Lord of the rings online

There was little Kinship raid into Mordor, territory of some Forges. We gahered quickly, rode to the forges. Some privileged were doing quests, others were mindlessly killing. I was asked to be healer – but to be honest, was there any need for me? Folks were doing great, nuked anything. I just spammed AoE heals, never running into anyt problem. When you have Sith Runekeeper at your side – monsters just get owned every step.

Loot was kind of good – many taskboard items, some crafting materials. Many players around, trying to out-dps our group. Pity, I had to leave some 30 minutes later (after all, need real life food and sleep).

Some things I did not like: looted some Expeditionary items, none usable by me. They could be decosntructed, using certain item. Of course, paywalled again: only by doing certain quest, bind on acquire. Every item that is dropped is bind on acquire/bind to account. Absolutely no option to share. SO, now i am just destroying these expeditionary items, I cannot even donate them.

I was really sad about paywall. Absolutely no free things, except talking to NPCs. Well, if deconstructing item is paid, then we had hit the lowest in Lotro.

I know i should be more positive. No need to be doom-sayer and grumpy (as well as no need to see stuff in rose glasses: i am not hater, nor a fanboy). Thus, need something to do. If it was about grind: kill and kill, grind and grind untill you have stuff – I won’t be complaining. I am good at grind. But how do I grind when drop rate is extremely low? Kinnies advice to run some other toon (Loremaster?) and keep myself busy untill winter. It’s logic advice.

Took part in Warg pen runs, lvl.110, so – healer only. Some nice loot (crafting materials) looted, some minor Dark essences too (but these are account bound).

And so the day has ended – interesting in Lotro, yet I must find some optimism there. Somehow.