Lord of the rings online

Stormson was lazy: took some easy Mirkwood dailies, then did Mordor dailies. Slivers earned, enough Mirkwood dailies taken – now I have to wait for 2 days and open several Gorgoroth chests at once.

Talked to kinnies about future update. Feeling bit disappointed. Mordor/Mirkwood dailies would become obsolete, no need to do them. Gorgoroth lootboxes would become pure trash. Ash would become obsolete, current essences and armour too.

SSG is rushing too fast as if someone chases them. We had level cap increase in Mordor and now, this year, we have another level cap increase. There was already a working system to earn some 4 Mordor keys a week, working system to earn ash and barter ash for lots of items. Developers had a chance to introduce “Ash cap removal”, store item. Instead of this – we receive new grind. A pity they rush. But who knows, maybe new region would be quality one?

Oh, we have spammers returned. I feel pity for themn, because they have to cripple their own website adress, like G-O-0-G-L-E..C,0..M. To make things more intersting, M is replaced with N…spammers would end with their adress crippled so much nobody would recognize. Imagine ~aG:aO.-a0…aO/aG|||aL_aE<.>aC,aO,aM (remove all letters “a” and all punctuacion to receive GOOGLE COM).

And so the day has ended – quite good, even if bit lazy in Lotro.