Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran through Forges in Udun, killing almost anyone and hoping for quality loot. I got entire 2 ash items, thus 40 ashes, then started collecting taskboard items:would need tons of them. Unfortunately, Scholar/Weaponsmith materials gathering is extremely slow.

Managed to help one player in Annuminas. He was Runekeeper and kind of impatient one (almost like me in serious instances…). Always ahead, always aggroing anything. One time we were killed – he ran into Roving Threat. RT killed me, even if I tried to out-heal and out-run. After all, he did his quests, then asked me to stay for some 10,000 xp.. Run was fun, I was nuking everything, player was surviving [almost] everything.

Naktieskarys turned in another part of task board items. Waiting for Kindred with all Wastes factions – then rush to grumpy Mordor!

I am satisfied with time in Lotro. At last have things to do and prepare for adventures in Mordor. Yes, ashes are a big problem, they drop very rarely and one needs almost tens of thousands of them. This aside – everything is going really well.

And so, the day has ended, it was really good in Lotro.