Hytbold and Will


Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was passive one. Festival is over, no new Scavenger quests. I stood, ranted in World chat (this time about cooking Hobbitses…). One Warg Pens run, only to loot Wasteland taskboard items.

Stormsong noticed Tome of Will-9 in Auction house. I asked kinnies, they told me price was cheap. I purchased tome for 101 gold, immediately used it and also Tome of Will-10, 11, 12 that were in my shared vault. Yes, now my Minstrel is better and needs Fate to increase (well, also I could sell Tome of Will should I get one…). Once again, kinnies were nice to advice and even offer money. Money is not a big problem, since I tend to sell (not trash) lootboxes.

Vytautaz returned to Hytbold. I did some quests, rebuilt some things…rest content is locked behind Kindred reputation. Need some 20,000 to reach Kindred with Snowbourn faction (and barter Return to Snowbourn). I enjoy rebuilding Hytbold: it’s really good to see how town is brought from ruins, how citizens return and even crafting dungeons are open (no dungeons for my Farmer, Tailor, Cook). I know I would rebuild it, get Kindred to all local factions, get titles and Lotro points.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro. Pity Festival ended, I wish I had more time to grind for some stuff…but we would have another festival after all…

Festival end, Grand Goblin


Lord of the rings online

The last day of festival! Naktieskarys felt realy relaxed, did 2-3 quests and that was it. No need to wait, to launch etc.  Then, did one Warg pens run, looted some task board items, sent them to Stormsong.
One nice kinnie sent Ithilien essences of will, supreme ones (!). Very nice thngs, would use them soon.
There was only one player needing help – but it was too late for me. A pity.
Stormsong crafted Host of the West reputation items. I am good with materials on Scholar…and bit low on recipes. On Weaponsmith, I am low on resources and good on recipes.

Vytautaz did Hytbold quests. I have rebuilt everything I could at pre-Kindred level. Now, just need to reach Kindred with Snowbourn, get “return to…” skill and abandon Snowbourn for good.I really like Hytbold.

Festival ended, a bit too early and I did not barter everything I wanted. Naktieskarys left without some crystals, but with nice mounts instead.

Featured instance is Seat of Great Goblin, something that seems really hard to me, so – no FI this week.

And so the day has ended. Few days of leisure, then – Year 5 Scavenger quests on Naktieskarys and Vytautaz.

Anniversary grind



Lord of the rings online

Anniversary festival ends today, so my Naktieskarys had to work hard. Stand in Bree, do every single quest, get  that tokens. I needed 260 Anniversary tokens, so had to try my best.
Saturday and Sunday were just hard labour. Stand, wait, do every quest, count how much more tokens left. At the midnight of Sudnay – I had 260 tokens, basically all thanks to 3 firework launches within 1 Lotro night and tokens from envelope quest (yeah, also delivery quest, tried it once).
Rushed to barterer…only to notice I already had a goat, so some 20 tokens were wasted. But I managed to purchase ANniversary steed and full set of steed cosmetics. My run was over. Yes, I sacrificed Anfalas crystals for mounts and cosmetics, but do not regret that.
Managed to do several Featured instance runs, looting crafting journals, Host of the West reputation items, some tier 8 essences that I auto-destroy.
Crafted some Host of the West reputation items. Now, all I have to do is to grind enough stuff, craft many of them…and the rush to Kindred, using all status tomes and run for goldemn jewellery.

And so weekend has ended – full of activity and overall good in Lotro.

Anniversary year 4: pay to win



Lord of the rings online

Yes, Year 4 quests are there. This time they are about Aragorn. Go there, pick this, visit that, remember reforging of Narsil and finally – smoke in Prancing Pony. Another quest was about killing Orcs from various tribes and colecting memories. Accidentaly did some of these. Third one is, of course, pay-to-win. Yeap, directly meaning pay to win: skirmishes, most of them are purchasable ones.

