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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong and Xantipe were the only ones active. Both did dailies in Hultvis. My Huntress earned 9 scrolls which were quickly invested into last needed legacy. Well, out of 170 scrolls I need…a bit less.

Minstrel (Stormsong) performs better in terms of dps. Xantipe sometimes gets almost killed (!), while Minstrel just nukes. Would have to solve this with kinnies.

Kinship started advertising campaign – and it’s high time for that. Meanwhile irn /World one player asked what video he should record on Youtube. What Miss Propaganda to tell? Of course, famous Mordor (with Her Ladyship Lhaereth the Beautifull, Queen of Middle Earth, Heiress of Sauron, Protector of peace). Since player was of lower level – Evendim with beautiful landscape, then Forochel with aurora borealis, Eregion with night rainbow. And, of course, my favourite Rohan, where beautyfull landscape coexists with approaching war and where there are so many stories. I added that other regions depend on player’s roleplay choice: Hobbit, say, may want to show the beauty of sleepy Shire.

My legendary grind is new reality. Try to max up legacies on Xantipe as much as possible, then use scrolls from the shared storage. Not funny, not interesting, just the way to save sanity when legendary grind would be replaced with worse legendary mega-grind.

Grinding day was over. Period.