Lord of the rings online

Summer festival is there – and Kinship organized A Perfect Picnic lvl.115 raid. There were 12 of us, some – very first time there. In short: it is an instance with several encounters. You go, you meet group of fire monsters, AoE them, move to some river to rest (i.e. claim banner). Then you have to pick carrots for horse – all the time you escort horse that must survive – later destroy clover fields (these spawn fire monsters). Finally – a place for perfect picnic. Place soon ot be attacked by several strong Bad Weather monsters, bugs and hungry hobbitses. Monsters are to be killed, Hobbitses – slapped. We lost challenge: there were too many enemies. I got some 5 festival tokens. Did I like it? No. It was fun to nuke, but final encounter was a mess. Maybe it’s worth at the lowest level.

Other thant that: Mordor quests. Lhingris, Talath Urui. Died only one time, God knows why. Mirkwood quests were quick too. I used all two keys on chests – but too little ash, still I am at some 3800. Even Gorgoroth diamonds does not help, they offer onyl 40 ash.

There were no other runs. Some people needed aid, but it was midnight, I got too tired and had to sleep.

Amount of spam is lesser. Sometimes I get IM with “cheap glod”, but way much lesser ads in /World or /Trade. Also, advertising is really limited, so even nice behaving kinnies sometimes receive warnings.

The day has ended: busy, a bit slow with too little rewards. Let us hope weekend would give more interesting stuff – including “Many preparations” for Dragon and Weeping Warrior.