 60 more…and then rush to barter 2 earrings. Then, Wasteland jewellery would be complete. Of course, I won’t stop then. Would need flowers, crafting materials, low and high level reputation items.

Then – question about necklace/rings. I have some flower jewellery, but have too little quality Essences. Anorien boxes were deleted long ago. Re-craft ? use existing tier 7 Greater ones?

And so, the day has ended: quite succesfull in Lotro.

Wasteland jewellery


Lord of the rings online

Weekend was busy. I was crafting low-level reputation items, running Featured instance, collecting flowers, bartering stuff.

Featured instance runs were a bit passive: sometimes I could make only 2 per day. Rewards were kind of nice though and I was good both as Minstrel and Champion.  the hardest part: take those 2 monsters far from each other. I could not manage to draw their attention. However, we won and I looted many nice things.

Then, it was high time for Wastelands jewellery. I calculated: some 320 high level items and 80 low-level. Seemed pretty logic. Well, in fact it was: 80 high level and 320 low level items. Crafting madness began, sometimes I purchased things for 30 gold. Then, I exchanged high lvl items to low lvl ones…and at the end of the day bartered second Wasteland jewellery item. Kinship as always was really kind to advice. Once again, removing Critical rating and Vitality, trading them for Morale and Will. Later, would add much Tactical Mastery and Will.

Now, I have 2 Wasteland jewellery items and enough high-lvl items. All I need is to craft some 120 low-level reputation things. Then, my re-equipment would be complete. Maybe I could use some flower jewellery (rings)…maybe not.

I enjoy when I have some purpose in Lotro, be it crafting or grinding for reputation or running same Warg pens for task items. Soon, I will re-equip one toon, then start flower/resource grinding for other.

And so the weekend has ended. It was quite a success in Lotro.

Scavenger hunt: year 8


Lord of the rings online

We have Scavenger hunt year 8 – this time it’s Gimli. I really did not expect anything good: Legolas was just not doable.

I was wrong. Gimli is doable, soloable. We have his quest line to visit places dear to him: from meeting Lady Galadriel to observing book about ill-fated expedition to Moria. I really enjoyed one quest (not done yet): kill 42 Orc in Helms deep battles. Yes! Final proof Dwarf axe is superior to Elven bows. So far I went Gloin to bow to him, visited places in Rivendell, visited Lothlorien and for some reasons – Barrows near Bree. Gathered remembrances there and here.

Of course, some instances: Galadriel’s mirror, for some reason – Hytbold battle, stand before Saruman. All should be soloable which is good. Most of them are interesting, not frustrating (good too).

Some kinnies complain “it is too easy”. Not valid complaint, thing may be too hard only. If it is easy – good, everyone does, everyone is happy of quests.
Just not about rewards. I will get…pig as reward. Dear developers, what are you smoking? A cosmetic shield with Dwarven emblem may be nice, just not cow, pig. What would we get next time, an overgrown Cocroach?

However, despite minor setback – Year 8 quest is good, nothing to complain about. Looks like no paywall, no forced things.

We spoke about developers and how they do not think about players. Sometimes I really wish I could advice developers on how content is doable from single f2p player perspective. But they won’t listen to anything, except fanboys. Yeas, only know they started to listen to feedback about mitigations. Only now and only about mitigations. They don’t want to hear any non-fanboy opinion about other things.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro. Waiting to finish Year 8 stuff.

crafting, updates



Lord of the rings online

It was a short day in Lotro. Stormsong crafted stuff, then did Featured instance runs. Loot was mediocre. Naktieskarys crafted stuff (i.e. low reputation items),  Then I moved to Wastelands: harvested Dagorlad crap deposits, took every flower and had to fight some monsters. I am low on Violet/Gold extracts for crafting journals – but these are grindable.

Game had new update, the only part is Vitality becomes important once again. So far little of changes concerns me. I am a bit alarmed when I hear SSG is going to “balance” essences – they work nice, all they need is to get rid of Minor ones, make essences/essence armour unavailable to lvl.85-95 and maybe take out those that are almost not used. Other than that – no changes are needed, system works good.

Also, looks like developers announced “no more slots for essences on armour” policy. Looks bad. In their place I would introduce 2 sets: a) class set with, say, 3 slots and some cool statuses; b) universal set with, say, 5 slots and almost no additional statuses. Let players choose…but at this point Turbine failed, SSG fails and would fail.

Black desert online

A new mmo, deal-breaker etc. score is nice (8.2). Players’ reviews are nice, almost everyone praises. Nice combat, crafting, immersive world, good housing…even B2P model is not so bad (especially with that 40% discount).

But there is no tabbed targeting, u have to move your toon, dodge/shoot in real time, so you have to move a lot and depend upon combos. That killed BDO for me. Sorry, tabbed targeting is the only nice choice…

And so the day has ended – effective and good in Lotro.

