Lord of the rings online

Stormsong and Naktieskarys did Featured instance. Joked a bit in World chat, about “I am thinking of creating Hobbit Haters kin”. Loot? I care little, equipment is thrown, essences are thrown, crafting journals – almost pure trash. It’s only Anfalas scrolls that matters.

People talked there was Build 6 on Bullroarer. Well, nice to gear, yet no difference.  On mmorpg.com folks told about pricing plicy (of expansion) and everyone disapproves. Forum members points out my post about pricing (no problem with price, just buyers get too little) is almost an answer. It’s not price, it’s about – I pay equivalent of 10,000 Lotro points and get 4000 Lotro points worth stuiff in return.

XinderB, my new Runekeeper-Dwarf was born. Intro quest was long and boring, not effective as for Humans. Initially – 2 attacks, later third one was added + 1 tiny heal. Typical for your RK damage over time. Nice looking lightining.

And problems with fighting. I had light armourand as mentioned – 2 attacks. Had to stand still while attacking. Yes, good RK would use DoTs, then maybe slow and so bleed enemy to death. I ran into one group and got killed, something I never get while on Minstrel. Besides, in caves one lvl3 Minstrel outperformed my lvl.3 RK.

Finished intro – rushed to explore places of Dwarves and then saw I was really little for surroindings. Took some quests in Gondamon to have better equipment. It was hard (on lvl.6) to kill lvl.10 monster.  Asked Kinship advice – they told on low levels Runekeeper was not so impressive. But I will run him, grind LPs and enjoy those nice-looking lightinings and rotating flames.

Xinderbor would be real star of the show. RK will transfer slayer deed acc.tome, xp tome, some defense tomes. One tome for Ered Luin slayer quests, then one tome for start in Bree…finally, 90 minutes slayer and skill deed tome with xp tome: level 20 should be achieved quickly.

And so the day has ended – quite interesting in Lotro. Maybe I could level up one Runekeeper after all…