Lord of the rings online

I mamde an experiment. First, Naktieskarys harvested soime 150 copper ore. Then, created Human Minstrel. Ran through intro, rushed to Bree. CHose Armorer vocation.

And then – up to work. Prospector: craft copper ingots. Prospector:craft Bronze ingots. Weaponsmith: craft shavings from bronze ingots. Weaponsmith: craft ingots for shavings. I repeated last 2 steps untill had only 1 ingot left. This was bit boring, but it was safe, took me to some lvl.13, And yeah, it meant +20 xp for every single harvesting.

Ered Luin deeds were done quickly, then rushed to Brigands, actvated xp tome and slayer deed accelerator. Brigands, barghests, wighs – all fell before might Minstrel. Of course, harvested…when noticed all accelerators were down. Managed to finish slaying, return to Bree for some crafting (additional xp!). One quick run in Marshwater, finished slaying there…returned to kill Orcs, then rushed to kill Huorns. Slayer of Bree land was done, all normal skill deeds were done.

I went to the Shire (slayer deed was still on), killed everything once again. Slayer of Shire – done, quickly and efficiently. Then explored Rath Teraig maze – hurray, explorer of Ered Luin done. Finished 3 quests, got 5 Lotro points for that.

Of course, used Bree reputation items. Got Kindred with Bree, basic  reputation with Shire and Ered Luin. To make things better, sold some stuff for 25 gold (150 silver used to pay for house, rest would make strategic reserve).

In chats had some hards talk with some elitists. Kind of nice persons, but their approach is “nerf everything, make everything too hard”. When i talk to such people, looks like we are playing 2 games: their game is hardcore where even lvl.5 spider requires top-level raid, almost no drops, no crafting…but yay, hardcore rules! And my game where lvl.5 enemy can be killed by lvl.5 or good geared lvl.4, crafting is quality one. If they want hardcore, mthey should go to EVE.

I do feel bored in the game. Spent almost all day for Lp grind, found this to be fun (to run kind of slowly, making breaks). There is nothing to do. Thought to abandon Scholar, because this is totally useless crafting class. Alas, developers don’t give us an option to forget crafting vocation and do NOT take another. I wish I would abandon Scholar since it cannot make (and won’t be able to) any essences since Mordor.

And so weekend has ended – crafting and not being understood/listened to. Hmm…grumpy weekend in Lotro.