Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was busy. Alliance quests were almost easy, did them all, received reputation items. Then, moved to finish deed: 5 Alliance quests in each region. Udun: open hatches, place shield, then defeat lesser fire grims. Managed to aid one kinnie with those fire grims. Talath Urnui – kill some monsters, destroy orcish barriers. This was bit problematic. Teamed with one Warden, then we just smashed Orcs, uruks and their barriers. Killing enemies in two camps: almost easy.

Then, Agarnaith. I had some 2 quests remaining. Kill norbogs, then destroy Stained Banners. Banner were not too easy, but managed to find them, then locate 2 pages and maybe 2 rare treasure chests.

Weekly quest was done, I received 10,000 Alliance xp worth items. Yay!

Naktieskarys used many of these only to unfold sad quest. Dwarves, my beloved brave folk, were forced to leave Khazad Dum! Bori and Brogur fought, Brogur was killed. To make things worse, one “hero”, sent to Mordor, summoned evil from Mordor. Lucky for this time, Thorin III defeated evil, gaining respect from all Dwarves.

Yet…sad, tragic quest is done. Iron Garrison failed. Dwarves expelled from their own home. I felt sad and hopeless. Please please please, let Dwarves return to their home in Moria! Erebor regained, they just need Moria and that’s all.

While questing I opened every single crafting chest: no Black adamant shards. At the end, found one (but for one diamond need three).

Overall, the day has been very succesfull. Few more days – my Naktieskarys finishes Dwarven Allegiance, gets quality cloak.

I am thinking about my anniversary of 5 years in Kinship. Decorate house with nice stuff. Get tons of fireworks. Maybe – place launchers. Think about gathering kinnies for little party.

And so the day has ended: succesfull in Lotro with thoughts of bright future ahead.