Lord of the rings online

Developers published their letter, immediately reposted at mmorpg.com. It concerns Update 23. In short:

  1. Level cap increases to lvl.120
  2. New instances confirmed
  3. Seasonal instances confirmed
  4. We will witness Iron Hills, Grey mountains
  5. Class nerfing
  6. Some things, like Minas Morgul, “delayed untill 2019”

I am excited about Dwarven areas. Places I want to visit, to witness glorious Dwarwen culture. Level cap – good for some early areas (safe zones finally). Bad for Legendary weapons: new needs for tons of Anfalas crystals, scrolls. Lots of work, probably need to purchase Imbued legacies removal scrolls from Store.

Level increase mean only one more thing: probably new essences, so no need to worry about current.  Would save my 15 Essence reclamation scrolls.

Class nerfing is camouflaged on “your feedback” (they never asked for one). They clearly stated everyone would lose ~35% dps and some healing.  That’s what players asked for?

Kind of bright side: would grind for bound Anfalas crystals then. And probably would start running Featured instances to get those Scrolls of empowerement.

Meanwhile Stormsong picked almost all doable dailies in Mirkwood – some 10 or 11 of them. Did Mordor dailies, got a key and some ashes. Then, finished Orc slayer in N. Mirkwood: now only Taurogrim remain.

And so the day has ended – kind of good in Lotro.