Lord of the rings online

Stormsong and Naktieskarys were active.

Stormsong did both Featured instance runs, looting some valuable Anfalas scrolls. Was able to help one player from Wardens of Arda: we ran in Annuminas and I was really happy one-shotting anything in sight. My colleague, Warden, survived and I guess without any problems. Got one map to Aughaire – gave to that Warden (he asked so nicely for the map, after all).

Naktieskarys did Featured instance, looted some scrolls, Tome of Might 9 (already have one in vault).

Managed to get into discussion with one SSG-fanboy about Mordor and that player misunderstood me. Did not try to explain – in developers’ place I would think heavily about expansion, would brain-storm how to make it sell for real cash. Would give many goodies, but for cash purchase only. Then talked to one person, famous in chat.

Talk was long, not heated, both sides listening to arguments (the way I do like it). I told all my stresses, why do I feel them, about my despair and grumpyness. Player explained some things. He tells me monsters do not hit at 7000 one hit (not sure how dot hey hit actually) and that many things are soloable (though admits about much group content to satisfy elitists). He tells even Mathom armour would be better than current.

Player points out -and he is right- that I do not raid. Yes, i do not, I am extremely bad ir lag heavily. I am not needed for raids. He tells I may be playing wrong class (valid argument), but I do like Minstrel. It is a perfect class for me: powerfull ranged attacks, ranged nuking AoE and powerfull self-heals.

Crafting remains nightmare. Essence recipes are single use, reportedly – some 30 tokens. Which means, 12 essences – some 360 tokens. SInce quest may reward with 1-3, that’s about 100 quests for one toon only. Absolutely insane + rumours developers could make recipes toon-bound.

WHich leaves me in hard thoughts about Mordor. One question remains unclear: what if I level with killing lvl.105 landscape monsters? They would give some xp, then I could switch to any taskboard (pre-Mordor, of course.

Questions, questions…and little answers, too little activity. Perhabs I should start grinding Lotro points with my alts.