Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active.  Went to Udun, turned in task items (nice xp, some 40,000 per 10 items). Then there were unsuccesfull runs.

First, Warg pens lvl.110. Our trio was wiped all the way: when we (2 Minstrels and 1 Guardian) were on offense; when I went on heals. Every single time somebody died, I could not out-dps or out-heal anything.

The, Featured instance (Stoneheigh). We were three – not bad – but third member disconnected, then got another, he was too late…had to leave.

I was depressed. My Minstrel, nice offensive ranged AoE nuker was just a weakling. No difference if I was lvl.108 or 58 or, say, 18 – same outcome. Kinnies advice fighting up to lvl.105 enemies which means ages to get 1% required xp. Tried to talk to some players about Mordor (I may like it…just not the paywall everywhere), but all I hear are copy-paste “Game needs to be rebalanced” (fake: game was doing fine), “Developers want you to buy expansion” (which is essentially racketeering – pay fo safety or …). Not willing to listen, not willing to understand, just copy-paste of 3-4 phrases serving as arguments.

Finally, got into one group: lvl.105 Hunter, Loremaster and me. They ran Library, wanted to make lvl.110, I told we should go for lvl.105, they took lvl.107. First steps were ok, my nukes were handy, though many stuns. Then, fight was bit problematic and after firts boss fights there were deaths. Folks told it would be better if minnie healed. Ok, switched to blue trait tree, picked blue stance and spammed AoE heals. First fight was a success – nobody died. Second fight was problematic – died and were wiped many times. Finally, we did it…and went for last boss. This time fight went good, though monster with 700,000 hp was not easy one. We were victorious and happy. People told my heals were good (which is always good to hear: I love feedback, positive or negative).

Looked at map of Mordor: it’s just huge. Like- really huge, almost half of Middle Earth. A pity, I have no interest in it. All I want is to get to lvl.115, then try to go for easy Gorgoth ashes grind and new half-quality armour which I would equip with lame essences. I lost interest in Mordor, have no thoughts of exploring it (emm…just why should I?), I feel weak and almost useless.

My curerent activities are simple:power level, turn in task items, then try to run FI or ask if anybody needs help (typically nobody). I wish I could enjoy Mordor, killing stuff, looting stuff or just harvesting Scholar materials.

And so empty, useless day has ended. I need to find some source of…optimism…to think that there is still future in Lotro.