Lord of the rings online

Finally, Mordor expansion! System updating took 1 hour. Then – logging. Of course, everyone talks about Mordor, zero Featured instance groups. I asked if any kind Hunter could teleport – of course, one was kind and teleported a group of us. Need to remember this: always, even if in bad mood, aid others no matter what.

First: talking to Aragorn. Quest: defeat 3 enemies, done quickly. Then we see Nazgul ride towards us…only to turn back. Of course, Sauron summoned them, then Gandalf tells Ringbearer completed his mission (nope, it was Gollum). We need to find Frodo on the slopes of Onduin! We find, then Gandalf uses eagle-taxi.

Victory is ours, time to talkk to all fellowship of the ring, from Gimli the brave to Aragorn…and then relive moment with Gollum. Precious precious, we follow precious to be one with precious, use only skill “Hobbitses must die”, then finally we got Precious, must use /dance…

And quicktravel to lava.

Thus epic quest line ends. We receive trait tree point, mini model of Mount Doom – and can use travel to Mordor.

Mordor great us with all quests being paid. No more epic quests, feel free to purchase which is reminded almost instantly.

Impressions from Mordor itself: a dark, grumpy region with unhealthy swamps, fires and monsters. Shadow effect is everywhere, taking away damage and incoming healing, but adding 20% to damage received. Monsters are doable, yet one group managed to kill me. Typical lvl.106 monster is some 50,000-55.000 health points (forgot amount of damage done to me). Ranged attacks and stuns works on them nicely, but they hit – well, not bad. Still – doable. Of course, it’s unwise to pull group. Drops: at first camp they drop mostly lvl.105 loot. After killing maybe 20 monsters, I got some crafting materials (diamonds, wax, parchements), then several (5?) taskboard items, 1 local earring and 1 minor shadow essence. Earring and essence are bound, so no option to trade.

There are barter NPCs, but accept only tokens for completed quests. If you do not have this expansion, you are doomed. Well, killing monster gives you ~2900 xp and you need around 2 million to get to lvl.106. Experience tomes would be really handy, glad I hoarded them.

Mordor is interesting, but some part of it is disappointing. Action takes part too quickly. Absolutely no free content in Mordor and only God knows how to get experience there if 1 monster gives not so much xp. The mood in region is right. Shadow-Light balance (initially totaly against you) is presented clearly so everyone could understand. There are some crafter nodes nearby not over-guarded so crafters can have a bit of relax. Loot from monsters is not significant.
A pity, many things are bound behind paywall. Barterers, for example – no matter what reputation you have, it does not matter, use quest tokens. In developers’ place I would have done some free content in Mordor. Say, 1 quest chain of maybe 10 quests…and then you are free to purchase regional pack.

“So, my dear blogger, are you into Mordor or…?” – would you ask. Honest answer – still thinking. Mordor looks nice as it should have been. Initially monsters are not too hard (if I kill and don’t complain being killed – means everything is balanced). I see many faults, like bound-to-account essences or loot not usable by my class. Need to fight, to loot, to think and to share thoughts with my Kinship.

And so the very first day in Mordor has ended. Precious precious is destroyed, we move forward.