Lord of the rings online

Days are bright once again. First, picked some Mirkwood daily quests to be done when time comes. Second, Mordor dailies had some easy ones (kill 8 and 20 enemies in Dor Amarth). Earning key was easy task and I am preserving slivers – would be handy to use several chests at once.

Managed to run Picnic on 6 and 12 man…with lvl.37 Loremaster. Overall: fun. Sometimes we had difficult time, especially in spanking Hungry Hobbitses…but at the end we won.  Once my colleague had to be afk…at the very moment I needed carrots…

In Kin we were discussing incoming update. Speculated about raid. Almost the fact that ash would become obsolete (as it was with flowers). New level cap (lvl.120, we presume), new essences, new equipment. Mordor equipment – almost useless, only for Seregost runs. Not so wise, yet – nothing to do with this. Obsolete ash means I could abandon Mordor and Mirkwood dailies, so – less running backwards and forwards.

Today it should be a half-short run: pick available dailies, then quickly do Mordor dailies for these valuable (so far…) slivers. Then, Picnic runs, some festival landscape runs…I wish I could barter those 5 Anfalas crystals.

And so the day has ended – quite good un Lotro.