Lord of the rings online

Xantipe was the only active. Witnessed ill-fated Dwarf assault on Mazog. My poor Dwarves, they are brave, they do feel honour, they do want to battle Orcs and rush into battlefield with their axes in hands and Baruk-Khazad! batllecry. Yet sometimes this requires strategy.

Later quests involved several skirmishes. I ran them on lvl.55, so had little problem with finishing. Rewards were non-existent, I di not care about them. Some running there and here, some talks…and finally quest to kill Orcs outside. Oh yes, I am lvl.63 now, only two levels to go.

I was in sunny, nice lands, killing Orcs, then had to return to kill Siege-masters, burn siege machines, kill Moria emissaries and wargs. Technically, still Moria, even if it should be Lothlorien.

Questing went good. I do not hesitate to kill Orcs even if I do not need to. Determined to finish this Moria outside Moria region. Then I would have to return to Moria for deeds. Grind almost every single deed, every single Lotro point I could solo. Then, leave grumpy Moria for good…

Kinship actively discussed new raid, feedback is – raid is hard (i.e. badly made), yet many people with titles indicating they have finished this raid. Looks like we would be making raid run: not me,of course.

I found that my only activity is to questas Xantipe. Maybe find some time to do Yule quests and miraculously barter another Anfalas crystal. When I finish Moria, there would be little to do. Stand in Bree on Stormsong offering help to those in need? Not sure. Lotro became a bit empty for me.