Lord of the rings online

Once again – North Downs. Running to do epic for Dwarves, Elves and Men. Dwarves would come for council – if I do some little favour for them. Elves would too, just please, kill that named Uruk…

Uruk was for small fellowship. I soloed it without much trouble.

Then, Men of Trestlebridge. Refused. Halbarad came, they did not believe. Finally, everyone promised to go to Council and epic book was done. Next stop, Rivendell.

And I continued my quests. Go here, kill that. Managed to finish Orc slayer deed. Advancing class deeds, evemn if these are really slow. Change form to bear some 30 times a day is doable. Use Feral presence (cooldown – 21 minute) is very slow (even accelerator won’t help). Use “Rush” – well, doable, yet with not-so-nice cooldown. Maul attack in bear form, even if there are no enemies – yeap, doable. Other bear attacks are to be done.

Questing in North Downs goes well so far. I am strong enough to deal with opposition, the problem is – deeds can be done too quickly, so my virtues reaches cap…and I waste those virtue xp points. If only they could be spent like trait tree points are!

Another thing to do: reputation with lame Esteldin rangers. I managed to use Elf task board…thus earning reputation with Rivendell. Need to concentrate on Esteldin first.

In N.Downs – I am moving towards heavier guarded areas and mostly fellowship areas. Places that may be a bit dangerous. But I will make it, no matter the cost. And them, when I am strong enough – moving to Rivendell.