Lord of the rings online

We had downtime. Then extended downtime. Then bit long updating. 2 attempts to log, “connexion to server lost”…and finally able to play.

Yule was there. Stormsong ran from unfriendly Ered Mithrin to Bree, from there – to Winter Home. Good old quests I liked to do. A pity, wasn’t invited to play at theatre, but all others went nice, even snowball fight.

Earned some tokens, got xp…and bartered extra 4 Anfalas crystals for my Minstrel’s book. Steeds does not fascinate me, so not bartering this year.

Yule is a pure joy for me. This year I have to run it on almost all characters, earn crystals and xp. It would allow to forget grinding, problems with virtues and quests. And yes, a source of Anfalas crystals income, even if bound to account.

Kinship shares my sceptic thoughts on Ered Mithrin. For some reason SSG does one half of region good and other one – really player unfriendly and bad. Stornghold of the North: Elf side is grumpy,impossible to navigate, dark is everywhere; Dwarf side is bright, easy to navigate, quests are really interesting. Same with Dwarf lands: Iron hills are good…Ered Mithrin is probably the worst region I have seen. One you want to leave as soon as possible.

But meanwhile I will enjoy Yule, for me – the best festival. Be prepared for me acting on stage as evil, grumpy character…