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Lord of the rings online

I have been really busy with Great River and Rohan. First, Great River and Limlight Gorge. Managed to finish all deeds here. Limlight Gorge was easier: I ran 2 dailies, then turned in taskboard items, finally – hunted Huorns for taskboard items and reputation. And it worked – now I am Kindred.

Rohan is fascinating. There are stories everywhere, you could almost feel what NPCs feel. You are involved into things that happen. A perfect region, for me – the best that Lotro has. Wildermore is “so-so”, Gondors, Ithiliens are blank, Wastes are of zero involvement. Only Mordor could compete with Rohan.

And then I wanted to try some new class. My Gosh, this was kind of adventure.

First, Dwarf Runekeeper. Too long starting quests. Almost total lack of DPS, any enemy required at least 10 (if not 12 or more) attacks. I had two weak attacks, one medium attack and one heal. Ok, Runekeeper is wrong, tried Elf runekeeper. Same crap. Wise player told to try Stoutaxe. Tried it – same crap, even had to use heals half the time. My attacks were mostly Damage-over-Time.

Runekeeper deleted. Tried Loremaster. Squishy, relying on Bear and most of times Bear running low on health. Sorry, no love for squishy class with tiny dps. Deleted.

Runekeeper is not for me and would never be for me. It has cool name, nice animations and maybe even story behind that class. What RK lacks is one unimportant thing: DPS. While Burglar has some 30 points per attack, Runekeeper has maybe 6. Any low level class can outperform RK. I felt no excitement to play such class, first thought was – “ok, this needs to be valared to enjoy low-lvl areas”.

A pity. Now I run low lvl. Burglar, called Zhuraza, just to enjoy that class. Pity, Burglar uses no bows.

And so my adventures continue, just without squishy classes that have no dps.