Lord of the rings online

The dawy was quiet. Stormsong took 8 easy N. Mirkwood quests, got Black key, then ran Mordor dailies. This time – Udun and Dor Amarth. Udun went good, I met one player killing mobs. Dor Amarth went nice too – another player was nuking camp, so things went easily for me. Only one time got killed, not sure if this was because of lag.

I am preserving my sliver so that on Sunday I get second key from Mirkwood + 5 keys from Mordor dailies. 7 lootboxes at once – kind of nice.

Unfortunately, did no Summer festival/Picnic. Dailies first, and then almost no Picnic runs.

One player complained game was empty. Not sure what did he had in mind – there are enough players, chats are active, spambots are dealth with.

The day has ended, it was a bit lazy in Lotro.