Runs and items


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong, Naktieskarys and Vytautaz ran featured instance. I was really satisfied with these runs. They are quick, at lvl.101-104 can be won by two players and the loot was good: those extremely rare Host of the West faction reputation items! Also, some Crafting journals boxes – once again, chosing Scholar ones.

Tried to grind Scholar materials in Wastelands, met competition, retreated to Orc camp. Nuked anything and got more Host of the West faction reputation items. Absolutely no scrolls, which can only confirm they almost do NOT drop.

Bright thing aside: I am really stuck with new content. I need tons (thousands) of task items to reach top level. If I am to max reputation with factions – I need thousands of reputation acceleration tomes (too expensive to buy). And to barter quality stuff, I will need hundreds of those rare reputation items. Even with three toons doing featured instance and with FI being non-greedy…let us say, I loot entire 3 rep.items each day. I need some 170 items for one faction (coutning one item as 500 rep.value). So, at its best – some 170 days of very succesfull grind. And then probably the same amount to barter stuff…by that date all good stuff gets outdated. A proof that everyone would accept, except our developers.

However, so far things are really shiny. Even my Dagorlad Onyx got sold, so – “so far, so good”…

Good runs, bad prices


Lord of the rings online

Featured instance runs were just perfect. I ran them on all 3 toons. Loot included Anfalas starlit crystal (used by Naktieskarys), Crafting journal boxes (chose Scholar), reputation items…and some trash essences.

Dagorlad Onyx did not sell, as I predicted. Well, would trash then, no need to pay for the failed experiment third time.

I really enjoyed Featured instance. Everything went just superb and loot was good. Naktieskarys is slowly advancing his legendary weapon. Later I would be forced to hoard empowerement scrolls.

Managed to aid two players with Waterwheels. A pity, I really needed to go to sleep and could not help them further.

Not so shiny news about Dagorlad recipes: not only are they single-use only, their prices are really high. I asked in Kin, was told on some not-so-low price. Bearing in mind I may need ~400 of them…I should use all money on all toons to get something.

To get something for one toon. Developers are making crusade versus common sense (and they know, they will fail). Noobody speaks any good on Update 20. But developers cannot admit defeat and cannot shout about triumph, they are in “lose-lose” situation.

And so, the day has ended, quite happy in Lotro.

Swords and numbers


Lord of the rings online

New Featured instance – finally, something doable! This time, Sword Hall of Dol Guldur. It was a joy for me to rush into battle with Minstrel and one of Champions. Once again, some nice loot. I started to unpack Crafting journal packages and choosing Scholar tomes. For Scholar, I have very little nodes, yet many basic materials and too little chance to loot journal. For weaponsmith, contrary: many nodes, little basic materials, good chances for journal.

Dagorlad Onyx does not sell well – maybe due to overpricing or just because of huge income. Two small lots sold, one (400 pieces) – on hold. Guess it won’t sell, but let us try.

I am really glad about Featured Instance. Finally, some activity and I could get all my 3 toon through it. Yes, they will be supplying Naktieskarys and then would probably just stock Empowerement scrolls

New regions are just hopeless grumpyness. Nothing good in it, except what even SSG fanboys at forum starting to notice: SSG is pressing players to purchase content. And yes, should they look for investor, they could proudly tell – our content is so good, 99% player purchased in and everyone enjoys flower picking so much, that 99% are doing this activity, what an awesome content we created!

However, I have activity, started levelling Vytautas’ farmer/cook and our 10th Anniversary festival is close. Things starting to be good in Lotro.

Shades of Grey and farms


Lord of the rings online

My daily routine in Lotro is just hopeless and boring. No feelings like “wow, I accomplished this!”. Log in, run through Wastelands, gather stuff, gather flowers, repair equipment, gather stuff…repeat untill ultra-bored. Sometimes I get into fight, managing to loot the most valuable reputation items.

Since featured instance is hard and Spring festival is lame – no other activity. What keeps me alive is Kinship and occasional trolling in World chat. I do defend Sauron/Saruman. These were not bad, just Saruman had extremely lame military advisors (who adviced marching ALL army of Isengard so that they become easy prey of Free People’s AoE attacks?). Also, got into some discussion on BDSM.

Yeap, adult themes, please discontinue reading if it’s against your views.

Still there? Good. Of course, I when someone said about punishing – yes, whip and handcuffs…these (mobs) were bad, very bad, really bad, they do need punishment. Someone remembered about Balrog, whip and Gandalf, one told me I was naught and my Minstrel toon answered – “Yes, I am naughty…I am really bad…” … untill one player reminded to stop ERP (Erotic roleplay). Was I roleplaying other person? Not sure. Anyway, stopped talks, but these were refreshing.

