Lord of the rings online

Had little time to play, yet still managed.

Finally finished long quest line. The story followed Mr. Weeping Warrior. Why should Orc weep – remains a mystery. Yet it isn’t. I followed how Orc killed Dragon, was cursed and ran throughout all the Middle Earth to look for bones of Dragons. Witnessed visions of that unlucky warrior…and a sense I would meet him next time, next region. There was much riding (Enedwaith-Forochel-Misty mountains). Rewards were great. Long quest line, yet surely worth doing.

I keep advancing my reputation with Dwarves and Men. Dwarves – because they are the hardest to reach Kindred. Men – because they are on of the easiest. Xenophobic Elves would be the last.

Dailies in Mordor went good. Thalath Urui, done 2 quests here, then – 2 easy quests in Udun.

Result: N.Mirkwood is almost finished. I have one very hard quest marked solo – and in fact requiring full fellowship. One with armored shadows attacking and reflecting damage. No idea how to kill someone who reflects damage and how to get there at all (fortress is guarded by maybe 100 armoured shadows and always in groups).

Now I must wait for Anniversary festival. First of all – Essence reclamation scrolls, need as much as possible. Then – for Naktieskarys – Anfalas scrolls. Maybe mounts, if these are nice looking.

In short, I am starting to have enough activities in Lotro. The days here are slowly becoming bright once again.