Lord of the rings online

Summer festival is over, so my toons had little to do. Stormsong helped one group (lvl.65, thenlvl.105 Warden and me,. lvl.105 Minstrel) to storm Barrows. We ran, we killed, I looted Tome of Agility-2. A pity, it’s of no use to me – already have it on main toons.

Featurted instance is Glinghant, but groups were rare and very quickly filled – I was too late.

In Kin chat had a half-hard talk about Mordor. Not my fault, people were already talking. Of course, I am not pre-purchasing or subscribing (subscribe for bad content? No, thanks). I am not purchasing it, because Lotro points are needed elsewhere – storage, shared storage, milestone skills and alike, even Mithril coins.

I am left with 3 strategies, no less, no more:
1. Stop at Black gate and do not enter Mordor, epic quests or not.  This allows levelling up my toon and LIs.
2. Stop at Black gate now, do not enter Mordor…wait untill they make it playable and enter then.  This allows levelling, but is risky – can wait for too long, like Hytbold took many years.
3. Enter Mordor, do epic quests, dying every second step, in hopes of obtaining armour/essences to gear my toon up. High risk, because any of my toons would be killed too often and I do not have required skills, like healing 100% health or having some ranged nuke with 1 sec. cooldown.

Kinnies opposed. I brought simple data: since trash mob’s weakiest attack is 7000 (reported by players, not me) – it takes 5 hits to kill me. Not speculating about devastating/critical hits or stuns – that’s instakill. So, I cannot out-dps or out-heal. If I dps, I do not heal – if I heal, i do not dps. That’s a lose-lose situation. And sophisms like “learn how to separate groups” are just sophisms. If monster outperforms me and I have not enough firepower/heals to survive – monster is overpowered, no strategy would help.

Good news: folks report that Mordor essences are really strong, with statuses from 5000 to 13.000. The only small question is: would I be able to get them, even if I enter Mordor? Knowing our developers, they would probably be locked behind expansion purchase. Answer is negative.

A pity Lotro does not end with Mordor. I wish it said “bye-bye” and closed. Story would end, game would be remembered as a legend.

But for now I have to survive my troubling thoughts, new bad and extremely hard content with actually most content, excluding stables and taskboards, locked behind purchases..

The day has ended, nervous and bit grumpy in Lotro.