Developers are making one mistake after another and since forum is for fanboys only – they receive no realistic feedback.  Now they want to monetize everything. I would not be surprised if next year we receive quest pack “Anniversary” for, say, 999 Lotro points. After all, fireworks and envelopes in Bree are still free, right?

World chat was not happy of this, Kin chat too. Yet developers won’t listen and fanboys would continue to tell, like parrots: “Content good, you bad, developers right”.  Of course, I won’t purchase anything they are pushing: I am not to surrender to such agressive actions. If content is quality one, I would purchase it. If it is uninteresting or just bad – I won’t purchase it no matter what.

Which means I should purchase some of these Scraps of Paper, just in case. That’s what “fun” in Lotro means: grind and buy for inflated prices.

However, as long as we have festival, I can do firework/envelope quests, get mounts and cosmetics.


Played a bit. Archer performs almost good, though now I do lack defense. No chats I can use, almost no help I could ask. yet, I can travel in this tiny shiny world, that’s what matter.

And so the day has ended, it was good in Lotro (despite pay-to-win Nniversary quests. Developers, please stop smoking whatever weed you are smoking…)



Lord of the rings online

No activity, just firework quests with Naktieskarys. Stormsong just took some stuff from shared vault and discussed equipment questions. Kinnies advice:
a) not to change existing Supreme tier 8 essences with Greater wild ones;
b) go for Wasteland golden jewellery
c) if I have newer equipment – replace existing, stuff with Wild ithilien essences.

Advices are obviously wise and good, I would follow them. Kinnies know the best.

Of course, we have plenty activity in Kinship, there are raids all the time. Can hardly remember day without them – just I can’t participate.



Yesterday fought, had to kill Owls (and I like owls in real life), was killed few times. Global chat is only from lvl.15, yet spambots still spam channels.

Asta is a game if you have 20 minutes in the morning: game you do not have any story, good or bad. A game where you don’t need to read quest text, just mindlesly run and kill, seeing “?” and “!” marks. Game without any sould, but at last free one.

And yeah, it managed to to launch, freezing at character selection…

And so the day has ended. I must pay more attention to Lotro which I would do next days.




Lord of the rings online

Busy. Naktieskarys was really busy with Anniversary, firing fireworks, collecting lost invitations. Finally, final activity deed was completed! Now I may do quests for my own pleasure…and grind those tokens!

Well, because of mounts and their cosmetics. I had a choice – Anfalas crystals or nice cosmetics. Kinnies adviced to go for mounts and cosmetics, which means 260 tokens. I think it’s a good choice: I can always barter crystals.

Tried to help one player, but this was daily quest in Eregion and i did not have infused stone (tens in vault) – had to retreat. Also, ran one Featured instance and farmed Wastelands.

In World chat we had fun – once again, talking about “alternativr facts” concerning Sauron. He wasn’t bad, he wished good: multicultural society, then securing peace with Rohan and Dunlendings. Of course, Grima the Noob spoiled everything. Outsorcing – concluded folks in chat – failed. So, we ranted and joked and it was really fun.

One very kind kinnie once again helped me with Essence system – what to replace with what. Things seem to be quite understandable and advice is really helpfull.

Vytautaz did Year 1 and Year 2 Scavenger hunts, hoarding valuable Papers. Rumour is, we would receive something nice for them.



Still playing. Controls are bad. Enviroment is too shiny, monsters are mostly peacefull (yellow means they do not intend to harm you). I left one zone, went to another – still no impressions. Yes, world is shiny shiny, it still has no story, leveling is easy, rewards are mostly good. Archer is nice, yet I see its shortbacks – yet Mage, Healer are inferior to Archer.

I do not take crafting schools, because do not know which one. Armour/weapons? or armour/jewellery? or weapons/jewellery? Chat had no suggestions.

Developers decided chat is from some level only. Not 12, because I still can’t use global chat (trade – yes, I can). It did not stop gold sellers though.

Community: not very toxic, yet not too friendly. Already met one Lithuanian player.

Conclusion: good place to kill some time in shiny senseless world.

