Lord of the rings online

…was in fact offline. Up to some 22:00 Lithuanian time – all servers under maintenance. I suppose (and some agree with me) they are step-by-step transferring Mordor content. Which is, no doubt, wise from SSG. If that’s the fact – kudos on making things right.

There was almost no activity. I missed opporutinty to join several groups, then one players – known to World chat – invited me (“since you needed FI”). We ran quickly and efficiently. Only that this player – Guardian – was all the time on the front line, always taking damage. Had to cast protective shield on him. Challenges were done and I even got one Anfalas crystal.

It was satisfying result. My Minstrel has some 120 Anfalas scrolls and 9 Anfalas crystals. I am ready to max my Legendary weapons after Mordor.

Helped one Champion with Eregion quest to kill 2 named trolls. It was nice and easy: arrive, AoE anything, quest done. At least some refreshong activity.

Mordor crafting announced. We receive new crafting tier and lots of things to be crafted, including Minstrel instruments. No new Guild tier.  New crafting material – some ashes. We could make some deconstructable item (cooldown – 1 day).
I do doubt about this crafting. Since you almost can’t kill monster, you can’t loot ashes, since you can’t loot ashes, you can’t craft; even if you manage to kill one monster and loot ashes – you can’t get recipes, these are gated behind paywall. Result – almost zero chance to craft anything.

I talked about Mordor, yet can’t find answers. Perhabs the only things left to do is to grind LPs for some usefull purchases, like inventory, shared inventory, wardrobe, milestone skills.

Oh, and I thought one stupid thing: to subscribe for 1 month, then rush through all content. Of course, it is stupid, I have no wish to support extremely bad content.

Secret world legends

Played a bit…and died a lot. First, some deeds finished (killed 500 zombies, yay!), then did quest to find this or kill that. From far, versus weakier monsters I am effective. Closer and with toigher mobs – always having problems.

Tried to talk, but to little results. Linked maybe 10 Talismans asking which one to use…was adviced to use one who is weakier than equipped. I would probably end in upgrading existing. Loot is almost non-existent.

Community is too…very passive. In Lotro, we have talks, invites…there you could feel like in solo game. Yet all atmosphere is really nice, my class is good, deeds are doable and so far no pay-to-win thing. The only minus is hand-holding: if you need to visit building A, B, C – you should visit Building A first. You know, just because game wants so.

Overall, SWL is nice game. Not one I’d like to play for days and hours – but some kind of alternative. I like it and could play it.


And so the day has ended: a bit sad in Lotro and somehow active in SWL.