Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: did Mordor dailies and was succesfull. With very little additional job – finished weekly quest. It was quick and I got those ALliance reputation items. Mirkwood quests: I am starting to become greedy. I just pick all easy ones, do 8, rest remains to be ready 4 days later. Why leave things to calendar when you can “reserve” them?

Picnic instance: ran on level 10 as solo, 3, 6 and maybe 12 man. End of picnic is always hard: at same time I have to defend against rats, hungry Hobbits (have to slap them) and then – bad weather. Always failing. But – I get those tokens anyway. 5 for each run. Also, I do run simple festival deeds (except fishing, since it requires some pre-runs). Maybe +7 tokens each day.

Speaking on tokens. We have festival tokens, we have Summer skirmish tokens, then we have Thrang’s vault tokens. Too many tokens and then 2 additional NPCs to use. A pity Picnic ending is really hard, I cannot imagine group able to finish challenge.

Lucky for me, festival steeds are ugly, so no need to barter them. I may concentrate on Anfalas crystals – already have ~90 of them. Question: what would I do on other festivals, including famous Yule?

Managed to aid some players – it is pure pleasure to be of some use. One player asked something, got many answers and wondered about it. I replied that world is full of people willing to help. That is the fact – sometimes jusk ask and you get bombarded with answers.

Naktieskarys did Black book quests, witnessed Dulgabeth’s demise (a pity for Heir of Sauron…but would Lhaereth’s reign be stable?) and now am to do remaining tens quests. Not impressed, since main answers are given.

Naktieskarys finally got 2 Mirkwood essences and may be ready for Caras Tilion, home of ghosts and armoured ghosts. Or maybe ask for some help. All I need are few quests here.

And so weekend has ended – quite good in Lotro.