Lord of the rings online

Days in Mordor – Stormsong was active. Was engaged in killing monsters. Finally found I could kill local animals like slugs and burrowes – less xp than for normal monster, but hey, those slugs for groups! I hurried from one corner to another, killing almost everything, helping other fight. Finally, managed to reach lvl.106.

Then – I forgot Mordor. Teleported to Bree, started doing Warg Pen runs. Groups were not easy to find. Used some xp accelerators, got to level 107 and yesterday – to lvl.108 (half way to lvl.109). Loot: some essences, crafting materials and then – 1 expeditionary item. I bought 10 items with some “light”, deconstructed un-needed item, got 20 ashes. 110 ashes – 1 piece of Mordor armour.

Strange things – my Minstrel was almost always asked to be healer. A role I am not an expert in. But I managed to do, later asked my group for feedback, they told heals were good. of course, I recognized Champio philosophy in the runs: get all the aggro, then make huge shing-shings. Poor Minstrel (me) sometimes wasn’t able to out-heal and all protective shields were on cooldown. Sometimes I was asked for “half mode” (red trait tree, green stance?), but then I am really lame: no quality dps, no quality heals; a mediocre minstrel.

Warg pen loot was superb – lots of taskboard items, some crafting items, one expeditionary item I could use. Mordor lootboxes are always trashed, they have zero value and keys are too rare.

Once I went into Mordor forges to kill some monsters for xp, but ran into group of professionals, so there was almost zero monsters left for me.

Mordor tries its best to be disliked by players. Have to admit, it’s interesting to play there. Monsters (at least starter zone ones) are balanced. No one-shot kills (or 5-hit kills as I was afraid of), but no immortality of player. You can kill if you use your brain. But – really everything is locked. Any non-trash loot is bound to account, even craftable essences are bound to account. Fighting for any race – hidden behind paywall. Crafting – hidden behind paywall. Any nicier stuff impossible to barter/buy – hidden behind paywall. Recipes are mostly single-use and hidden behind paywall. If I was developer, I would not do such “thou shalt not pass” approach.

And Mordor means one trick: no more epic. Epic ends with destruction of the ring. Mordor quests are in fact epic, but named “Black book of Mordor” with its own chapters. Which means, every other expansion would have either “black book” or various coloured books. No more free quest. Why?

Ju$t tr¥ to gu€$$ rea$on$…

Sometimes I really wish I could talk to developers (provided any of them create single-uise toon). I would explain that getting cash is really important, but – give all content to vips for free, then make more privileges for vip and make cash-bought stuff have even more privileges. If I buy expansion for cash that has 10,000 LP value, it would be wise to give account-bound stuff worth, say, 10,000 or even 15,000 LP value. I would not hide that much behind a paywall. I would introduce choice (kind of this stuff was in Rohan). But of course, developers won’t listen to this, because these are logic arguments.

Meanwhile Naktieskarys and Vytautaz used all Anfalas starlits and Anfalas scrolls plus LI runes to max their weapons. I also got all Wasteland taskboard items deposited in shared vault:Naktieskarys may need them soon.

Resuming my weekend play: I may enjoy Mordor, but not the “thou shalt not pass” paywall visible everywhere. Not sure if I would purchase it for LP. So far – need to level up, grind those taskboard items as much as possible, run FI…and grind Lotro points.