And so the day has ended, life was really good in Lotro.

Asta:game without sould…and Lotro with one



ASTA: the war of tears and winds

A reborn MMO, this time on Steam only. As we will see – based on Eastern themes (Chinese probably).
Character creation: two factions. Good one and bad one, some races are side-bound. Onre race (Draconian?) has only one sex, like Lotro’s dwarves. Customization is good, though some details are too hard to see.
Classes: several ones. I tried ranged ones – Mage, Archer, Healer.

Ganeplay: prepare for Shiny Shiny world. Everything shines, very many shining bright colours. Every player/NPC figure is small – and of course, shiny with fantasy Oriental costumes. Names are Eastern too (I guess – Chinese).

Controls: this is where game is bad at. You just can’t run forward and look  forward at the  same time. Nope. You cointrol going forward and you must control running forward.

Enemies are most;ly peacefull, they just swarm landscape waiting untill you attack them. You don’t attack, they don’t engage. Some, however, are programmed to behave normally.

There is no story except one told in custcenes. You receive quests, you go kill or pick (pickable items are Shiny ones), then return to NPC, NPC sends you somewhere else…with you not caring what happens. Burn rebel leaflet? ok. Kill little devils/laughing devils? Done. Imbue some orb with some souls and place it into wierd item? Ok, move forward. There is no character you could bind yourself to, I could not imagine roleplay there.

Easyness: yes, a MMO that is too easy evemn for me. On the map every quest NPC is marked with “?” and “!” so you won’t miss. There is loot, there is quick travel. Intro region is totally free, dungeons can be soloed.

Classes: so far, Mage sucks and Archer wins. Just because Archer has sniping shot and then Archer has explosive shot that sends enemy away. If that’s not enough, Archers have shot that shoots triple arrows. Tried healer, could be nice too.

Mounts: yes, we have Dragons. They can’t fly (!), you just ride one. We have login rewards and level rewards too.

Community: game (launcher April 26th) is already being spammed with gold sellers. Game admins translate a message with content – if you see smth not good, fele free to ignore. Isn’t your job to get and ban gold scammers, game admins? As for human community – there are Guild advertising, I got ninja-invite into one Guild 9rejected) and one whisper to join. My questions about class etc only in two cases were answered, almost nobody wanted to asnwer newbie questions.

Resuming: Asta is a game that may last shortly, but it is your option (it’s freee!) to relax should any quality MMO be on maintenance. A game without sould, without any story except “good and bad battled, now they continue battle”. Nothing that would make you think – oh well, maybe pay these few $?

Lord of the rings online

Festival goes on, my Naktieskarys is doing evreyr quest…i.e. was doing. I ran into quest that required new quest pack. And yes, I do not have one, boycotting them. So, had to cancel entire quest only due to developers’ wish to sell bad quality questpack. Curse you, develeopers. This thing aside, I was doing good, even managed to get Vytautaz to do festival quest. You know, 10 empty scraps of paper would be exchanged into some cool rewards, so I do not want to miss an opportunity.

We save Game master online (+Doe), so World chat for the first time was nice and polite…untill GM left. Then it returne to previous bad state. I wish they ban users for political talks, these are for no good.

Naktieskarys managed to advice one fellow player from Lithuania: proud lvl.16 Minstrel (quality class, riught choice!). Of course, should dhe need help, I would always help.

Naktieskarys is now heavily grinding festival tokens: I want mount and mount cosmetics. This is some 260 tokens and I have around 160…within one week. It means hard work.

Managed to run Featured instance. Loot was very good: 2 reputation items, 2 journals. I am prepared to jet-level reputation with all factions/subfactions of Wastelands.

And so, weekend has ended, it was a good in interesting one. Puity Festival ends so soon.

Waiting for…


Lord of the rings online

Lag. Heavy, heavy lag in Bree that spoiled most of gameplay. Other than that:
Naktieskarys did Festival dailies, managed to finish 4/7. Lag was heavy, sometimes it was really hard to do anything. Failed one fireworks quest due to it.