Helped few people: one with Sword halls to check his DPS. We died two times, but it was no problem. Crafted weapon and to my dismay, received payment. Gosh, I never ask for payment, if one has too many coins – may give to newbies. Helped one Champion in North Downs (shing-shing, yay!).

Naktieskarys finally reached full efficiency in Prospector and Weaponsmith. Now just gathering Anorien ore and local flowers, supplying Stormsong with Host of the West reputation items.

Overall, I have little acitivities I could enjoy. Farm and farm nodes, gather and gather flowers, feel abandoned by developers and almost mocked by other players. The only joy are crafting journals I could find and some World chat activity.

Lotro, just a grey game (without 50 shades of Gandalf the Grey).

Wastelands:just depressing



Lord of the rings online

There is almost nothing to tell about my adventures in Lotro. Same and same thing every single day: log in. say hello, then:
a) wait for Scholar nodes to spawn, harvest them, return to safe place, repeat or
b) mount horse as prospector, ride and farm every node I meet.

That’s all. Featured instance is hard, surely not for me. Regional quests not for me, because dfo not have quest pack (and it will never pay off).

Had to delete ~530 dagorlad onyxes. Asked for a price or at least for barter – nobody needed. After dew asks just deleted. Before that got some ‘gimme gimme”, refused. An item is in my inventory because it’s usefull for me – for my own good or for sell. If item is not usefull, it is deleted/vendored. A pity, I really thought these materials had any value. In world chat I wa bit trolled becvause of that.

Yesterday one very kind kinnie adviced about reputation things. She told to farm monsters with 40.000+ health, they could drop recipes. Ok, tried to kill few yesterdsay – no result. Not to worry, i just need a bit more, right? Right. Kinnie told about camp with few Signatures. Killed signatures several times. No recipe. To make things worse, recipes are single use, so that to max reputation I may need at least 5000 recipes. If killing 20 monsters does not give any recipe – let us be optimistic: 40 monsters will do. So, 40 x 5000 – is it about 200.000 humanoids whose health is >40.000 to be killed?

Developers, you are totally ruining the game. And your crusade against mathematic will only end in you,l developers, being “heroes” in TV show “Science of stupid”.

Lotro, a sad, depressing, grumpy world without any purpose.




Lord of the rings online

Only Naktieskarys was active. I went to farm Dagorlad (s)crap nodes in Wastelands once again. Onyx is flowing, soon would have 500 and nothing to do with it. Sell? Barter? However, I am getting valuable Weaponsmith items as well as rare Cook items.

Tried to farm some elites: 1 cook ingredient, esle nothing good, folks confirming that farming landscape monsters are of no use.

And then had arguing with kinnies. Unfortunately, they did not understand me. I was talking that if I want to get reputation items without questpack – I am left with no options. Crafting is too slow, very uneffective and soloing elites with 300.000 health is not possible.
In exchange, I got responses, like “You should support game and buy qp” (well, I buy it with LPs…), “this is mmorpg, get used to groups”, “you could craft”, “you want the best gear which is by raiding”. I tried – in vain – to explain it was about option. An opportunity to choose. And developers took away anything.

Now imagine Minstrel-Scholar that enjoys solo content. Farming scholar materials is very complicated. Fighting 300,000 elites with light armour – very complicated. Best areas are locked behind quest pack. The only chance is to wait for Roving Threat and pray that monster drops 1 or even 2 reputation items. Ok, you do 4 RTs per day, earning some 400-800 reputation. And I am talking about specific, non-task board factions. Without ten of thousands reputation accelerators – mission impossible.

The problem is simple: developers do not play game (propaganda-broadcasts not counted), developers do not listen to players (or listen only for confirmation: yes yes, goosd content…), developers do not understand how people play. To make things worse, developers fail to understand: freedom to choose is the best thing.

I was unsatisfied with these arguings. Maybe I should try harder to explain what is my position, what I can and what I can’t do.

Overall – boring, grumpy day in boring, grumpy region. The only non-grumpy thing: crafted one lvl.100 First age weapon for other player. Otherwise – grumpyness, emptyness and misunderstandings.

Dagorlad journals


Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was the only active and have ~1 hour to play. I ran through Wastelands, harvesting every node of Dagorlas scrap (always calling it “crap”). Loot was nice, 3 Jeweller journals (which I could exchange into needed Weaponsmith ones). Met few competitors too.

We have Update 20.0.1: monsters in one forteress no longer drop rep. items. Typical for SSG/Turbine: we give nice feature, wait untill chosen few use and abuse it, then declare “it does not work as intended” and delete. Also, game got some insignificant changes.

