Mordor: first steps, precious



Lord of the rings online

Finally, Mordor expansion! System updating took 1 hour. Then – logging. Of course, everyone talks about Mordor, zero Featured instance groups. I asked if any kind Hunter could teleport – of course, one was kind and teleported a group of us. Need to remember this: always, even if in bad mood, aid others no matter what.

First: talking to Aragorn. Quest: defeat 3 enemies, done quickly. Then we see Nazgul ride towards us…only to turn back. Of course, Sauron summoned them, then Gandalf tells Ringbearer completed his mission (nope, it was Gollum). We need to find Frodo on the slopes of Onduin! We find, then Gandalf uses eagle-taxi.

Victory is ours, time to talkk to all fellowship of the ring, from Gimli the brave to Aragorn…and then relive moment with Gollum. Precious precious, we follow precious to be one with precious, use only skill “Hobbitses must die”, then finally we got Precious, must use /dance…

And quicktravel to lava.

Thus epic quest line ends. We receive trait tree point, mini model of Mount Doom – and can use travel to Mordor.

Mordor great us with all quests being paid. No more epic quests, feel free to purchase which is reminded almost instantly.

Impressions from Mordor itself: a dark, grumpy region with unhealthy swamps, fires and monsters. Shadow effect is everywhere, taking away damage and incoming healing, but adding 20% to damage received. Monsters are doable, yet one group managed to kill me. Typical lvl.106 monster is some 50,000-55.000 health points (forgot amount of damage done to me). Ranged attacks and stuns works on them nicely, but they hit – well, not bad. Still – doable. Of course, it’s unwise to pull group. Drops: at first camp they drop mostly lvl.105 loot. After killing maybe 20 monsters, I got some crafting materials (diamonds, wax, parchements), then several (5?) taskboard items, 1 local earring and 1 minor shadow essence. Earring and essence are bound, so no option to trade.

There are barter NPCs, but accept only tokens for completed quests. If you do not have this expansion, you are doomed. Well, killing monster gives you ~2900 xp and you need around 2 million to get to lvl.106. Experience tomes would be really handy, glad I hoarded them.

Mordor is interesting, but some part of it is disappointing. Action takes part too quickly. Absolutely no free content in Mordor and only God knows how to get experience there if 1 monster gives not so much xp. The mood in region is right. Shadow-Light balance (initially totaly against you) is presented clearly so everyone could understand. There are some crafter nodes nearby not over-guarded so crafters can have a bit of relax. Loot from monsters is not significant.
A pity, many things are bound behind paywall. Barterers, for example – no matter what reputation you have, it does not matter, use quest tokens. In developers’ place I would have done some free content in Mordor. Say, 1 quest chain of maybe 10 quests…and then you are free to purchase regional pack.

“So, my dear blogger, are you into Mordor or…?” – would you ask. Honest answer – still thinking. Mordor looks nice as it should have been. Initially monsters are not too hard (if I kill and don’t complain being killed – means everything is balanced). I see many faults, like bound-to-account essences or loot not usable by my class. Need to fight, to loot, to think and to share thoughts with my Kinship.

And so the very first day in Mordor has ended. Precious precious is destroyed, we move forward.

Before Mordor



Lord of the rings online

Today is Mordor day – developers are uploading (I hope so) expansion. 8:00  – 13:00 Eastern time. There are already some Release notes. For me they are more questions (would this feature available for f2p? or that?). However, we should see soon enough. Kinship is organizing Mordor raid and if everything goes good – I will try to join. Not sure of outcome, but it’s still worth trying.

Meanwhile yesterday ran Featured instance, same AoE fest. Things were almost good. The only problem – Great Goblin sometimes becomes immortal and needs to be reset.

Helped one group of players. Nice folks, but not so eager to communicate. We ran Garth Agarwen Fortress. I killed anything in sight, then we ran into Red Maiden. Asked about challenge: no answers. Told it’s better to fail challenge (quickier):no answers. When i began – received “no”. After we were done, one person was unsatisfied that I killed guards. Then we spent some 30 minutes in silence and discussing what should we do. Finally, I retreated. Sorry, folks, communication is important.

