Lord of the rings online

Almost all weekend – without Middle Earth. Visited one nice Lithuanian town (~20,000 population), walked almost 18 kilometers a day, took hundreds of photos – and got some rest from my Minstrel.

Sunday: had few hours to play, was really tired, so only did Mirkwood dailies. Since quality ones were not available – had to pick 1 from Dis and 3 from grumpy Thranduil. Key received, got some ash, red snake tome and ashable item. Well, would have to work for more ash this week…

Did 12-man picnic run. Too easy one, yet -some tokens received. Have to work for another tens of tokens…and finally barter those Anfalas crystals.

I enjoyed some rants with Kinship, even “role-play”. One kinnie told” i am big Guardian, gonna kill all those Orcs! My reply: I am Uruk War Tyrant and not gonna let my boys getting hurt! Further rant followed, no need to quote all. One kinnie joined…and immediately left. A pity, but they told me, he went into other Kin that is more roleplay active.

Managed to aid one fellowship in Treasury of Khazad Dum, nuking all those monsters…and getting deeds. Oh my gosh, did I leave any deed behind? I thought I got them all. Turns out – nope. Well, more deeds – more activity, more LP.

Was really satisfied to get many tells to my standard “Anybody needs help with questing?”. Maybe finally players would not be shy to ask, even adress lvl.115 Minstrel.

The day was over, I left tired, yet satisfied. This week should be nice and active.