Lord of the rings online

And so, we have info on how our Legendary items (LI) would work. Nothing to be excited of.

LI grows up with player. Just each level LI needs to be reforged.

LI has “traceries” instead of relics, runes, feel free to add/remove whatever you want.

Feeling good? Yeah. Traceries are tiered, presumably – very hard to get. Traceries are received for new type of currency that has 2 tiers. Currencies are capped at 1000.

In short, we get same insane Anfalas scroll grind. If we had 4 tiers Anfalas scrolls- now we have 4 tiers of new currency. If we had one type of Anfalas crystal – now we have additional currency. Nothing changes in terms of insane grind.

Developers acted as I was afraid they would: zero creativity, zero listening to players, just cosmetic rename. If you rename goat to Ferrari, goat won’t win Formula-1. Developers had a historic chance to make Legendary item – truly legendary. Now, it is grind and grind, reforging several times a day, then grind for currency, then grind for another currency…and so untill you grind another 200 of whatever replaces Anfalas scrolls.

Disappointing, dear $$G, iconic symbol of incompetence.

Meanwhile Zantipe slowly finishes quests in Wose lands. I do skip text, mostly – trash rewards. Just please, let me finish most quests, grind many taskboard items and I am ok with that. True content begins with Mordor and (of course) – Vales of Anduin.

World chat was so refreshing that it was really cool. Everything started with player wanting to plant several hundred cabbage fields. It quickly escalated into fake Kinship, then – into Cabbage Cult and of course, old Beorning legend about Cabbage cult. We chatted, joked – it was superb talk.

And then I had to log off.