Discussed with Kinship expansion question. Even VIPs must purchase it which is grave mistake. Once they did it with Helms Deep…now with Mordor. VIPs should be privileged, they should receive all content for free. Turbine failed with it, SSG fails with it too. And I was thinking to sub to get Mordor…good to see I refused such unwise thought.

Now all that remains is to wait for Mordor and see how things looks like in reality. Only then could I decide if it’s for me or not.

Waiting for Mordor



Lord of the rings online

Mordor is postponed. We will have it on August 2. Had time to run Featured instance – Seat of Great Goblin. Not very effective, but very good place to AoE. Pretty much shing-shing’ing and ranged nukes. My Minstrel was effective and Champion just had real shing-shing paradise. Needless to say Kinship run was just superb.

Helped one player with Flight to the lonely mountain (lvl.40s). It was nice, I just had to wait and nuke anything that walks. Then, some Sambrog.

World chat was full of rants, some even about adult themes. I ranted untill was reminded “Storm, children may be watching chat”. Ok, had to return to normal, not “mistress – whip-latex” themes… Kinship chat was alive too, we talked about Mordor. I joked that the greatest trolling would be – me actually enjoying grumpy Mordor. We went further to discuss Grump-towns and alike. A nice, relaxing atmosphere.

We are waiting for Mordor. Everyone, I guess, is waiting to see how it would look like in real life. And then -just see my own impressions. As I told in Kinship chat – you never know what awaits us.

My future by far is clear: wait a bit, then try new epic…and see. Grind more LPs than usually. Become good (low level) Loremaster.  If things in Mordor becomes really grumpy, I may not purchase it. If they are not too grumpy – I may consider purchasing for LPs. Just need to have some patience and wait.

Mordor postponed



Lord of the rings online

Everybody was waiting for Mordor, even Featured instance advertisiments were joking, like level-cap 115 FI, come while u can…

A pity, Mordor is delayed, some bugs. This is wise approach: never hurry, better late, but quality content than lame, but in-time content. Minas Tirith and Pelennor fields were rushed, not beta-tested and we have heavy lag untill now. I guess nobody would be angry if Mordor shows up at August 31…but without bugs and lags.

We were talking about Mordor, I had some hard talk too. But I do prefer hard sincere talk to sweet lies. Some folks are bit upset with my approach, but I remind them how I waited for Gondor, grinded Lps, then stuff was nice, cool…only to get disappointed later with copy-paste faces of Dol Amroth and Osgiliath’s nearly impossible things. However, it would be greatest trolling ever if I actually like Mordor.

XinderB was born, a Human Loremaster. Oh my, it was really something refreshing and interesting! A class I may actually like. My pet that deals with opposition and my good supportive attacks. I was free to kill, monster killing was fast, I was safe – in short, pure joy. Told this to the kin (well, amybe I could resume playing my lvl.40s Loremaster then?). Also, aked about gridning LPs with Runekeeper. Folks advice Lightining (yellow) and keep telling runekeeper is not effective LP grinder. Correct, but it’s about fun.

Meanwhile my two toons grinded LPs, then sent slayer deed tomes, xp tomes to Xinderbor. And she ran, using all accelerators, doing Ered Luin slayer and most of exploration, then almost all Bree-land slayer (except trees and sickle flies advanced), using Bree and Mathom reputation items. Result: some 300 Lotro points. I felt satisfied.

Of course, Mordor is not something I am looking for. Decreasing all statuses, nearly impossible to get gear (it would take at least one year to get it) and essences…this does not encourage. Arguments like “some of us asked for harder content” are not valid: need challenge, arm with fishing rod, go without armour and almost no trait tree skills. Of course, developers are making too much mistakes. But things may get not so impossible as they seem. And ift hey turn – I always have my Loremaster to level…

And so weeekend has ended – quite effective in Lotro.




Lord of the rings online

Stormsong and Naktieskarys did Featured instance. Joked a bit in World chat, about “I am thinking of creating Hobbit Haters kin”. Loot? I care little, equipment is thrown, essences are thrown, crafting journals – almost pure trash. It’s only Anfalas scrolls that matters.

