Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran in Slag Hills. Locate any slug/crawler, kill, run to another slug/crawler…then take some rest, sell trash, start again. Yes, it’s boring. yet, it’s how my Naktieskarys would get LPs and maybe – some nice jewellery.

And Naktieskarys took all taskboard items from Stormsong. Now I have at least 12.000 points value items – enought to last for 4 days.

Thinking about Mordor. Maybe it’s worth purchasing for LPs and being busy.

Master of Orion 2 went just great, I ran it quickly, efficiently.

Now, I must make at least one temporaly toon run and one good XInderbor run. Nobody will make these LPs for me, you know…

And so the day has ended, a bit boring in Lotro.


Moria and grind


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran a bit in Slaghils, killing monsters and grinding stuff. It was boring, so I quickly abandoned it.

Naktieskarys turned in task items. He will need some 2500 taskboard items to reach Kindred. After that – reputation acceleration tomes, rush to Kindred with crafting factions.

I also was able to help one lvl.63 Loremaster with Lumul Nar and Nala Dum. Killing was nice, loot was normal – everything went ok.

Meanwhile in Master of Orion 2 I got into interesting situation: a bit rest, I spent it to build battleships (3 heavy mauler devices + disruptor). My fleet quickly killed everything.

And so, the day has ended. I do need one deed run on Xinderbor (Ered Luin, Shire, Bree deeds). After that, I may quick-run Ered Luin deeds only. However, the days are good once again in Lotro.




Lord of the rings online

Grinding days, same scenario every time. Log in Stormsong, get to Slag Hills in Wastelands, kills slug creatures, loot taskboard items. Repeat it untill have some 150 units, sent to Naktieskarys. Then log in Naktieskarys, turn in task items, return to Bree.

It’s boring + I do not have good place to farm. This aside, there is nothing more to do. Sometimes I troll a bit in World chat, almost no chance to help others.

Now it would be taskboard item farm, then Kindred with Wasteland crafting factions. Then – probably using taskboard items to get as much Mordor reputation as possible.

Master of Orion 2 goes well, only one time I ran into problems, otherwise – I lead my Sakkras into victory (provided I have good starting conditions).

And so weeekend has ended, bit boring in Lotro.



Lord of the rings online

Stormsong logged in, chatted with kinnies, asked if anybody needed help. Luckily, one nice Champion did. Way of Smiths (that’s Moria), lvl.60. A joy for me, since I was able to one-shot group of mobs. Finished quickly, received few medaillions, some marks.

Naktieskarys is moved to grind reputation with Host of the west. Also, he would try to reach Kindred with local crafting factions. Lots of job, but hey, that’s doable: Stormsong nukes all enemies, mails task items, Naktieskarys just uses. Profit 🙂

People are discussing incoming Update. Once again – new essences Scholar can’t craft, these can’t be traded, so all Scholars would be in trouble. Developers don’t care. They just introduce more barter, bound-to-toon items. In fact, they should be doing opposite: make barter system easier, less local currency (anybody uses Esteldin coins?). Ideal solution: universal barter coins, copper, silver, golden, mithril…instead of leaves and various coins.

Well…whatever happens, I must grind LPs, grow up Naktieskarys’ reputation and make Stormsong grind taskboard items. All that is left I leave for the future.

Master of Orion 2 was bad. AI almost always gave me bad starting conditions while Sakkras must expand, must zerg the universe. Well, ended with only one lost battleship, conquered Orion and universe under my own foot, yay.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.

Trolling the world


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did little: took Hobbit presents, asked if anyone needed help (nobody did). Then one player, lvl.10 one, came.

And it began. Animations was crap, characters were crap, community was crap, game itself was crap. Player did not listen to anything, just “crap-crap-crap”. There was nothing he enjoyed. I tried to reason him telling that if he needed help, I could aid; if he wants to flood with negative comments, it is not wise. Player did not listen to me or others, ending in my Ignore list.

A pity. I usually do not like ignoring normal players. I do acknowledge everybody’s right to have critic approach. But when one is 100% negative and try to persuade all players that game is nonsense – it’s unwise.

After that I played Master of Orion 2, being effective with spying and sending my Fleet of Death to crush arch-enemies of Sakkra: Psylons and SIlicoids.

Orion 2


Lord of the rings online

Logged in, took lame Hobbit presents, chatted a bit, logged off. No activity, no time for serious LP grind. I am really lazy (and feeling bit ill, to be honest).

Master of Orion 2: played many times. Weird enough, my arch-enemies, Silicoid, managed to surrender 2 times. This agressive race surrenders? Got low scores, because I enjoyed big fleets armed with Mauler devices. Last runs were just a trip:arrive, devastate, leave.

And so the day has ended: too lazy to play Lotro 😦



Lord of the rings online

No activity yesterday. Baggins’ birthday gets only negative feedback even on official forums (where criticism is prohibited). Nobody needed help, Kinship raid would be later. And yes, was bit tired, so did not even grind LPs.