Lag spoiled helping one player. He wanted po opwer-level, I told he could use experience tome. We did one Tuckoborough, then Siege of Gondamon, then Tucko…

And there I stuck. I was standing, no action, no vision (darkness only)… then connection to server lost. It was bad, I felt bad.

Logged later with Stormsong in Wastelands. Everything was good, even Bree vault.

Business things: traded one Tome of Will to another. Now, my Minstrel is more powerfull and lacks another one…after that, I would be able to use some 3 other tomes in my vault. Another kinnie wanted tome…but I had only one for exchange. Sale is not an option, I need tome, not gold.

Stormsong aided one lvl.20s Beorning with all 3 Great Barrow instances. Luckily, he knew Thadur strategy and learned “if trouble, run to me, not from me” axiome. Everything went perfect with this.

I am waiting for Year 3/ year 4 quests. It’s so refreshing and interesting.

And so the day has ended, too laggy in Lotro.

Update, no Year 3


Lord of the rings online

We had an update. Developers finally listened to players and allowed travel to Dead Marches without accepting quest. Just a quick ride for all, free and non-free players. Also, some minor things got corrected.

Naktieskaryd spent day doing festival quests – fireworks, letters. Bree is always lagging, many people talking about it. Kinnies told there once wa 50 players in fireworks area. No surprise this area lags heavily. Developers under-estimated many things and now we pay with lag. Solution could be simple: more places to farm Festival tokens, like Fireworks in Thorins Hall or preparing some dishes in Shire.

Still no Year 3/Year 4 quests. Just when would they add these?

In the forums developers claim they ARE playing. Anonymous, mostly top-level toons. The question is, are they playing as all of us or just typing: setlevel-105; setLI – FirstAge105; Setgold-9999; Setaccount-VIP; Setlegacies-max; SetAnfalasScrolls-999; SetAnfalasCrystals-999; Setstatustomes-max.? Are they doing all 75 quest in The Shire? Are they killing grims in Forochel, Dragonets in Moria? Are they actually listenig to what players are doing, watching some empty lands without chance to find fellow player? I do doubt. Developer may create toon, max it with few command lines, ride through Bree/Shire/end game lands and tell everything is ok.

I do wait for Year 3 and Year 4 quests. Running daily quests is a bit boring: maximum 2 at one night, then, say, 1 Sparking Interest and 1 Envelope.

Speaking on envelopes: we had a good rant about them, joking about “there is a poison in some of them”, turning into “do not worry, death is quck, unlike some painfull Werewof curse contained in some envelopes”. Also, talked with one kinnie about equipment. He told mine was pretty good (my Minstrel’s) for soloing dps and if I want, I may replace essences with N.ithilien ones. Well, a nice advice I am eager to follow.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.


Festival:waiting for Year 3



Lord of the rings online

We have new Featured Instance, this time – Ghlinghant. Tried to get into groups, but did not succeed.

Naktieskarys was the only active.

I was waiting for Year 3 and year 4 quests on Anniversary festival. Unfortunately, there were none. Did some daily quests (3/7), managed to come to the Methel stage, but there were no players.

I really lack Anniversary tokens. Need mount, maybe – mount cosmetics and Anfalas crystals.  Anfalas are priority by far. Players on forums sometimes complain that tokens are rare to get and there are much to barter.

Forums and chat is also full of complaints, some are dissatisfied with high level requirements. I can’t support this – leveling to lvl.105 is not too hard (with Gift of valar? hard?), with Mithril coins you can get everywhere.

Aided a group of lvl.21 players in Great barrows. Well, it was simple: my Champion rushes, they follow. Sometimes they rushed, I followed and some players managed to die. But we finished it and things were great.
Contrary to my clearly expressed will – received payment (!) and some gifts from player I aided. I guess it would take some time for others to understand “help for free” idea…

Now I am really waiting for Year 3 and Year 4 quests, eager to engage new quests and deeds.