Ghosts, picnics


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Mordor dailies were quick. Died two times, but overall things were good. 2 slivers – not so much, have to wait untill Mirkwood dailies’ day. Finally, reached Kindred with grumpy Elves. +20 Lotro points and now I can send all Bristled Fur to other toons.

Picnic, lvl.10 runs: made solo, 6 and 10 man. Every single run meant 5 festival and 5 summer instance tokens. Later did some festival quests at Party tree – and Party tree lags heavily. Fortunately, Fire grims are fixed and attackable.

In World chat we ranted about Goblin one player killed. And there it began – “poor Goblin, slaughtered non-combatant”, “he was petting his warg” etc.

I am satisfied this Festival has no nice things to barter. Mounts (for me) are just ugly, peacocks are not nice and even Rain cloud does not rain. Which means – grind for some 5 bound Anfalas crystals. You know, to have 10 of them.

Naktieskarys did nothing, but received a word one very kind kinnie may help poor Champion with armoured ghosts. One day I would have to use this help.

The day has ended: good and almost effective in Lotro. Looking forward for new adventures.


Picnics, real life


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: did Mordor dailies and was succesfull. With very little additional job – finished weekly quest. It was quick and I got those ALliance reputation items. Mirkwood quests: I am starting to become greedy. I just pick all easy ones, do 8, rest remains to be ready 4 days later. Why leave things to calendar when you can “reserve” them?

Picnic instance: ran on level 10 as solo, 3, 6 and maybe 12 man. End of picnic is always hard: at same time I have to defend against rats, hungry Hobbits (have to slap them) and then – bad weather. Always failing. But – I get those tokens anyway. 5 for each run. Also, I do run simple festival deeds (except fishing, since it requires some pre-runs). Maybe +7 tokens each day.

Speaking on tokens. We have festival tokens, we have Summer skirmish tokens, then we have Thrang’s vault tokens. Too many tokens and then 2 additional NPCs to use. A pity Picnic ending is really hard, I cannot imagine group able to finish challenge.

Lucky for me, festival steeds are ugly, so no need to barter them. I may concentrate on Anfalas crystals – already have ~90 of them. Question: what would I do on other festivals, including famous Yule?

Managed to aid some players – it is pure pleasure to be of some use. One player asked something, got many answers and wondered about it. I replied that world is full of people willing to help. That is the fact – sometimes jusk ask and you get bombarded with answers.

Naktieskarys did Black book quests, witnessed Dulgabeth’s demise (a pity for Heir of Sauron…but would Lhaereth’s reign be stable?) and now am to do remaining tens quests. Not impressed, since main answers are given.

Naktieskarys finally got 2 Mirkwood essences and may be ready for Caras Tilion, home of ghosts and armoured ghosts. Or maybe ask for some help. All I need are few quests here.

And so weekend has ended – quite good in Lotro.

A perfect picnic


Lord of the rings online

Summer festival is there – and Kinship organized A Perfect Picnic lvl.115 raid. There were 12 of us, some – very first time there. In short: it is an instance with several encounters. You go, you meet group of fire monsters, AoE them, move to some river to rest (i.e. claim banner). Then you have to pick carrots for horse – all the time you escort horse that must survive – later destroy clover fields (these spawn fire monsters). Finally – a place for perfect picnic. Place soon ot be attacked by several strong Bad Weather monsters, bugs and hungry hobbitses. Monsters are to be killed, Hobbitses – slapped. We lost challenge: there were too many enemies. I got some 5 festival tokens. Did I like it? No. It was fun to nuke, but final encounter was a mess. Maybe it’s worth at the lowest level.

Other thant that: Mordor quests. Lhingris, Talath Urui. Died only one time, God knows why. Mirkwood quests were quick too. I used all two keys on chests – but too little ash, still I am at some 3800. Even Gorgoroth diamonds does not help, they offer onyl 40 ash.

There were no other runs. Some people needed aid, but it was midnight, I got too tired and had to sleep.

Amount of spam is lesser. Sometimes I get IM with “cheap glod”, but way much lesser ads in /World or /Trade. Also, advertising is really limited, so even nice behaving kinnies sometimes receive warnings.

The day has ended: busy, a bit slow with too little rewards. Let us hope weekend would give more interesting stuff – including “Many preparations” for Dragon and Weeping Warrior.

