Lord of the rings online

Still grieving. No gameplay, no wish to run and kill whatever moves. I know I would return to my Huntress, to Scutterdells, just not now.

Finally, got dps Minstrel setup. Looked bit weird sometimes for me, but person who posted is a real expert in almost all classes. Retraited, then saw I chose wrong legacy – oops, retrait again, be more carefull. Almost all red tree with heavy investment into yellow one.

Time will tell how this worked – I trust it should work just fine.

When I finally return to Lotro: I must resume playing Stormsong. Even if there is nothing more to do: grind Limlight Gorge task items. Maybe grind Helmingas task items. Hey, even Elf reputation items in Lasgailen should fit (HUmans and Elves are easy ones).

The day has ended – not much to do, not much mood.