Lord of the rings online

Mordor is postponed. We will have it on August 2. Had time to run Featured instance – Seat of Great Goblin. Not very effective, but very good place to AoE. Pretty much shing-shing’ing and ranged nukes. My Minstrel was effective and Champion just had real shing-shing paradise. Needless to say Kinship run was just superb.

Helped one player with Flight to the lonely mountain (lvl.40s). It was nice, I just had to wait and nuke anything that walks. Then, some Sambrog.

World chat was full of rants, some even about adult themes. I ranted untill was reminded “Storm, children may be watching chat”. Ok, had to return to normal, not “mistress – whip-latex” themes… Kinship chat was alive too, we talked about Mordor. I joked that the greatest trolling would be – me actually enjoying grumpy Mordor. We went further to discuss Grump-towns and alike. A nice, relaxing atmosphere.

We are waiting for Mordor. Everyone, I guess, is waiting to see how it would look like in real life. And then -just see my own impressions. As I told in Kinship chat – you never know what awaits us.

My future by far is clear: wait a bit, then try new epic…and see. Grind more LPs than usually. Become good (low level) Loremaster.  If things in Mordor becomes really grumpy, I may not purchase it. If they are not too grumpy – I may consider purchasing for LPs. Just need to have some patience and wait.