Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Looked for xp farming groups, but with little results. Finally, got into one. We ran Warg pens one after another: one Guardian, two minstrels. Guardian was just dps machine, almost insta-killing everything. I stayed behind, using ranged nukes and casting protective shield when it was avalaible. Managed to die few times when swarmed with wargs, but that’s not a problem.

The most important was loot: valuable task items and crafting ingredients. Also, got 2 items I could deconstruct for Gorgoroth ashes.

Also ran one lvl.105 Featured instance. Nothing important form loot, except few crafting ingredients and task board items.

The day ended with me becoming lvl.110 and turning in taskboard items with ~60 Gorgoroth ashes in pocket. Ashes are toon bound, not sure how about ash armour.  AT lvl.110 I can enter Allegiance system:paywalled again. Soon, we would maybe be forced to pay for every letter in chat.

Talked to various players about Mordor, but some of them are such narrow-minded, screaming out of joy “game is becoming hard again”. Game should not be easy or hard, game should offer all types of content. Wise developers would do this; unwise ones would follow just one narrow direction.

This morning tried to find xp farming group: no result.

In short, my days are so simple: farming xp, when get instance lock – turning in taskboard items. No thoughts about Mordor . No thoughts about anything else, just grinding levels and then – ashes grind.