And so the day has ended – as usual, meaningless in new regions.

Update 20:things we lost



Lord of the rings online

New Featured Instance is – Seat of the Great Goblin. One sometimes I died at lvl.105 (when Goblin was, say, 50). Sorry, no.

Stormsong rested. Naktieskarys, my always grumpy Dwarf, rode to harvest. I ignored epic quests, they give me no cool rewards. This time was just farming things as Prospector.

And things went great. There were load of Dagorlad Scrap everywhere. Within one day and few hours I gathered ~100 of Armourer, Weaopnsmith, Jeweller materials as well as 2 Cook materials. Bonus things: 2 crafting journals, Weaponsmith and Jeweller.  Also, picked local flora, avoided combat (why should I fight monsters when they drop nothing usefull?). Two times died when entered some undead-riders infested land with huge Damage over time. Never defeated in combat (because avoided it).

Well, this prospecting gives explanation su blog’s title: The Things We Lost. We lost fun. Something cool, something to remember from overall region. Now, it is only riding, grinding stuff, returning to ruins, repairing, then rushing to grind again.  New region is just a copy-paste of Angmar (brown land), Dead Marches (lights, slugs…) and Lone Lands (no hubs) with Limlight Gorge v.3.0 and pre-quest locked crafting dungeon (Hytbold v.2.0). I am riding through this region with no real purpose: grind there and here, take this and that…with no soul in it.

And so the day has ended: no fun, no soul, no adventures in neww region, only very fruitful Prospector grind.

New epic, Waste lands: first look



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran the new content! First, she had to rush with Book 7…and then up to new epic.
It starts in Host of the West and basically follows Aragorn’s diversion at The Gates of the Teeth, witnessing dialogue with Mouth of Sauron.
Epic was short. Maybe too short. I expected something larger, with running from A to B, visiting locations… Not this time. Talk to Aragorn, prince of Gondor, Gimli, Legolas, kill few Orcs, witness stuff. At the end of the epic (“Mordor triumphant”) Pipin died. Some troll fell on him and brave Hobbit met his end. Movie ended with vision of Anduin river.

Yes, cinematic and dialogues were good. Epic quests were not interesting. Region itself is absolutely uninviting and uninteresting. No cool places to visit, scenery to view, no larger hubs with facilities. Lots of orcs and fauna to kill, should one wish to do so.
Crafting is non-productive and real pain. My scholar ran from one of few to ruins to another, gathering really little materials. Crafting instance is locked beneath quest pack wall. Monsters won’t drop reputation items, task board accept stuff for only one faction, Host of the West.  I thought monsters (be it humanoids or crawlers) may drop, but after first ~20 kills – no item. Hunting elites is suicide, I attacked Khundolar Guardian with some 191.000 hp…and was killed, my own firepower wasn’t enough, heals were too weak.

I asked in Kin chat for advice and one wise kinnie told: check epic quests, see if you experience lag, see how you feel and then decide. That was a really wise advice. I checked, I understood I won’t like it…and probably saved some 800 Lotro points.

New region has new flowers. Named after bones, wraith and alike. These drop violet and golden extracts. Folks keep telling I can barter something for them.

In short, new region is just bad. Nothing invites to stay there, to try some quests or kill/harvest stuff. Yeah, we have few forced fellowship areas (Limgliht Gorge/Tarlags Crown, copy-paste). We have some swamps with swamp slugs. Few ruins (and even one dog in ruins). Nothing more that could catch an eye. The only good thing: no lag in new lands and many enemies to kill for task items.

Luckily, managed to aid few players and run some featured instances.

And so, weekend has ended – half good in Lotro.

Update 20:grumpyness and lag



Lord of the rings online

Game was lagging most of the day. Being in Bree with little players was unebearable. I could hardly move, any action took much time to dp: move, open doors, chat…

Feedback on Update 20 is almost 100% negative. Reputation sutff drops rarely. Lag is heavy (everyone complained). New equipment is nice, but costs enourmous amounts and grind is too huge. Reputation increased (we have 2 more tiers).

Forums are full of dissatisfaction, nobody defended new regions. To make things worse, developers removed rep.items from monster drop.

My day was spent with few fetaured instances at the end of the day: at least these were smart and nice. Later, World chat was full of politics concerning London attack. As I said, one can easily predict nationality and religion of attackers: too easily. Too easy to understand these people would never become civilized. They may know how to use AK-47 or plant a bomb, but they would never understand what civilization is.

And so, laggy-grumpy day was over. I am losing interest in Lotro. Vytautaz finished last reputation tier with cook guild: nothing more to do.