Ravens and ash


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did most anticipated quest: Through the Raven’s eyes. Ran to Raven – alas, three Ravens are lost, go and find. Of course, Ravens are on the hills that are most hard to climb. After several attempts – located all, all in different parts of map. Wait a minute, one is missing, go and find him. Poor Raven wounded, go and kill 2 waves (2*3) Ice Dragonets. Finally, Raven flies, run to main Raven. And he tells enemy is marching, prepare for defense. Quest was over.

It was The Disappointment. I expected cinematics, like – Ravens fly above regions, they see things, see enemies marching or even flying. Or – meaningfull dialogue…Now I got only “run here and there”. I expected more, next quest is “Many preparations”, have to expect lots of runnings.

Mordor quests were good ones, died only once. In Dor Amarth met kinnie (he is from Lithuania too), so we killed that poor camp: a Hunter and a Minstrel. One region (Udun) done (5/5), others remain. But this is easy task.

Naktieskarys spammed another kind kinnie (an expert on champions) about setup. I was too easy killed by Armoured shadows, so have to re-equip. And then things began: barter this and that, ash existing; get this, ash existing; get such and such essences, ash existing…untill I ran out of ash. 10 000 ash cap is too low: dear Developers, please introduce store item “Ash cap removal” for, say, 795 or 995 Lotro points.

I logged Stormsong, used 3 black keys to open boxes, ashed almost everything, this morning crafted Gorgoroth adamant (40 ash)…still some 3600 ash when I need at least 5000. Some work to do.

Meanwhile Naktieskarys is better equipped and I finally have a reason to grind ash.

Today our Festival starts. Need 3 Anfalas crystals on Stormsong, some 10 on Naktieskarys and Vytautaz. And, of course, tons of Anfalas scrolls. I would certainly ask Kinship to run Court of Seregost and Pelagir each day.

I enjoyed my day. A busy, yet a bit relaxed one. No need to rush anywhere, fights were good one and have enough stuff for future. The days are bright again in Lotro.

Dailies and movies


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Mordor dailies were succesfull. I took even more than needed: +2 quests in Lhingris, +2 quests in Talath Urui. If things goes good, should be able to finish very soon, Dor Amarth being the only with 0/5 quests.

World chat was full of gold spammers (we call it “glod”), our fantasies what evil things to do with them and discussions about Lotro movie. Of course, we had … alternative view on actors. Kim Kardashian for Gollum (who else would say – “my precioooouusss….”?), then such lore-appropriate actors like Sasha Grey (Eowyn?), Steve Tyler, Hulk Hogan, Beyonce and others. Should be a perfect movie…

One Seregost run: some ashable items, several valuable Anfalas scrolls. Run was really quick and effective. A pity, no time for Pelagir.

Tomorrow we have “The lay of Rust…” quest “Trhough Raven’s eyes” – I do hope it would be interesting. Also, Summer festival with some class updates, new seasonal instances. For me it would be mostly about fishing on at least 3 toons.

And so the day has ended: last quiet day before festival madness…

Seregost and spiders


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Mordor dailies – and yay, my favourite weekly quest: 5 quests in each region. With little help from kinnies – doable and quickly. One just has to chech for extra 1 quest in few extra regions. Or just visit Allegiance halls, what they have to offer. It’s almost perfect.

Forgot to pick N. Mirkwood quests in Dale/Lake city. But maybe will have them when time comes.

Naktieskarys ignores Armoured Shadows so far. Need to become stronger, maybe even ask for help. Anyway, finished one quest, Thranduil asked to inspect for Orcs. Met caravan that was razed by Orcs, report immediately to Thranduil (again) – oops, it’s probably spiders. Now, some preparations for spiders, then I would have final showdown with monster-spider.

We had one Court of Seregost run. One kinnie needs ash, so we ran, nuked, nobody was killed. Loot – valuable Anfalas scrolls, some ashable items that were more needed by kinnie. We had fun in nuking and running.

I enjoyed the day. Dailies were doable, CoS run was nice one and kinnie got ash he needed. I wish we could run Seregost and Pelagir every single day to prepare for update.

The day was good one, really enjoyable.

Dailies, champion dissapointments


Lord of the rings online

I do enjoy my life in Lotro now. It has slow pace, I do my dailies in Mordor, I pick easy dailies in Mirkwood and then have all the time, nowhere to rush.  I have all the time for myself.

Dailies were kind of easy. Mirkwood were easy, Mordor – sometimes yes, sometimes no, one time got killed because jumped from too high, several kills by accident. What I do now is – preserving slivers. I am almost at ash cap (some 7600), so Mirkwood keys should be enough. Managed to do Elf reputation quest.

