Lord of the rings online

The days are half-empty now. I do featured instance, loot valuable Anfalas scrolls, almost all other things are trash. I hoard some essences (Teir 8), just in case someone needs them. After Mordor would probably delete them all.

Busy with writing down numbers. Stormsong has some 131 Anfalas scroll, Naktieskarys around 120…and poor Vytautas only 69. Well, my Minstrel would be the first to jet-level her legendary items.

In chat one very kind person initiaded lottery to win Mordor expansion keys. Just write her in-game mail and wait if you are lucky. Of course, I won’t be, luck is mostly avoiding me. I am torn between two thoughts: Mordor is somethign I already dislike and ideology tells – do not go, because it’s recketeering, like paying ransom with LPs or cash…and this thought is right. Other though: go there, you will re-grind LPs, you may earn armour and essences and even regain little part of LPs. This thought is also right. And both are wrong at the same time.

Talked with one kinnie. He is in the same boat with me. Loves game, enjoys it and sees all faults, mistakes, misconceptions about Mordor. In developers’ place I would do simple business plan: sell expansion at same time for cash and LPs. Make expansion for cash – more profitable with most expensive being really profitable, like giving severa hundred mithril coins, several thousand LPs and all quest packs user did not have before purchase. Pay 130$, receive, say, 200$ worth LPs (+titles, cosmetics that are account bound). Of course, for pre-purchase only. I would make content for both solo and groups: if you are in group, rewards are better…But developers chose to do hard content even forum elitists are unsatisfied with. Developers chose wrong pricing, developers chose dividing community. I told kinnie I wish I had a right to one letter. To write to developer. To write all my thoughts, arguments, frustrations, hopes, experiences, suggestions. Yes, no asking for privileges, like “gimme more…”. And to know developer read my letter and answered me like human to human. After that – sorry, no more letters to developers, one letter for a lifetime. Not gonna happen, I know.

One our wise Officer told me – time will tell. She is really kind, helpfull, listening and wise. Yes, time would tell…let’s hope, for good.

Meanwhile – tours. One tour to lvl.105 Warg pens. Went solo, killed monsters, tried to understand how would my little Minstrel feel in Mordor (provided monsters are strong like local Wargs). Survivable, can deal with small (3 units) group…yet must take breaks.

And then there were tours in Great Barrow. Aided lower levels, so it really looked like tour. Ok, go there, look what I killed, turn here, enjoy killed monsters and finally – final monster, see how it fails under screams of Minstrel. Real joy and satisfaction.

Vytautaz finished Barad Gularan named monster slayer deed…now only Angmarims await. And trolls in forges of khazad dum.

Game chats are almost empty. Some trolling, some players-versus-player word fight, even 1 spambot. Almost no activity, i spent half day looking for FI run with no result.

Overall – life is better in Lotro time, especially when I do not think about Mordor disaster. Soon I will start Lotro points grind.

Secret World legends

Tried to dress my toon – nope, no nice results. Quested in Kingsmouth, this time with some explosices, blowing up zombies, setting mines, throwing Molotov coctails…

Quest led me to sewers. I was expected to lay mines and survive untill some device explodes. Alas, there were too little mines, too many zombies. Was killed few times in a row.

SWL looks really nice…but maybe as single-player game. I feel no community there

Offtopic about mmos

Well, offtopic is simple: a pity, Lotro has no competitors at all. I have tried many online games – f2p ones. Guildwars2 hve races that you become immersed into (especially Asura), yet some quests are internet connection-mouse sensivity-reactions within 0,5 second – only. And no story. Other games have cool graphic, but either awfull controls or really heavy restrictions. The only game I could live in is Istaria…but I have abandoned it long ago 😦

Lotro is just unique, best for me, despite some faults and errors. Well, if there was another mmo like it – Lotro would have competition and would be forced to be better, to care about players.

Side note: contemplated about subbing for one month. Rejected. Would be like paying ransom + supporting things I do not support. Grats, developers, with your forced fellowship very hard content…


And so the weekend has ended, quite good in Lotro.