Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was active. Enedwaith has so much to offer – I even lack time to finish both landscape and epic quests here. Finding little bows, buckets and, of course, rushing to local Rangers. Meeting “wild Hobbits” that turns out to be Bugan – wild Goblins, loyal to no one. Kill certain creature at night. And, of course, this mocking “gather boar droppings” quest.

I also spend my time killing all deedable creatures + Bugans for my pleasure. Bugans remind me Hobbitses and I dislike Hobbitses…

It is first time I saw Nona here. Heroine of really epic story.

Enedwaith so far is nice, bringing old memories and nice quests. Realy enjoying it.

Life is nice, nice again in Lotro.