People talked there was Build 6 on Bullroarer. Well, nice to gear, yet no difference.  On folks told about pricing plicy (of expansion) and everyone disapproves. Forum members points out my post about pricing (no problem with price, just buyers get too little) is almost an answer. It’s not price, it’s about – I pay equivalent of 10,000 Lotro points and get 4000 Lotro points worth stuiff in return.

XinderB, my new Runekeeper-Dwarf was born. Intro quest was long and boring, not effective as for Humans. Initially – 2 attacks, later third one was added + 1 tiny heal. Typical for your RK damage over time. Nice looking lightining.

And problems with fighting. I had light armourand as mentioned – 2 attacks. Had to stand still while attacking. Yes, good RK would use DoTs, then maybe slow and so bleed enemy to death. I ran into one group and got killed, something I never get while on Minstrel. Besides, in caves one lvl3 Minstrel outperformed my lvl.3 RK.

Finished intro – rushed to explore places of Dwarves and then saw I was really little for surroindings. Took some quests in Gondamon to have better equipment. It was hard (on lvl.6) to kill lvl.10 monster.  Asked Kinship advice – they told on low levels Runekeeper was not so impressive. But I will run him, grind LPs and enjoy those nice-looking lightinings and rotating flames.

Xinderbor would be real star of the show. RK will transfer slayer deed acc.tome, xp tome, some defense tomes. One tome for Ered Luin slayer quests, then one tome for start in Bree…finally, 90 minutes slayer and skill deed tome with xp tome: level 20 should be achieved quickly.

And so the day has ended – quite interesting in Lotro. Maybe I could level up one Runekeeper after all…



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran Featured instance. It was Runekeeper run, so I joked asking – “what am I doing in RK run?”. Folks told, runekeeper was bets after champion, I replied – what about Minstrel? Minstrel is superior to Champion, no doubt. Loot was lousy, main thing – Anfalas scrolls. Now i have 141 of them. I started deleting tier7 and tier8 essences: won’t be needing them.

XinderA did very short run: Ered Luin slayer deed + basic exploration (ELf ruins, Places of Dwarves, Scouting Dourhands). Use XP tome, Slayer and deed accelerator. As planned, bound-to-account XP tome, slayer deed accelerator, health and power potions were setn to Xinderbor. She would make one nice run: use slayer acc. tome in Ered Luin, then rush to Bree, kill stuff untill lvl.20, use reputation items. Meanwhile XinderA earned 95 Lotro points + paid for 3 house upkeeps.

XinderB was born: Dwarf, Rune-keeper. I somehow enjoy this Sith-like class. Grinding LP is not so fast, but hey – it’s magic user, it’s ranged attacker and has some nice DoT things. Controls may be problematic, yet I may try one class for fun.

Kinnies confirm each Legendary item would need some 35 Anfalas scrolls (5 levels free + 5 for scrolls…7 legacies makes 35), hence 70 for both legendary items. I will lack only Anfalas crystals – but hey, these may be grinded at Harvest festival and at Yule festival. Trade chat told Wasteland crafting journals are almost of zero value (10 gold).

I intend to follow one simple strategy adviced by one wise friend: wait a bit, enter starter region of Mordor, do basic epic quests and see how do I fare. If it’s like Warg pens – I may consider purchasing Mordor. If not – sorry, not wasting LPs.

And so the day has ended, kind of effective in Lotro.

grey silence


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran Featured instance, looted few Anfalas scrolls (now lacking 11). Crafted Wasteland reputation item. Ranted a bit of alternative history of Lotro.