…more than gold



Lord of the rings online

Lost temple runs were nice: short, effective. Loot was mediocre, but main thing was Crafting journal box. I chose weaponsmith, so that Naktieskarys could craft. He did: one +500 item and one +100 item. The last ones seems to be more valuable.

Stormsong ran Featured instance and then stopped. I needed to equip my Armour of Ithilien seeker. Needed help with essences, asked Kin. As always, kinnies helped with discussion what I need, what do I prefer and adjusting advices.

I asked questiobn after question, from “pick essence A or B?” to “what to do with used armour?”. At the end it turned out I lacked one essence. Could use tier 8 Major or Tier 7 Greater. When kinnie knew, he just sent me Supreme tier 8. Just because I needed one. Asked about repayment – nothing. I offered crafting ingredients, solvents – once again nothing. Well, I do hope I could repay somehow.

When we talked, he told me if I lack something, he may send me that. I lack advice, it it valuable more than gold and mithril. You can get things if you grind enough, advice is more valuable. Our Kinship really shines with that.

Now, my Minstrel is almost good. Yes, I have too much Critical rating (some 20.000 instead of 17.500) and less Morale, Will, Tactical mastery (easy to replace, sacrifying one Essence reclamation scroll).

Today we have yet another maintenance – some things are adjusted, some stuff fixed. Mordor is ahead, level cap increase confirmed (yay!).

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.

Host of the west: finally done


Lord of the rings online

We have new Featured instance: The Lost Temple. A 6-man instance with some mazes. Long, yet doable. Ran it on Stormsong and Naktieskarys. Frist run – with Kinship. They were running so fast that I could not make it to them (yes, thanks to PC lag too!). Sometimes action was so swift I could just look. And one time I got killed, just because of stuff happening too fast. Loot was half-nice: some valuable Host of West reputation items, some Anfalas scrolls and trash essences.
Naktieskarys had better luck – group was not rushing so heavily. One time killed, loot – once again, Host of West items, Anfalas scrolls.

I talked in Kinship chat and they reminded me (after I assured I am not trolling) that all those phials from Wastelands are for crafting journals. A-a-a-ah! So all I needed was one barter session. OK, Stormsong used remaining 24 recipes. My inventory was half-full. It was time for reputation run.

I used Tomes of reputation acceleration. Then, bartered for faction items (weapons, armour, provision). Needed some 80 items for Kindred – with using tomes, of course. Rewards were nice: Lotro points, them Infused Ithilien essence boxes and ability to barter some nice jewellery.

Now, one really big thing is done. I could just sit, craft and one nice day barter for HoW jewellery. Of course, I would be low on low-level ones (only one can be crafted each 18 hours) and only Weaponsmith & Scholar are of any use.

But – big task is done, rewards earned. This week is simple: Featured instance runs on all 3 toons; small reputation items crafting; Wasteland essence grind to make sure Naktieskarys uses all recipes. ANd try not to think about Scavenger quests,these would be evil again, I guess.

And so, the day has ended. Really quick and good in Lotro. I’m satisfied and not grumpy now.

Grey and helps


Lord of the rings online

There was little activity in Lotro. Featured instance is too long, too problematic and with so little rewards. Scavenger quests got succesfully cancelled. And I was low on crafting journals.

Naktieskarys went to grind Anorien ore – grinded and grinded, gathered flowers (Bells Dale gave only 1 rare extract). Senseless activity.  Then talked in /Trade chat offering to exchange existing Metalsmith and Jewellery journals to Scholar ones. Nobody responded, nobody needed. I asked in Kin chat if journals were of zero rarity.

Well, one super nice kinnie responded – oh, I will mail you. Another kinnie followed. I got 14 (!) crafting journals, sent 14 back…and then rushed to Stormsong. Crafted all I could, then crafted low-reputation item. Switched to Vytautaz, bought crafting item, crafted Provisions, then to Naktieskarys and crafted low lvl reputation item. After that it was a time of shopping: bought some small reputation acceleration tomes and bartered almost 150 at Skirmish camp.

To make things better, Stormsong reached Kindred with Host of the West, bartered few skills (return to Hen-Annun and Ostgiliath after battle).

Now, I must prepare for one big jump: use accelerators, barter items and use them. Some 200,000 xp worth of tomes should bring me to Kindred with at least 2 factions (for all 3 I need 255.000). Then – hundreds of barter items too to get some nice jewellery.

My Kinship is superb. I really wish I could repay somehow, offer something folks may need or do something…yet so far there is nothing.

Thought about purchasing latest quest pack. 795 Lotro points, income – some 80 (reputation excluded) which means total loss. I see nothing interesting, though kinnies find some nice activity.

I complained about my feeling in Lotro. Game is losing his aura to me. Every new quest pack is not good for me. Scavenger quests are heavily pay-to-win and forced fellowship, some are impossible to do. And I cannot find any other game to play. Kinie told I need immersion. Maybe…and can’t find one.  No idea what to do, I do need to do something…yet what?

And so weekend ha ended. Grey and bit boring with no ideas what to do except Featured instance.