Lord of the rings online

New Featured instance is Fornost: Wrath of Earth. I was really lucky to run on all 3 toons. Performed really well in each instance: Minstrel nuked, Champions shing-shinged. Groups were really good, runs were fast. Loot was mediocre – only some Anfalas scrolls, then almost worthless stuff. Main thing is, of course, scrolls, rest can be trashed.
On Stormsong crafted Host of the West reputation items using journal from box. Not sure if I need, but still…

Helped one player with Bogbereth. Once again, pure joy nuking everything. Journey was longer than fight. A pity, player later sent me some gold. I do not fight as mercenary, all my help was, is and always would be free of charge. If I can’t/do not want to help, I will refuse. If I can, I will aid.

Mordor is at hand. I missed one opportunity to take part in lottery and maybe win Mordor expansion. Yet I need to figure out myself. There are kinnies to ask, there is World chat to listen and even official forums where only arogant elitists gather.

Today started LP grind run on one single-use toon. Human Minstrel is perfect, I do feel confident with her, everything goes just perfect. New strategy is simple: grind only Ered Luin, then send all acceleration tomes to my official grinder. She would do Ered Luin and Bree-land slayer deeds, including orcs, maybe event trees.

In short, life in Lotro is going good, I am getting valuable Anfalas scrolls and soon will resume grinding LPs.