Lord of the rings online

Everybody was waiting for Mordor, even Featured instance advertisiments were joking, like level-cap 115 FI, come while u can…

A pity, Mordor is delayed, some bugs. This is wise approach: never hurry, better late, but quality content than lame, but in-time content. Minas Tirith and Pelennor fields were rushed, not beta-tested and we have heavy lag untill now. I guess nobody would be angry if Mordor shows up at August 31…but without bugs and lags.

We were talking about Mordor, I had some hard talk too. But I do prefer hard sincere talk to sweet lies. Some folks are bit upset with my approach, but I remind them how I waited for Gondor, grinded Lps, then stuff was nice, cool…only to get disappointed later with copy-paste faces of Dol Amroth and Osgiliath’s nearly impossible things. However, it would be greatest trolling ever if I actually like Mordor.

XinderB was born, a Human Loremaster. Oh my, it was really something refreshing and interesting! A class I may actually like. My pet that deals with opposition and my good supportive attacks. I was free to kill, monster killing was fast, I was safe – in short, pure joy. Told this to the kin (well, amybe I could resume playing my lvl.40s Loremaster then?). Also, aked about gridning LPs with Runekeeper. Folks advice Lightining (yellow) and keep telling runekeeper is not effective LP grinder. Correct, but it’s about fun.

Meanwhile my two toons grinded LPs, then sent slayer deed tomes, xp tomes to Xinderbor. And she ran, using all accelerators, doing Ered Luin slayer and most of exploration, then almost all Bree-land slayer (except trees and sickle flies advanced), using Bree and Mathom reputation items. Result: some 300 Lotro points. I felt satisfied.

Of course, Mordor is not something I am looking for. Decreasing all statuses, nearly impossible to get gear (it would take at least one year to get it) and essences…this does not encourage. Arguments like “some of us asked for harder content” are not valid: need challenge, arm with fishing rod, go without armour and almost no trait tree skills. Of course, developers are making too much mistakes. But things may get not so impossible as they seem. And ift hey turn – I always have my Loremaster to level…

And so weeekend has ended – quite effective in Lotro.