Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Mordor dailies were quick. Died two times, but overall things were good. 2 slivers – not so much, have to wait untill Mirkwood dailies’ day. Finally, reached Kindred with grumpy Elves. +20 Lotro points and now I can send all Bristled Fur to other toons.

Picnic, lvl.10 runs: made solo, 6 and 10 man. Every single run meant 5 festival and 5 summer instance tokens. Later did some festival quests at Party tree – and Party tree lags heavily. Fortunately, Fire grims are fixed and attackable.

In World chat we ranted about Goblin one player killed. And there it began – “poor Goblin, slaughtered non-combatant”, “he was petting his warg” etc.

I am satisfied this Festival has no nice things to barter. Mounts (for me) are just ugly, peacocks are not nice and even Rain cloud does not rain. Which means – grind for some 5 bound Anfalas crystals. You know, to have 10 of them.

Naktieskarys did nothing, but received a word one very kind kinnie may help poor Champion with armoured ghosts. One day I would have to use this help.

The day has ended: good and almost effective in Lotro. Looking forward for new adventures.