Lord of the rings online

Today is Mordor day – developers are uploading (I hope so) expansion. 8:00  – 13:00 Eastern time. There are already some Release notes. For me they are more questions (would this feature available for f2p? or that?). However, we should see soon enough. Kinship is organizing Mordor raid and if everything goes good – I will try to join. Not sure of outcome, but it’s still worth trying.

Meanwhile yesterday ran Featured instance, same AoE fest. Things were almost good. The only problem – Great Goblin sometimes becomes immortal and needs to be reset.

Helped one group of players. Nice folks, but not so eager to communicate. We ran Garth Agarwen Fortress. I killed anything in sight, then we ran into Red Maiden. Asked about challenge: no answers. Told it’s better to fail challenge (quickier):no answers. When i began – received “no”. After we were done, one person was unsatisfied that I killed guards. Then we spent some 30 minutes in silence and discussing what should we do. Finally, I retreated. Sorry, folks, communication is important.

Discussed with Kinship expansion question. Even VIPs must purchase it which is grave mistake. Once they did it with Helms Deep…now with Mordor. VIPs should be privileged, they should receive all content for free. Turbine failed with it, SSG fails with it too. And I was thinking to sub to get Mordor…good to see I refused such unwise thought.

Now all that remains is to wait for Mordor and see how things looks like in reality. Only then could I decide if it’s for me or not.