Lord of the rings online

Only Stormsong was active. Spent my day in Bree, only one time teleporting to Udun to turn in taskboard items.

World chart was passive, almost no groups and missed 1 xp farming group. Asked few times, but almost no response. Finally,at the end of the day, met one Hunter we ran School day before (and died alot). Switched to heals, but soon was asked by our Guardian to become dps. Finally, my role…

Run was nice, only few deaths, my heals were almost un-needed. Loot was pure crap, but who cares about loot when xp is needed? Unfortunately, had to log off around midnight, so missed second run. Kinship was thinking about organizing some runs, but it took them hours to decide if they want it or not.

World chat was full of one run advertising, but this was for “109+”, so not for me. Also, in Kinship chat discussed armour and equipment problems. Ashes of Gorgoroth are programmed to be a problem since they drop very rare. Farm lvl.115 monsters and you may get some…good luck (<1% drop) with all others. Yet ash armour is the only available for free players. I do need to farm it, to find efficient place…and to power-level. I care little about Mordor exploration or killing something there: need lvl.115 first. Then, Gorgoroth ashes grind.And then, new armour.

My levelling goes too slow, I am still lvl.108 with around 472,000 xp to level 109. All I may need would be 1 hour of power-levelling (you know, these +100% tomes last for one hour) to get as close to lvl.115 as possible.

However, I did enjoy our Library run – it was nice and effective. Now, I need to think about two things: 1) getting to lvl.115 as quickly as possible; 2) grinding Gorgoroth ashes, as much as possible. Whether to get Mordor for Lotro points or not – not sure.

And so the day has ended: extremely slow on any action.