Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran Featured instance. It was Runekeeper run, so I joked asking – “what am I doing in RK run?”. Folks told, runekeeper was bets after champion, I replied – what about Minstrel? Minstrel is superior to Champion, no doubt. Loot was lousy, main thing – Anfalas scrolls. Now i have 141 of them. I started deleting tier7 and tier8 essences: won’t be needing them.

XinderA did very short run: Ered Luin slayer deed + basic exploration (ELf ruins, Places of Dwarves, Scouting Dourhands). Use XP tome, Slayer and deed accelerator. As planned, bound-to-account XP tome, slayer deed accelerator, health and power potions were setn to Xinderbor. She would make one nice run: use slayer acc. tome in Ered Luin, then rush to Bree, kill stuff untill lvl.20, use reputation items. Meanwhile XinderA earned 95 Lotro points + paid for 3 house upkeeps.

XinderB was born: Dwarf, Rune-keeper. I somehow enjoy this Sith-like class. Grinding LP is not so fast, but hey – it’s magic user, it’s ranged attacker and has some nice DoT things. Controls may be problematic, yet I may try one class for fun.

Kinnies confirm each Legendary item would need some 35 Anfalas scrolls (5 levels free + 5 for scrolls…7 legacies makes 35), hence 70 for both legendary items. I will lack only Anfalas crystals – but hey, these may be grinded at Harvest festival and at Yule festival. Trade chat told Wasteland crafting journals are almost of zero value (10 gold).

I intend to follow one simple strategy adviced by one wise friend: wait a bit, enter starter region of Mordor, do basic epic quests and see how do I fare. If it’s like Warg pens – I may consider purchasing Mordor. If not – sorry, not wasting LPs.

And so the day has ended, kind of effective in Lotro.