Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Did Mordor dailies – Lhingris and Talath Urui, my non-favourite regions. 3 quests in Lhingris, 1 in Talath Urui. Was not defeated, received 2 slivers, dailies were done.

Had no energy to run Picnic quests. Instead, there was an extensive joking about Picnic, glod spammers (to one of them I replied: get lost, ugly one). I told they did not answerr because they know – I would tak about punishing…And it began, talks about gags, whips, ending with mine “No, we are not going to discuss [almost full list of bondage equipment]”.

Speaking on kink: we have NPC with surname Ropemaster, we have rare loot – lash, we have Masters of whip, we have dungeons (Dol Guldur, Felegoth) and even prisoner role-play (Isengard). I guess it’s some sort of…kink.

Asked kinnies about the only Festival pet I could barter: rain cloud. But hey, it does not fly, does not rain, just follows you. Uninteresting. Nothing to barter, except Anfalas crystals.

Managed to pick another 3 Mirkwood dailies. I am prepared for tomorrow and would keep some quests in reserve.

The day has ended, short, yet almost effective in Lotro.