The facts are: Sauron the Good was influenced by evil One Ring (crafted by xenophobic Elves, of course). He started the war in order to be defeated and evil Ring destroyed. And it was thought to have gone, Sauron’s goalw as achieved. Not so fast, however: thieving murdering Hobbitses found ring, stole it, forcing Sauron to look for ring and destroy it once and for all. A pact was made with Saruman the Wise to keep peace, maintain treaties with Rohan and look for Hobbitses (to protect them fromt he evil curse). Sauron was aided by wise Human kings in dark robes. Finally, Sauron guided Hobbitses to the very place the ring could be destroyed. Instead of ‘thank you’ Sauron was destroyed, Saruman was killed, entire Orc/Goblin/Uruk civilization destroyed, towns razed, any sign of industry and inventions demolished. That’s free peoples’ gratitude for savign them…

Then I had nothing to do. World chat was almost silent. Kinship chat was silent. Talked with one person (he knows, right?). About Mordor, about me trying to run runekeeper or captain. Maybe not captain: I want enemy dead before he reaches me. And tanking is not for me. Runekeeper – yes, I once enjoyed him. He gives me wise ideas about Mordor – ideas I would use.

Game has become so grey for me. Almost all deeds done, quests too and there are no festivals. Kinship sometimes organizes new content instances or any instance, tier2. In World asking for help is very rare. I have nothing to do, just chat or grind LPs.

And so the grey boring day ended – grey and boring in Lotro.

Earth, scrolls, Mordors


Lord of the rings online

New Featured instance is Fornost: Wrath of Earth. I was really lucky to run on all 3 toons. Performed really well in each instance: Minstrel nuked, Champions shing-shinged. Groups were really good, runs were fast. Loot was mediocre – only some Anfalas scrolls, then almost worthless stuff. Main thing is, of course, scrolls, rest can be trashed.
On Stormsong crafted Host of the West reputation items using journal from box. Not sure if I need, but still…

Helped one player with Bogbereth. Once again, pure joy nuking everything. Journey was longer than fight. A pity, player later sent me some gold. I do not fight as mercenary, all my help was, is and always would be free of charge. If I can’t/do not want to help, I will refuse. If I can, I will aid.

Mordor is at hand. I missed one opportunity to take part in lottery and maybe win Mordor expansion. Yet I need to figure out myself. There are kinnies to ask, there is World chat to listen and even official forums where only arogant elitists gather.

Today started LP grind run on one single-use toon. Human Minstrel is perfect, I do feel confident with her, everything goes just perfect. New strategy is simple: grind only Ered Luin, then send all acceleration tomes to my official grinder. She would do Ered Luin and Bree-land slayer deeds, including orcs, maybe event trees.

In short, life in Lotro is going good, I am getting valuable Anfalas scrolls and soon will resume grinding LPs.

Lotro guided tours and accounting



Lord of the rings online

The days are half-empty now. I do featured instance, loot valuable Anfalas scrolls, almost all other things are trash. I hoard some essences (Teir 8), just in case someone needs them. After Mordor would probably delete them all.

Busy with writing down numbers. Stormsong has some 131 Anfalas scroll, Naktieskarys around 120…and poor Vytautas only 69. Well, my Minstrel would be the first to jet-level her legendary items.

In chat one very kind person initiaded lottery to win Mordor expansion keys. Just write her in-game mail and wait if you are lucky. Of course, I won’t be, luck is mostly avoiding me. I am torn between two thoughts: Mordor is somethign I already dislike and ideology tells – do not go, because it’s recketeering, like paying ransom with LPs or cash…and this thought is right. Other though: go there, you will re-grind LPs, you may earn armour and essences and even regain little part of LPs. This thought is also right. And both are wrong at the same time.

Talked with one kinnie. He is in the same boat with me. Loves game, enjoys it and sees all faults, mistakes, misconceptions about Mordor. In developers’ place I would do simple business plan: sell expansion at same time for cash and LPs. Make expansion for cash – more profitable with most expensive being really profitable, like giving severa hundred mithril coins, several thousand LPs and all quest packs user did not have before purchase. Pay 130$, receive, say, 200$ worth LPs (+titles, cosmetics that are account bound). Of course, for pre-purchase only. I would make content for both solo and groups: if you are in group, rewards are better…But developers chose to do hard content even forum elitists are unsatisfied with. Developers chose wrong pricing, developers chose dividing community. I told kinnie I wish I had a right to one letter. To write to developer. To write all my thoughts, arguments, frustrations, hopes, experiences, suggestions. Yes, no asking for privileges, like “gimme more…”. And to know developer read my letter and answered me like human to human. After that – sorry, no more letters to developers, one letter for a lifetime. Not gonna happen, I know.

