Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Did Wildermore reputation deeds – same boring ones. Two quests to kill Wargs. Two quests to deal with Thrymm’s farm (kill riders, clean filth). One quest to kill Goblin riders. Quests done – nothing more to do.

Returned to Bree, asked if people needed help. Nobody did (oh, lucky Laurelin!).  Then rode to Barrows to farm Mathom reputation items. I ran, I killed and looted things. Then returned to Bree, donated all crafting materials I looted…only to repeat that circle again.

One person asked why do I write “(up to lvl.9)”? Just because I purchased first Gondor and no content after that. Received remark – oh, quest packs are on sale – but did not go into further discussion: I dislike all this grumpy surroundings, forced fellowship content and too little return of investment.

Talked to one player whi is advancing his Loremaster. He’s doing good, though sometimes has difficulties with instances. If he wishes, I could heal him, he would fight his lvl.25 monsters…

We still have heated discussion about ash items and black keys. SSG is not listening and no doubt, they would remove these items from loot.  I wish they listened to players’ feedback – thing that never happened in Lotro.

However, things are going good, I keep myself somehow busy, keep donating crafting materials and waiting for Yule/Mordor – whatever comes first.