Naktieskarys quested in grumpy part of N.Mirkwood. Initially things went good: kills spider here, some crazed huorn/bear/boar/wolf there, explore that. Report to Thranduil. He sents to that ruins full of armoured ghosts.

And there it began.  Entered. Killed some ghosts almost easily. Behold world, AoE champion comes to own everything! Two armoured shadows? Not a problem, I am heavily armoured and AoE.

Fight was short. Despite using health potions, I was killed easily. Probably twice. Either they reflect everything or my attacks are weak (like 5 damage) – no idea. The fact is, there is no difference if I am lvl.115 or lvl.15 – same quick death.  I was dissapointed. Wrong equipment? Folks told Empowered abyssal essences should be enough for landscape.

I openly told Kinship that would need help with certain deeds: kill infected orcs in Agarnaith, then locate all chests. Their answer was short – just tell when.

We also joked in World chat. I managed to help few players, not too much, but still something.

I will enjoy short time of rest. 28th June Summer festival starts, all about fishing and I just have to get those 3 Anfalas crystals for Stormsong. Extra 10 for Naktieskarys. Extra 10 for Vytautaz.



Lord of the rings online

A new quest from “Lay of Rust”. Had to visit Galadriel, then went to ruins of Dol Guldur. Few Orcs to kill (poor Trapped orcs!), bats and rats non-agressive.
Then – some memories on past, how Sauron talked to The Weeping Warrior, how Sauron used Smaug and promised that Weeping Warrior would rule lands that Smaug would desolate.
“You are wise and generous, lord Sauron” was the answer. Yes! Finally, someone acknowledged Sauron’s wisdom and generosity.

Quest was interesting. Not too involving, yet interesting. Nex week we would probably witness “In Raven’s eyes”.

Mirkwood dailies: easy, effective. Now – check every day for some of them so that on Sunday I am ready.

Mordor dailies: I kept previous day ones and picked new. Did easiest – Agarnaith ones. Quest done, old quests deleted. Used one key to open lootbox – well, nothing too impressive, but hey, vault is a bit cleanier.

Trolled a bit Kinship. We are organizing low level (lvl.32) runs. I joked – “well, time for my lvl.115 toon to join and spoil everything…”. Luckily, others understood…

I do enjoy quiet days in Lotro. Pick Mirkwood dailies, do Mordor deeds and you are free to help others or just explore. No rush. On 28th things would changer: Summer festival, one about fishing. I need some 3 Anfalas crystals for Stormsong, around 10 for Naktieskarys, so – lots of fishign ahead…

And sot he day has ended – quite good in Lotro.

Pelagir, forgotten Mordor


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Yesterday picked some Mirkwood dailies to get 8 of them.

And then, there was Pelagir run. I can’t remember when last time I did it. It was fun, we ran, we slaughtered, we got platinium and valuable Stars of merit. Everything was perfect. I was in my role: guarding fountain, then nuking everything, final stage – busy with “my” catapult.  Oh, I do like catapult part. Load, crank, fire, see enemies killed, then quickly repeat. If no enemies on the ground – nuke those who sneaked, place traps, repair barricades. Minstrel shines in Pelagir.

After that got a bit tired, chatted in one chat seeking help…and did not do any Mordor dailies. Logged off, bit tired.

Today would be a busy day: new “Rust…” quest, Mirkwood dailies, Mordor dailies. Let us hope I will have enough time.

10 days to rest


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong woke up in Thorins hall beer fight arena. No Dwarves. No players. No bashing. No flying players. A silence.

I deposited crystals. Now have 7 Anfalas crystals that are bound to account. At least three more to grind.

Mordor dailies were almost succesfull: despite one fact I jumped from too high and was killed. Otherwise things were just good. World chat almost did not need help. I managed to pick some Mirkwood quests ; now probably 5/8.

I feel relaxed. No need to rush, to grind Mirkwood dailies, then rush to Mordor dailies, then race against time in festival. Time flows slowly, I have the luxury of just riding and observing. Or heavy lagging in Bree, even if Festival is over.

28th June we should have new Festival. Summer one, which is almost about fishing. Catch matoms, catch fish, then find lost items near pond. 30 tokens – 1 Anfalas crystal (that’s if they do not have any quality mount). Once again, would have some job to do. Yule may be for resting (or grinding stuff on Naktieskarys).

Strategy for neariest future: buy 2 Mirkwood essences, then open lootboxes to get ash. And maybe do landscape quests on Naktieskarys.

And so the day has ended, good one in Lotro.