Lord of the rings online

And it was final showdown with big evil Ice Dragon. Thorin III made preparations and faced an army of the North himself. Many dwarves fought dragonets, then Ice dragon and finally – Big One. 33 million health points. My attacks did almost no damage to creature, had to hide…and when I looked at it, Dragon looked at me. He spit ice, I was frozen…

And then unfrozen. Battle was over. Some Dwarves died, Dragon was seriously wounded by remaining Black arrow…and managed to escape. Dwarves were victorious thanks to regiment from Dale. Elves, of course, were late, why should they care about anything non-elvish?

I felt a bit dissatisfied. I imagined serious battle, I was afraid that wise and nice Thorin III would be killed. And now – just a pause when main events happened.

Meanwhile Mordor dailies were doable (Agarnaith + Lhignris), I have 8 slivers, so should be able to exchange into 3 keys today.

Managed to run festival dailies near party tree. Lag was heavy, yet – I am 145/150, not far away from much needed 5 Anfalas crystals.

Kinship ran COurt of Seregost: I was too grumpy, so refused. If I face rng and almost zero rewards, it won’t be good for me.

And so the day has ended –  effective and interesting in Lotro.