One our wise Officer told me – time will tell. She is really kind, helpfull, listening and wise. Yes, time would tell…let’s hope, for good.

Meanwhile – tours. One tour to lvl.105 Warg pens. Went solo, killed monsters, tried to understand how would my little Minstrel feel in Mordor (provided monsters are strong like local Wargs). Survivable, can deal with small (3 units) group…yet must take breaks.

And then there were tours in Great Barrow. Aided lower levels, so it really looked like tour. Ok, go there, look what I killed, turn here, enjoy killed monsters and finally – final monster, see how it fails under screams of Minstrel. Real joy and satisfaction.

Vytautaz finished Barad Gularan named monster slayer deed…now only Angmarims await. And trolls in forges of khazad dum.

Game chats are almost empty. Some trolling, some players-versus-player word fight, even 1 spambot. Almost no activity, i spent half day looking for FI run with no result.

Overall – life is better in Lotro time, especially when I do not think about Mordor disaster. Soon I will start Lotro points grind.

Secret World legends

Tried to dress my toon – nope, no nice results. Quested in Kingsmouth, this time with some explosices, blowing up zombies, setting mines, throwing Molotov coctails…

Quest led me to sewers. I was expected to lay mines and survive untill some device explodes. Alas, there were too little mines, too many zombies. Was killed few times in a row.

SWL looks really nice…but maybe as single-player game. I feel no community there

Offtopic about mmos

Well, offtopic is simple: a pity, Lotro has no competitors at all. I have tried many online games – f2p ones. Guildwars2 hve races that you become immersed into (especially Asura), yet some quests are internet connection-mouse sensivity-reactions within 0,5 second – only. And no story. Other games have cool graphic, but either awfull controls or really heavy restrictions. The only game I could live in is Istaria…but I have abandoned it long ago 😦

Lotro is just unique, best for me, despite some faults and errors. Well, if there was another mmo like it – Lotro would have competition and would be forced to be better, to care about players.

Side note: contemplated about subbing for one month. Rejected. Would be like paying ransom + supporting things I do not support. Grats, developers, with your forced fellowship very hard content…


And so the weekend has ended, quite good in Lotro.

Tomes and talks



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong and Naktieskarys were active.

Stormsong did both Featured instance runs, looting some valuable Anfalas scrolls. Was able to help one player from Wardens of Arda: we ran in Annuminas and I was really happy one-shotting anything in sight. My colleague, Warden, survived and I guess without any problems. Got one map to Aughaire – gave to that Warden (he asked so nicely for the map, after all).

Naktieskarys did Featured instance, looted some scrolls, Tome of Might 9 (already have one in vault).

Managed to get into discussion with one SSG-fanboy about Mordor and that player misunderstood me. Did not try to explain – in developers’ place I would think heavily about expansion, would brain-storm how to make it sell for real cash. Would give many goodies, but for cash purchase only. Then talked to one person, famous in chat.

Talk was long, not heated, both sides listening to arguments (the way I do like it). I told all my stresses, why do I feel them, about my despair and grumpyness. Player explained some things. He tells me monsters do not hit at 7000 one hit (not sure how dot hey hit actually) and that many things are soloable (though admits about much group content to satisfy elitists). He tells even Mathom armour would be better than current.

Player points out -and he is right- that I do not raid. Yes, i do not, I am extremely bad ir lag heavily. I am not needed for raids. He tells I may be playing wrong class (valid argument), but I do like Minstrel. It is a perfect class for me: powerfull ranged attacks, ranged nuking AoE and powerfull self-heals.

Crafting remains nightmare. Essence recipes are single use, reportedly – some 30 tokens. Which means, 12 essences – some 360 tokens. SInce quest may reward with 1-3, that’s about 100 quests for one toon only. Absolutely insane + rumours developers could make recipes toon-bound.

WHich leaves me in hard thoughts about Mordor. One question remains unclear: what if I level with killing lvl.105 landscape monsters? They would give some xp, then I could switch to any taskboard (pre-Mordor, of course.

Questions, questions…and little answers, too little activity. Perhabs I should start grinding Lotro points with my alts.