North Mirkwood continued



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Went to Gandalf, he sent to 3 camps to gather information. I did not bother to read – yes, ok, next. Had to find some Elves in Dol Guldur, then kill some Orcs – and finally, cutscene where Galadriel, dressed in golden armour, destroys Dol Guldur. Of course, free people are capable of destroying only…

Redirection to N.Mirkwood, speaking with Galadriel, then quest to go locate entrance to that, speak with local king. En route, managed to do some quests.

Navigation in N. Mirkwood is bad. Maps are of no use, quest marking is misleading, so it’s like you having no map at all. If you follow road on map, you’ll be dead soon or go nowhere – feel free to use non-road 200 meters to the right. Quest marker is east? Then your real target is probably west. And almost all land is in eternal darkness.

While questing, managed to talk to Radagast, cure some infected animals, find deseased flowers and trees (must locate 6…but not every counts. Some flowers count, some not: bad quest design). With other players, managed to kill many evil creatures, be it quest or not.

Then ran into unsolvable instance. One lame Beorning looks for traitor and, while in Bear form, looks for enemies. Enemies are hard-hitting Wood trolls. Impossible to solo or with Beorning helping. I realised I have to let Beorning fight for me, he had 300.000 hp, I had only 54,000. Up untill last boss things were good. Then, last one: big, with >300.000 hp and some adds. First time I rushed and was quickly killed. Second time, I let Beorning do stuff, just watching his fight. Later intervened…only to be ambushed by 3 wood trolls out of nowhere. This instance is impossible to solo, it requires full fellowship.

Later – another impossible stuff. Ruins, guarded with spirits and armoured spirits. Standard hit – some 8000 hp, if three enemies attack – you are dead. And so I was, barely managing to escape.

I did not want to ask for any help. Did not want to bother others, did not want others to bother me. But got angry on quest design. If you want player to deal with 6 enemies, give player some 1 million health, just to survive. Or make enemies killable. Or make Beorning even stronger.  Navigation in N. Mirkwood is bad, quest design sometimes is really bad.

Note: I have no problems with “go, find it” quests. I have no problems with “kill 10 rats”. I have no problems with “escort lame NPC” or with delivery quests. It’s ok, I can do it as many times as needed as long as item to find is findable, rats are killable and all NPCs are where they are supposed to be.

It became clear, there are 3 factions in N.Mirkwood: Dwarves, Elves, Men. Task items are assigned to one faction. I started to advance Elves, since it was mostly advanced.

So far new Mirkwood is interesting, a bit impressing, but nothing about “wow, I want to stay here, I like it”. Either dark mazes or maze-like city, no open areas, like Rohan, no stories, like in Rohan or some drama, like Wildermore.

And so the silent, lonely day in Lotro has ended. Grey and lonely, yet – a bit interesting.


New Mirkwood



Lord of the rings online

Game was updating up to 22:00 Lithuanian time. Then – long updating, logging, “connection to server lost”, logging again. Success.

Graphic: we have character selection screen updated. Looks much better, more modern. Text boxes, page select -everything is new. My Minstrel now proudly poses in the background of Minas Tirith (and some moving figures of Men).

Immediately purchased The Path of Necromancer quest pack. Without even thinking. Bye-bye, 795 Lotro points, I will regrind you.

Forgot to continue Black book quests by speaking to Gandalf. Rushed to Mirkwood, spoke with Galadriel, she redirected to Thanduin. Teleport to Mirkwood, swift horse (usable even by free players)…

Green, wellcoming ruins of new region. Lots of red dots everywhere: animals. Wolves, bears, boars. Got quest to kill 12 wolves, but there were rare, got deed to kill wild animals. And a quest to go to Elven king. Problems began right there. Quest pointer pointed to the left, 17,000 meters from me, but there was nothing on the map.

I tried to ask in Kinship chat, other player around – there was only silence around. Finally, I ignored arrow, moved to one city (Fe…something) above me. Path was spooky, full of mists, managed to travel to one river with huge debuffs here.

Finally, big Elven city. Local king, who declared he was closing roads (why?), local Wood Elves asking me to do things. Started grinding reputation with Men of Dale faction.

Elven city is big, reminds other Elven city (i.e. – maze), map sometimes is of little help. Many players aroun, Elves gossiping about their king. Garden with birds. I started collecting Bark Leave pages, telling about friendship between Elves and Dwarves (!). To be frank, I expected something more sinister, like in Mordor.

After midnight, had to log off.  First impressions: not bad. For some reasons, developers hate when players can travel efficiently; instead, Lotro is using IKEA’s approach: you will go through there, because we don’t want you to have any other option. Region may look bit spooky. Not sure about exploration and slayer deeds, how are these in terms of efficiency.

A pity, I got no help, something I cannot admit that happened. But life goes on and today I will return to N.Mirkwood, then speak with grumpy Gandalf…and must finish Mordor’s weekly quest. I am satisfied that I have things to do in Lotro.

Update incoming…



Lord of the rings online

Update 22 is confirmed, scheduled today. What we get:

Continuation of Black Book quests. Comment: contrary to my  beliefs that ”
they would introduce Brown book, Yellow book etc
. Kudos, developers.

