Lord of the rings online

“The lay of rust…” quest line gave me new quest – The Many Preparations. War is coming – Dragons flying from the North, Weeping warrior healed and plotting evil, so we must prepare for war. Dale-people were told to evacuate to Erebor (pretty logic, they are safe in this fortress). Lake town sent some water-skins (only? Come on, you could catch tons of fish, dry it and send as a food!) and imposed blackout. Elves were the only practical: got some hay, arrows to prepare for march. Now, we must only wait what happens. King Thorin III made almost everything: the only thing lacking is to fortify Erebor to make it invicible. More walls, more weapons…let us pray King orders it.

Meanwhile Mordor quests were easy. Agarnaith, my favourite, and Dor Amarth. Met one Minstrel in Agarnaith and we cooperated a bit.

I got some IMs with gold scam. This time I answer them with half-rude. In exchange to scammers’ link, I post my own, like “ScammersMustBeSpanked.org”. Even invited one scammer to fellowship…only to receive “cannot recruit while in private encounter”.

Picnic runs: 6 and 12 man, received Summer tokens for only one. However, things were really quick, I now have ~123 summer tokens and 55 Festivity token. Nothing to barter for Festivity tokens so far.

The day has been succesfull. Today I have Mirkwood dailies and ability to use 3 keys, earning valuable ash.