Played Master of Orion 2. My typical racing towards correct technology: 1) neutron blaster; 2) graviton beam; 3) mauler device. First battleships typically have class 1 shields, first weapon is neutron blaster, secondary – laser cannon with all modifications, third one – 5 nuclear missiles. Second battleships – neutron blasters, graviton beams, maybe gyro destabilizer. Third class battleships – Mauler device, then choice between Gauss cannon and antimatter torpedoes. I decimated everything with these. Mauler device is win-win item since it always hits.

And so the day has ended: short and almost nothing in Lotro.

Holidays, Hobbitses


Lord of the rings online

First of all – I had vacation, spent 1 week at home and 1 week in Lviv (Ukraine). Lviv was wonderfull, lots of heritage, >1000 photos taken, almost everything in the center visited. I would reccomend Lviv to everyone. These days ran fast and happily.

At home: Lotro. We have Baggins’ birthday (autobestowed), feedback even on official forums is negative only. Everybody criticises it as worst quest ever. Kinship was active and is doing new content. I found nothing to do: no need for help (deat Withywindle, would you ever change?), so just stood and chatted a bit.

Then ran Master of Orion 2, led my Sakkra empire to victory, even managing to capture one Darlok planet (why? Just to try invasion).

There is no real activity in Lotro. The only reason to log in there is to grind LPs (already have >5000 of them) and chat with kinnies.

My future is clear: one or two more single-use toons, transfer all account-bound stuff to Xinderbor, then grind Ered Luin, Bree and Shire with XInderbor.

Vacation ends, real work with Lotro starts.

Crafting the emptyness


Lord of the rings online

I mamde an experiment. First, Naktieskarys harvested soime 150 copper ore. Then, created Human Minstrel. Ran through intro, rushed to Bree. CHose Armorer vocation.

And then – up to work. Prospector: craft copper ingots. Prospector:craft Bronze ingots. Weaponsmith: craft shavings from bronze ingots. Weaponsmith: craft ingots for shavings. I repeated last 2 steps untill had only 1 ingot left. This was bit boring, but it was safe, took me to some lvl.13, And yeah, it meant +20 xp for every single harvesting.

Ered Luin deeds were done quickly, then rushed to Brigands, actvated xp tome and slayer deed accelerator. Brigands, barghests, wighs – all fell before might Minstrel. Of course, harvested…when noticed all accelerators were down. Managed to finish slaying, return to Bree for some crafting (additional xp!). One quick run in Marshwater, finished slaying there…returned to kill Orcs, then rushed to kill Huorns. Slayer of Bree land was done, all normal skill deeds were done.

I went to the Shire (slayer deed was still on), killed everything once again. Slayer of Shire – done, quickly and efficiently. Then explored Rath Teraig maze – hurray, explorer of Ered Luin done. Finished 3 quests, got 5 Lotro points for that.

Of course, used Bree reputation items. Got Kindred with Bree, basic  reputation with Shire and Ered Luin. To make things better, sold some stuff for 25 gold (150 silver used to pay for house, rest would make strategic reserve).

In chats had some hards talk with some elitists. Kind of nice persons, but their approach is “nerf everything, make everything too hard”. When i talk to such people, looks like we are playing 2 games: their game is hardcore where even lvl.5 spider requires top-level raid, almost no drops, no crafting…but yay, hardcore rules! And my game where lvl.5 enemy can be killed by lvl.5 or good geared lvl.4, crafting is quality one. If they want hardcore, mthey should go to EVE.

I do feel bored in the game. Spent almost all day for Lp grind, found this to be fun (to run kind of slowly, making breaks). There is nothing to do. Thought to abandon Scholar, because this is totally useless crafting class. Alas, developers don’t give us an option to forget crafting vocation and do NOT take another. I wish I would abandon Scholar since it cannot make (and won’t be able to) any essences since Mordor.

And so weekend has ended – crafting and not being understood/listened to. Hmm…grumpy weekend in Lotro.

Gorgoroth kindred


Lord of the rings online

Stormsong finally reached Kindred with grumpy Gorgoroth. +20 Lotro points, some local tokens…and an option to grind for 3 more tiers. They give nothing, just grind. But I am good at grind. Always was.  Now – a grind for taskboard items, to get thousands of them (for Naktieskarys).
I think I would purchase Mordor for Lotro points and then get those 3 tiers of reputation. Before that – need to get Naktieskarys, my undergeared Dwarf, to Mordor. Little wish to do so. But I have to.
Next stop may be crafting, but that’s too grindy, I need to get lots of resources and crafting accelerators.

This weekend must run my Xinderbor and grind LPs. At winter, I may need every single Lotro point.

Other time – once again – spent in Master of Orion 2. Watched master of Orion 3 youtube clips: clips good, gameplay not so.

And so the day has ended, quite effective and good in Lotro.