New quest pack “Legacy of Necromancer”, free for VIPs, purchasable by others.

Finally, we could decontruct as many relics as we want. Finally, we can apply any number from stack of LI xp runes. Kudos, developers.

New instruments.

New crafting instances.

New tier of wood. Comment: really? Wrong decision, Doomfold should be enough untill next expansion.

New craftable items, essences. Comment: very wrong decision with essences.

Long-lost coins discontinued as award – instead, crafting materials are given.

There are also some minor updates that would affect little gameplay.

Preliminary impressions: sounds good if they manage to produce doable (not hard) difficulty. New raid is a mistake, these raids can be done only with hundreds of players.

Meanwhile Stormsong quested in Mordor. Weekly quest – my favourite, complete 5 quests in each region. Lhingris and Agarnaith are good for that, Thalat Urui is the worst. Mood was really grumpy, I even had no mood to chat, especially at unwise exclamations like “oh, we would have to raid more often!”. Yeah, give us level 250 (health and dps increased like 20 times) – and Abyss may be won, otherwise it’s fail/lottery.

And so the day has ended – busy, yet bit grumpy in Lotro.

Fails and grumps


Lord of the rings online

Yule festival went almost perfect. My main toons worked, grinded for essences and essence reclamation scrolls, Vytautaz got two Anfalas crystals and Stormsong – Vitality I tome. Xindra took part in festival, got all festival titles (each – 5 LP), then advanced with rotten fruit/flower petails throwing deed. Perfect.

Questing in Mordor was almost forgotten due to Yule. Not a big loss – fun is more important.

Kinship organized raid. Abyss of Mordath one. I volunteered, it was not to be very hard after all. Had to discover and then we started. Big group, everyone except me – experienced, what could go wrong?


Monsters were overpowered, weakeist one – 500.000 hp, normal ones  – one or two million. Death – every time, many times we had almost full wipe. My toon performed miserably, I was a real failure. Was unable to do real damage to monsters, died too often, too many times got stuck in combat even when I was resurrected.

And it took us 2 hours to get to first monster. My equipment was damaged – almost all yellow, some – red. Everything was going wrong, I had to inform group I was leaving. There was no chance to win.

I left. Was really angry and grumpy. To make things worse, questing in Mordor proved to be disaster  – once again,. killed too many times. Tried to calculate realistic group size – turned out many hundreds in order to survive. Or – go with little group (24), wipe many times, then return and spend up to 12 hours.

The weirdest thing was that they finished the raid. No idea how, group lacked everything: firepower, heals, players… My tactic would be simple: each monster is attacked by tanks. DPS and health of tanks should match that of monster: if mob is 500.000 health, then all tanks should have at least same. Tanks are supported by healers, so normally – 20 players for one monsters. Or – take more complicated approach: 4 tanks, 4 ranged units, 2 crowd controllers, 2 buffers/debuffers and healer for each of them (24 players for one monster).

My toon was worthless, good for nothing and little people from Kin understood me.

The only bright news: new quest pack incoming, so I would be busy for some time. Yet – no more raids, do only lvl.105 Seregost for ash and occasional good stuff.

And so weekend has ended – grumpy and angry in Lotro.

Lazy days:waiting for raid


Lord of the rings online

I do apologise for being lazy. These days were bit busy, little time to play…and hurrying with Yule encore. Grinding for those essences and essence reclamation scrolls. Grinding for Anfalas crystals on some toons.

Days go very simple and slow: log, do Yule deeds, log another toon, do Yule, log yet another, do Yule…and go to sleep.

Kinship has:

a) Kin anniversary party which is March 11 – Lithuanian independence day
b) Raid on Saturday and Sunday.

I am invited to both. Raid would be really interesting, my first one after much time. Most probably I will lag, but anyway would do my best to dps and heal. Also, raid is required to barter some jewellery.

So, my plans are very clear:
Today:finish Mordor weekly quest, do Yule quests
Saturday: Raid, Yule quests
Sunday: Finish Yule, start grinding Mordor for keys.

I also have plans to level up my Vytautaz (lvl.105 single-target, red line champion) and maybe start levelling Windstorms (lvl.42 Loremaster). Loremaster may be a bit painfull (too much asking about equipment, insane grind for Anfalas crystals and scrolls).

And so the days goes on – interesting, busy and good ones in Lotro.

Festival, Annuminas, Mirkwood


Lord of the rings online

My life in Lotro was full of activity. Every single day – log in Stormsong, run Mordor dailies/weekly for reputation items. Sometimes it takes long, sometimes is really fast. I remember teaming with one Runekeeper in Mornaur camp. He slaughtered everything, I just assisted, we both were on same quest, so things got really efficient. Yesterday teamed with one nice kinnie in Kala-Murg. Fast, efficient, with 3 ash items being dropped.

Naktieskarys, Vytautaz, Windstorms are trying to get as many Yule essences as possible. 1 essence – 1 Malleable piece, would be very usefull for future crafting. Vytautaz got 1 essence reclamation scroll and 1 Anfalas crystal too.

