Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Another 5 quests for Wildermore survivors, another reputation reached, yet Kindred is far away. Good news – I am earning Wildermore golden tokens for that, one day may barter some cool recipe or sellable item.

Was lucky to help one Hunter with Enedwaith quests. Yes, region with Giants/Gwibers. I was effective, nuking and probably acting like tank. We killed all opposition, things done. Some time later I asked in World chat again – once more, my Hunter. One more quest, to kill ~200.000 hp monsters with his ~29.000 hp wolf. Killed. My main problem was to get monster attacking me: then, Hunter could freely attack. Things done.

Last run was Sammath Gul with one player. It was relatively easy, just had to remind NOT to step on bones. Last monster killed, no serious loot, but money is always handy…

Another player asked if I had some (low level) leftovers for his Champion. Unfortunately, no, I sell/destroy unneeded stuff.

Developers are removing Mordor ash items from landscape drops, so that lvl.106-109 players have no chance to quest in Mordor. Black keys being out of rewards is a “bug”, but they would be removed from rewards. Developers are not listening to players and why they do not listen, they make too many wrong decisions.

Nobody objects grind or farming instances for that ultra-cool armour. Ash of Gorgoroth was really hard to get, yet it was doable and everything worked fine. Now, grind would become unbearable, almost impossible to get ash. result: few lucky ones with quality armour, main playerbase in rags.

Not so good for me, especially when I would have to get Mordor someday…But I must not give up. Even if I do not get Mordor, I may stil, say, level up my Loremaster. And would always be one to help new players. That does make difference, not Mordor grind.