Lord of the rings online

Summer festival ends today! I used almost all free time to get those crystals or at least – get as many tokens as possible. Naktieskarys and Vytautaz grinded.

Then it was Featured instance time. Ran on few toons (maybe 3). Got Might-II tome and Anfalas crystal, also some trashy tier 8 essences, war materials. Might-2 along with Might-3 were used by Naktieskarys. Essences were trashed, war materials deposited. Not sure why, probably I won’t be needing them. Featured instance runs were very good, very fast and groups were nice.

Helped one player with Bogbereth. There were 4 of us – lvl.105 me, lvl.105 other player and two lower levels (40 and 60?). Spiders were killed quickly and efficiently, raid level instance was finished.

And then I had nothing to do. Went to Haudth Iarcith to farm mathoms. Hunted untill saw other, lower lvl., players hunting – then left. Now I have enough mathoms to get Kindred, so that 100 LPs are guaranteed.

What is really enjoyable – givinng away crafting stuff. Scholar items are really popular, while some players answer “gimme all”. I am glad to help others.

I am preparing for post-Mordor. We would need 5 Anfalas crystals and some 35 scrolls for one LI. Stormsong has some 120 scrolls and 8 crystals. Naktieskarys has enough scrolls (100?) and 2 crystals. Vytautaz has some 60 scrolls and 1 crystal. Well, would have to grind at neariest festival (Yule?).

In chat we ranted about One Ring. Of course, it was Gollum who saved the Middle Earth and destroyed The Ring (credits went to some thief Frodo). And since the Ring belonged to Sauron, it was probably Sauron who let the Ring go to freedom, it wa Sauron who placed little guards so that Frodo can sneak…and it was Sauron who let the ring to be destroyed.
Credits went to Frodo the thief, Aragorn the Noob and others from that company. Real heroes were forgotten…

The Secret World Legends

My half-dressed toon continued her adventures. Levelling slowly, it’s not like Lotro. Killed few times. Still don’t understanding mechanic. For example – upgrading weapons. I still have my first weapon, upgraded it sacrificing some trashy ones, then empowered. Upgrade costs some 800 blue crystals, my weapon is now lvl.12 and deals a bit more damage. Is it wise to upgrade or should I wait for some epic weapon (i.e. like Lotro’s at lvl.15)? No idea. Then, my abilities – looked at them, none seems needed. I have 2 rifle attacks and 1 grenade, that’s all. Can get more attacks, though they seem a bit…weird. Like healing shot that heals some 1%…sorry, it’s 3 hp if I am at 300, too little to invest into.

Community: there is some, but almost no social activity, like “Clan ABCD invites players, please send tell”, “Selling Great Cannon of Owning, only 99 gold”, “Maybe someone has Zombie parts?”, “Dungeon NN starting, 2/12”. Few questions, few answers.

Gameplay is really nice. Kingsmouth is huge, lots of things to do, atmosphere is just right. I ran through zombie-infested forest, killing groups of them., avoiding others, lighting the blueish lights of cultists, then investigating the ship, killing zombified Captain, talking to one cool old woman…

I enjoy SWL. If only I could cope with awfull controlls and re-arrange them like I can do in Lotro. Sometimes I can be wrong with SWL, like that ‘impossible mission’ with camera, I just needed to panic less. But once again: I write what I feel, how I feel and why I feel.

SWL could be my secondary game should Lotro become too boring.

And so weekend has ended. I had enough activity. Lotro is moving towards Mordor which (Mordor) would be really hard and bad. But for now, I can only expect next Featured instance is nice and I can grind those scrolls/crystals…