Windstorms, my almost abandoned Loremaster: I am thinking about levelling her up. Yes, she is under-powered, under-equipped lvl.42. Yet fight style is interesting: get bear (melee) or bog guardian (ranged), then just support the pet. I am on blue line (defensive one). Asked kinnies, some do suggest levelling. “You will run through Moria really quickly”.

I sent Naktieskarys to farm Annuminas reputation items and soon Windstorms was Kindred with locals. +50 Lotro points, nice.

I am preparing for incoming Mirkwood quest pack. Kinnies provide with some info, I am gathering solvents and all convertible essences. When quest packs comes, I get it, then try to get new armour, use Essence reclamation scrolls, craft new essences.  Everything is clear and simple.

My days in Lotro are good: am really busy with activities, doing all I could to prepare for Mirkwood (second half of March). Life is almost perfect in Lotro, once again.

Yule encore!



Lord of the rings online

Little time to play – was really tired – yet…

Stormsong did all Yule chores. Assist the poor, attend theatre, clean dishes, empty keg crisis, disperse grims, kill woodtrolls etc. 10 quests that took some time – and them, long awaited 1 Shadowed essence fragment. I had 4, bartered to one box.

Then returned  to do Mordor dailies. Died many times, lucky was I to meet one kind soul in Dor Amarth camp – we formed unofficial group, killed stuff, supported each other. Then player left, I located last cage – things done, yay.

Vytautaz logged in this morning and hastely done all Yule quests. Got 1 essence fragment (would hardly earn that box…but hey, I have another 2 in inventory). Also,  got Naktieskarys to Yule too.

Now, my strategy is clear: as much things in Yule as possible. I do need those Essence boxes for my Stormsong. She will barter and use top-level essences. With best essences, it would be easier to supply other toons with stuff.

I am really satisfied with Yule encore. Brings some enlightnment to daily grind…and supplies me with valuable stuff too.

So – some happy days ahead 🙂

Shades of Grey

No Lotro played: work, then watching legendary “Fifty shades freed” with happy-starting and happy-ending.

Theoretically Yule encore starts today: would have some job to do, grinding tokens, essences, crystals (owls?).

End of post about yesterday. Long live handcuffs and red rooms 😛

Slow and fast: chests


Lord of the rings online

I am waiting for Yule encore. A chance to get soem Lotro points (on Xindra) and essences (on all remaining toons).

Stormsong did dailies – these ran really good, I was effective and everything went ok.

Ran Lhingris with 2 kinnies to find chests. And there the fun began.

First: I do lag, especially on warsteed. Using simple steed – and my kinnies always leave me behind. Then: one kinnie always ran at light speed ahead. Other almost always wated or wandered to opposite direction. I was one left in the middle. No instructions “follow me, ride forwards, then turn right”. Kinnie who was running ahead -was always aggroing all spiders he found. And sometimes our run was really slow. It took us at least 2 hours.

Including Helegrod Giant wing raid. “Would be easy and quick”, kinnie told. I replied that it is either not easy nor quick…or it is not raid. It was long, problematic and I failed challenge due to lag. Loot was non-existent, I see zero need to run this any more. No loot, big problems with monsters (I was doing almost zero damage), takes some time to run.

I am really thankfull to kinnie for running this run and hope I (with his help?) would be able to locate last rare/not rare chests. Then, Lhingris exploration would be over. Agarnaith, Talath Urui remains.

Yule encore is approaching: chance to grind for tokens, some LP (on Xindra) and valuable lvl.330 essences (on 5 toons: so – 5 essences, yay).

In short, my questing in Mordor is going well. I am efficient, need only Naebrand run on lowest level (loot is non-existent there, so I don’t care) and then – prepare for Yule.

The day was over, it was good one in Lotro.

Mordor chests and deeds


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong quested in Mordor, doing dailies and, unfortunately, ignoring weekly quest. It’s Scourges, too had to find allies and finish. Questing was going really good, managed to find some allies and even finished Talath Urui slayer deed. Yeap, those worms and dragons are finally done.

Which leaves me with Agarnaith infected orcs, some 100 of them.  One day will do.

Kinnies were kind enough to guide me through Udun chests and aided in Dor Amarth chests too. I repeated some of chests with Naktieskarys. And yes, Stormsong found some Dor Amarth chests. Some are yet to be found, I just cannot get to them – no idea how to get, one chest is probably bugged. Kinnie wrote a ticket, will wait for response.

Naktieskarys received valuable advice from kinnies concerning essences. Equipped as adviced. Result: I survive in most situations. Also, took some quest in Dar Mauzur (Talath Urui region) by mistake. Quests are really hard solo and no group is to be found.  At the end, entered Fushaum Bal, now doing local deeds.

My questing in Mordor goes good. I am satisfied with deeds, sometimes there are just too many of them. Yule would give more job to do: Ahelissa, Naktieskarys, Stormsong, Vytautaz, Windstorms, Xindra – all 6 toons should be able to get six lvl.330 essences within 4 days.

And so, long weekend has ended – quite good in Lotro.