Lord of the rings online

Untill 19:00 Lithuanian time we had maintenance. Had a chance to play Master of Orion 2 – my Mauler-device eqipped six battleships destroyed every civilization. Not quick, I played not so good, yet was victorious.

Lotro: since maintenance was technical, no ideas what it was about.

Stormsong did Mordor dailies (Dor Amarth, Agarnaith), earned 2 slivers, so 1 sliver still missing. Tried to pick some quality quests from Dale men, but they did not have. Instead, went to grumpy Elves, picked 2 quests to kill Taurogrim. My slayer deed to kill those creatrures advanced, need only 60 of them.

One very kind kinnie devoted much time to explain equipment questions. He explained everything: where to go, what to pick, what to choose, how many tokens to spend. Barter tokens for purification token, barter tokens for recipe, then get standard materials + 5 advanced materials and good luck.
Result: finally – pocket item with two bartered Finesse essences. Old pocket item would be ashed. Ahelissa crafted helmet, now I do need only necklace. Have enough ash for some 2 essences to barter.

Kinnie keeps telling me to craft essences, yet I am reluctant. It is easier to get ash than Universal solvent.

World chat: had some trolling and ranting about lore.

My deeds in N.Mirkwood are going good. Taurogrim may be slaughtered easily. Orcs – kind of, especially with quest. Exploration means finding some Treasure chests and I was unable to locate some. Finally, deed to finish 100 dailies would be done quickly.

Things are going really good in Lotro. I will keep up my work, I will enjoy those grinds and deeds.