Lord of the rings online

We have a Legendary server! Looks like even two now. First day there were some 5000 players wanting to log in, many lag issues were reported. Maybe due to this SSG opened second server (reported by mmorpg.com).

It’s a wise move. Does increase value of subscription, since only VIPs may play legendary server. The only thing I would change – is to deploy new content to that servers slowly, like once in a year. Let players enjoy and move slowly.

Meanwhile Laurelin had some 450 players and almost zero activity. Somebody asked for Pelagir, another person for Dwarf region runs and 1 person asked my help with Rohan warbands. That’s all activity. Even kinship was not very active.

Xantipe just crafted, reached one reputation with Woodworkers’  Guild, now going for another. Each tier would be relatively easier, I guess: if I reach tier 5 reputation, then i use all items from, say, tier 3 and 4.

I am still afraid to go to do epic quests on Xantipe. It’s almost on-level and requires fellowship, how am I going to find fellowship on a server with no activity? Kinship tells I could do it, using inspiration stone. Yet I am really afraid to start. What if I would be beaten every single time?

And so the day has ended – empty one with zero activity in Lotro.