Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did dailies in Mordor, earning many sliver stuff for Black keys. Yet – no reason to use, I am too close to ash overflow.  Dailies went good, I was effective, taking easiest quests.

Managed to aid one kinnie in Udun. He is lvl.108, went to forges above lvl.115 camp. Without much light of Erendil, he had some problems.  Together we were effective, killing monsters, looting stuff. A single happy moment.

Meanwhile Naktieskarys finished Hobbit alliance. It was impressive. Alliance deeds are done really good, are immersive and impressive.
Hobbitses: they decided to stay in Mordor. Aragorn was against, but since some well-known hero (me!) would look after them – it’s ok. Then had to take care of their little business, scout Mordor, kill some monsters, visit flooded Isengard.
Talked to Saruman, but White wizard had little power over me.
And then – what we suspect – Saruman has plans about Shire. However, decision is made not to spoil life for Hobbitses and we end Alliance with feasting. What may spoil the Shire – Hobbitses ask. Oh well…

Anyway, I enjoyed Alliance things. Well done, kudos to whoever did it. Earned my first unbound Black key there as Naktieskarys.

We had sale – purchased three milestone locations. Two for Stormsong, one for Naktieskarys.  Bye bye ~750 Lotro points. But I will surely need them, at least for Alliance on Stormsong.

Kinship plans raid (Abyss?), but these raids can be done only by zerging, gathering at least 100 players. Otherwise it’s RNG and/or failure. Obviously, not for me, since raiding is expensive: you are killed tens of times and repairs costs (and you get no loot).

And so weekend has ended – quiet and kind of good, yet lonely, in Lotro. No social life, World chat is full of spam and useless talks.