Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Did both Featured instance (Glinghant) runs. Loot was mediocre. Some tier8 essences were deposited, some trashed. Managed to cheaply sell 2 lootboxes, other two are waiting.

Helped one kinnie with Trollshaws. It was pure relaxation to run and kill, run and kill. He completed some quests and I looted some valuable mathoms. I do enjoy helping people.

Talked -once again- about Mordor. About my three choices, each of them is wrong. Do not go at all, but level up to lvl.115; do not go untill they make it solo friendly (would make years to wait) or go for epic only and suffer defeat every second step.

I talked to one kinnie. All facts are against me. Weakiest attack from trahs mob is 7000. All resources heavily guarded, making crafting impossible. Forced fellowship/raid content. Debuffs everywhere. And no chance to earn any essence/armour via epic questing or bartering. Everything is locked behind paywall.

Such is Mordor. A region where I would always be out-dps’ed and could not out-heal. Where trash mob is way stronger than me. Kinnie adviced to buy content and try it. Throw away some 2500 LPs? No, just no. He told he could solo on tankish class:possible…not on champion/minstrel.

Then what to do? No idea. Nobody can give me any wise advice. To ask half kinship to escort me is not an option.

Today they would have extended maintenance, probably slowly uploading Mordor, And I stand in darkness, in labyrinth where all passages are wrong since none leads to exit. I am lost, totally lost, in need of some advice that would explain everything.

The day has ended, a bit grumpy in Lotro.